Top 2,500 Baby Girl Names 2022 and Meaning in the U.S.

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– Baby Girl Names 2022 –

Baby girl names 2021: Choosing baby girl names for your daughter is a tremendous responsibility. While it’s certainly a pleasant experience, it can be stressful, too! After all, naming your newborn girl is one of the first and most important decisions you will make as a new parent.

Baby Girl Names

If you’re like most parents on their search for a wonderful girl name, you may be wanting to combine particular meaning, honour a family or cultural tradition, or choose a name that’s unique on its own.


American Baby Girl Names

Below are lists of American Baby names you might not be aware of:

1. Abcde  

Means first five amazing letters of alphabet                       

2. Abeque               

A person who loves to stay at home                      

3. Abriella

One who is derived from God or the pillar of strength   

4. Adaline

A noble or kind-hearted person                                               

5. Adica    

The mother’s choice                      

6. Aerilyn

The beautiful or pleasant air

7. Aiden   

Little fire.                                            

8. Aiyanna               

Eternal blossom, Everlasting Bloom        

9. Ajarae  

A made up name, name of an actor        

10. Alivia    

Alivia is Olive Tree           

11. Adaptable

Adventurous being who is noble and honest seeking freedom                                       

12. Amberleigh       

The one who is immortal and has a friendly, poised and affectionate nature                       

13. Ameera               

A leader, a princess by birth who is prosperous and at the top of a tree                 

14. Amelia 

The one who is industrious, hard working and fertile      

15. Amelie 

A mighty hard working defender             

16. Annis    

The holy one who is pure                                            

17. Annissa               

A true companion who is pure and charming   

18. Antoinette         

Queen of France; beautiful flower                                          

19. Aria

The one who is the Lion of the Lords; Air, Song or Melody   

20. Astghik

American name derived from astgh which means a little star      

21. Auria    

Soft wind; aura of positivity                        

22. Auriar   

Cold and gentle breeze filled with music              

23. Ava       

A bird; a living organism of the ecosystem

24. Avabelle             

One who has a beautiful life; breathing in life    

25. Averi       

A strong-witted individual who is ambitious


26. Barbi     


27. Barbie  

Derived From Barbara; traveler from a foreign land         

28. Bea       

Blessed, holly   

29. Becki    


30. Beckie  

Captivating; Bound; Form of Rebecca; Tied; Joined          

31. Begona

Lady of Begona

32. Belen   

Bethlehem; An Arrow   

33. Bernardine        

Bear-hard; Brave as a Bear; Female Version of Bernard; From an Old German Compound                             

34. Berneice             

She who Brings Victory                 

35. Berta    

Famous; Noble; Splendid; Shining Pledge; Bright Ruler; Glorious; Bright or Glorious                         

36. Bertilda               

Shining Battle-maid; Woman Warrior                     

37. Bertilde               

Shining Battle-maid; Woman Warrior; Bright Warrior Maiden      

38. Bertrade             

Bright Counselor             

39. Bessy   

God is My Oath; Diminutive of Elizabeth; House; God’s Promise                

40. Betsey 

God is My Oath; Diminutive of Elizabeth; God’s Promise                               

41. Bette    

Consecrated To God                      

42. Bettye 

God’s Oath; Form of Elizabeth                   

43. Bev       


44. Beverlee             

From the Beaver Meadow; Beaver Stream         

45. Beverley             

From the Beaver Meadow; Beaver Stream         

46. Beyonce             

Beyond Others                

47. Biana    

Fair Skinned      

48. Bienna 


49. Billye    

Resolute Protector         

50. Birdena               

Bird like               

51. Birdie   

Little Bird; Unusual Nature; Bright                                           

52. Birdine 

Little Bird                            

53. Birdy     

Birdlike; Bright  

54. Blanch  

Fair; White; Pale              

55. Blaze    

A Flame                                    

56. Blessing               


57. Blissany

Full of Grace and Joy                     

58. Blisse    

Delight; Joy; Intense Happiness                

59. Blondell               

Blond; Fair-haired; Little Pale One           

60. Blondene           

Fair-haired; Variation of the Spanish

61. Blandina


62. Blossom              


63. Bly         

To Be A Tall Child                             

64. Blyss     

Delight; Joy; Intense Happiness                

65. Blysse  

Delight; Joy; Happiness                

66. Bobby  

Short For Robert             

67. Bobbye

Bright Fame       

68. Braelyn

A beautiful, attractive hill                            

69. Braelynn             

A wide, broad and large hill        

70. Braylee

A wide and broad hillside            

71. Braylene             

Residing on a broad hillside                        

72. Brayley

Residing on a broad and wide hillside     

73. Brianna

A strong ascending woman                                        

74. Briannah             

She is strong and noble

74. Bryanna              

A strong woman who only goes up         

75. Bryanne              

She is a strong and ascending woman    

76. Brylie    

A brave boomerang

Mum and cute daughter

77. Caeli     

She who is crowned with the laurel crown                          

78. Caemlyn             

A woman from the skies                              

79. Cailynn

She is very pure                               

80. California            

An US state name                           

81. Callison

The most beautiful and noble. Combination of names Calli and Alison                    

82. Calwa   

A place name in California                           

83. Camber               

A modern invented name                           

84. Cambree            

A woman who comes from Wales           

85. Camisha              

Combination of Camila and Alisha            

86. Carmindy            

An American name for girls                        

87. Carnie  

One who is a carnival worker     

88. Carolyn

A joyful song of happiness                                          

89. Carolyne             

A joyous song                   

90. Carolynn             

A joy that the song brings           

91. Carolynne          

She is like a happy song

92. Carrolyn              

She is a champion of men                           

93. Caryn   

To be contemporary, modern                   

94. Catherynne       

She is a pure lady                            

95. Cathey 

Pure, innocent and unsullied                     

96. Cathi     

A nickname. A woman who is pure                                         

97. Cathia  

She is pure                         

98. Cathie  

A pure dame                     

99. Cathleen             

A lady who is pure and innocent              

100. Caydence           

A falling rhytm and flow                                               

101. Caylen 

One who is a pure woman                          

102. Cayley  

She who is an innocent one                                       

103. Caysie  

A little prophet

104. Ceana  

God is gracious                 

105. Celleen

A beautiful and young girl                           

106. Cerci     

A charismatic, sensitive person  Girl                        

107. Ceslee 

A practical person           

108. Ceyla    

The mystic moon            

109. Chaela 

The one who is like a God                                           

110. Chaeli   

Resembles god Girl                        

111. Chakaluka          

The source of radiant and powerful energy                                        

112. Bryanne              

She is a strong and ascending woman                                    

113. Brylie

A brave boomerang                                                       

114. Cache   

A place where things are stored               

115. Caeli     

She who is crowned with the laurel crown                          

116. Caemlyn             

A woman from the skies                              

117. Cailynn

She is very pure                               

118. California            

An US state name                                           

119. Callison

The most beautiful and noble. Combination of names Calli and Alison                    

120. Calwa   

A place name in California                           

121. Camber               

A modern invented name                           

122. Cambree            

A woman who comes from Wales                           

123. Camisha              

Combination of Camila and Alisha                            

124. Carmindy            

An American name for girls        

125. Carnie  

One who is a carnival worker     

126. Carolyn

A joyful song of happiness          

127. Carolyne             

A joyous song                   

128. Carolynn             

A joy that the song brings                           

129. Carolynne          

She is like a happy song Girl                                                        

130. Carrolyn              

She is a champion of men                           

131. Caryn   

To be contemporaty, modern                   

132. Catherynne       

She is a pure lady                            

133. Cathey 

Pure, innocent and unsullied                     

134. Cathi     

A nickname. A woman who is pure                         

135. Cathia  

She is pure                         

136. Cathie  

A pure dame                     

137. Cathleen             

A lady who is pure and innocent                                                              

138. Caydence           

A falling rhytm and flow                               

139. Caylen 

One who is a pure woman                          

140. Cayley  

She who is an innocent one                                                       

141. Caysie  

A little prophet                

142. Ceana  

God is gracious                 

143. Celleen

A beautiful and young girl                           

144. Cerci     

A charismatic, sensitive person                 

145. Ceslee 

A practical person                           

146. Ceyla    

The mystic moon                            

147. Chad     

A saint; they protect and are defender                                 

148. Chaela 

The one who is like a God                                           

149. Chaeli   

Resembles god                

150. Chakaluka          

The source of radiant and powerful energy        

151. Chancy

A risk taker        

152. Chapelle             

The one who lived by a Church                                 

153. Chaperel             

Dry land covered with bushes                                   

154. Charae 

A dear, pious and wonderful individual                                 

155. Charelle              

Name of a green gemstone; Cherry fruit                       

156. Charleigh            

Feminine form of Charles                            

157. Charlianne         

A strong, wonderful, graceful woman                   

158. Charnita              

A normal, reliable and communicative person   

159. Chaylee

Alive; to maintain            

160. Chinesea            

A romantic person                                          

161. Chole   

Victory, conquest or achievement of the people

162. Christel

Christianity, high-principled, moralistic                  

163. Christell               

A believer of Jesus and his teachings                     

164. Christella            

Christ follower and believer                       

165. Christena            

Jesus christ follower and preacher                          

166. Christene           

Christ follower and Christianity by religion                           

167. Christi  

Follower of Jesus Christ                               

168. Cierra   

Black; the darkest colour of all   

169. Cimberleigh       

One who is from the royal meadows. a place meant for the high-born men                        

170. Clarissa

Clear; something that is easy to understand and interpret                           

171. Clarrisa

Derived from Clarice, meaning bright, clear, dazzling and famous             

172. Cindia   

Abbreviation or dimunitive of the names Cynthia and Lucinda   

173. Cleora  

It means glory or fame of the Father                      

174. Clora     

Fresh and green; healthy and green; goddess of flowers                              

175. Cocheta              

One who is not familiar; a stranger          

176. Columbia            

A name of a famous place in America    

177. Concepcion       

Conception; the act of fertilization in animals                     

178. Content              

Happy and satisfied with everything in life          

179. Corelia 

A name of unknown meaning. Also, a name of the Californian metal band           

180. Cyndi    

The Greek Moon-Goddess                         

181. Cythina

A woman from Kynthos   

cute baby yawning

182. Datherine           

Combination name for David and Catherine                       

183. Daveigh               

One who is much loved Unisex

184. Dawnyelle          

An efficient and natural individual                           

185. Dayena

A valley and leader of church     

186. Daysha

A present from God      

187. Dejanae              

Gift sent from the gracious God               

188. Delena 

One who searches for personal gain                      

189. Delma  

A person who came out of the sea                         

190. Demaris              

Open air court of Athens; hold strong viewpoint                            

191. Denequa            

A well-organized person  

192. Diane   

One who is depicted as a huntress; divine                           

193. Dilanne

A restless and creative person; created a name   

194. Dimaia 

They are worth seeing; daughter of Maia            

195. Doli       

Its historical meaning is ‘Bluebird’                            

196. Dollie    

Vision , It also means Gift of god                                              

197. Doly      

Vision, Gift of god           

198. Coleka 

People’s win; victory of men after defeating the enemy                                                                               

199. Columbia            

A name of a famous place in America                    

200. Concepcion       

Conception; the act of fertilization in animals                                     

201. Content              

Happy and satisfied with everything in life                                                          

202. Corelia 

A name of unknown meaning. Also, the name of the Californian metal band                                           

203. Corrie   

A ravine, seething pool or frothing water                             

204. Corrissa

Maiden; a young, virgin, unmarried woman                                                        

205. Cyndi

The Greek Moon-Goddess                         

206. Cythina

A woman from Kynthos    

sleeping beauty

207. Dameka              

A little lady                         

208. Darrien

Soothing poem                

209. Datherine           

Combination name for David and Catherine                                       

210. Daveigh               

One who is much loved                

211. Dawnyelle          

An efficient and natural individual                                           

212. Dayena

A valley and leader of church                     

213. Daylin   

A beautiful and productive day 

214. Daysha

A present from God                                      

215. Dehateh             

A wealthy and intelligent person             

216. Deiondre            

A valley which is filled with flowers         

217. Dejanae              

Gift sent from the gracious God               

218. Dekedrian          

Happy-go-lucky individual; created a name            

219. Delena 

One who searches for personal gain      

220. Delma  

A person who came out of the sea                         

221. Demaris              

Open air court of Athens; hold strong viewpoint                            

222. Denequa            

A well-organized person                              

223. Denim  

Another name for a strong cloth; a word name                 

224. Diane   

One who is depicted as a huntress; divine                           

225. Dilanne

A restless and creative person; created a name                   

226. Doli

Its historical meaning is ‘Bluebird’                            

227. Dollie    

Vision, It also means Gift of god               Girl                        

228. Doly      

Vision, Gift of god                                           

229. Donaver              

Capability of doing or accomplishing something Unisex                 

230. Donda  

Pinkish and small stones              

231. Donoma              

Sight of the Sun; one who belongs to Earth         

232. Dorathy               

One who has vision; gift of God

233. Dreama               

They are filled with joys             

234. Dyan     

A gentle being; a divine creature             

235. Earna    

It means universal          

236. Elani      

Light coming inside the soul       

237. Elisa      

One who is consecrated to god                

238. Elizabegh            

God who protection and satisfaction                     

239. Elizabella             

Beautiful person who took God as an oath                          

240. Ellasyn 

Children of Ellis; creative and productive                                              

241. Elle        

One who has aged gracefully like a beautiful fairy                            

242. Elsa       

God who provides satisfaction; truth                     

243. Elveva  

the meaning of this name is elfin or elf leader.  

244. Elvira    

this name means white.               Girl                        

245. Emely   

this name has the meaning of a leader who emulates success.                  

246. Emelye

the meaning of this name is someone who is industrious and a leader.  

247. Emily    

a name that often signifies a hardworking, diligent and industrious person.  

248. Emma  

the meaning of this name is a universal whole.                                                     

249. Emmly

one who strives hard for success.                            

250. Emmote              

a feminine form of power and strong will.                           

251. Emmott               

tough, extremely powerful and strong built.      

252. Ena        

someone who is passionate and graceful.           

253. Erlina    

a shield or noblewoman or an elfin.                        

254. Erlinda 

princess or spirited.                                       

255. Erma     

complete or war goddess.                          

256. Ermenburg        

a mother in an Northumbrian epic saga who trains her son for studying and fighting.                      

257. Ermenburga      

a mother figure in ancient epic who trains her son.                                         

258. Espn     

an abbreviation for a popular American television sports channel.           

259. Eulalie  

a French word meaning sweet spoken.                                

260. Eunice  

good victory.     

261. Eunicia 

a word in Greek which means good victory.                        

262. Euphemia           

auspicious speech or good repute.         

263. Evangelina         

a good gospel.  

264. Evangeline         

a good news or a good gospel.                  

265. Evolet  

A combination of names Eve-living and Violet – color purple                                        

266. Exie       

An adorned woman

267. Exton   

A place name, one who comes from the town Exton      

268. Eyana   

An eternal blossom. Americanised form of Aiyana                           

269. Felicia   

One blessed with luck                   

270. Felicity 

A woman with good luck and fortune                    

271. Felisha 

An American version a Felcia, meaning happiness and luck                          

272. Fellisha

An American girl name meaning happy

273. Fireese

The combination name of Fire and ice                   

274. Flavio   

A blonde or golden-haired person          

275. Florissa

A form of Latin word ‘Flora’, it means ‘like a flower’         

276. Friday   

Day of frigga, Goddess of weddings.      

277. Frisa      

A combination of two words fire and ice              

278. Fudge  

The one who is determined and persistent.      

Baby Girl and mum

279. Gabi      

From the name Gabriella                               

280. Gainell 

The one who is bliss and glittering.                          

281. Gajijens              

Resembles the drop of a floret.

282. Galaxy 

The great structure of the stars.                                                                               

283. Gardenia            

Botany, a sweet-smelling flower                              

284. Gaynell

Glittery and delightful.                 

285. Gaynelle             

The one who is glimmering and contented.                                                        

286. Geina   

A divine Angel of God.                  

287. Genece               

The form of Janice (God is merciful)                                       

288. Genesee            

The valley or dell looks neat and clean.    

289. Glynis   

Glynis means the One who comes from the Valley                          

290. Graceland          

Graceland means land or area of grace. In simple words, it means a person who is full of grace. Decency and beauty.                   

291. Gracelyn

Grace by the lake. It means a graceful person who is sitting by the lake and knows that how nature talks to her.         292. Gracelynn          

Grace by the lake. It means a graceful person who is sitting by the lake and knows that how nature talks to her.          293. Graeden

A person who is highly ranked in the world.

 294. Gust

One Choice, The one who will be good in choices and selecting the way of life, a royal person with royal choices.

295. Hanalei            

A graceful bringer of good news                                  

296. Hannele              

A made-up American name, meaning she is graceful                                      

297. Harmonie           

Harmony; with the agreement                         

298. Harva   

A warrior of the army                    

299. Hasain  

The original version of Hussin used in USA                             

300. Haymitch            

Mentor character in The Hunger Games novels and film               

301. Herrig   

An American name        

302. Isabella

God is perfection, or God is my oath   

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303. Jacey

A woman who is a healer            

304. Jacki      

Her protector is God      

305. Jadelyn

A jaded, tired woman   

306. Jadeyn 

She who is tired                              

307. Jaeleah

One who takes a place of another           

308. Jaelyn  

A woman who is a supplanter                   

309. Jaelynn

She is a replacement     

310. Jaetyn  

A modern created name, a gracious person        

311. Jaidlynn

A girl with jaded eyes    

312. Jailene 

Beautiful like a bird        

313. Jailyn    

She is the birg of light    

314. Jaima    

She is a stnad-in, a supplanter                                                   

315. Jaketta

May the God protect her                            

316. Jalana   

Modern American name meaning fiery flute      

317. Jalissa   

God’s promise  

318. Jaliyah  

Modern invented name                                              

319. Jalynne

Modern American name                             

320. Jam       

A sweet condiment                       

321. Jamya  

American modern name                              

322. Janeeva              

A plant name, juniper berry                       

323. Janelle 

God is gracious                 

324. Janessa

God is gracious                 

325. Janett

God’s gift            

326. Janette

God has been gracious                 

327. Janiela 

American name for girls                                                                               

328. Jaslynn

One who is jazzy             

329. Javes    

American created name                              

330. Jaycie

One who can caught an attention                                            

331. Jaydon 

One who is thankful to god, god has heard, form             

332. Jayla     


333. Jaylah   

The person who is contented, bliss and joyful.                                                  

334. Jaylee  

The field which jay bird used to stay.                     

335. Jayleen


336. Jayleesa              

One who have the quality of jay bird                                     

337. Jaylene


338. Jayli       

The mighty hands of God.           

339. Jaylin    

Pretty blue color jay bird.            

340. Jaylyn   

The lake or stream of Jay.                           

341. Jaylynn


342. Jaynee 

A familiar form of Jayne               

343. Jaynie  

A familiar form similar to Jayne                 

344. Jaz         

Sweet smell of flowers.               

345. Jazlyn   

Fragrant flower                

346. Jazlynn

Fragrant flower                

347. Jazz       

Refers to various kinds of Music.             

348. Jazzlyn 

Fragrant flower

349. Jazzlynn              

Fragrant flower

350. Jc           

Refers to the English alphabet letters J & C.                        

351. Jeaselle               

Newcomer or fresher.  

352. Jecori   

Cheerful and high spirited.         

353. Jedi       

Its a made name or created name for come reasons.                     

354. Jelia      

A beautiful gem or radiant          

355. Jeliana 

Youthful or young girl                                    

356. Jelina    

Nice looking or good looking woman                                      

357. Jemma

A form of Gema                              

358. Jenis     

Genesis is the beginning jensine, God is gracious                             

359. Jenivee               

A nickname for Jennifer, fair one                             

360. Jenji

The short name for Jennifer      

361. Jennica

The girl who is always reasonable in her activities.           

362. Jennis  

The graciousness of God, God is gracious             

363. Jennlika               

This is an reformed name.          

364. Jera       

The female form of Gerald (ruler of the spear) or Gerard (spear brave).

365. Jerica    

Form germany

366. Jerrica  

A City in Palestine           

367. Jinia      

the name means Maiden. People with this name are calm, patient,strong and have great tolerance. They are intelligent and clever in nature.     

368. Jodell

Combination of Joanne and Delbert, climbing evergreen ornamental plant.         

369. Jodelle

The lord is gracious, God, salvation, means last name, reliable, honest.      

370. Johannah

God is Gentle, kind patient , merciful and Gracious          

371. Johnn   

Feminine form of John, one who is competent  

372. Jolee    

It means cheerful and pretty. 

373. Jolena    

It means God will increase and be well established.         

374. Jolene  

The name is a combination of two words Jo and elene

375. Jolina    

It is a combination of two words jo and Lina

376. Joline   

Such people are idealistic and visionary 

377. Jolinn   

People have high patience and are independent. They fight for their right and possess leadership qualities.  

378. Jolisa    

people with this name are very selective in friends and have ideas that are thoughtful and efficient to implement.      

379. Jolleen 

People with this name are stubborn, proud and impatient. However, they prove to be very courageous but are aggressive as well.

380. Jolynn  

People with this name are natural and does not have tolerance.

381. Jonalyn

It means God is Gracious.

382. Jonalynn

The word means God is gracious. Nice, neat, lively, noble nature

383. Jonay

It means God is Gracious.

384. Jonbenet

Such people love to spend time with their friends and have the jolly side.            

385. Jone     

People with this name are joyful and have a refreshing sort of personalities.          

386. Jonell   

It means to rejoice. Such people have a fun side and yearn for their innermost desires.

387. Jones   

It means rejoicing. Such people have absolute personalities and follow their mind instead of their heart.

388. Jonesy 

People with this name are jubilant and are youthful.

389. Jonet    

The name means rejoicing, people with this name love to travel and are involved in many social activities

390. Jonette

It means happiness, jubilation and to rejoice                      

391. Joni

People with this name are trustworthy friends and love to spend time with friends.       

392. Jonila    

The word means rejoicing.                          

393. Jonina  

It means cheerful or joyful.                           

394. Jonita   

People with this name are filled with energy and noble.               

395. Jonix     

The name means cheerful or merry. 

396. Jonna         

It means cheerful and joy

397. Jonson 

These people are sweethearts and have outlook personalities. They live their life in the best possible way.                              

398. Jonty    

They are a bit introverted in nature but live their life very well. they have the fun side and do the little things to enjoy every moment.            

399. Joodi

They learn lessons from their life and are simply going persons.

400. Joona   

God will add blessings. They treasure their friendship and express their feelings

401. Joop     

They are practical and materialistic person – Baby Girl Names 2021

402. Jordence            

Jordence means Flowing Down

403. Jorjanna              

Jorjanna means Lovable country child   

404. Joweese             

People with this name are joyful and haven’t refreshing sort of personalities.

405. Joy

It means to rejoice.

406. Joya      

It means rejoicing.          

407. Joyab   

People with this name are jubilant and are youthful.

408. Joyann 

The name means rejoicing, people with this name love to travel and are involved in many social activities

409. Joyanne              

It means happiness, jubilation and rejoice.

410. Joyatri  

people with this name are trustworthy friends and love to spend time with friends.

411. Joyce    

The word means rejoicing.

412. Joyceanne         

It means cheerful or joyful. People with this name are charmful, youthful and natural in personality.

413. Joycelyn              

People with this name are filled with energy and noble. – Baby Girl Names 2021

414. Joycelynn           

The name means cheerful or merry.

415. Joye      

It means cheerful and joy

416. Joyse    

These people are a sweetheart and have outlook personality.

417. Joyzelle

They are a bit introverted in nature but live their life very well.

418. Jozefien

They learn lessons from their life and are simply going persons.

419. Jozette

God will add blessings.

420. Jozlyn   

They are a practical and materialistic people.

421. Juliana 

It means downy bearded person or young.

422. Juliann 

It means young and youthful.

423. Juliea    

Such people love to do little things in life and have the importance of every little thing.

424. Julieann              

People with this name are full of ideas.

425. Julieanne

People with this name are loyal, honest and kind.

426. Juliek    

People with this name have childlike behaviour and are very sweet and cute in nature, they learn the lessons from their life.       

427. Julienne              

They are noble, kind, generous and soft-spoken persons.                            

428. Juliette

Such people are enrich with every kind of knowledge and prove to be very good friends.

429. Julijana

People with this name are not unselfish.

430. Julina    

They have a real genuine side and are natural.

431. Juliska  

Such people are involved in many activities and are very social.

432. Julita     

People with this name are very impressive.

433. Jullie     

people with this name have great ideas and prove to be very lucky

434. Jyll         

Jyll means The Child of Jupiter  

435. Jyllina   

Jyllina name means Jupiter’s Child, Jove’s Child     

Baby girl swiming

436. Kadience            

The name Kadience means Rhythm       

437. Kaelynn               

Kaelynn means Pure     

438. Kahnay

A spontaneous and dedicated being                                      

439. Kaidee 

Kaidee name means Pure, Virgin            

440. Kaisley 

Kaisley means Studious, Enlighted and Profound                            

441. Kaleigh

The name means Laurel, Crown               

442. Kalena 

Kalena is a flower name in Polish and Czeh                          

443. Kalene 

Kalene means a Name of the Flower                     

444. Kameryn             

The name means Crooked Nose             

445. Kamora               

Kamora means Comes from the Golden Meadow                           

446. Kamyra

means Surroundd by Sunlight                   

447. Kanesha              

The name is a combination of Kendra that means Prophetess and Aisha that means Alive – Baby Girl Names 2021  

448. Kapri     

Kapri name means Caprice, Whim           

449. Kaprice

Kaprice name means Sudden Change of Behaviour         

450. Kapricia

Kapricia name means Whimsy                   

451. Kaprisha

Kaprisha means Whim                  

452. Karlishia              

Karlishia is a modern created name                        

453. Katey   

Katey means Authentic, Natural                              

454. Katima 

The name means Powerful Daughter                    

455. Katniss 

Katniss is a plant name, Sagittaria Genus                              

456. Katresa

A graceful person, a pure grace     

457. Kayce   

Kayce name comes from the initials K.C.          

458. Kaycee

Kaycee is a phonetic form of the initials K.C.       

459. Kaycie  

Kaycie means Alert, on the Watch                                           

460. Kaydence           

The name means Rhytm, the Musical One          

461. Kayelee               

The name means She is the Pure One   

462. Kaylee 

Kaylee means She is Very Pure                 

463. Kayleen               

Kayleen means The One that is very Pure                                            

464. Kaylie   

Kaylie name means Rare Beauty, Slender                            

465. Kaylor  

Kaylor is a created American name, means To Cut                           

466. Keaghlan            

The name means She is a Slender Woman          

467. Keelia 

Keelia means very Good-looking                                             

468. Keiandra

Keiandra is a combinatin of names Keisha that means Cinammon and Andra that means Brave                  

469. Keladry

Kalendry is a modern American name                   

470. Kelis      

Kelis means Beautiful    

471. Kenadia

Kenadia means Chief    

472. Kendaleigha      

The name means The Valley of the Storm           

473. Kendis 

Kendis means means Pure         

474. Kentekee           

The land of tomorrow, a state in America                                            

475. Kerschie              

The name means Dusky and Pure

476. Kevlyn 

Kevlyn She is Beautiful and Young           

477. Keyanna             

Keyanna means She is Living Life with Grace      

478. Keyla    

Keyla name means Who is like the Lord

479. Kiffany 

Means Appearance of God        

480. Kimora

Kimora means From the Golden Meadow                           

481. Kloe

Kloe means Flourishing

482. Kloey    

Kloey means Blossoming             

483. Kory      

Kory means Hollow        

484. Krisalyn               

Means Beautiful Bearer of Christ             

485. Kristine

A woman whose relgion is Christianity                  

486. MKristy    

A crystal-like woman     

487. Kylia      

The name means Narrow 

Beautiful smiling baby girl

488. Labi       

Labi means She Moves in a Slow Manner             

489. Lacinda

Lacinda means She is Light          

490. Ladonna              

Ladonna means The Lady            

491. Lagina  

Name formed by adding popula prefix La to name Gina

492. Laiklyn 

The name means Coming from a Small Body of Water   

493. Laisha   

Laisha means Prosperous            

494. Lakeisha              

Lakeisha means Joyful  

495. Lakelyn

Lakelyn means Beautiful Lake    

496. Laken   

From the Lake   unisex                  

497. Lakendra            

Greatest Champion                       

498. Lakenya              

From Kenya       

499. Lalacia  

New, american female name that means a chatty person                            

500. Lanica   

Chief of heaven                     

501. Laquita

Created American name from a French Nobleman’s surname  – Baby Girl Names 2021

502. Laramie

Tear that are shed out of love                                                   

503. Laryssa

A cheerful, joyous one who spreads happiness                

504. Latrice  

Variation of the name Beatrice by adding prefix La                          

505. Latrisha               

Of noble origin, descendant of nobleman                            

506. Laurance             

From the place of the laurel leaves                         

507. Lauranne            

from Laurentum, town name                    

508. Laurean               

From the place of laurel trees                   

509. Laureen              

Sweet bay tree; From the bay                                   

510. Laurelin               

Land of the valley of the singing God                                     

511. Laurell  

Laurel tree                         

512. Laurelle               

bay tree; crowned with laurel branches

513. Laurentine         

Laurel plant                       

514. Lauretta              

Sweet bay tree

515. Laurette              

Laurel tree, symbol of honor and victory

516. Laurin   

Laurel tree or sweet bay tree    

517. Laurinda              

The laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory.                                                          

518. Lawrencia           

She who is crowned with laurel Girl                        

519. Layla     

Nigh time in Arabic.

520. Layla and Qays

are a popular romatic stroy in Persia and Arabia                 

521. Laynie  

The Light of telling the truth

522. Laythan               

A name that is created combing various other names    

523. Lea        

Person who brings good news                  

524. Leatrix 

Combination Of Leah And Beatrix            

525. Leaundra            

Lionlike woman                               

526. Lecea   

Person of a noble kind                  

527. Leeanne             

From the names Lee and Anne 

528. Leighna               

A distinguished, Illustrious woman                                          

529. Leighsaide          

A combination of names, means Beautiful and Joyful     

530. Lekeisha             

A person who is generaly happy and joyful         

531. Lenard 

He who has the Blood of the Lion                              

532. Lesha   

One of a noble kind, a difnified person                 

533. Leshah 

A precious and kind person                        

534. Lesia     

A person who is of noble kind, a distingueished one                       

535. Letha    

A person who tends to forget things, absent person                      

536. Lethia   

One with an absent mind and bad memory        

537. Lexiss   

Defender of the people                             

538. Lianna  

A God’s anwer to the prayers, to see God                           

539. Liberty 

Freedom, independence, liberation       

540. Lilly        

Lilly as a Lily flower, pure and beautiful one                        

541. Lilyan    

From the name of the flower lily, symbol of purity                                          

542. Lilyana 

Varitation of the name Lily, flower symbolising beauty and purity                            

543. Lilyanne              

Combination of the names Lily and Anne             

544. Linaeve               

Singing tree; Tree of song                                                           

545. Linzee

American variation of name Lindsay, meaning island of linden trees                        

546. Linzei    

Form of name Lindsay, island of lime trees          

547. Linzeigh               

Variation of the name Lindsay; linden trees                        

548. Linzey  

form of Lindsay, means island where the linden trees grow                        

549. Linzi      

Short form of Lindsay                    

550. Linzie    

Pet name for Lindsay; lime tree island                   

551. Lisanna

American variation of name Elizabeth, short Lisa + Anna                                      

552. Lissette               

Modern American name             

553. Lithany

Prayer in ceremony                       

554. Londa   

A woman who is shy      

555. Londyn

A river that is too wild to cross  

556. Lorinda

Variation of the name Laurel, crowed with laurel tree – Baby Girl Names 2021

557. Lory      

Short from Laurel, laurel plant                   

558. Loryn    

One who is from the bay

559. Lovie    

The one who is deeply loved     

560. Luanne

Combination of Lou – famous war and Ann – grace           

561. Luna     

Moon, one of the name of the Moon Goddes   

562. Lysa      

The God is my Promise                                 

563. Madalyn             

She who comes from a tower                   

564. Madalynn           

A woman who is from a tower                  

565. Madisyn              

It is Matthew’s son; a brave son; elegant being                 

566. Maggi   

Woman lovely as a pearl              

567. Maggie

A woman pure as a pearl                                             

568. Makaila               

An American name, meaning “Who is like God?”                              

569. Maliyah

She who is deeply loved                                             

570. Manacca

A place name of the town in Pennsilvaniya         

571. Mandelina

She who is lovable                                          

572. Mandie               

A woman worthy of affection                   

573. Maranda             

A woman who must be admired                           

574. Maraya

A woman who is admired                            

575. Maribeth            

A sea of bitterness and a house of God

576. Marigny              

A place name, a neighborhood of the City of New Orleance

577. Marinalee          

A woman from the healing sea 

578. Marolyn              

Bitter dwells by the torrent                        

579. Marrilynn           

Bitter dwells by the sea tide

580. Martina               

Warring, warlike woman              

581. Marvene            

A grand lady      

582. Mayten

A modern name meaning one who is born on th 10th of May

583. Mckenzy             

One who is pale                              

584. Meegwin            


585. Meghyn              

One who is the child of light; pearl                          

586. Mekaisto            

The Red Cow, this is the Cow which is praised to be as Holy Cow for sacrifice      

587. Mekelle              

A Gift from the Almighty.                            

588. Mel       

One who is fearless and daring, always having brashness and self confidence.   

589. Melea  

The one who has unpleasant or nasty taste in his life                     

590. Meli      

Malicious water, harsh and cruel sea or ocean   

591. Mensonsea       

The person who always use his,her left hand for all activities.                    

592. Meria   

The harsh taste of the Ocean.                   

593. Merridan            

An equal distant from the extremes.                     

594. Mertice

A person who has general authority over others.                             

595. Methotase        

Laying eggs in the sand  Girl                        

596. Methotaske      

One who lays eggs in sand, or laying eggs in sand.            

597. Mia       

The person who is dearly to everyone. 

598. Miakoda             

The strength of the Moon.                         

599. Michigan             

the large river.                 

600. Migisi   

the one who looks like an eagle               

601. Mihewi

the lady of the sun.                        

602. Mikaya

American variant of the name Malachi that means the messenger or the angel. – Baby Girl Names 2021    

603. Miley    

In American it refers to “Smiley” and in Hawaiian it means “vine”                                             

604. Millaray               

A golden colored flower                                

605. Mingan

A grey wolf, a person who is intelligent and furious as wolf         

606. Minowa              

A voice that moves the others, mesmerising voice          

607. Minya  

An older-sister, a desired one                   

608. Misae   

In American it means beneath the hot son. In Japanese it means beautiful sand art        

609. Mistea 

A mist covered girl          

610. Mistee 

A foggy person, mist                     

611. Mistey 

A person who is out of the mist                

612. Misti     

The mist covered over a person                               

613. Mistie  

A fog-covered women                 

614. Misty    

The person covered into mist    

615. Mistye 

The one who is not clearly visible, out of mist                    

616. Misu     

Enjoyment of the ripples of liquid                

617. Mohawk             

The one who has unpleasant or nasty taste in his life     

618. Molimo               

A walking bear under trees        

619. Monkaushka     

The shaking of the earth                              

620. Monone             

A person with a horse like quality            

621. Mowway            

The shaking of hands to greet                   

622. Moxie  

The spirited energy, or the nerve                            

623. Nadie   

Prompted by wisdom or judgement.                                     

624. Nahlin  

A fleet or a vehicle of foot                          

625. Naira    

The one having the bigger eyes

626. Najinca

A sudden flight or wild dispersion            

627. Nakendra           

The one who was born in the sea or lake or water.                                          

628. Nakish

A Cinnamon, precious or beloved

629. Nakita  

Not capable of being conquered or vanquished or overcome.   

630. Nalen   

A young virgin girl                           

631. Namid  

A bright dancer, who dances well                     

632. Nascha

An owl, wise like an owl                            

633. Nashua

The land between two water rivers                        

634. Nasnan

The person who is always in the sea.     

635. Nata     

The one who is expert in giving speech.

636. Nataani

A leader, one who leads from the front

637. Natalee               

The one has the same birthday of Christ.                             

638. Nataly  

Christmas child.                               

639. Natane

Its a baby girl.                                   

640. Natashaly           

Delivered to this world on Christmas day.                            

641. Nateira

Graceful, generous, natural                       

642. Nathaly               

On the 25th of December.                          

643. Natosha              

Refers the day of entrance to this world.                             

644. Nayati  

A wrestler, one who wrestle     

645. Nebraska            

Water which is staying in one place.       

646. Neola   

Fresh or starter or original.                         

647. Neomonni         

The group of suspended water droplets.                    

648. Netis    

The one who is reliable and dependable.                             

649. Neugeanie         

The newcomer to the family or freshly delivered.                            

650. Neveah               

Abide of God and the Angels.   

651. Newat 

The person who is excellent in handling with left hand.

652. Niabi     

A color or pigment varying around a light grey brown color.                         

653. Nikkol  

The spirit of victory on behalf of nation.               

654. Nirval   

Fresh greenly pasture. 

655. Nirved 

Came to this world in the month of November.

656. Nisaa    

One who has excellent knowledge in all matters.             

657. Nituna 

A daughter, Dearest daughter  

658. Nizhoni

A beautiful girl, full of grace        

659. Noah    

Relaxation, restful, harmony, calm.        

660. Nolcha 

Reflects the shining sun.              

661. Novalee              

Fresh greenly pasture. 

662. November         

Came to this world in the month of November.

663. Nuka    

The youngest and last daughter in the family.    

664. Nunah 

Property, land dwelling, land living.        

665. Nyesha

A Tupi word to a sweet person.

666. Ocheckka           

The one who is intoxicated in infatuation or affection.   

667. Oda       

An assister of the religion or faith. One who assists in spreading the faith.            

668. Odina   

Nap and impassiveness

669. Ogima  

God is Merciful, God is hearing and answering, also it means fresh as well.          

670. Ohio     

The feeling of extreme pleasure and satisfaction of the eyes.

671. Ohiyo   

Lovely eyes that induce magnetism, the one with expressive eyes          

672. Okena  

A horn or a pointed horn-like object                      

673. Olathe 

The general outward appearance of something.              

674. Olencia

Blinking of an eye, very short time.                         

675. Olisa     

The combination of Olivia and Elisa.        

676. Olivia    

The one who is closer to olive tree.                                           

677. Onatah

The 3rd planet form the sun where mankind live (earth)                             

678. Onawa 

The great awareness or excessive attentiveness                    

679. Opa       

Nocturnal bird, Owl.                      

680. Orenda

Enchanted curse or black magic.                               

681. Ornice  

Godly brightness, heavenly dainty.                         

682. Oxide   

A compound of oxygen                

683. Ozette 

A name given for large and deep lake                    

684. Palam   

They are idealists who are compassionate; Palm tree     

685. Pam      

One who is filled with sweetness                            

686. Pamala

A honey coated; filled with sweetness                  

687. Pamelia

A honey coated individual                           

688. Pammela            

All honey; one who is sweet natured                     

689. Panan  

One who is made of honey; a heroine                   

690. Peanut

A name for the ground nut legume                        

691. Pearline              

A precious and humble being    

692. Penni   

A weaver; duck ;name of Bobbin                                             

693. Pennie 

Name given to a silent worker                                  

694. Phylicia

A person who has the power of communication                                               

695. Quanita

American created name              

696. Quayliah             

American created name              

697. Quineisha           

Alive and well                   

698. Rach     

American name meaning ewe  

699. Raeleigha           

A modern combination name                    

700. Raelyn 

A modern invented name           

701. Raelyne               

Modern American name                             

702. Raelynn               

A modern American invented name      

703. Rain      

Abundant blessing from above 

704. Rainbow             

A natural phenomenon, a rainbow         

705. Randis  

A Goddes of great beauty           

706. Rashona              

God’s favourite                

707. Raylee 

One who looks lika and acts like a Princess

708. Rayleine              

One who acts like a Queen                         

709. Raylyn  

A combination of names that means One who wisely guards the lake                    

710. Rea       

A flowing stream of water, a brook         

711. Remedy              

A cure for something. A word name, remedy    

712. Renesmee         

A made up name, means a reborn and loved person      

713. Reness

To be reborn as a butterfly                         

714. Renita  

A woman full of dignity                

715. Revonda             

A woman who comes from Saxony         

716. Reyn     

One who rules, governs                               

717. Rezina  

One who is like a Queen              

718. Rishelle

One who likes to feel rested

719. Risika

A gifted person

720. Rogelyn

A created, modern American name with no specific meaning     

721. Rogene

A person who has a legendary spear                      

722. Roseen

A rosy girl           

723. Rosephanye      

A woman whose beauty makes her like a rose                  

724. Rumor 

A feeling of falsity           

725. Rush     

An american name meaning red woman                        

726. Ruthanna           

A companion of great grace                       

727. Ruthanne           

A woman full of grace and friendship

Cute baby girl     

728. Saeburg

An individual who is amusing and bold                  

729. Salene 

American name meaning Heaven                            

730. Samantha           

The God has heard your prayer                

731. Sani

The old one, too ancient, a gift                 

732. Sarda    

American invented name                            

733. Saretha

An excellence                   

734. Sasilvia 

Variation of the name Silvia        

735. Savvy   

She who is smart                             

736. Saydee

Variation of Sadie meaning princess       

737. Schantelle          

One who loves to sing                  

738. Scooter               

One who is from Scottish                            

739. Seanix  

American modern invented name                          

740. Seanna

God is gracious 

741. Seattle 

A place name                    

742. Sedona

A place name                    

743. Sellma  

One who demands peace                           

744. Senuri  

A person with strong mind and heart; full of youth                          

745. Shaela  

A combination of names, The Butterfly princess of the meadow                               

746. Shaelie

A noble one                      

747. Shaelyn               

She is the one who replaces      

748. Shala    

One who is like a small mountain                             

749. Shaleigh              

A made up name from Sha and Leah, means a female gazelle – Baby Girl Names 2021                   

750. Shaley  

Combination of name, means a princess of the butterfly meadow                                           

751. Shalita  

A little winged woman, combination of names                  

752. Shaly    

A female who is like an antelope                             

753. Shalyn  

A female whose beauty is her strenght                

754. Shalynn               

A woman of the lake, made up name                                    

755. Shameka            

A made up name, means a woman                                         

756. Shamia

A made up name from Sha nad Mia, means a women’s sea of sorrow                    

757. Shammis             

One who supplants the other   

758. Shanae

Variation, shana                              

759. Shanequa           

The God is gracious                        

760. Shanetha            

A created name, means a woman           

761. Shaquan

Truth in life        

762. Shaquanna        

Truth in life        

763. Sharree               

A darling woman             

764. Sharrie 

A very darling, sweet woman

765. Shasta  

From the triple-peaked mountain           

766. Shatora

A woman who is a victor. A modern name           

767. Shatoria              

A combination of name Means To be your own master 

768. Shatorria             

A woman who is a vicotor           

769. Shatorya             

One who is God’s gracious victroy           

770. Shatoya               

A combination of names, means woman is her own measter     

771. Shawnette         

A woman who is a beutiful and intelligent flower                             

772. Shawnte             

The God’s kindnees and mercy 

773. Shaylee               

From the fairy place, a fairy princess                                      

774. Shaylynn             

She is like a beutifu; Hawk                                                          

775. Sheloa 

American name meaning heavenly                         

776. Shelsee               

American name meaning port                   

777. Shelyn 

Beloved woman                              

778. Shemeka            

American created name                                              

779. Sheralin               

woman who is beautiful                                              

780. Sherise

Graceful beauty               l                              

781. Sherlyn

She who is loved by many                           

782. Sheyenne          

One who speaks a lot    

783. Shiklah 

A name of a Marvel Comics charecter                                    

784. Shyanne

Unintelligible speaker                                   

785. Sitka     

A woman who comes from teh wester Alasca   

786. Solaris  

One who is of the Sun               

787. Sommer              

Summer, summoner                     

788. Sonoma              

A place name. One who is from the place Sonoma in California  – Baby Girl Names 2021

789. Sookie 

She who is like the lily flower     

790. Sophia 

She who posesses great knoledge and wisdom

791. Stormi  

A form refering to a Storm                          

792. Stormie               

Means a Storm                                

793. Suave   

One who is very smooth              

794. Suewinda           

A modern American name that is made up and holds no specific meaning            

795. Suma    

Born in the summertime                             

796. Swoosie              

A woman who is half swan, half goose

797. Syesha 

A modern American name, means wise               

798. Syrita    

She is a Sun       

799. Tabananica        

Hears the sunrise            

800. Tablita  

A tiara a headdress with feathers and symbolic design                                              

801. Tadita   

The running one; To the wind                   

802. Tahki    

Completely, without anything left                            

803. Taigi      

Returning of the moon                 

804. Tailynn 

From the vietnamese word tai which means talented and english word lynn which means waterfall        

805. Taini      

Born during the returning moon                              

806. Tainn    

New moon baby             

807. Taiomah              

Thunder; Bear those voice who makes the rocks trembles          

808. Taipa    

To spread the wings                      

809. Taisha  

Someone who is alive; She who lives                     

810. Taitlynn               

Light of our life 

811. Takala  

Tassel of a corn

812. Talah    

Palm tree that is just about to start to grow                        

813. Talasi    

A corn tassel flower                   

814. Talaya  

Dew from heaven                          

815. Talena  

From ancient celtic ta’lena which means the rock; Spanish dimunitive of the name magdalena                                   

816. Talise    

Beautiful water

817. Tallulah

Lady of abundance                         

818. Tamatha             

Name means Dear Tammy, Dear palm tree         

819. Tamber               

A musical tone. One who is musical                        

820. Tambi   

A young one, a child      

821. Tameka               


822. Tamika 


823. Tamira 

A palm tree’s splice

824. Tamisha              

An American version of Tamara meaning the palm tree                

825. Tammiella          

A combination of Tamara and Ella, meaning a fairy maiden of the palm tree                        

826. Tamsin 

A short form of thomasina                          

827. Tanae   

She who is worthy of praise       

828. Tandice               

A team, a person who is a part of a team                             

829. Tandilyn              

Variation of the name Tandi meaning a team                                     

830. Tangela               

An angel             

831. Tangia  

One who is like an angel              

832. Tanginika            

Goddess of the lake                      

833. Taralynn              

American variation of the name Tara meaning hill                            

834. Tariana

Combination name, from names Tara and Ariana, a holy hill                        

835. Tashanay            

Alteration of Natasha meaning born on Christmas day                   

836. Tashina

A woman wearing a blanket       

837. Tattina 

Combination of name Tatiana and Tina                 

838. Tatyanah

A fairy princess

839. Tavion  

A twin                  

840. Tavon

Of the staff of the gods Unisex                 

841. Tawny  

Brownish yellow, tan                                                     

842. Tayga   

The gracious one             

843. Taylee

Variant of the name Taylor, occupational name, tailor                    

844. Tayna

A seamstress                                                    

845. Taysia   

Woman from Asia

846. Teela    

A form of teala                 

847. Telissa  

American created name                                

848. Teness 

A place of gathering near the water                       

849. Tennie 

Feminine short of Tennesse, a meeting place    

850. Teodec

An entire Earth; fertile                  

851. Terrica 

American created name                              

852. Terryll  

Modern invented name                              

853. Teryl     

American created name                                 

854. Tesla     

Slavic surname, a tool used to harvest timber    

855. Tevaughn

He who resembles a tiger                           

856. Texanna              

A girl from Texas             

857. Tiesha  


858. Tikal      

Something at the waterhole or near the water reservoir                                    

859. Timberlake        

The lake or reservoir in midst of timber trees

860. Timberly             

A rock or gem from the lands on timber                               

861. Timeeka

A good spirited person                                 

862. Tinecia 

God is with us                   

863. Tinki      

One who is bashful or shy                           

864. Tiona    

A fairy queen, a deity                    

865. Tionne

A supreme gift from God            

866. Tolinka 

The flapping ear of a canine or coyote                                                   

867. Tonantzin           

Mother earth or the mother Goddess   

868. Tonica  

To the people, something to the race                    

869. Topanga              

A point of meeting or mountain and sea              

870. Torie     

A form of tori                                    

871. Toshawah          

A jewellery item specifically a silver brooch                                         

872. Totole  

A star of the constellation                           

873. Towanda            

A peaceful resting place or the place of rushing water

874. Track

A path or way, a season                               

875. Trakiala

A formed or created                      

876. Travon 

Fair town                                            

877. Trevon

Fair town                                            

878. Trianna

A gracious or a noble person, a pure                      

879. Tsungani             

Outstanding person or greatest man.                    

880. Tuwa    

Universe or world.                                                         

881. Twila     

Derived from Twyla (woven)                                                                     

882. Tyanne

Mixture of Tyrus (strength rock) and Anne (God has favoured me).                        

883. Tyesha 

Blooming and healthy.                  

884. Tyfany 

Diminutive form of tiffany.  

Common American Girl Surnames Or Last Names, With Meanings

Common American Girl Surnames

1. Abbey

Derived from the Middle English word Abbeye, the last name Abbey is used for someone living in or near an abbey, or sometimes, for someone who works in an abbey.

2. Abbott

The surname Abbott is an English and Scottish name that refers to an “abbot” or a “priest.” 

3. Abel

It is derived from the Hebrew given name “Hebel” meaning breath or vapor and was used as a name of endearment. 

4. Abney

The Abney family lived in or near the settlement of Abney in Derbyshire. The surname is also pretty popular in the US.

5. Abraham

This last name is derived from the Hebrew name Abram, meaning “father of a multitude of nations.” 

6. Abrahamson

This name is patronymic from the surname Abraham and means “father of the nation.” 

7. Abram

Another form of the Hebrew name Abraham, this is a popular Christian last name prevalent in the Welsh areas, and now, in the US.

8. Abramson

Some of the Abramson families later migrated to Ireland, and the last name eventually spread to other parts of the world.

9. Acker

Acker, like many other English last names, is a topographical name meaning “field.” 

10. Ackerman

Since the name Acker comes from the German and Old English word meaning “ploughed field,” the last name Ackerman means “ploughman.”

11. Adair

This Scottish and northern Irish name is also spelled as Edzear, another form of the name Edgar, which means prosperity.

12. Adams

The Book of Genesis states that Adam was the first man on earth, while in Hebrew, the word “adama” means “earth.” 

13. Adamson

The patronymic surname means “son of Adam.”

14. Adcock

It is an ancient Anglo-Saxon surname derived from a baptismal name meaning “Adam.”

15. Addison

This last name means “son of Adam.”

16. Adkins

The surname Adkins was first found in Westmorland and Northumberland and dates back to the ancient Anglo Saxon period. It is a derivative of the name “Adams,” meaning “son of Adam.” 

17. Aiken

Aiken is a Scottish-Irish surname used as a variant of the original Scottish name “Aitken.” It is also a derivative of the last name “Adams.”

18. Ainsworth

The last name Ainsworth has its origins in the Northwest of England. The Anglo-Saxon word “worth” means “enclosure,” while “ain” is speculated to have been someone’s name.

19. Alexander

This great ancient last name is derived from the Greek word “Alexandros,” meaning “defender of men.” 

20. Allen

A common surname around England, Wales, and Scotland, the surname Allen also holds several notable entries in the British “Dictionary of National Biography.” 

21. Anderson

This last name is of English and Scottish origin, meaning “son of Andrew,” which in itself is derived from the Greek word “Andreas” meaning “man” or “manly.” 

22. Aaron

It is a surname of Hebrew origin. Aaron is also the elder brother of Moses. In some countries, Aaron is also a personal name, not necessarily of Jewish descent.

23. Babcock

The medieval female given name for Babb was Barbara, derived from the Greek word “barbaros,” meaning foreigner.

24. Bailey

It comes from the Latin word “baiulus,” meaning porter, carrier, or attendant. 

25. Baine

This Scottish surname means “bones.”

26. Baker

The surname Baker has old English origins dating back to the 8th century. While this is an occupational surname, it does not always refer to a baker.

27. Baldwin

This name is derived from the German name Baldavin, meaning “bold or brave friend.’ 

28. Bancroft

Of Old English origin, the last name ”Bancroft” means “field of beans.”

29. Barber

It is derived from the Anglo-Norman French word “barbier,” meaning “beard.”

30. Bennet

The surname is derived from the Roman personal name “Benedictus,” meaning blessed. 

31. Bardsley

This family name of English origin is a locational name for a small village near Lancashire.

32. Blakesley

The name Blakesley dates back to the Anglo-Saxon period. The name is derived from “Blæcleah,” meaning “dull wood” or “dim clearing.”

33. Bolton

It is a topographical name from any of the various places named Bolton in northern England, particularly the one in Lancashire.

34. Bond

This name is common in a lot of European countries. It is derived from the Anglo-Saxon name “Bonde” or “Bonda” and was a status surname for a  farmer.

35. Brooks

This last name is found among the aristocrats in Germany, England, Scotland, and the US. It is a topographical surname for someone who lives close to a brook.

36. Brown

Brown is believed to be the second most common surname in Canada and Scotland, third most common in Australia and the UK, and fourth most common in the US.  – Baby Girl Names 2021

37. Butler 

Of English and Irish origin, Butler was an occupational name derived from the Norman French word “butiller” meaning “wine steward,” and ultimately from the Latin word “butticula,” meaning “bottle.”

38. Caldwell

It is a locational name from any of the places with this name in England and Scotland. It generally refers to a place with cold streams or springs.

39. Campbell

Derived from Gaelic roots, it was usually used as a nickname to mean “crooked mouth.”

40. Carman

It is derived from “Karlmann” or “Jarlmann,” which are personal and baptismal names of endearment.

41. Carter

An ancient name, Carter is thought to be originally derived from the Celtic word “cairt,” meaning “cart.”

42. Castillo

It is derived from castillo (Latin castellum), meaning “castle.”

43. Chadwick

This English surname is of Anglo-Saxon origin and means “town or village of Chad.”

44. Chambers

An English surname, Chambers is an occupational surname for a man working in his lord’s private chambers.

45. Chaplin

The most famous bearer of this last name was the legendary comedian Charlie Chaplin.

46. Clark

Clark evolved from the word “clerk.”

47. Collins

It is apatronymic surname based on the English and Scottish name Colin, a dimunitive English form of Nicholas.

48. Colt

This interesting and unusual medieval English name is a metonymic occupational name given to someone who looked after young horses.

49. Cook

With forty entries in the “Dictionary of National Biography,” this distinguished surname is derived from the Old English word “coc” and is an occupational name for a cook or seller of cooked meats. 

50. Cooper

Derived from the German word “kuper” or “kup,” meaning container, Cooper usually referred to makers of tubs, barrels, containers, etc., over the centuries.

51. Courtenay

It can be interpreted as either a topographical last name for people living in places called Courtenay or a nickname for a courtier with a short nose, with “court” meaning short and “nes” meaning nose.

52. Cox

A famous TV personality with this surname is the Friend’s star, Courtney Cox.

53. Croft

With different spellings, this English-origin surname dates back to pre 6th century. 

54. Cruz

This last name is an ancient Roman name derived from the word ‘Crucis’ meaning ‘cross.’ 

55. Davis

A patronymic derivative of the male given name David, this last name holds has notable entries in the “Dictionary of National Biography.”

56. Dalton

It is a locational name from any of the places with the same name and means “from the valley town.”

57. Diaz

A frequently found surname of Spanish origin, it was first found in the Kingdom of Castile, where the name originated in the Visigoth period.

58. Dickens

The name translates as brave and powerful. 

59. Edgar

It is derived from the Old English word “Eadgar,” and is composed of the elements “ead,” meaning “prosperity or fortune,” and “gar,” meaning “spear.”

60. Edison

It is an English surname, meaning “Edie’s son.” – Baby Girl Names 2021

61. Edwards

A patronymic surname meaning “son of Edward,” this last name dates back to pre 7th century. 

62. Elliott

The surname is of Scottish and English origins and is derived from Ellis or Elias, meaning “gracious of God.”

63. Evans

Of Welsh origin, this name is a patronymic name meaning “son of Evan.”

64. Fairburn

This locational name has its origins in Fairburn Yorkshire. It includes the elements “fearn,” meaning “fern” and “burna,” meaning stream, and thus, it means “stream by which ferns grew.”

65. Faulkner

This surname has two distinct possible sources, the first and most likely being the Old French occupational name for a keeper or trainer of hawks.

66. Fiddler

It is an occupational name for a professional player of the fiddle. The surname is of Anglo-Saxon origin.

67. Fisher

Fisher is an occupational name borne by someone who fished for a living. It is also an Irish name given to people who lived near a body of water.

68. Fleming

Fleming is an Old French surname meaning a “Flemish person.”

69. Fletcher

The English, Scottish, and Irish origin-name is an occupational name for an arrowsmith or seller of arrows.

70. Flores

This is an Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese surname, although with some Germanic associations. It is the plural form of “flor,” meaning “flower,” in Spanish.

71. Foster

The surname Foster is an occupational name given to those bestowed with the responsibility of overseeing the upkeep of the hunting territories of a monarch.

72. Garcia

Of Spanish origin, this is the most popular surname of the region. Derived from the word “artz” meaning “bear,” this surname dates back to centuries ago. – Baby Girl Names 2021

73. Garner

This last name is of early medieval English origin. It might have been a topographic name for someone living near a granary.

74. Gatsby

This last name is of German origin and means “from Gaddesby.” 

75. Godfrey

This surname is derived from the Old French name “Godefroy,” meaning “God’s peace.”

76. Gomez

This is of Spanish-origin patronymic  name meaning “Son of Gome,” 

77. Gonzalez

The patronymic surname means “son of Gonzalo.”

78. Gray

This English and Scottish last name comes from a nickname for a person with grey hair or grey clothes.

79. Green

This last name is given to someone who often wore the color green or lived in grassy surroundings. A famous bearer of this surname is the French actor Eva Green.

80. Gutierrez

This is a well-recorded and popular surname in Spain. 

81. Hamilton

Of English and Scottish origin, this last name derived from Old English has the elements “hamel,” meaning “crooked or mutilated” and “dun,” meaning “hill.”

82. Hall

This English and Scottish surname is an occupational name for an individual employed in a hall or manor place.

83. Hardy

This surname is of early medieval English and French origin and is a nickname for a brave or courageous person.

84. Harley

It is an English surname derived from the words “hara,” meaning “hare,” and “leah,” meaning “wood,” “meadow,” or “clearing.”

85. Harris

An ancient Scottish, Irish, and English name Harris is derived from the personal name “Henry,” meaning “home-ruler.”

86. Hathaway

It is an English habitational name for someone who dwelled near a path across a heath. A notable bearer of this nam

87. Hepburn

From northern English place names meaning “high burial mound” in Old English.  – Baby Girl Names 2021

88. Hill

With over fifty entries in the “Dictionary of National Biography,” and no less than seventy-five Coats of Arms, this distinguished surname is most likely a topographical name for someone living near the hills.

89. Howards

Howard is a common English surname of Gaelic origin. This name dates back to the 7th century.

90. Hughes

It is a short form of any of the various Germanic compound names with the first element “hug,” meaning “heart” or “mind.”

91. Hunter

Recorded as Huntar, Hunter, Huntress, and Huntriss, this ancient surname is of Anglo-Scottish origins.

92. Ibbott

It is a matronymic surname derived from the name Ibota, a diminutive of Isabel.

93. Irwin

This name is derived from the old English personal name Eoforwine, which means “boar friend.”

94. Jackson

This English name means “son of Jack.”

95. James

This name has Biblical as well as Crusader origins. James is a common surname throughout Wales.

96. Jefferson

The English name means”son of Jeffrey.” 

97. Jekyll

It is an English last name derived from the Breton personal name Judicaël, meaning “generous lord.”  

98. Johnson

This is a famous Anglo-Scottish patronymic surname of medieval origins and is a derivative of the personal name John.

99. Jones

This is probably a patronymic version of the name John or a matronymic version of the name Joan.

100. Kay

The most common meaning is derived from the old French word “kay,” meaning wharf or quay.

101. Kelly

Kelly is an English surname. The name has numerous origins, most notably from the Ui Maine.

102. Kim

This surname is borne by over 21% of South Korea’s population. It can be translated as metal, iron, or gold.

103. Kipling

The English surname originated from the name of a town in Yorkshire. A famous bearer of this name was the author Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936).

104. King

This surname is usually given to a tribal leader.

105. Lee

It is probably derived from any of the places named with the pre 7th Century element “leah,” meaning an open place in a forest or wood.”

106. Lewis

Derived from the German personal name Lewis, it means famous battle.

107. Lockwood

It refers to an “enclosed wood” in Old English.

108. Long

This ancient name is a derivative of the Gaelic name Ó Longáin, meaning “descendant of Longán,” a personal name. 

109. Lopez

It is a patronymic surname of Spanish origin meaning “son of Lope,” with Lope meaning wolf. 

110. Lyon

Of English and French origin, this last name originally denoted a person from the city of Lyon in central France.

111. Madison

It is a variant of Mathieson, meaning “son of Matthew.” – Baby Girl Names 2021

112. Marley

Of English origin, this name originally denoted a person who hailed from one of the various places in Britain called Marley, meaning either “pleasant wood” or “boundary wood” in Old English. 

113. Marshall

It comes from the Old French “mareschal,” which is in turn derived from the Germanic elements “marah,” meaning “horse” and “scalc” meaning “servant.”

114. Martin

It is derived from the Latin name “Martinus,” which is a derivative of “Mars,” the god of fertility and war.

115. Martinez

This famous name is also a derivative of “Martinus,” a personal name derived from “Mars,” the god of war.

116. Mercer

It is derived from the Old French word “Mercier,” which in turn is derived from the Latin word “merx,” meaning “merchandise.”

117. Mendoza

 The name means “cold mountain.”

118. Miller

It is an occupational surname referring to someone who owned or worked in a grain mill.

119. Mitchell

The surname of English and Scottish origins is derived from the medieval Hebrew and Biblical name “Michel,” meaning “One who is like the Lord.” 

120. Moore

Of Anglo-Celtic origin, Moore was the 16th most common surname in the United States in 2000. A similar surname

121. Morales

This unusual and interesting surname is of Spanish origin and is a topographical name for someone who lived by a blackberry or mulberry bush. 

122. Morgan

The Welsh surname is derived from the Old Welsh personal name”Morcant,” which is probably derived from the word “mor,” meaning “sea chief,””sea protector,” or “sea defender.”

123. Morris

It is  derived from the given name Maurice, which, in turn, is derived from the Latin word “maurus,” meaning “moorish” or “dark.”

124. Murphy

This is one of the most popular Irish surnames, which is said to have been derived from the Gaelic name “O’ Murchadha,” meaning “the descendant of the Sea Warrior.” 

125. Myers

This name is of medieval English origin and is a patronymic name meaning “son of a mayor.” Myers is also of German origin, meaning “steward” or “bailiff.”

126. Nash

Nash is a topographic name of Middle English origin and refers to someone who lived near an “ash tree.” 

127. Nelson

Nelson is a patronymic surname that translates to “son of Nell,” a form of the Irish name Neal, from the Gaelic Niall, which means “champion.” 

128. Newton

Who hasn’t heard of Sir Isaac Newton, the English physicist who discovered gravity? The English word is the name of many English towns and means “new town.”

129. Nicholson

Nicholson is a German and Scottish surname. It is a patronymic form of the first name Nichol, a common medieval form of Nicholas. 

130. Nixon

This English surname means “son of Nicholas.” – Baby Girl Names 2021

131. Norman

The surname is derived from the Scandinavian word “noromenn,” meaning “men from the north.”

132. Osborne

It is derived from the Viking personal name Asbjorn, meaning “god bear.”

133. Overton

This surname denoted a person who hailed from one of the various places in England called Overton, meaning “upper settlement” or “riverbank settlement” in Old English.

134. Palmer

This Anglo-French surname is derived from the word “palme,” meaning “palm tree.”

135. Parish

While this surname has a few different interpretations, it is commonly believed that it was a locational surname implied for people from the French capital Paris.

136. Parker

Meaning “keeper of the park” in Middle English, it is an occupational name for a person who was a keeper of a park.

137. Peacock

Peacock as a name was derived from a nickname usually given to a proud, haughty person. It could also have been an occupational name for someone who bred birds.

138. Perez

Out of all the surnames derived from the Christian Church, “Petros,” meaning The Rock has given the world the most number of given names and derivative surnames.

139. Perry

This Old English surname originated from the word “pirige,” meaning “pear tree.” The Latin source of the word is “pirum” meaning “pear.” 

140. Peterson

This is a patronymic surname meaning “son of Peter.” Peter is derived from the Greek word “Petros,” meaning “rock” or “stone.”

141. Phillips

Of medieval English origin, this patronymic last name means “son of Phillip.” Phillip is derived from the Greek name Philippos, meaning “friend of horses.”

142. Presley

The English variant of “Priestley,” a famous personality with this surname was the musician Elvis Presley.

143. Price

Price is a patronymic name derived from the Welsh word “ap Rhys,” which translates to “son of Rhys.” It means “enthusiasm” in Welsh and is a famous last name in Wales.

144. Queen

It is derived from a given name that was further derived from the Old English word “cwen,” meaning “queen” or “woman.”

145. Radcliffe

It is derived from various place names in England that mean “red cliff” in Old English. 

146. Ramsey

Ramsey means “garlic island” and is derived from the Old English elements “hramsa,” meaning“garlic” and “eg,” meaning “island.”

147. Reed

It is derived from the English word “read,” meaning “red.”

148. Remington

This unique surname is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is a locational surname for people dwelling in a place called Remington near Gisburn in West Yorkshire.

149. Rey

This English surname means “female roe deer” from Old English ræge, probably denoting someone of a nervous temperament.

150. Richardson

A patronymic form of a personal name, this last name means “son of Richard.”

151. Ripley

The name is a derivation of the Old English word “ripel” with the elements “ripel,” meaning “strip of land,” and “leah,” meaning “clearing.”

152. Rivera

This is a surname of Spanish and Italian origin and is most likely a topographic surname referring to people living near river banks.

153. Roberts

This last name has over 70 recorded spellings and variations. Of English and Scottish origin, the last name Roberts is borne by famous Hollywood actor Julia Roberts.

154. Robinson

A popular surname from the British Isles, it is a patronymic name meaning “son of Robin.”

155. Rodney

This surname is derived from the geographical locality,  Rodney Stoke, a parish in Somerset, but can be traced back earlier to Rodney, a small moss island in the parish of Wedmore in the same county.

156. Rodriguez

This ancient and noble surname meaning “son of Rodrigo” is recorded in many forms. These include Roderick (English), Rodiger (German), Rodriguez (Spanish), and Rodrigues (Portuguese).

157. Rogers

A patronymic form of “Roger,” this last name is of English and Scottish origins. 

158. Rose

It could be a topographical name for someone living near a bed of roses, or it could also be a nickname for someone with a rosy complexion.

159. Ross

While Ross is often used as a first name, it is also a family name of Scottish descent. Bob Ross, a famous American painter universally adored, bore this surname.

160. Ruiz

The Spanish family name Ruiz is derived from the individual Germanic name “Hrodric,” which is made out of the components “Hrōd,” meaning “fame,” and “rīc,” meaning “power(ful).”

161. Russell

The nickname means “little red one,” probably describing a person with red hair. Andre Russell is a famous West Indies cricketer.

162. Sackville

This popular surname is derived from the name of the French town of Saqueneville in Normandy.

163. Sampson

It is derived from a medieval form of the given name Samson and means “son of Samson.”

164. Sanchez

It is derived from the Roman word “sanctus,” meaning “blameless” and “holy.”

165. Sanders

A derivative of the Greek personal name Alexander, this surname was introduced in Britain by crusaders and pilgrims.

166. Savage

This surname is derived from the Old French word “sauvage,” meaning “untamed,” and ultimately from the Latin word “silvaticus,” meaning “wild,” or “from the woods.”

167. Sawyer

In Mark Twain’s novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, the protagonist of the story got his name from this Middle English occupational name meaning “sawer of wood” or “woodcutter.” 

168. Scott

Of Gaelic origin, this last name was used for a Scotsman who had taken part in conquering the west coast of Scotland around the 5th century AD. 

169. Shakespeare

While there has been a dispute over the origins of this surname, the most reasonable and likely interpretation is that the surname derives from a nickname for a spearman or a belligerent person. 

170. Shelton

These names are derived from the Old English words “scylf,” meaning “shelf,” and “tun,” meaning “enclosure” or “settlement.”

171. Shepherd

Coined by the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain, this last name is usually an occupational name either for someone employed to tend and watch over sheep or a town watchkeeper.

172. Sidney

The word means”wide island” in Old English.

173. Simpson

This English name means “son of Sim.” 

174. Smith

This surname refers to a “metalworker” or “blacksmith” and is derived from the Old English word ‘smiþ,” meaning “to smite” or “to hit.” 

175. Spencer

The English name has been derived from the Middle English name “spense,” meaning “larder” or “pantry.”

176. Stanley

This English name means “stone clearing” in Old English. 

177. Statham

The original Old English term stæð means “wharf” or “landing place” and ham refers to a “home” or “settlement.”

178. Stewart

This is a famous Scottish surname generally given to an officer who looked after the estates of a royal or noble household.

179. Summerfield

The surname Summerfield finds its origins in English and is a habitational name from Summerfield in Wiltshire.

180. Swanson

Swanson is a Patronymic form of the Middle English word “swein,” meaning “servant.” 

181. Tanner

The Old English term “tannian”means “to tan.”

182. Taylor

The name Taylor is derived from the Old French word “tailleur,” meaning “tailor.” The original Latin word “taliare” means “to cut.” 

183. Tennison

A derivative of the personal name Dennis, Tennison, meaning “son of Dennis,” is one of the patronymic forms of the surname “Tenney.”

184. Thatcher

This old English surname refers to a person who thatched roofs using straws.  

185. Thomas

This is a surname derived from the Aramaic term “t’om’a,” meaning “twins.” 

186. Thompson

British actor Dame Emma Thompson is a bearer of this last name.

187. Timberlake

Lake originates from the word “lacu,” meaning “a pool, stream, or water body.”

188. Torres

This European surname of Roman origin is said to be a residential surname applied to those who lived in or owned a fortified castle or fortress.

189. Turner

It is derived from the Anglo-Norman French word “torner.” – Baby Girl Names 2021

190. Walker

This distinguished last name has over fifty entries in the “Dictionary of National Biography” and is either an occupational name for a fuller of cloth or a locational name from a place called Walker in Northumberland. 

191. Ward

Ward is an Old English name derived from an occupational surname for a civil guard or keeper of the watch, or alternately as a topographical surname from the word “werd,” meaning “marsh.”

192. Watson

It means “son of Walter.” 

193. White

It is derived  from the Middle English “whit,” meaning “white.”

194. Williams

Of French, English, and Italian origin, this is a patronymic surname meaning “son of William.

195. Wilson

The most common interpretation of its meaning is “William,” which includes the elements “will,” meaning “desire,” and “helm,” meaning “helmet” or “protection.” 

196. Woolf

This surname was first recorded in the early part of the 12th century. A famous bearer of this name was the English writer Virginia Woolf (1882-1941).

197. Wood

This surname originated as a topographic name to describe a person who lived in or worked in a wood or forest. 

198. Wright

The name is derived from the Old English word ‘wyrhta’ meaning “a craftsman.” 

199. Young

This intriguing family name is of Middle English origins and derived from “yunge” or “yonge,” meaning “The youthful one.”


Beautiful and Pretty German Baby Girl Names You Will Love

Baby Girl Names for Your Daughter Everyone Will Admire

Powerful Black Baby Girl Names You Will Definitely Love

Unique Baby Girl Names Everybody Will Love It’s Meaning

Nice And Beautiful Baby Girl Names With Meaning

Cute & Unique Biracial Baby Girls Names 

Unique Biracial Baby Girls Names 

1. Georgia – A farmer or earth worker

2. Fiona – Fair, white, and beautiful

3. Serena – Tranquil or serene

4. Adora – Adored

5. Adriana/Adrienne – Someone from Adria

6. Isla – Island

7. Jael – The mountain goat

8. Cara – A friend

9. Annika – Grace

10. Luisa – A renowned warrior

11. Presley – Priest’s meadow

12. Elena – Bright shining light

13. Ever – Always and eternal

14. Juno – Queen of the heavens

15. Maira – Bitter

16. Danica – Morning star

17. Lydia – A woman of Lydia

18. Mona – Noble good

19. Imogen – Maiden

20. Harmony – Unity or blended

21. Dakota – Friendly one

22. Lucia – Light

23. Delilah – Delight or to flirt

24. Avery – Ruler of elves

25. Maeve – The bringer of great joy or an enchanting one

26. Leslie – The garden of holly

27. Natalia – Birthday of the Lord

28. Clara – Bright and clear

29. Julia – Youthful

30. Minnie – Of the mind, or intellect

31. Amy – Beloved

32. Stella – Star

33. Alicia – Noble

34. Andrea – Strongly and manly

35. Cristina – A Christian

36. Liana – To climb like a vine

37. Darya – The sea

38. Audrey – Noble strength

39. Margot – Pearl

40. Sloane – Rider

41. Adelaide – Well-natured

42. Sansa – Praise and charm

43. Florence – Flourishing and prosperous

44. Yara – Small butterfly

45. Kallie – Beautiful

46. Lola – Lady of sorrows

47. Dara – Pearl of wisdom or oak tree Rare mixed-race baby names

48. Adah – A beautiful ornament

49. Aaliyah – The rising

50. Alyssa – Noble and kind

51. Aurelia – Golden

52. Bethanie – A place near Bethlehem

53. Brianna – A strong, virtuous, and honourable – Baby Girl Names 2021

54. Cassandra – Unheeded prophetess

55. Charlotte – Free will

56. Danielle – God is my judge

57. Dominique – Lord or the one who belongs to God

58. Edwina – A wealthy friend

59. Fayola – One who walks with honour

60. Gabrielle – A woman of God

61. Jendayi – Thankful

62. Keandra – Keen power

63. Keisha – Great joy

64. Leal – Faithful one

65. Makeba – Greatness

66. Maya – Illusion

67. Michelle – Just like God

68. Shaniece – A gift from God

69. Shaquana – Truth in life

70. Tiffany – Manifestation of God

71. Wilma – Strong will

72. Yakeera – Precious

73. Zena – Friendly or hospitable

74. Zarene – Golden vessel

75. Taisha – One who is alive and well

Unique Baby Girl Names

Unique baby girl names

76. Anastasia – Of royals and regality

77. Ranya – a mothers delight

78. Leila – a mystery of the night

79. Samara – Sign of the Aquarius

80. Neveah – Heaven and earth

 81. India- Timeless and without boundaries

82. Thalia – The most charming girl on the block A smiling father carrying a toddler.

83. Aaliyah- Ascending to higher dimensions

84. Mila – When pleasantries are the norm

85. Anaya – A natural trendsetter

86. Celyn – Prime, prose and flower petals

87. Anika – A rose which smells as sweet

88. Bronwyn – Timeless tradition

89. Zaria – A Princess in the making

90. Calla – Lilly of the pond

91. Wynn – A dose of the southern charm

92. Dinah – Humanitarian at heart

93. Kaia – Inspired by the ocean breeze

94. Hadlee – Like a child in the garden

95. Mireya – A blessing and a miracle

96. Pandora – Full of twists and turns

97. Teegan – Leaves, berries, and sugar plum fairies

98. Priya – Our dear beloved heart

99. Yani – A composers dream

100. Ella – The other one or the rest

101. Talia – Rain from heaven

102. Elyse – One who is born of noble origins

103. Kayla – Wise child

104. Lauryn – Laurel, or sweet bay tree

105. Naomi – Pleasant

106. Shania – It means I am on my way

107. Tia – Goddess or divine

108. Sianna – God is gracious

109. Nylah – A champion

110. Alaina – The one who is a dear child

111. Trissa – Noble patrician

112. Eloise – Healthy and wise An Asian mother holding and kissing her mixed-race toddler daughter

113. Tori – Demunitive of Victoria. It means a winner or conqueror.

114. Valeria – Brave and strong

115. Wendalyn – A wondering woman

116. Sakina – Tranquil and devout

117. Phylicia – Lucky one

118. Bolanle – The one who finds wealth at home

119. Bisa – One who is greatly loved

120. Candice – One who is pure and innocent

121. Elaine – A bright and shining light

122. Hannah – One with grace or favour

123. Jemila – Beautiful

124. Kalifa – Holy and chaste

125. Lysha – A happy and delightful person

126. Alpha – A cluster of stars

127. Alya – Beautiful, sky and heaven

128. Aquila – Eagle

129. Arawan – Brave and Courageous

130. Nyota – Star in Swahili

131. Aster – Celestial bodies that are seen in the sky – Baby Girl Names 2021

132. Astrea – Greek goddess of justice and innocence

133. Venus – The second closest planet to the sun

134. Phoebe – The outermost moon of Saturn meaning bright, radiant and prophetic

135. Halley – Short-period comet that is visible to the naked human eye from Earth

136. Astrid – Gorgeous goddess

137. Miranda – She who must be admired

138. Juliet – Youthful

139. Bianca – Moon in Uranus, or beautiful

140. Aurora – Gorgeous red and green lights that appear in the sky

141. Elara – One of the moons of Jupiter

142. Luna – Latin name for the moon

143. Cordelia – Jewel of the sea

144. Calypso – Moon personified as queen nymph

145. Clllist – Third largest moon in the universe

146. Aysu – Moon water

147. Aysun – Beautiful as the moon

148. Amaris – Child of the moon

149. Belinda – 9th moon of Uranus

150. Carina – The gap in Saturn’s ring

151. Charon – Pluto’s moon

152. Alzir – Sensitive and kind

153. Antares – God of war, star in Scorpio

154. Archer – Skilled bowman

155. Caelum – Star in heaven

156. Canis – Self-confident

157. Cyrus – Heir to the throne

158. Dara – Star, a pearl of wisdom

159. Felis – Lucky

160. Finlay – Fair-haired hero

161. Gunay – Sun moon

162. Hesperos – Evening star

163. Namid – Star dancer

164. Samson – A giant glowing star in the sky

165. Sirius – Burning brightly

166. Vega – The brightest star in the Lyra constellation

167. Zenith – The highest point of the peak

168. Aither – Bright upper air

169. Asteroth – Red star

170. Phaedon – Shining bright

171. Phoenix – Red

172. Pollux – stars in the constellation

173. Clarinda – Shiny

174. Clarita – Brightest

175. Daa – Morning star

176. Agalia – Radiant joy

177. Akasuki – Cheerful helper

178. Electa – Shiny

179. Chara – Joy Flora – Asteroids orbiting the sun

180. Hala – Moon halo

181. Helia – Sun in Greek

182. Hilda – Battle woman

183.  Jaci – Moon Kamaria – Beauty of the moon

184. Mona – Moon

185. Atria – Star in the Triangulum

186. Galexia – The galaxy

187. Andromeda – Ruler of man

188. Ophelia – Tiny moon in Uranus

181. Titania – 8th largest moon in the solar system

182. Portia – One of the moons of

183. Amina- Was the queen of Zaria Nigeria.

184. Kandake – Was the empress of Ethiopia.

185. Makeda – Was the Queen of Sheba, Ethiopia.

186. Nefertiti – Was the queen of Ancient Kemet, Egypt.

187. Yaa Asantewa – Was the ruler of Ashanti Kingdom, Ghana.

188. Queen Nandi – Was the queen of Zulu kingdom, South Africa.

189. Queen Moremi–leader of the Ile-Ife Kingdom, Nigeria.

Popular Baby Girl Names

Popular Baby Girl Names

1. Adele: The word with French origin means “tender; kind”.

2. Alice: This cute middle name means “truthful; noble”.

3. Amelia: The name means “industrious; striving” in Latin, “work of the Lord” in Hebrew and “hardworking” according to Teutons.

4. Belle: The name means “beautiful” and is of French origin.

5. Breean: This name means “high; noble”.

6. Brooke: The name means “a gentle stream”.

7. Caprice: The word with French origin means “whimsical”.

8. Cerise: This middle name means “cherry” in French. – Baby Girl Names 2021

9. Claire: Claire means “bright and clear”.

10. Debree: This name is a unique amalgamation of Dee and Sabrina, meaning ‘from the river Severn’, or ‘boundary’, or ‘white rose’.

11. Elara: Elara in Greek means “moon of Jupiter”.

12. Faith: The name means “to trust in all things”.

13. Ferryn: This cute name means “adventure”.

14. Grace: Grace is a popular middle name that means “God’s favour” or “love towards mankind”.

15. Gwen: This means “holy; white”.

16. Haisley: Haisley is a contemporary middle name meaning “being peaceful, philanthropic and pleasure-loving”.

17. Imani: This Swahili name means “faith”.

18. Leigh: This name means “delicate; meadow”.

19. Lillian: This middle name means “innocence”.

20. Lucinda: Lucinda means “illumination”.

21. Maisie: Maisie means “pearl”.

22. Marie: Marie means “Lady of the sea” or “lady of Sorrow.”

23. Mirabel: This popular middle name means “one who is truly wonderful”.

24. Nola: Nola is derived from Nuala of Irish origins, meaning ‘fair shoulder’.

25. Olive: Olive means “like an olive tree”.

26. Rylie: This beautiful name means “something strong”.

27. Sherleen: This middle name of French origin means “loved by all”.

28. Aryn: Aryn means “enlightened; messenger”. The name is of Hebrew origin.

29. Winola: This name of German origin means “a delightful friend”.

30. Verna: Verna is a Latin-origin middle name meaning “born in the spring”.

31. Vivian: This popular middle name means “to be alive”.

32. Zoe: This short and popular middle name is of Greek origin and means “life”.

33. Anne or Ann: This popular name means “gracious”. The name has a Jewish origin.

34. Blair: Blair means “one who dwells in the plains.”

35. Blanche: The name of French origin means “Fair in colour”.

36. Blayne: Blayne means “one who is thin”.

37. Brooke: Brooke means “one who lives near a stream or brook.”

38. Bree: The name means “strong and full of virtues”.

39. Dawn: Dawn means “bright as the morning rays.”

40. Fawn: Fawn means “sweet and innocent”.

41. Fern: Fern means “fresh like the fern plant”.

42. Hope: Hope means “to have positive expectations” or “the virtue of hope”.

43. Jacklyn: Jacklyn means “supplanter”. The name is of Native American origin.

44. Jae: This Latin-origin name means “sweet and beautiful like a jaybird”.

45. Jaidyn: Jaidyn means “one who is precious or like the gemstone jade”.

46. Jane: Jane means “God is gracious”. – Baby Girl Names 2021

47. June: This popular name means “one who is born in the month of June”. The name has a Latin origin.

48. Kate: This name means “one who is pure”.

49. Kathryn: This English name means “pure”.

50. Krystan: This popular name of Greek origin means “follower of Christian faith”.

51. Lane: It is a popular middle name with an English origin, meaning “a narrow street”.

52. Lee: Lee is of Chinese origin name meaning “sweet as plum”.

53. Love: The name itself is the meaning and is full of affection.

54. Lyn: Lynn means “a pool beneath the waterfall.”

55. Mae: This name means “a discerning person”.

56. Merle: Merle means “a blackbird”.

57. Raine: This name of Native American origin means “fresh as the first raindrop”.

58. Rose: This means “delicate and beautiful like a flower.”

59. Rylie: This means “one who is brave”. It is of Irish origin.

60. Sue: Sue means “associated with a lily flower.”

61. Taye: This short middle name is of English origin and means “tailor or seamstress”.

62. Abigail: This popular middle name is of Hebrew origin and means “my father is joyful”.

63. Anise: This name means “pure soul”.

64. Berlynn: Berlynn is a unique middle name made from the combination of two English names–Bertha and Lynn, which mean ‘bright one’ and ‘waterfall’ or ‘lake’.

65. Carmden: This unique middle name of Scottish origin means “one who lives in or near the winding valley”.

66. Coreen: Coreen means “maiden”.

67. Clelia: This name is a Latin origin word meaning “one who is famous”.

68. Denise: This means “a follower of wine God Dionysus”.

69. Dustin: Dustin is a German word that means “strong or brave as a tiger”.

70. Elein: Elein means “bright as a torch”.

71. Eloise: This unique middle name of French origins means “one who is built wide or in good health”.

72. Emeline: The distinct name means “hard-working; industrious”.

 73. Georgina:Georgina means “someone who belongs to the farming community”.

74. Harriet: This popular middle name means “ruler of the estate”.

75. Jolee: Jolee means “pretty”.

 76. Keya: Keya means “beautiful; tender; valued”.

77. Korin: This sweet Greek origin name means “pure; sweet”.

78. Karilyn: Kari and Lynn, meaning ‘free man’.

79. Lilibeth: It can mean ‘God is bountiful’, or ‘innocence’, ‘purity’, or ‘beauty’.

80. Meaghan: Meaghan means “pure; precious”.

81. Monteen: Monteen means “strong as the mountain”.

82. Nadeen: This means “full of hope”.

83. Naomi: This Hebrew origin middle name means “a pleasant person”.

84. Ophelia: Ophelia is a popular middle name meaning “help”.

85. Payten: Payten is an Irish origin middle name meaning “to be like a noblewoman”.

86. Quinn: This means “wisdom; intelligence”. It has Irish origins.

87. Rhetta: This is a unique Latin middle name that means “speaks”.

88. Selene: This popular middle name with Greek origin means “peaceful; lovely; calm”. 

89. Tallis: In Hebrew, this name means ‘cover’, and ‘the fringed wrap worn in prayer’. 

90. Upya: This unique middle name means “new”. The name has Swahili origin.

List Of Popular Vedic Girl Names, With Meanings

Vedic Girl Names

1. Aakriti

Aakriti in Sanskrit means ‘form,’ ‘silhouette,’ or, at times, the state of a particular matter.

2. Aditi

Aditi is a common name for females in India. The Sanskrit name means ‘boundless’ or ‘limitless.’

3. Ahalya

In Sanskrit, Ahalya means the one who has impeccable beauty.

4. Ahana

Ahana is a popular name for girls in Sanskrit. Ahana means immortal. 

5. Akansha

This Sanskrit name is for females and means ‘wish,’‘desire,’ or ‘ambition.’

6. Akshita

It has multiple meanings in Sanskrit, including ‘limitless,’ ‘secure,’ or ‘saved.’ It also means ‘limitless’ or ‘wonder girl.’

7. Ananya

Ananya in Sanskrit means ‘one who cannot be compared.’

8. Anindita

It means one who is beautiful or virtuous.

9. Anisha

It can be split into two parts, ‘A’ and ‘Nisha,’ which means ‘without’ and ‘night,’ respectively.

10. Anjali

It means ‘divine offering’ in Sanskrit and is also the word for a hand gesture associated with Hindu traditions. 

11. Antara

Antara in Sanskrit is an abstract concept that translates to ‘inner’ or ‘inside.’

12. Anupama

Anupama is a female name, whereas its male form is Anupam. Both the forms mean ‘impeccable’ or ‘excellent.’ 

13. Anuradha

It also means ‘a bright star’ in Sanskrit.

14. Anushka

Anushka is the Sanskrit word for ‘lightning,’ and also means ‘the first ray of sun.’ – Baby Girl Names 2021

15. Anasuya

The name is made up of two separate Sanskrit words, ‘Na’ and ‘Shuya,’ which mean ‘without’ and ‘jealousy,’ respectively.

16. Aparajita

The name Aparajita is quite popular in India. It comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Aparajit,’ which means ‘who is unconquerable.’

17. Apurva

Apurva is suitable for boys and girls. It is a common name in Hindu culture and means ‘unique,’‘unprecedented,’ or ‘exquisite’ in Sanskrit. 

18. Aradhna

Aradhna is a well-respected name associated with prayers and worship. In Sanskrit, Aradhna stands for ‘heartfelt prayer.’

19. Arpita

Arpita comes from the Sanskrit word Arpit meaning ‘donation’ or dedication.’ 

20. Arunima

Arunima is sometimes used to refer to the red hue similar to the one seen during sunrise.

21. Asha

Asha is a sweet and adorable name that means ‘hope.’

22. Asmita

Asmita is the feminine form of the Hindu name Asmit or Ashmit. It means ‘pride’ or ‘dignity.’

23. Atisha

It means well-being’ or ‘enlightening’ and is found in the Vedas and Vedic texts. 

24. Avantika

Avantika in Sanskrit means the ‘first blossoming flower’ and refers to the fresh pulps during the spring season. 

25. Avni

Avni is a concise word that means ‘the earth.’

26. Banasmita

‘Bana’ means forest or the wild, while Smita means ‘smile.’ When translated, it reads ‘lively like the forest.’

27. Bhaswati

Bhaswati is a compound name with ‘Bhaskar,’ which means ‘the sun’ and ‘wati,’ a title used for females. 

28. Chayanika

The female name Chayanika has a sophisticated sound to it. It means ‘chosen one’ or ‘the one at the helm’ and usually refers to leadership qualities.

29. Chitra

Chitra is a Sanskrit origin word with multiple meanings, most common ones being ‘ a picture’ or ‘bright.

30. Darpana

Darpana is the feminine form of the name Darpan, which means ‘mirror’. 

31. Darshana

Darshana means ‘an auspicious visit’ and usually refers to the visit of the higher powers to humans. 

32. Deepa

The word Deepa means ‘light,’ especially ones made of clay in which oil is used. 

33. Devastuti

 ‘Deva’ in Sanskrit is the word for the pantheon of gods who look after humankind. 

34. Dhrishita

The compound name, Dhrishita, is of Sanskrit origin formed by joining the words ‘Dhrishti’ and ‘Ishita.’

35. Dhrishti

In Sanskrit, Drishti stands for ‘sight.’

36. Dipannita

Dipannita is an extension of the name ‘Deepa’ which means ‘light.’

37. Disha

Disha in Sanskrit means ‘direction.’ Disha Patani is a Bollywood actress known for her action movies.

38. Divya

It comes from Sanskrit and means ‘radiance’ or ‘divine brilliance.’ Compound names like Divya-jyoti are also popular.

39. Falguni

In the Indian seasonal calendar, Falgun is the month when spring arrives and is considered the time for happiness and radiance. 

40. Garima

Garima means ‘dignity’ and is popular as a female name.

41. Gayatri

The name Gayatri is popular among females in India and is derived from the Gayatri Mantras, part of the Vedic texts. 

42. Geetashree

Geetashree is a diminutive of the name Geeta, which is the holy book of the Hindus.

43. Gitanjali

Gitanjali would translate to mean ‘one who is well versed in the Geeta’.

44. Hansika

‘Hans’ in Sanskrit is the word for ‘Swan.’ 

45. Harshita

The name Harshita is a feminine derivative from the word ‘Harsh,’ meaning ‘happiness’ or ‘joy.’ 

46. Hemika

Hemika is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘hem,’ meaning ‘gold.’ 

47. Himadri

Himadri can be used for boys and girls. The name comes from the word ‘him’ meaning ‘snow.’ 

48. Hrishita

Hrishita is a Sanskrit name and means ‘happiness’ and ‘joy.’ 

49. Isha

The name Isha is of Sanskrit origin and means ‘protector.’ 

50. Ishita

Ishita is a diminutive and a modification of the name Isha. It means ‘protector’ and is a female name.

51. Jaya

Jaya is an energetic word and translates to ‘victory’ in Sanskrit. 

52. Jigyasa

The pursuit of knowledge has been an important part of the ancient Vedic culture, and the word that encapsulates it is Jigyasa, meaning ‘ curiosity.’

53. Jiya

Jia is a modern form of the word Jivan meaning ‘life.’ It means ‘part of someone’s life,’ and the name is given to someone dear. 

54. Jyoti

Jyoti in Hindi means ‘light,’ and it has its origins in Sanskrit.

55. Jyotsna

Jyotsna has its origins in the word Jyoti meaning ‘light.’ It also means ‘moonlight.’ 

56. Kanika

Kanika is a highly philosophical concept described in the Vedic texts. It refers to ‘a particle,’‘an atom,’ and also the ‘source of life.’ 

57. Kaveri

The word Kaveri in Sanskrit means ‘a body of water’ and refers to a big river. 

58. Kavya

The name Kavya comes from the Sanskrit word Kavita. It means ‘poetry,’ and its derivative Kavya means ‘of or related to poetry.’

59. Kriti

The name Kriti comes from the word ‘Kriya,’ meaning action or work. 

60. Lata

The adorable short name Lata means ‘vines,’ the plants that climb. – Baby Girl Names 2021

61. Lavanya

The female name Lavanya is of Sanskrit origin and is used to describe something ethereal and graceful. It translates to mean ‘grace’ or ‘beauty.’

62. Lipika

Lipi comes from an ancient dialect of Sanskrit and means ‘a paper’ or ‘scroll.’

63. Madhusmita

It means ‘sweet’ or ‘nectar.’ The name Madhusmita means ‘someone sweet and loving.’

64. Mahua

Mahua is a type of tree commonly found in the Indian subcontinent. 

65. Maitri

Love among friends is a universal theme across cultures, including India. 

66. Malavika

The name Malavika was used as an epithet for the Princess of Malawa and has been a reverential name historically.

67. Manisha

Manisha is the feminine form of the name Manish, which means ‘master of one’s will.’

68. Mithila

Mithila was a city in ancient India during the later Vedic period around 1100-500 BCE.

69. Mriga

Mriga in Sanskrit means ‘female deer’ and is a common name for females.

70. Mriganshi

The feminine derivative of Mrigansh, Mriganshi in Sanskrit, means ‘having the qualities of a deer.’

71. Mrunali

Mrunali, alternatively spelled as Mrinali, is the feminine form of the name Mrinal. Mrunali means ‘Lotus stem.’

72. Naksha

Naksha means ‘a map’ or ‘plotting.’ The name can be used for males and females and sounds mysterious and esoteric.

73. Namrata

The virtues of politeness, humbleness, and kindness have been part of the Vedas.

74. Narmada

The name is synonymous with the famous Narmada river, which is the fifth-longest river in India.

75. Navya

Navya is a Sanskrit word for ‘new’ and is often used even in other languages such as Hindi and Marathi. 

76. Nayanika

Nayanika in Sanskrit refers to someone with beautiful, big, and bright eyes. 

77. Neha

Neha is a popular short Indian name. The name can mean ‘dew’ or ‘rain.’

78. Nidhi

Nidhi in Sanskrit means ‘wealth’ or ‘treasure.’ However, in the context of the Vedas, Nidhi has a far more specific meaning. 

79. Niharika

Niharika in Sanskrit means ‘drops of dew.’ The name is used in the ancient Indian study of the Cosmos.

80. Nilanjana

Nilanjana in Sanskrit means ‘the one with blue eyes,’ and such a person is considered blessed.

81. Nimisha

Nimisha is one such word, and it means sparkling eyes.’In some contexts, it also means a moment in time.’

82. Nitisha

Nitisha comes from the Sanskrit word Niti, meaning ‘law’ and is the feminine form of the name

83. Nivedita

The name in Sanskrit refers to someone who has ‘surrendered themselves to God or higher power.’

84. Panchita

Panchita is a name that comes from the word ‘Panchi’ meaning bird.

85. Parineeta

As‘Pranay’ means the threads of marriage, Parineeta means to be married.

86. Prachi

It means sunrise and is seldom used in poetry and literature due to its beautiful association.

87. Pragati

Pragati can mean ‘progress’ or ‘development.’ 

88. Prakriti

The Indian Vedas and mythologies are full of praise for Mother Nature, and they call it ‘Prakriti.’ 

89. Pranami

The female name Pranami is a diminutive of Pranam, which is a form of respectful salutation.

90. Pranamita

Pranamita is a beautiful diminutive formed from the word ‘Pranam.’ – Baby Girl Names 2021

91. Prarthana

Prarthana in Sanskrit means ‘prayers,’ and it is how humans connect with the holy spirits.

92. Priyanka

Priyanka is a diminutive of the Sanskrit word Priya meaning love. 

93. Priyasha

Priyasha is a beautiful name meaning the loved one.’ 

94. Radhika

Radhika is another form of the name Radha, a deity worshipped in the Hindu religion and is known for her love and compassion.

95. Ranjeeta

Ranjeeta is a female name and is the feminine form of the name Ranjeet. Rann is an old Sanskrit name meaning ‘war’ and ‘jeet’ means ‘victory.’ 

96. Renuka

The Sanskrit name Renuka has an abstract meaning as it translates to ‘born of dust.’

97. Revati

Revati is a character in the Mahabharata. She was a princess and consort to Balaram, the brother of God Krishna. 

98. Ridhima

It captures the beauty of the blooming season, and in Sanskrit, it means means ‘spring of love.’ 

99. Rishita

 The name is derived by combining the Sanskrit words ‘Rishi ‘meaning ‘a sage’ and ‘Ishita’ meaning protector.

100. Rohini

Rohini is a common word in Hindu and Vedic literature and poetry for its powerful meaning. 

101. Ruhi

 In the Vedas, Ruhi is described to mean ‘ascend’ or ‘prosper’ and has the spiritual connotation of lifting one above a material life.

102. Rupal

Rupal is a short and adorable name with deep meaning. ‘Rup’ in Sanskrit can mean ‘face,’ and it also means ‘silver.’

103. Sakshi

The female name Sakshi is of Sanskrit origin and means ‘witness.’

104. Sampriti

The word in Sanskrit means ‘attachment’ or ‘love.’

105. Sanchita

Sanchita is the feminine form of the name Sanchit. Sanchit in Sanskrit means ‘collected’ or ‘calmness.’ 

106. Sandhya

Sandhya is a popular name in India and means ‘evening.’

107. Sangeeta

Across the world, people strive to learn Indian ragas and classical styles. Sangeet comes from Sanskrit, and it means music.

108. Sanjana

A popular female name in many parts of India, Sanjana means ‘gentle’ and is derived from Sanskrit.

109. Sanjukta

Sanjukta is related to the Sanskrit word Sanjog, which means ‘union.’

110. Saumya

The name means ‘calm’ or ‘peace’ and captures the beauty of the tranquility found in the quiet comfort of mildness. 

111. Shravani

The monsoon season in Sanskrit is named ‘Shravan’ and is a much loved season.

112. Shrishti

As such, Shrishti, is the Sanskrit word for ‘creation,’ and is a popular name for females.

113. Shruti

Shruti in Sanskrit means ‘which is heard.’ 

114. Shyamali

Shyamali comes from the word ‘Shyam’ meaning ‘dusk.’

115. Smita

Smita means ‘smile’ in Sanskrit, and the name would be appropriate for a beautiful baby with a gentle smile. 

116. Smriti

Smriti in Sanskrit means ‘memory’ or ‘recollection.’

117. Sujata

Sujata translates to ‘of noble birth.’

118. Sukanya

Sukanya is derived from the Sanskrit words ‘Kanya’ meaning girl and ‘su’ meaning ‘auspicious’ or ‘good.’ 

119. Supriya

The name Supriya combine s‘su’ meaning good with ‘priya’ meaning ‘loved one.’

120. Sushma

Sushma is a derivation and feminine form of the Sanskrit word ‘Sushm,’ meaning ‘radiant and bright.’ 

121. Sushmita

Sushmita is derived from the Sanskrit word for ‘bright’ and ‘radiant.’

122. SwatiThe meaning of the name is slightly abstract and can mean ‘good going.’ 

123. Tanima

Tanima means ‘slender’ or ‘elegant’. 

124. Tanisha

 The Indian Tanisha comes from Sanskrit and means ‘goal’ or ‘ambition.’ 

125. Tanmaya

Tanmaya is the feminine form of the name Tanmay, derived from Sanskrit and translated to mean ‘deep in thought’ or ‘focused.’

126. Tanuja

Tanuja is a beautiful Sanskrit word that means ‘daughter.’ It captures the love parents have for their beloved daughters. 

127. Trilochana

The name is composed of the elements ‘tri’ meaning ‘three’ and ‘lochan’ for ‘eyes,’ translating to mean ‘the one with three eyes.’

128. Trisha

Trisha in Hindi means ‘desire’, however, it originates from Sanskrit, where the meaning differs a little to mean ‘noble.’

129. Trishna

Trishna is a common name for females in India. The Sanskrit name means ‘desire.’

130. Upasana

Upasana is a revered Hindu word of Sanskrit origin and means ‘worship.’ 

131. Urmila

The name means ‘enchanting’ and portrays feminine elegance and beauty. 

132. Urvashi

In Indian mythologies, Apsaras were celestial nymphs known for their beauty and elegance. 

133. Usha

Usha in Sanskrit means ‘early morning’ or ‘dawn.’ 

134. Ushana

Ushana means ‘desire’ and is a name popular among Hindus and Buddhists.

135. Vandana

Worship and belief in the higher power are an important part of the Hindu way of life, and the words that capture these practices are often venerated and loved. 

136. Vaani

Vaani means ‘speech’ or ‘eloquent words.’ Vedic texts laid stress on the control a person has on what they speak. 

137. Vanya

Vanya is a modern name that is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘vann,’ meaning ‘forest.’  – Baby Girl Names 2021

138. Varsha

Varsha is a Vedic name quite popular as a first name for females in India. The name translates to ‘rain.’ 

139. Vasundhara

The word means ‘earth,’ however, when used in texts, it has connotations referring to creation, the union of powers, and the universe.

140. Vatika

Vatika in Sanskrit translated to ‘garden.’

141. Veena

Veena or Vina is the name of a stringed musical instrument popular in Indian classical music. 

142. Vidhi

Vidhi is the law that humans follow to stay on this path. 

143. Vidisha

Vidisha means ‘knowledge.’ 

144. Vidushree

Vidushree comes from the name Vidushi meaning ‘wise’ and ‘shree’ being a common element found in Indian names denoting someone who has mastery over something.

145. Vidya

It is associated with Hindu Goddess Saraswati. Vidya means ‘knowledge’ or ‘science.’

146. Vineeta

Vineeta is the feminine form of the word Vineet, which means the process of acquiring knowledge and becoming knowledgeable in a subject matter.

147. Yahvi

The name means the ‘union of earth with the sky’ and refers to the horizon.

148. Yami

The name Yami in Sanskrit means ‘pairs’ and tries to capture the grand theme of duality. 

149. Yashodhara

Yashodhara derives from the word Yash meaning ‘glory’ and ‘success.’ 

150. Yukti

The word can mean ‘logic’ or ‘rationale’ and was the way to arrive at decisions. 

Baby Girl Names That Mean Fire

Baby Girl Names That Mean Fire

1. Aalish

While this name has French origins and is predominantly used in the Gaelic language, in Persia Aalishmeans “flames” and is a common name for a girl.

2. Abellona

It is usually a name for a girl and is common in the religion of Christianity.

3. Adan

Adan originates from the Hebrew word “adamah,” meaning ‘earth’ or ‘fire.’

4. Adara

The name is of Hebrew, Greek, and Arabic origin, and it means fire.

5. Adeen

It is an Irish name that means ‘little fire that shines brightly.’

6. Adena

It is an English name, usually considered the more feminine version of the name Aden. The name also means fire or flame. 

7. Agnijwala

Jwala Gutta, the professional Indian badminton player, is a famous bearer of this name.

8. Agnimitra

Agnimitra is a Hindu name that translates to ‘friend of fire.’

9. Aine

Aine is an Irish name, and it means “radiance” or “glow.”

10. Aithne

A female name of Gaelic origin, Aithnemeans fire. This name almost rhymes with the fiery volcanic mountain Mt. Etna.

11. Aitziber

The female name of Scottish origin is a unique name meaning fire.

12. Akosua

The name originates in Ghana. Akosua is given to baby girls born on Sundays. The ‘sun’ implies fire, and hence this name also means fire.

13. Alinta

The name is commonly found among the Noongar community, which is an aboriginal tribe of Australia.

14. Alev

Alev is of Turkish origin and is usually given to females. It means fire.

15. Anala

It is of Sanskrit origin, means fire, and is used among the Hindu religion for females.

16. Apollonia

The name Apollonia, from different origins, has a fiery meaning in Latin.

17. Arati

The name Arati is a Hindu name meaning a divine fire in ritual. 

18. Arpina

The name Arpina is an Armenian name for girls, which means ‘rising sun.’

19. Brigid

Brigid was an ancient Celtic god, the goddess of poetry and fire, and even agriculture and healing.

20. Britt

The name Britt is a derivative of the Irish name Brigid, the Celtic God of fire.

21. Calida

The name is of Latin origin and translates to mean ‘heated’ or ‘fiery.’

22. Cyra

The name Cyra is a Persian name meaning Sun or ‘born in the light.’

23. Eilidh

The name, meaning ‘sun’ or ‘radiant one’ is of Scottish origin. 

24. Eithna

The feminine Irish name means fire.

25. Eliane

The girl’s name Elianehas Greek, Latin, and Hebrew origins. The melodic name from Latin translates to the “sun.”

26. Elidi

Elidi is a feminine name of Greek origin, and it means “gift of the sun.”

27. Ember

The name comes from Olde English and Germanic, where it means “ashes.”American professional wrestler Ember Moon bears this name.

28. Enya

The name is of Irish origin and means ‘fire’. Enya is the name of a famous Irish singer and songwriter.

29. Fiamma

The Italian girl’s name means “little fiery one.”

30. Fiammetta

Fiammetta is a derivate of Fiammas and is of Italian origin, meaning little fiery one.

31. Gabija

Gabija (also known as Gabieta, Gabeta) is the goddess of fire and the hearth of homes in Lithuanian mythology.

32. Hayden

Hayden in Welsh means ‘fire.’

33. Helia

Helia is a Greek name meaning ‘sun.’

34. Hestia

The name Hestia is a girl’s name of Greek origin, meaning “hearth, fireside.”

35. Idalia

The dainty female name is of Italian origins, and it means ‘behold the sun.’ 

36. Jyotika

Jyotika is a common Indian name for girls, and it means ‘fire’ or ‘flame.’

37. Kalama

Kalama is an exotic Hawaiin name meaning ‘flaming torch.’ – Baby Girl Names 2021

38. Kalinda

Kalinda is a Hindu name for a girl meaning ‘the sun.’

39. Keahi

It is a Hawaiin name, usually gender-neutral, meaning ‘flames.’

40. Keegan

While the name translates to “son of Aodhagan” (meaning fire or fiery), it has, over time, become a unisex name.

41. Kenna

It is a feminine variation of the Irish name Kenneth, meaning fire-born.

42. Mckenna

“Mac Cionaoith,” meaning “son of Cionnaith,” which means ‘born of fire.’

43. Mehri

The name Mehri is of Persian origin and means ‘radiant like the sun.’

44. Mirri

The name Mirri is a Gooniyandi name for the Sun. The Gooniyandis are the indigenous people of Western Australia.

45. Neci

The name Neci is a female name of Slavic origin. It means fiery and is originally Latin.

46. Nuraya

It is of Sanskrit origin, and it means fire, flame, or light. In some interpretations, it also means ‘the light has come.’

47. Nuria

Nirua derives from the Hebrew name Nuriel, and it means ‘light or fire of God.’

48. Orinda

Orinda is a Latin name meaning ‘gold.’ In some interpretations, it also means ‘bright and fiery like the sun.’

49. Orzala

It is a name of Muslim origin and means ‘brightness of fire.’ 

50.  Phoenix

Phoenix is a gender-neutral name of Greek origin, meaning ‘red’ or ‘fiery.’

51. Pyralis

The name Pyralis is of Greek origin, and it means fire.

52. Rekka

Rekka is a name that has originated in Japan, and it means ‘fire’ or ‘burning.’

53. Salana

Salana has a pleasantly rhythmic pan-cultural toned feel. It is of Latin origin, and it means ‘sun.’

54. Seraphina

In Hebrew origin, it means ‘burning ones.’

55. Shahaba

Shahaba is a Muslim girl name, meaning ‘flame of fire.’ It has multiple Urdu interpretations.

56. Shaleh

Shaleh is an emblem of fire. Saleh, with a variation in the spelling, is the name of a prophet in the Quran.

57. Shula

The name Shula means fire. According to numerology, people with this name have shy, docile personality types.

58. Sol

It is a gender-neutral name of Spanish origin and means ‘sun.’ 

59. Solana

Solana is a name of Spanish and Latin origin. It means sunlight, and in some interpretations, it means the ‘eastern wind.’

60. Soleil

Soleil is a female name of French origin that means ‘sun.’ 

61. Souzan

Souzan is a girl’s name among Muslims, and it is of Persian origin. 

62. Srivani

Srivani, among Hindus, means ‘little fire.’

63. Sunniva

The name Sunnima is of Norwegian origin that means ‘sun gift.’

64. Surya

Surya is a Sanksrit word that means the sun. Surya also connotes the solar deity in Hinduism. 

65. Tana

It is of Greek origin and means ‘fire or star goddess.’ 

66. Titaia

Titaia is a name from Greek mythology. She is the mother of the Titans, whose name means fire or to burn.

67. Udia

Pronounced ‘yoo-di-ah,’ it is of Hebrew origin. It means ‘the fire of Jehovah’ and ‘God’s fire.’

68. Uri

The name Uri is of Hebrew origin and means ‘my flame,’ ‘my light.’ Other longer versions of this name can be Uria or Uriel.

69. Vahni

Vahni is a Sanskrit name that either means ‘fire’ or in some specific cases, ‘god of fire.’

70. Vesta

The name Vesta comes from the Roman religion, where she is considered a god. 

Beautiful Baby Girl Names 

Beautiful baby girl names

 1. Alaina: The female name was derived from the male name Alan, which originated in Brittany, France and possibly means “little rock.”

2. Alanis: This beautiful girl’s name is another play on the male name Alan, although much more unique and rare. A famous bearer of this name is singer Alanis Morissette.

3. Alexandra: This name is both the feminine form of Alexander as well as a name from Greek mythology. 

4. Allegra: In Italian, this beautiful girl’s name means “cheerful” or “lively.”

5. Amanda: The feminine version of the Latin male name Amandus means “lovable” or “worthy of love.”

6. Amber: This name is based on the gemstone formed from fossilized tree resin. 

7. Apollonia: Some believe the name comes from the name for the Anatolian god Appaliunas, which means either “father lion” or “father light.”

8. Artemis: In Greek, this name likely means “safe.”

9. Astrid: This modern spelling of the ancient Scandinavian name Ástríðr combines the meanings of “god” and “beautiful” or “beloved.”

Cute and Pretty Girl Names 

10. Abbey: This is just one of the various diminutives of Abigail, a biblical name that means “my father is joy” in Hebrew.

11. Adria: This is the cuter and shorter form of the name Adriana, which appears on our list of beautiful girl names that start with A, spelt with two “n”s. 

 12. Aggie: Either the diminutive for Agnes or Agatha, this name is a cute option for your baby girl. In Greek, Agnes means “chaste” and Agatha “good

 13. Alda: As the feminine form of the male name Aldo, this name is short and cute for a baby girl. The name has Germanic roots and means either “old” or “noble.”

 14. Alia: In German, it means “other” and in Arabic it means “sky,” “heaven,” or “loftiness.”

15. Anika: The female form of the Hindi name Anik, which means “army” or “splendor” in Sanskrit.

16. Anouk: This cute name is a Dutch and French diminutive for the name Anna, which originated in the Bible as Hannah and means “favor” or “grace” in Hebrew.

17. Avril: This is the French form of the girl’s name April. The name may have Latin origins in the verb that means “to open.”

18. Aysu: This cute Turkish girl’s name combines the words ay and su which mean “moon” and “water” respectively.

Unique and Rare Girls Names

cute baby girl

Overhead view of cute newborn baby girl crying while lying on bed at home

19. Abilene: This unique girl’s name might sound modern, but it’s actually rather ancient and appears in the New Testament. In Hebrew it means “meadow.”

20. Aksana: As the Belarusian form of the Greek name Xenia, which means “hospitality,” you may recognize this name from its more common spellings Oksana or Oxana.

21. Alethea: This name came about in the sixteenth century, and, in Greek, it means “truth.”

22. Alvina: The feminine form of Alvin, this name means “old friend” in Old English. The name may also have Scandinavian roots. It can also be spelled Alvena.

23. Amethyst: It’s derived from the Greek word for “intoxicated” because—funnily enough—it was believed the gemstone cured drunkenness.

24. Anemone: The word itself is derived from the Greek word for “wind.”

25. Anissa: This is an alternate spelling for the Arabic name Anisa, which is derived from the male name Anis, which means “friendly.”

26. Ayelet: This Hebrew female name means “doe” or “gazelle.” – Baby Girl Names 2021

27. Azzurra: In Italian, this is the word for “blue,” but not just any blue

Unisex Names

28. Abimbola: In the Yoruban language, this African unisex name means “born wealthy,” but your child doesn’t have to be born rich to get such a unique name.

29. Acacia: This name derives from the acacia tree. In Greek, the word acacia means “thorn” or “point

30. Adair: This unisex name was originally an English surname that was derived from the male name Edgar, which in Old English means “fortune” and “spear.”

31. Ainsley: Originally a surname, this unisex name started out as names of two towns in England. The word itself comes from the Old English for “solitary” and “woodland.”

32. Alexis: Meaning “helper” or “defender” in Greek.

33. Allyn: This is considered a variant spelling or a feminized version of the male name Alan, which is thought to have originated in Brittany, France.

34. Amani: This unisex Arabic name means “wishes.”

35. Arlie: This cute diminutive of Arline works for either boys or girls. It has an informal and fun-loving feel to it.

36. Ashley: Originally a surname, Ashley means “ash tree clearing” in Old English. Variant spellings include Ashlee or Ashleigh.

37. Asuka: This cute yet elegant unisex Japanese name has many possible meanings, including “tomorrow,” “fragrance,” “to fly,” or “bird.”

Biblical Girl Names 

38. Abiah: This is a variant spelling of the biblical name Abijah, which means “my father is Yahweh”.

39. Adah: This biblical name means “adornment” in Hebrew.

40. Adina: It simply means “delicate,” which is the perfect meaning for a little baby girl.

41. Anat: It means “answer.”

42. Apphia: This is a Greek name that was derived from a Hebrew name that most likely meant “increasing.”

43. Aquila: In Latin, this name means “eagle” and was used as a cognomen (the equivalent of a surname) in Roman times.

44. Ariel: In Hebrew, this unisex name means “lion of God”.

45. Ashtoreth: This is the Hebrew name for the Phoenician goddess of fertility, love, and war. It’s also the name for a city mentioned in the Bible. A cute nickname for your baby girl could be Ash.

46. Atarah: Meaning “crown” in Hebrew, Atarah was mentioned in the Old Testament

47. Avital: This is an alternate spelling of the biblical name Abital, which means “my father is the night dew” in Hebrew.

Short Indian Baby Girls Names, With Meanings

Short Indian Baby Girls Names

1. Aara

Aara, also spelled as Ara, is a Hindu and a Muslim Indian name. It refers to someone who brings light. It also means an ornament or decoration.

2. Aashi

This cute baby girl’s name means cheerful, smiling, delightful, happy, blessed, and joyful.

3. Abi

This Hindu name for a girl child means “My father.” It’s a very endearing name to give to your angel.

4. Abha

In Hindi, the name means “lustrous beauty.”

5. Ada

This Muslim Indian name means “beauty.” Another variation of this name is Adah, meaning adornment, and is used by Hindus as well.

6. Adra

Adra is a name given mainly to Muslim girl babies. It means “more knowledge.”

7. Ahd

Ahd is a short and sweet two-letter Muslim name which means “knowledge” or “pledge.”

8. Ahi

Ahi refers to the conjunction of heaven and Earth. It refers to the clouds, sun, and water.

9. Ahou

Ahou is a Muslim name meaning “Deer.”

10. Ain

Another name with Muslim Indian origins, Ain is a short name meaning “eye.”

11. Aish

The name Aish is perfect for a girl-child as it means joy or delight. Aish is considered a blessing from God and means pleasure.

12. Aja

This two-letter Indian girl’s name means “unborn.” – Baby Girl Names 2021

13. Ama

Ama is a short Mulsim name meaning “aspiration.”

14. Amba

Amba is another name for Goddess Parvati. In Sanskrit, the word means “mother.”

15. Ami

Ami is a short Hindu name meaning “nectar.” It makes for a good name for your sweet little girl.

16. Ana

This short Muslim name refers to someone who is playful and dearly wanted, just like your baby girl.

17. Ani

Ani is a Hindu name meaning glass. It is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “supreme.”

18. Anshu

This Hindu girl name has multiple meanings. Anshu means a “ray of light” or the “sun

19. Anu

It signifies something “minute and fine” or an “atom.” Anu also means angel, divine, or subtle.

20. Anvi

Anvi is the Goddess of the forest or one who loves nature. It is also the name of Goddess Mahalaxmi.

21. Aru

This short Hindu name means “sun.” Aru can also be a short-form of many Indian names, such as Arushi or Arunima.

22. Asa

Asa, also spelled as Asha, is a name filled with “hope.” It also means like or similar to something to someone.

23. Asti

A Hindu name by origin, Asti means “eminence” or “existence.”

24. Ava

Ava is a short Indian name meaning “voice” or “to call.”

25. Awa

This Hindu girl’s name denotes a “beautiful angel.” Awa also means “night.” Another meaning of this name is “river.”

26. Aza

The shadows that are caused at high noon are called Aza. It is a beautiful short name for an Indian girl-child.

27. Badr

Badr is an Indian-Muslim name for a girl and means “full moon.”

28. Bani

It refers to the Earth as well as Goddess Saraswati. It is also used to refer to a maiden.

29. Bavi

Bavi is a Hindu name given to a girl-child. It indicates one “who is devoted to Lord Shiva.”

30. Bela

Bela refers to “a sacred wood apple tree.” It also signifies the “evening time.” A vine is also called Bela.

31. Bini

This name means “modest.” Bini is a cute short name given to a Hindu girl-child.

32. Chann

In Marathi, this word means “lovely.”

33. Charu

This Hindu name originally means “attractive” or “beautiful.”

34. Chhab

Chhab is a Sikh name and refers to brilliance, beauty, form, and splendor. It makes for a unique short name for your baby girl.

35. Dani

For a family which is God-loving and deeply religious, Dani is a spiritual name meaning “God is my judge.”

36. Daya

Daya means kindness, mercy, and goodness. It means to do a favor.

37. Dea/Dia

Dea is a Hindu girl name meaning kindness. It is also another name for a Goddess. It also refers to a lamp.

38. Dhun

This Hindu name has a musical ring to it and rightly so since Dhun means “tune” in Hindi.

39. Dil

Dil is a name used by the Muslim community in India. It means “mind” or “heart.” Dil can also be a short form of other names, such as Dilshaad.

40. Diti

This Hindu girl’s name signifies splendor. Diti means “radiance” or “brilliance.” It is a symbol of beauty.

41. Diza

Diza can be a Hindu as well as a Muslim name. It depicts happiness. It is a sophisticated name for your daughter.

42. Dua

Dua is a Muslim Indian name meaning “prayer.” It is a short and sweet name for your daughter.

43. Edha

A beautiful Hindu girl name, Edha finds its origin in the Hindi language. The name means “sacred.”

44. Eka

Eka in Bengali means alone or matchless. It depicts uniqueness. Eka is also another name for Goddess Durga.

45. Ela

Ela is a short Hindu name meaning “Earth.”

46. Eva

Eva is another name for “life.” It also signifies the “living one”.

47. Fahm

This short Muslim Indian name signifies intelligence. A girl named Fahm is known for her intellect.

48. Fiza

This beautifully short Muslim name has a beautiful ring to it. Fiza refers to nature.

49. Gaya

Gaya is a Sanskrit name that refers to someone “wise.”

50. Gati

Gati means speed. The name denotes the gait and path of a person.

51. Gina

Gina is a short and sweet Indian name meaning “silvery.”

52. Gini

Gini means “gold.”

53. Giti

Giti comes from the word Geet, which means a song. Giti is another word for the “world” or the “universe.”

54. Gul

Gul is a single syllable Hindu name. The word means a flower, mostly a red rose. It also refers to someone who is precious and with good fortune.

55. Hafa

This Muslim name is another word for “gentle rain.”

56. Harini

This unique Hindu name comes from Sanskrit and means “deer.” – Baby Girl Names 2021

57. Hasi

Hasi means “laughter.” It’s a lovely name for a girl-child whose life you want to fill up with joy and laughter.

58. Hea

This short Hindu name means “grace.” It is also a popular Korean name.

59. Hir

Hir, also spelt as Heer, is a powerful Indian name used by Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs. Hir refers to a “diamond.” It also denotes power.

60. Hur/Hoor

This short Indian Muslim means “grace.” 

61. Iba

This short and sweet Indian name means “pride” or a “sense of pride.”

62. Ida

Ida refers to multiple things, such as happiness, prosperity, goodness, and knowledge. 

63. Ifza

The Muslim name Ifza has Arabic origins. It means “protective angel” or the “protector of angels.”

64. Iha

Iha is a short name used by Hindus and Muslims. The name signifies the Earth.

65. Ina

This popular Hindu name signifies the sun. It also refers to a strong woman, a mother, or a ruler.

66. Inu

The name is an ideal short name for your daughter. Inu is a Hindu name and means “attractive.”

67. Ipsa

This unique, beautiful name means “desire.” It comes from India.

68. Ira

The name Ira finds its origins in Hinduism. It is a Sanskrit word meaning “the devoted one”.

69. Ishi

Ishi is another name for Goddess Durga. This small Hindu name also means “salvation.”

70. Izz

Izz is a Muslim Indian name. The name refers to someone who “stands tall” or is “prestigious.”

71. Jigi

An alternate name for Goddess Lakshmi, this Hindu name means “to conquer.”

72. Jheel

Jheel means “the silent lake.” The name is also used to refer to someone with a calm temperament.

73. Jiya

Jiya is a Hindu name meaning “heart.”

74. Jui/Juhi

Jui is a Hindu girl name and refers to the jasmine flower. The name is popular in parts of Northern and Eastern India.

75. Kas

This short female Indian Muslim name means “glass.” The name is also said to have Dutch and Greek origins, meaning “pure” or “treasurer.”

76. Kaur

This Sikh name is used for unmarried girls. It means “princess” and is perfect for a daughter.

77. Kajol

This popular sweet baby girl name means kohl or kajal that makes your eyes beautiful.

78. Kaira

Kaira means unique and peaceful. This could be the perfect baby girl name for your little one.

79. Kiah

Kiah is an Indian Muslim girl name signifying a “new beginning.” The name also has roots in African and Welsh origins, meaning a “person of Earth.”

80. Kimi

This Hindu name signifies a new beginning. The name also signifies someone noble and righteous.

81. Kuhu

This is a Hindi-Bengali name. Kuhu refers to the sweet sound of a bird, usually a koel.

82. Kunj

A kunj is a group of overgrown trees and creepers, and it has an Indian origin.

83. Lail/ Laila

Lail refers to a girl-child born at night. It signifies “dark beauty.”A variant of this name is Laila, meaning sweetheart. This name is of Arabic origin. 

84. Laya

Laya is a Hindu name referring to a “musical rhythm.” This name could be a favorite with music lovers and songwriters.

85. Lira

Lira is a Hindu name of Indian origin, and it means “love.” Lira was also a devotee of Goddess Kali.

86. Lopa

A two-syllable Hindu girl name Lopa refers to the “wife of a sage.” The word also means a “weaver”. 

87. Mahi

Mahi is a Sanskrit word meaning the “great Earth” or “river.” The name also signifies “the great one” or “Earth-Goddess.”

88. Medha

Medha is another name for Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of art, literature, and education. This Hindu name means “intellect.”

89. Mira

Mira or Meera originates from the Sanskrit meaning “sea” or “ocean.” Mira also means “limit” or “boundary.”

90. Moon

It refers to a celestial object or a bright light in the night sky.

91. Musn

This elegant-sounding name conveys the meaning of “clouds” or “rain.” 

92. Naaz

Naaz is a graceful name for a baby girl. This Muslim Indian short name means “pride.” It refers to someone elegant, youthful, and gentle.

93. Nain

This name is used by Hindus and Muslims in India. Nain means “eye” and is also a derivation of the name Naina. 

94. Najm

Najm refers to the stars and planets of the universe, and is a powerful name to give to your daughter.

95. Nama

The name means “grace.” It refers to a gift or a favor. The name could also be a derivative of Namah, which means to pray with grace.

96. Neeve

Neeve or Neev is a Hindu name for a girl-child. In Hindi, the name means “foundation.” 

97. Netra

This Hindu name literally means “eye.” The name could also refer to someone with a keen intuition or a leader.

98. Nia

Nia is a name derived from Neha, which means “love” or “dewdrop.”

99. Niru

The word Niru means “strength.” 

100. Noor

Noor is a Muslim name meaning “angel” or “light.” 

101. Nouf

Nouf refers to “the highest point on a mountain.” – Baby Girl Names 2021

102. Oja

This short double Hindu name means “vitality.” It is a unique name since it is uncommon.

103. Omi

Omi is a derivative of Om, which is a Hindu name. Om signifies the “sound of the Universe” and is used for meditation.

104. Pal

A Hindu unisex name, Pal means a “moment.” Pal also means “guardian” or “King.” 

105. Pari

Pari is an angelic name, literally meaning “angel.” The name also means “fairy” or “princess.”

106. Pavi

This meaningful baby girl name means “compassionate,” “pure,” or “passionate.”

107. Pehr

Pehr is a smart, sophisticated name for a Hindu girl-child. Pehr means a “phase or time of the day”.

108. Pia

Pia is a short and sweet Hindu name used across states in India. Pia, alternately spelled as Piya, means “beloved.”

109. Preet

Preet is a unisex name meaning “love.” It is popular among Hindus and Sikhs.

110. Puvi

Puvi is a Hindu girl’s name inspired by the “Earth.”

111. Rai

Rai is another name for Goddess Radha.

112. Rea

This Hindu girl’s name is another name for Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Rea, or alternately spelled as Rhea, Riya, or Reeya, means rich.

113. Reem

Reem is an Indian Muslim name referring to an antelope or a white gazelle.

114. Ruhi

The name refers to someone spiritual. The name likely comes from “rooh,” which is the Urdu word for “spirit” or “soul.”

115. Saanjh

Saanjh is a North Indian, Sikh, and Muslim name from the Indian subcontinent. Saanjh means “evening.”

116. Saar

This is a Sikh name from the Indian subcontinent. Saar is a “form of God,” and also means “effective.”

117. Sach

Sach means “the truth” or “contentment” and has its origins in Hindi. 

118. Saee

It is short and sweet and refers to a “female friend.” Alternately, the name also means a “flower.”

119. Saj

This Indian Sikh name refers to “one who worships God.” Saj is a short and pretty name, which also signifies tranquility.

120. Sakh

Sakh is a Sikh name used as a name for an Indian girl-child. The name signifies the “morning Sun.”

121. Sama

This Muslim name of Indian origin refers to someone who is a good listener. It is also another word for “sky.”

122. Saon

Saon is a Hindu girl’s name. It means “rain,” and likely comes Sawan, which refers to the Monsoon in Hindi.

123. Shal

Shal is a Hindu girl name meaning a “spear” or “weapon.” The name also means a “mountain.”

124. Shya

Shya is a Hindu name meaning “future.”

125. Sia

It is another name for Goddess Sita. It also refers to white moonlight and a beautiful woman.

126. Simi

This name means “limit” and has its origin in Hindi. 

127. Sneh

Sneh is a short and sweet Indian name meaning “love.” Sneh is a variation of Sneha, which means “affection.’ 

128. Soor

Soor, also spelled as Sur, is a musical short Sikh name. It refers to a tune or musical note. Soor in Punjabi also denotes the “sun”.

129. Srik

The name signifies someone who is owner or lover of wealth. The name is unique and uncommon.

130. Sukh

Sukh means “happiness” and also signifies joy and auspicious blessings. 

131. Tara

Tara comes from Sanskrit and symbolizes the light of the soul. It also means “star.”

132. Taif

Taif can be used as a male or female name. As a male name, this word means “protector.” As a female name, the word means “vision.”

133. Tarz

Tarz is a beautiful Muslim as well as a Hindu name. This name means “music” or “rhythm.”

134. Taya

Taya means “perfectly formed,” and is a unique name for your adorable daughter. – Baby Girl Names 2021

135. Tiya

Tiya is a cute, loving name meaning a “bird.”  The name also means “gift of God.”

136. Uma

Uma is another name for Goddess Parvati. It also refers to eternal knowledge, splendour, and fame. 

137. Ura

This Hindu name from the Indian subcontinent is short and simple. It means “the heart.”

138. Urvi

Urvi is a female name of Indian origin. It means “Earth.” The name also refers to someone intelligent and graceful.

139. Urmi

Urmi can be a powerful name for your baby girl. The name means “waves.”

140. Vajra

Vajra is a powerful Hindu name meaning “thunderbolt.” It is also another name for Goddess Durga.

141. Veda

Veda is a beautiful Hindu name inspired by the Indian Vedas, one of the oldest scriptures in the world. 

142. Yaja

Yaja is a variation of the term Yajna or Yagya, which refers to a religious ritual. 

143. Yara

This beautiful short name means “little Butterfly” with multi-colored wings. 

144. Yana

Yana refers to someone who is “God-gifted” or “precious to God.”

145. Yati

It refers to someone who reduces ignorance and helps people gain divine wisdom.

146. Yema

Yema is a unisex Hindu name and means “our joy.” 

147. Yumn

Yumn is a beautiful Muslim Indian name meaning “good fortune” or “success.” 

148. Zaaei

This feminine name is found in many regions of India. Zaaei is the name of a flower.

149. Zaib

Zaib is an Urdu name meaning “beauty” or “adornment.” 

150. Zara

This sweet little name means “princess,” and it is the perfect name for your little one.

Girls Names That Mean Gift From God

Girls Names That Mean Gift From God

For your baby daughter, consider a name that means “God’s gift”.

1. Anya

Meaning: Hebrew for “Jehovah’s cloud”

2. Alya

Meaning: Arabic for “Sent from Heaven”

3. Aldora

Meaning: Greek for “Winged gift from God”

4. Callidora

Meaning: Greek for “Gift of beauty”

5. Darina

Meaning: Slavic for “Gift”

6. Dolly

Meaning: Old English for “Gift from God”

7. Dorinda

Meaning: Greek for “bountiful gift”

8. Dorothy

Meaning: Greek for “Gift from God”

9. Elidi

Meaning: Greek for “Gift of the sun”

10. Eudora

Meaning: Greek for “Generous gift”

11. Gia

Meaning: Italian for “God’s gracious gift”

12. Godiva

Meaning: Old English for “God’s gift”

13. Hannah

Meaning: Hebrew for “Favor of God”

14. Iva

Meaning: Hebrew for “Gift from god”

15. Janet

Meaning: Old English for “God’s gracious gift”

16. Jayne

Meaning: Old English for “God has shown favor”

17. Joyce

Meaning: Hebrew for “Belonging to God”

18. Jenica

Meaning: Romanian for ”God is gracious”

19. Janina

Meaning: Hebrew for “Gift from God”

20. Jenica

Meaning: Romanian for “God’s gracious gift”

21. Medora

Meaning: Greek for “Mother’s gift”

22. Mercedes

Meaning: Italian for “Gracious gifts, benefits”

23. Miesha

Meaning: Slavic for “God’s gift”

24. Pandora

Meaning: Greek for “all gifted”

25. Sian

Meaning: Welsh for “God’s gracious gift”

26. Shani

Meaning: Irish for “God’s sent this”

27. Tabia

Meaning: African origin name meaning “talents, gifts”

28. Thea

Meaning: Christian origin name for “Blessing of the lord”

Girls’ Baby Names that Mean Warrior

Warrior Names for Your Strong Little Girl

These baby names that indicate a warrior is great for a baby who is a fighter. Choosing a name that means warrior is great for your choice of baby names. These names all imply power and mean “warrior”.

1. Aife (Irish): meaning “great warrior woman of myth,”

2. Alessia (Greek): meaning “defender” and “warrior”

3. Alvara (German): meaning “army of elves” or “warrior elves”

4. Andra (Greek); meaning “strong and courageous warrior”

5. Clovis (Germanic); meaning “famous warrior”

6. Dina (Scottish): meaning “sea warrior”

7. Drew (Scottish): unisex name meaning “warrior”

8. Earline (English): meaning “nobleman” and “warrior”

9. Elda (Italian): meaning “warrior”

10. Emlyn (English): meaning “brave and noble warrior”

11. Fianna (Irish): derived from the name for warrior bands in Irish mythology

12. Gabriela (English): meaning “warrior of God”

13. Gerta (German): meaning “warrior”

14. Jamari (Native American): meaning “a woman warrior”

15. Lou (German): meaning “warrior maiden”

16. Maia (Maori): meaning “brave warrior”

17. Malin (English): meaning “warrior” or “strong, little warrior”

18. Malou (French): meaning “renowned warrior”

19. Owena (Welsh): feminine form of Owen, meaning “young warrior”

20. Ptolema (Egyptian): feminine form of Ptolemy, meaning “war like”

21. Valda (Norweigan): meaning “spirited warrior”

Warrior Girl Battle Names

These battle girl names are perfect names that show your baby is a warrior. These battle names show strength during a fight, they may be related to battle, war, or strife.

22. Alanza (Spanish): meaning “ready for battle”

23. Aloise (Spanish): meaning “famous in battle”

24. Bathilda (German): meaning “battle” and “commanding battle maiden”

25. Boyana (Slavic): meaning “warrior” and “fighter”

26. Brunhilda (Old Norse): meaning “armed for battle”

27. Clothilda (French, Italian): meaning “famous battle maid”

28. Griselda (Germanic): meaning “dark battle”

29. Hilda (Germanic): meaning “battle woman”

30. Ingred (Scandinavian): meaning “battle” and”chief”

31. Luane (German): meaning “graceful battle maiden”

32. Matilda (German): meaning “battle-mighty”

33. Maude (French): meaning “battle might”

34. Oriel (Latin): meaning “battle fire”

35. Rochelle (Germanic): meaning “battle cry”

36. Vivalda (Latin): meaning “brave in battle” – Baby Girl Names 2021

Names That Mean Fighter, Spirited and noble, warrior.

Choose a name that shows your girl will always put up a fight. These girl names that imply fighter are great for your warrior kid.

37. Evin (English): feminine form of Evan, meaning “young fighter”

38. Imelda (Latin): meaning “powerful fighter” and “warrior”

39. Louisa (German): meaning “fights with honor”

40. Telema (Greek): meaning “distant fighter”

41. Thyra (Old Norse): meaning “Thor’s fight”

42. Truda (German): meaning “fighting woman”

Names That Mean Survivor

These names are for your courageous little survivor. Some of these names also signify brave and display strength. These surviving names indicate great resolve and a sound mentality.

A name like this will show that your baby will persevere through difficulty.

43. Amira(Arabic): means “commander”

44. Andrea (French): feminine form of Andrew, meaning “brave”

45. Anne (German): meaning “gracious”, named after Anne Frank who fought to survive during WWI and whose story is still taught today

46. Dana (Hebrew): meaning “God has judges,” feminine form of Daniel who survived the den of lions in the Old Testament

47. Danita (Hebrew): feminine form of Daniel, meaning “God is my judge”

48. Gala (Hebrew): meaning “brave” and “happy”

Strong Girls’ Names

Warrior Names for Your Strong Little Girl

These girl names symbolize strength and show that your baby will be strong. A strong name can be commanding. Choosing a name as one of these will be perfect for your tough baby.

49. Brenda (Old Irish): meaning “sword” and “torch”

50. Eike (German): meaning “edge of a sword”

51. Gertrude (Dutch): derived from elements meaning spear and strength

52. Kyda (Urdu): meaning “strong”

53. Macy (Old French): meaning “weapon”

54. Myla (German): meaning “soldier” or “merciful”

55. Rosetta (German): meaning “noted protector”

56. Sasha (Russian): meaning “defender of men”

57. Qadira (Arabic): meaning “powerful” and “able”

Names Of Female Warriors In Mythology

Why not name your baby daughter after a great female warrior in mythology? These girl names derive from the fierce goddess of many mythologies.

Choosing a Greek or Norse goddess name from mythology will show that your baby girl is strong. There are so many excellent names to pick from.

58. Athena (Old Greek): name of the Greek goddess of war and wisdom

59. Bast (Egyptian): ancient Egyptian goddess of warfare and defender of the Pharaoh

60. Bellona (Roman): goddess of war and devastation

61. Brynhild (Old Norse): a Valkyrie who becomes mortal and avenges herself

62. Enyo (Greek): goddess of war and destruction

63. Eris (Greek): the goddess of strife and discord, often related to war

64. Innana (Sumerian): ancient Mesopotamian goddess associated with war, justice, and beauty

65. Juno (Roman): ancient Roman goddess, protector of the state – Baby Girl Names 2021

66. Macha (Celtic): one of three war goddesses, associated with war

67. Menhit (Nubian): war goddess in ancient Egyptian religion

68. Minerva (Roman): goes of wisdom and strategic warfare

69. Neith (Egyptian): goddess of wisdom, cosmos, war, and fate

70. Nerio (Roman): ancient goddess of war and valour

71. Pele (Hawaiian): goddess of violence and destruction

72. Satis (Egyptian): goddess of war, hunting, and fertility

73. Sekhmet (Egyptian): goddess of war and healing

74. Victoria (Roman): goddess of victory, is the equivalent of the Greek goddess Nike

75. Zorya (Slavic): goddess of the morning star and goddess of war who protected men in battle

Warrior Princess Names

Warrior Princess Names

Give your baby one of these powerful girl names to show that she is a warrior princess. These noble sounding girl names express fortitude.

These names are ideal if you want to choose a name meaning “protector” or just want a name indicating strength that sounds feminine.

76. Alexa (Greek): meaning “protector of mankind”

77. Alesta (Scottish): meaning “protector”

78. Amandla (African): meaning “powerful”

79. Arna (Old Norse): meaning “eagle” and “rule”

80. Cornelia (Latin): meaning “war horn”

81. Delmira (German): meaning “noble protector”

82. Diamond (Old English): meaning “invincible” and “untamed”

83. Geraldine (English): meaning “spear” and “to rule”

84. Kendria (English): meaning “royal protector”

85. Marcia (Spanish): meaning “warlike”

86. Marcella (Latin): meaning “warlike”

87. Meredith (Celtic): meaning “protector of the sea”

88. Valentina (Italian): meaning “brave”

Famous Warrior Women

Sometimes a name signifying warrior is not necessarily what you desire. Instead, you might name your kid after some of the coolest and most fearless military women in history.

The perfect namesake is a fierce female fighter from history.

89. Ana (Hebrew): meaning “grace” or “gracious,” named after Ana Nzinga who fought against those who were raiding her territory

90. Artemisia (Spanish): meaning “perfection,” named after Artemisia I of Caria who wielded power before women could vote in Athens

91. Grace (English): meaning charmed, named after Grace O’Malley who was a chieftain of a clan that built wealth from piracy and legitimate trade

92. Cleopatra (Greek): meaning “glory of the father,” named after the famous Pharaoh Cleopatra

93. Joan (Catalan): meaning “God is gracious,” named after Joan of Arc who is considered a heroine of France

94. Mai (Punjabi): potentially related to the meaning “mother,” could also mean “blossom”, named after Mai Bhago who led Sikh soldiers and was a skilled warrior

95. Mino or Minon (Fon language): meaning “our mothers,” named after the Dahomey Amazons who were a group of female warriors

96. Olympias (Greek): meaning “from Mount Olympus,” named after the woman who led an army in 300 B.C.

97. Olga (Old Norse): meaning “blessed” and “successful”, named after Olga of Kiev who was a pagan warrior princess who became a ruler

98. Teuta (Albania): meaning “loyal leader” and “queen,” named after Teuta of Illyria who was a queen that became a pirate

99. Tomyris (Persian): named after a Persian warrior queen who defeated a ruler who attempted to invade her country

100. Zenobia (Old Greek): meaning “life of Zeus,” named after a queen in Syria who challenged the authority of Rome in the third century

Warrior Names for Your Strong Little Girl

Warrior Names for Your Strong Little Girl


101. Aadya Bengali, means “first” or “Earth” referring to the power that created the Earth

102. Adira – Hebrew, means “strong, mighty”

103. Aine – Celtic, means “radiance, splendor, brilliance”

104. Alessia – Italian, means “helper, defender”

105. Alexandra – Greek, means “helper, defender”

106. Alexandria – English, means “helper, defender”

107. Althea – Greek Mythology, means “with healing power” – Baby Girl Names 2021

108. Alvilda – Norse, means “battle of elves”

Andrea – English, German, Spanish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic, Dutch, Croatian, Serbian, means “manly, masculine”

109. Annemarie – Hebrew, means “rebellious woman”

110. Aoife – Irish Mythology, a warrior princess

111. Artemis – Greek Mythology, goddess of the moon and of the hunt

112. Athena – Greek Mythology, goddess of wisdom and of war

113. Audelia – English, means “noble” or “strength”

114. Audrey – English, means “noble” or “strength”

115. Bellatrix – Latin, means “female warrior”

116. Bellona – Roman Mythology, goddess of war, means “personification of battle”

117. Bernadette – German, means “strong and brave as a bear”

118. Brenna – Norse, means “sword”

119. Bria – Irish, means “power, strength, vigor”

120. Briana – English, means “high, noble”

121. Bridget – Irish, means “exalted one” or “power”

122. Brielle – English, means “warrior of God”

123. Bryndis – Scandinavian, means “strong armor”

124. Camilla – Roman Mythology, a legendary warrior maiden

125. Carla – Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, English, German, Dutch, means “army” or “warrior”

126. Cassandra – Greek, means “man’s defender; warrior”

127. Chasina – Aramaic, means “strong, mighty”

128. Dusty – Norse, means “tough like the stone of Thor”

129. Ebba – German, means “strength of an animal”

130. Edrei – Biblical, means “strong and powerful”

131. Elaheh – Persian, means “like a goddess”

132. Enyo – Greek Mythology, a war goddess’

133. Fairuza – Persian, means “woman of triumph”

134. Fallon – Irish, means “superiority; descended from a ruler”

135. Fianna – Irish, means “band of warriors”

136. Finley – Scottish, means “fair warrior”

137. Gabriella – Italian, means “God is my strength”

138. Gertrude – English, Dutch, French, means “spear of strength”

139. Gesa – Dutch, means “strength of a spear”

140. Harlow – English, means “army”

141. Jaiyana – Arabic, means “strength”

142. Karleen – Old German, means “womanly strength”

143. Kennedy – Gaelic, means “protected with helmet”

144. Keren – Hebrew, means “strength, power”

145. Louella – English, means “famous battle”

146. Louisa – English, German, Dutch, means “famous battle”

147. Lulu – German, means “famous battle”

148. Maajida – Islamic, means “powerful”

149. Maeve – Irish Mythology, warrior queen of Connacht

150. Maia – Maori, means “brave warrior”

151. Marcella – Latin, means “warlike”

152. Marcheline – French, means “warrior”

153. Malin – English, means “strong” or little warrior”

154. Martina – Spanish, means “warrior”

155. Matilda – German, means “battle-mighty”

156. Maude – German, means “battle-mighty”

157. Melisende – Medieval French, means “strong”

158. Meredith – Celtic, means, “protector of the sea”

159. Mia – Scandinavian, means “ocean goddess” or “queen”

160. Minka – Polish, means “strong-willed warrior”

161. Mildred – English, means “gentle strength”

162. Morgan – Welsh, English, French, means “sea warrior”

163. Moxie – American, means “boldness and strength of character”

164. Mukta – Sanskrit, means “free”

165. Myla – English, means “soldier”

166. Neilina – Gaelic, means “champion”

167. Nicole – French, means “victory of the people”

168. Nikita – Greek, means “unconquered”

169. Nirupama – Sanskrit, means “unmatched”

170. Nirvana – Sanskrit, means “one who blows out”

171. Qadira – Arabic, means “full of power”

172. Oma – Arabic, means “thriving”

173. Philomena – Greek, means “lover of strength”

174. Reika – German, means “power of the wolf”

175. Shamra – Arabic, means “ready for battle”

176. Shahrzad – Persian, means “bringing freedom to the city”

177. Thora – Scandinavian, means “Thor’s struggle”

178. Trudy – German, means “spear of strength”

179. Tyra – Scandinavian, means “Thor’s warrior”

180. Valda – German, means “battle heroine”

181. Velda – German, means “ruler” or “power”

182. Valencia – Spanish, means “strong, victorious”

Valentina – Italian, Russian, Latvian, German, Croatian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Slovene, Romanian, Spanish, Greek, Ancient Roman, means “strong, vigorous, powerful”

183. Valerie – English, German, Czech, means, “strength, health”

184. Vanshni – Biblical, means “strong”

185. Victoria – Latin, means “victory”

186. Walta – African, means “shield”

187. Wilma – German, means “will-helmet” or “protection”

188. Wyetta – Old English, means “war strength”

189. Zaila – Arabic, means “might, power”

190. Zelda – English, Spanish, means “gray fighting maid”

191. Zelma – German, means “helmet of God”

192. Zenevieva – Slavic, means “woman of the people”


Beautiful Igbo Baby Girl Names and Meanings

Most Popular Asian Baby Names for Girls and Boys

Strong Female Names for your Beautiful Baby Girl

Gender-Neutral Baby and Meaning

Astounding Angel Names and their Meanings

Spanish Girls Names

Spanish Girls

1. Sofía

With Spanish origins, this name means “wisdom.”

2. Adella

This baby girl’s name means “noble.”

3. Isabella

This Spanish girl’s name means “devoted to God.”

4. Emilia

The meaning of Emilia is “flattering.”

5. Adriana

Adriana means “man of Adria” in Spanish.

6. Savannah

In Spanish, this name means “treeless plain.”

7. Martina

This baby girl’s name means “warlike.”

8. Isla

After the Spanish word for “island.”

9. Lucía

The meaning of Lucía is “light.”

10. Alejandra

After the Mexican actress, Alejandra Ávalos.

11. Elena

Elena means “shining light” in Spanish.

12. Catalina

This Spanish girl’s name means “pure.”

13. Alexandra

In Spanish, this name means “defender of mankind.”

14. Maya

This baby girl’s name means “water.”

15. Julieta

Julieta means “little Julia” in Spanish.

16. Alicia

The meaning of the name Alicia is “noble.”

17. Gabriella

This baby girl’s name means “God is my strength.”

18. Luciana

This classic Spanish girl’s name means “light.”

19. Alma

With Spanish roots, this name means “nourishing.”

20. Jade

In Spanish, this name means “stone of the side.”

21. Renata

The meaning of Renata is “born again.”

22. Amada

This Spanish girl’s name means “loved.”

23. Liliana

This baby girl’s name means “lily.”

24. Antonella

This name means “firstborn” in Spanish.

25. Amaia

Amaia means “high end.”

26. Ximena

In Spanish, this name means “one who hears.”

27. Mía

The meaning of the name Mía is “mine.”

28. Ana

This Spanish girl’s name means “gracious.”

29. Isabel

This baby girl’s name means “pledged to God.”

30. Aracely

In Spanish, this name means “heavenly altar.”

31. Sara

The meaning of the name Sara is “princess.”

32. Bárbara

This Spanish girl’s name means “foriegn.”

33. Lola

Lola means “sorrows” in Spanish.

34. Amelia

This baby girl’s name means “work.”

35. Belinda

With Spanish roots, this name means “beautiful.”

36. Mariana

In Spanish, this name means “grace.”

37. Valeria

The meaning of Valeria is “to be strong.”

38. Belkis

This Spanish girl’s name means “pretty girl.”

39. Angelina

After the Spanish word for “angel.”

40. Regina

In Spanish, this name means “queen.”

41. Bianca

This baby girl’s name means “white.”

42. Aitana

Aitana means “glory” in Spanish.

43. Camila

The meaning of Camila is “young ceremonial attendant.”

44. Izabella

This classic Spanish girl’s name means “my God is bountiful.”

45. Victoria

This baby girl’s name means “victory.”

46. Carina

With Spanish origins, this name means “dear one.”

47. Esmeralda

After the Spanish word for “emerald.”

48. Daniela

The name Daniela means “only God is my judge.”

49. Carmen

In Spanish, this name means “garden.”

50. Viviana

This baby girl’s name means “lively.”

51. Samantha

This Spanish girl’s name means “listener to God.”

52. Carolina

This name means “freeholder.”

53. Elisa

The meaning of Elisa is “consecrated to God.”

54. Celia

In Spanish, this name means “heavenly.”

55. Jimena

After the Spanish word for “herd.”

56. Julia

This baby girl’s name means “Jupiter’s child.”

57. Constanza

This Spanish girl’s name means “constancy.”

58. Fernanda

The meaning of Fernanda is “adventurous.”

59. Paula

Paula means “petite” in Spanish.

60. Cristina

This religious Spanish name means “anointed.”

61. Sierra

With Spanish origins, this name means “mountain range.”

62. Lía

This name means “bearer of good news.”

63. Daniela

The meaning of Daniela is “only God is my judge.”

64. Alondra

This name means “defender” in Spanish.

65. Zoe

In Spanish, this girl’s name means “life.”

66. Dayanara

Dayanara means “forceful.”

67. Adelina

The meaning of Adelina is “noble” in Spanish.

68. María

This classic Spanish girl’s name means “drop of the sea.”

69. Diana

After the goddess of the hunt.

70. Itzel

This baby girl’s name means “rainbow lady.”

71. Natalia

Natalia means “gift from God” in Spanish.

72. Dulce

After the Spanish word for “sweet.”

73. Aitana

The meaning of this Spanish girl’s name is “glory.”

74. Alba

In Spanish, this girl’s name means “white.”

75. Elisabeth

This baby girl’s name means “God’s promise.”

76. Reyna

This Spanish girl’s name means “song.”

77. Alma

The meaning of Alma is “the soul.”

78. Erica

Erica means “monarch” in Spanish.

79. Reina

After the Spanish word for “queen.”

80. Rosa

With Spanish roots, this name means “rose.”

81. Eulalia

In Spanish, this name means “well-spoken.”

82. Estela

This galactic Spanish name means “star.”

83. Ainhoa

Ainhoa is a biblical name that refers to the Virgin Mary.

84. Gael

This Spanish girl’s name means “the light.”

85. Eva

This baby girl’s name means “life.”

86. Laia

Laia means “sweet speaking” in Spanish.

87. Fátima

This classic Spanish name means “chaste.”

88. Marianna

This baby girl’s name means “drop of the sea.”

89. Triana

In Spanish, this name means “three rivers.”

90. Francesca

The meaning of Francesca is “the Frenchman.”

91. Teresa

Teresa means “to harvest” in Spanish.

92. Vega

This Spanish girl’s name means “dweller in the meadow.”

93. Frida

After Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo.

94. Ramona

The meaning of Ramona is “protecting hands” in Spanish.

95. Vera

In Spanish, this name means “faith.”

96. Génesis

This name means “queen of the world.”

97. Paulina

Paulina is a Spanish girl’s name that means “small.”

98. Yara

Life’s a beach with this name! This Spanish girl’s name means “seagull.”

99. Arlo

The meaning of Arlo is “barberry tree.”

100. Gisele

This Spanish girl’s name means “pledge.”

101. Analia

This name means “grace.”

102. Cruz

In Spanish, this name means “cross.”

103. Guadalupe

This biblical Spanish girl’s name is from the religious figure, Our Lady of Guadalupe.

104. Belen

The meaning of Belen is “Bethlehem.”

105. Juana

With Spanish origins, this name means “God is gracious.”

106. Iluminada

Iluminada means “illuminated” in Spanish.

107. Margarita

This ocean-inspired Spanish girl’s name means “pearl.”

108. Josefina

In Spanish, this girl’s name means “God shall add.”

109. Irene

This baby girl’s name means “peace.”

110. Verónica

This Spanish girl’s name means “she who brings victory.”

111. Leticia

The meaning of Leticia is “joy” in Spanish.

112. Ivána

This heavenly baby girl’s name means “gift from God.”

113. Martha

Martha is a Spanish name that means “the mistress.”

114. Jaqueline

In Spanish, this girl’s name means “may God protect.”

115. Yolanda

The meaning of Yolanda means “violet flower.”

116. Jessica

This name means “God beholds.”

117. Patricia

Patricia means “noble” and has Spanish roots.

118. Karla

The name Karla means “a gift of God.”

119. Gloria

This biblical name comes from the titles of Virgin Mary Maria da Glória.

120. Laura

In Spanish, this name means “laurel.”

121. Silvia

This nature-inspired Spanish name means “from the woods.”

122. Letizia

This Spanish girl’s name means “gladness.”

123. Antonia

This name means “beyond praise.”

124. Andrea

Andrea means “brave” in Spanish.

125. Zara

In Spanish, Zara means “blooming flower.”

126. Irma

The meaning of Irma is “world” in Spanish.

127. Yesenia

This tropical Spanish girl’s name means “palm tree.”

128. Xiomara

The meaning of Xiomara is “battle warrior.”

129. Lupe

The name Lupe means “from the River of the Wolf.”

130. Valentina

This classic Spanish girl’s name means “strong.”

131. Thalia

Thalia means “to flourish” in Spanish.

132. Tatiana

For a name with more of a magical touch, this Spanish girl’s name means “fairy queen.”

133. Soledad

The meaning of Soledad is “solitude.”

134. Santana

In Spanish, this religious name means “holy.”

135. Rocío

This nature-inspired Spanish name means “dew.”

136. Nieve

This elemental Spanish girl’s name means “snow.”

137. Raquel

With Spanish origins, this name means “innocent.”

138. Paola

This traditional Spanish name means “little.”

139. Maritza

In Spanish, this name means “beloved.”

140. Lourdes

This biblical name refers to the Virgin Mary.

141. Mercedes

This Spanish girl’s name means “mercies.”

142. Mayte

In Spanish, this name means “drop of the sea.”

143. Selena

After the Spanish pop star who was taken from us too soon.

144. Mar

This elemental name means “sea.”

145. Luisa

This name means “renowned warrior.”

146. Luna

For a cosmic name, this Spanish girl name means “moon.”

147. Loretta

In Spanish, this name means “laurel.”

148. Marisol

This nature-inspired name means “sun.”

149. Lucero

This heavenly Spanish name means “star.”

Common and Popular Spanish Girls Names

Cute Spanish Girl

1. Sofía: The Spanish form of Sophia means “wisdom” in Greek. 

2. Valentina: It can mean “strong,” “vigorous,” or “healthy” — any of which are good name meanings for your baby girl.

3. Isabella: It means “my God is an oath” in Hebrew.

4. Camila: This is the Spanish and Portuguese form of the English name Camilla, who was a legendary warrior in Virgil’s Aeneid.

5. Valeria: The female form of Valerius, this name means “strong,” as does the more popular Spanish girl’s name Valentina, which is second on this list.

6. Mariana: This name has Roman origins as Marianus. Some also believe the name was created by combining the names Maria and Ana. A cute diminutive is Marianita.

7. Gabriela: This feminine form of Gabriel means “God is my strength” in Hebrew.

8. Sara: This is the Spanish form of Sarah, which means “lady,” “princess,” or “noblewoman” in Hebrew. 

9. Daniela: In Hebrew, the male version of this name, Daniel, means “God is my judge.”

10. María José:  It combines the names of Jesus’ parents, Mary and Joseph. 

Unique Spanish Baby Girl Names

Unique Spanish Baby Girl

11. Alejandra: The Spanish form of Alexandra means “defender of mankind” in Greek.

12. Amalia: The word amal means “work.”

13. América: This Spanish female form of the German male name Emmerich means “whole ruler.”

14. Antonia: The feminine form of Antonius, this name has Roman origins. It can mean either “priceless” or “flourishing.”

15. Aurelia: In Latin, the name means “golden,” the perfect choice for your golden girl.

16. Bárbara: Derived from the Greek word meaning “foreign,” this solid Hispanic baby girl name has stood the test of time.

16. Carmen: The medieval Spanish form of the name Carmel, which means “song,” was made famous by the 19th-century French opera of the same name.

17. Eliana: Greek origins that translates to “Sun.”

18. Fernanda: The name can evoke adventure since in German it means “journey” and “brave.” 

19. Leandra: This Spanish female form of the male name Leander means “lion man” in Greek. 

20. Lucía: It derived the meaning of this name from the Latin word for “light” and it was also the name of a saint. 

21. Maura: The Latin male form of this Spanish female name is Maurus and means Moorish, referring to the Moors who ruled Spain during the Middle Ages.

22. Narcisa: This is the female version of the name Narcissus, which is the name of the youth in Greek mythology who stared at his reflection in a lake for too long and was turned into the narcissus flower. 

23. Raquel: This is the Spanish and Portuguese version of the name Rachel, which means “ewe” in Hebrew. 

24. Renata: In Latin, as the male form Renatus, this Spanish name means “born again.” 

25. Xiomara: This is the Spanish form of the male name Guiomar, which derives from the German name Wigmar.

26. Yolanda: Meaning “violet,” this flowery name is from the medieval French name Yolande. You’ll find more irresistible flower names for girls here.

Cute and Pretty Spanish Girls Names

Cute and Pretty Spanish Girl

27. Abril: In Latin, it can also mean “to open,” possibly referring to the blooming of spring flowers. 

28. Adela: From a German word meaning “noble,” this name is graceful, strong, and very pretty.

29. Alba: This name is the female form of the name Albus, and in Spanish it means “dawn,” making it a very pretty name for a baby girl born just before sunrise.

30. Blanca: Derived from the French name Blanche, this bright name means “white” or “fair.”

31. Ana: This short, cute, and the pretty name is the Spanish form of Anna. In the Bible, the name appears as Hannah. 

32. Estrella: This is the Spanish version of the name Stella, which means “star.” Choose this name for when your little star is born.

33. Evita: It was also famously the nickname of Eva Perón, the former first lady of Argentina.

34. Francisca: This is the Spanish equivalent of Francis in English. The name comes from the Franks, an ancient Germanic tribe, and the male variant means “Frenchman.”

35. Inés: This is the Spanish version of Agnes, which means “chaste” in Greek. There’s also a saint with this name.

36. Juana: This is the Spanish version of the name Joanna, which derives from the male name John.

37. Julia: This is the Spanish form of the male name Julius, which is likely derived from the Roman god Jupiter.

38. Ligia: This Spanish name comes from the Greek word that means “clear-voiced” or “shrill” as it was the name of one of the Sirens in the Odyssey. 

39. Luisa: This is the feminine form of the Spanish male name Luis, which has French and Latin origins. A cute diminutive is Luisita.

40. Luz: This short and cute name means “light” in Spanish. It’s also a title used for the Virgin Mary as “our lady of light.”

41. Marcia: This is the Spanish feminine form of the Latin male names Marcus and Marcius, which were most likely derived from the Roman god of war, Mars.

42. Marta: With Aramaic origins, this name means “the lady” or “the mistress.” It’s also a name with biblical ties, as Martha is the sister of Lazarus.

43. Maya: In Hebrew, this name means “water,” but it can also be a reference to the Mayans of Latin America. 

44. Mía: This is the Spanish version of Mia, with the accent mark being the only difference. 

45. Paz: This name means “peace” in Spanish and is also a title for the Virgin Mary. 

46. Rosa: A sweet-sounding name, it means “rose” and is just as classic as the fragrant flower. It originates from the Germanic name Roza.

Beautiful Spanish Girl Names

Beautiful Spanish Girl

47. Ángela: This name means “angel” and is derived from the name Angelus, the Greek form of which means “messenger.” 

48. Carolina: The original German name Carolus means either “man” or “warrior.”

49. Cristina: This name is the feminine form of the male name Christian.

50. Esmeralda: In Spanish, this name means “emerald,” which is a really beautiful meaning. 

51. Estefanía: This is the Spanish form of Stephanie, which derives from the male name Stephen, a saint in the New Testament who is considered to be the first Christian martyr.

52. Felicidad: In Spanish, this beautiful and melodic name means “happiness,” so it’s ideal for a very happy baby girl.

53. Manuela: This Spanish form of the male name Manuel stems from the Hebrew name Emmanuel, which means “God is with us.” What a beautiful meaning for a baby girl!

54. Marcela: As the feminized version of the male Latin name Marcellus or Marcus, the name may be linked to the Roman god of war, Mars.

55. Micaela: This is the feminine form of the male name Michael, which in Hebrew means “Who is like God?” 

56. Olivia: This name is either based on the female name Oliva or the male name Oliver.

57. Palmira: This is the feminine form of the male name Palmiro, which means “pilgrim” and “palm tree.”

58. Paloma: From the Spanish word meaning “dove,” this elegant name evokes peace and serenity.

59. Patricia. This is the feminine form of the male name Patrick, which is derived from the Latin name Patricius, which means “noble one.”

60. Paulina: From the male name Paulino, which is derived from the Latin form of Paul, this was the name of a saint who was a wealthy nobleman before giving it all up for his religion. 

61. Rafaela: This is both the Spanish and Portuguese female version of the name Raphael, which means “God heals” in Hebrew. Raphael also appears in the Bible as an archangel.

62. Ramona: This is the feminine form of Ramón, which derives from Raymond, a name of Germanic and Norman origins meaning “advice” and “protector.”

63. Reina: This beautiful name simply means “queen” in Spanish.

64. Viviana: This beautiful Spanish girl’s name refers to a Roman saint from the 4th century. The name means “alive” in Latin.

Old-Fashioned and Biblical Spanish Girl Names

Black baby girl

65. Abigaíl: This Spanish form of Abigail comes from Hebrew and means “my father is joy.” The name appears in the Old Testament.

66. Ascensión: In Spanish, this name means “ascension” and refers to the ascension of Jesus into heaven.

67. Asunción: In Spanish, this name means assumption and refers to the Virgin Mary’s assumption into heaven.

68. Belén: This is the Spanish word for the biblical town of Bethlehem, which means “house of bread” in Hebrew.

69. Débora: This Spanish girl’s name comes from the Hebrew name Deborah, which means “bee.” In the Bible, Deborah was a heroine and prophetess who helped the Israelites.

70. Dolores: This name means “sorrow” in Spanish and is another title for the Virgin Mary. 

71. Dominga: This is the Spanish feminine form of Domingo, which comes from the Latin Dominicus, which means “of the Lord.”

72. Gloria: This name means glory and was used as a title for the Virgin Mary.

73. Guadalupe: It derived The name from Arabic and most likely means “wolf valley.” The name can be also shortened to Lupe.

74. Itziar: It derived This Spanish name from the name of a Basque village that has a well-known shrine to the Virgin Mary. The name itself likely means “old stone.”

75. Jacinta: It’s the Spanish and Portuguese form of the name Hyacinthus, which means “hyacinth,” a beautiful spring flower.

76. Josefina: The feminine form of Joseph, this beautifully melodic name means “he will add” or “God will multiply.”

77. Leticia: The Spanish version of Letitia, this name means “joy” and “happiness.” 

78. María: This beautiful biblical name is thought to mean “sea of bitterness,” but many agree the actual meaning isn’t fully known.

79. Milagros: In Spanish, this name means “miracles,” and it’s the title of the Virgin Mary.

80. Rosario: This means “rosary” in Spanish and refers to the Virgin Mary.

81. Teresa: This old-fashioned name is the Spanish form of Theresa, which is found in several languages. In Greek, it means “summer” or “to harvest.”

82. Verónica: From the Latin name Berenice, which means “true image,” the spelling of this biblical name has evolved. It was also the name of a saint.

83. Vicenta: This Spanish feminine form of the male name Vincent means “to conquer” in Latin. 

84. Zoraida: Like the name Alba, which is also on this list, Zoraida means “dawn” or “enchanting” in Arabic. 

Blackest Girls Names that are Beautiful

Blackest Girl

We have investigated numerous sources to land on these names for black girls with amazing meanings for black girls below. They are popular they are lovely and honourable. You might discover a decent name or two here.

Two-Syllable Blackest Names for Baby Girls

Below are a list of two-syllable  names for the blackest baby girls:

1. Asia–means lively and of the bright sun

2. Deja–French name “already” or “remembrance”

3. Imani–Arabic name meaning “belief” or “faith”

4. Jada- Arabic name means a good and beautiful queen

5. Jasmin/Jazmin/Jazmine–Alternative name for “Jasmine” meaning Persian “gift from God”

6. Kiara–Irish name meaning “Ciara” which means dark or black

7. Nia–Gaelic “goal” or “purpose”

8. Precious–makes me think of the Lord of the Rings

9. Raven–makes me think of the Game of Thrones

10. Shanice–name meaning God is merciful

11. Tiara–Latin name meaning “headdress”

12. Tierra–Spanish name meaning “Earth”

Three-Syllable Blackest Names for Baby Girls:

13. Alexus–Greek name “defender”

14. Aliyah – an alternative name for Aaliyah–Arabic “high” and “exalted”

15. Diamond–marketing people want us to believe it’s forever – Baby Girl Names 2021

16. Ebony–Egyptian “deep black wood”

Popular African American Baby Names for Girls

cute black baby American girl

Picking the names of black girls for your princess is tricky. Here you can find the most common names for girls from Virginia, Texas, Colorado, Arkansas, and New York City.

Two-Syllable Popular Baby Names for black girls

17. Angel–a name that means “messenger” in Greek

18. Aniyah–Hebrew “God favours”

19. Chloe–Greek “blooming” or “fertility”

20. Hailey–Scottish “Hay’s meadow”

21. Hannah–Hebrew “favour” or “grace”

22. Isis–Egyptian “throne”

23. Jayla–Hebrew “God will protect”

24. Jordan–Greek “to go down”

25. Kayla–“slim and fair” in Ireland

26. Laila–Hebrew “night” or “dark”

27. Nevaeh–Heaven spelt backwards

28. Sydney–English “wide meadow”

29. Taylor–English “Taylor”

Picking the names of black girls for your princess is tricky. Here you can find the most common names for girls from Virginia, Texas, Colorado, Arkansas, and New York City. Russian “princess”

Three-Syllable Popular Baby Girls Names

30. Alexis–Greek “helper”

31. Artemis–“butcher”

32. Brianna–“strong” and “honourable” in Ireland

33. Destiny–Latin “fate”

34. Gabrielle–French “God is my strength”

35. Kennedy–“head” in Ireland

36. Madison–English “son of Matthew”

37. Makayla–Hebrew “who resembles God”

38. Trinity–English “The Holy Trinity”

Unique Black Girl Names That Are Beautiful and Noble

Blackest Girl smiling

One-Syllable Unique Baby Girl Names for Black

39. Leal–a trustworthy name

40. Neve–Latin “snow”

41. Nur–Arabic “the divine light”

42. Vale–English “lives in the valley”

Two-Syllable Unique Baby Girl Names for Black

43. Adah–Hebrew “adornment”

44. Audre–“noble strength”

45. Bisa–“greatly loved”

46. Fajah–“thanks”

47. Lysha–German “of a noble kind”

48. Oba–“king”

49. Ramla–Arabic “prophetess”

Three-Syllable Unique Baby Girl Names for Black

50. Bolanle–“finding wealth at home”

51. Edwina–English “rich friend.

52. Indigo–Greek “Indian dye”

53. Jacenta–Greek “hyacinth”

54. Kalifa–“leader”

55. Makeba–“precious jewel,”

56. Mandisa–“sweet”

57. Nakeisha–“her life”

58. Shaquana–“truth in life”

59. Sakina–Arabic “peace” and “tranquility”

Beautiful and Cute Black Girl Names

Black Girl names

We have identified the place or culture where it’s not from Africa.

Two-Syllable Beautiful and Cute Names

60. Abeba–Ethiopian “flower”

61. Buhle–Ndebele “beautiful or gracious”

62. Konjit–Amharic “beautiful or gracious”

63. Mia–Egyptian “beloved”

64. Nora–Anglo-Norman “honour”

65. Sadie–Hebrew “princess”

66. Thando–“love”

67. Thema–Ghanan “queen”

68. Willow–English “freedom”

69. Zuri- Swahili “beautiful or gracious”

Three-Syllable Beautiful and Cute Names

70. Alheri–“grace”

71. Amahle–Zulu “the beautiful or gracious one”

72. Anuli–“daughter that brings happiness”

73. Chiamazk–Lgbo “God is beautiful or gracious”

74. Chiondi – Lgbo “good fortune”

75. Mbalenhle – “beautiful flower”

76. Minenhle–Zulu “beautiful day”

77. Monifa–Arabic “exalted one”

78. Yewubdar–Ethiopian “beautiful beyond borders”

One-Syllable Names that Show Personality

79. Lux – Latin “bright light”

80. Rouge – French “red-colored”

81. Skye – Norse “cloud”

Two-Syllable Names that Show Personality

82. Alaska – Aleut “great land”

83. Amazon – Race of female warriors

84. Bristol – English “meeting place by a bridge”

85. Devyn – English “bard” or “poet”

86. Fallon – “king’s granddaughter” in Ireland

87. Gemma – Latin “gemstone”

88. Lennox – Scottish “elm grove”

89. Lyra – Greek “lyre”

90. Maxine – Latin “greatest”

91. Moana – Polynesian “deep ocean or sea”

92. Monique – French “advisor”

93. Nova – Latin “new”

94. Saturn – Roman “god of wealth”, also a planet

Three-Syllable Names that Show Personality

Most of these come from Greek:

95. Calixta–“most beautiful”

96. Elektra–“shining”

97. Emersyn–Old English “princess of Emery”

98. Jupiter–Latin “supreme God”, also a planet

99. Medusa–“cunning”

100. Pandora–“precious stone” – a diamond brand

101. Sirena–“enchanter”

Four-Syllable Names

102. Alessia–Italian “defending warrior”

103. Eulalia–Greek “well-spoken”

104. Liliana–English “lily”

105. Valentina–Roman “healthy” and “strong”

Classic Black Girl Names

Classic Black Girl Names

Two-Syllable Names

106. Ambrose–Greek “immortal”

107. Cela–Welsh “heavenly”

108. Daphne–Greek “laurel tree”

107. Dinah–Hebrew “judged” or “vindicated”

109. Dolly–English “gift from God”

110. Minerva–Latin “mind”

111. Sable–Slavic “black”

112. Tamar–Hebrew “date palm”

Three-Syllable Names

113. Athena–Greek “from Athens”

114. Cassandra–Greek “one that shines above men”

115. Charity–English “giving” and “kindness”

116. Dorina–Latin “precious”

117. Flavia–Roman “golden”

118. Jemima–Hebrew “dove”

119. Keziah–Hebrew “female equality”

120. Lucinda–Latin “light”

Four-Syllable Names

121. Catalina–Spanish “pure”

122. Desdemona–Greek “wretchedness”

123. Giuliana- Italian “youthful”

124. Mariama–African “gift of God”

125. Serenity–English “calmness”

Plant and Flower Black Girl Names

flower and plant baby girl name

Many of these names would be perfect for black girls.


125. Arbor – Cluster of vines

126. Bellerose – French “lovely rose”

127. Blossom – A mass of flowers

128. Briar–English “thorny patch”

129. Calla – Greek “beautiful”

130. Canna – From Cannalily

131. Chrystanthe – “golden flower”

132. Dahlia – Swedish “valley”

133. Daisy – A yellow and white flower native to Europe

134. Delphine – French for a bluebell-like flower

135. Fleur – French “flower”

136. Freesia – German trumpet-like flowers

137. Garland – French “a wreath of flowers worn on the head”

138. Ivy – Latin “vine”

139. Ione – Violet-colored stone

140. Iris – Greek “rainbow”

141. Lita- “garden”

142. Mawar – Indonesian “rose”

143. Muguet – French “lily”

144. Neeja – Hindi “lily”

145. Rada – Yiddish “rose” or “happy”

146. Rayen – Chilean “flower”

147. Saffron – Exotic spice

148. Sharon – Area in ancient Palestine known for its roses

149. Tansy – Greek “immortality”

150. Varda – Hebrew “rose” or “pink”

151. Yasmine – Pesian “Jasmine flower”

152. Zaria – Arabic “rose”

153. Zinnia – Latin “Zinn’s flower”


154. Abelia – Flower, also means “breathe”

155. Acacia – Greek “thorny”

156. Ambretta – A French dessert pear

157. Azalea – A colorful flowering shrub

158. Bryony – Latin “to sprout”

159. Buttercup – A species of bright yellow wild flowers

160. Camellia – Flower, also Latin “priest’s helper”

161. Chamomile – Flowery herb used in teas

162. Clematis – A climbing plant from the buttercup family

163. Crisanta – Spanish “a golden flower”

164. Danica – Slavic “morning star”

165. Diantha – Greek “divine flower”

166. Edelweiss – Small white German flower

167. Embelia – Greek “A shrub that bears white and flowers”

168. Erica – Norse for a pink flower, also “eternal ruler”

169. Heliotrope – Cluster of purple flowers

170. Hibiscus – Greek “a beautiful red flower”

171. Ixora – A flowering plant found in tropical climates

172. Leilani – Hawaiian “a pink flower”, also “royal child of heaven”

173. Jessamine – Persian “jasmine flower”

174. Kalina – Polish “viburnum”, a flowering shrub

175. Kassiani – Greek “cinnamon”

176. Linnea – Swedish “twinflower”

177. Liana – Fresh “climbing like a vine”

178. Magnolia – Latin “Magnol’s flower”

179. Manuka – Tree with honey-producing flowers

180. Nanala – Hawaiian “sunflower”

181. Ornella – Italian meaning “flowering ash tree”

182. Peony – Latin meaning “healing”

183. Petunia – Trumpet shaped flower

184. Patchouli – Fragrant plant from Southeast Asia

185. Prunella – Latin “small plum”

186. Shoshana – Hebrew “lily”

187. Verbana – Spanish “sacred foliage”

188. Winika – Maori “Christmas orchid”

189.  Zahara – Swahili meaning “flowering”

190. Zenobia – Bell-shaped white flowers from North America


191. Amaryllis – Lily-like flower

192. Begonia – French meaning “Begon’s flower”

193. Florentina – Latin meaning “blooming”

194. Geranium – Greek meaning “crane”

Geeky Nerdy Sci-fi Black Girl Names

Geeky Nerdy Sci-fi Black Girl Names

We based this list of geeky and nerdy names for black girls on some of the most popular characters from the science world.


195. Ada Lovelace – the world’s first computer programmer

196. Auri – a character from The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss

197. Clover – A character from Inside Daisy Clover

198. Dione – One of Saturn’s moons

199. Ezri – A character from Star Trek

200. Hera – A character from the Battlestar Galactica. Also refers to the queen of the Greek Gods

201. Jemma – A character from Marvel’s Agents of Shield TV series

202. Keiko – A character from Star Trek – The Next Generation

203. Leela – A character from Futurama

204. Martha – A character from Doctor Who


205. Coraline – A character from Coraline

206. Natasha – A character in Marvel films

207. Peggy – A character in Marvel’s Agents of Shield TV series

208. Persephone – Daughter of the Greek God Zeus

209. Ruby – A popular programming language

210. Sora – A character Stargate Atlantis

211. Teyla – A character from Stargate Atlantis

212. Thalia – One of the three muses from Greek mythology

213. Trillian – A character from the book Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

214. Veronica – A character in Archie comics – Baby Girl Names 2021

215. Zelda – A character from the Zelda video game series

Unisex Black Girl Names

Unisex Black Girl Names

Many Black Americans pick gender-neutral or unisex names for their offspring. We have picked up some black lovely Names for black females that are perfect for a boy or a girl.

These names originated largely from Africa. We have identified the place or culture where it’s not.


216. Achebe – “one that is protected by Goddess”

217. Adwin – Ghanan “artist” or “intellectual”

218. Cheche – Spanish “small thing

219. Dayo – Nigerian “Joy arrives”

220. Dembe – Scandinavian “peace”

221. Dumi – “inspirer”

222. Ebele – “mercy” or “kindness”

223. Eega – “palm bird that loves to fly”

224. Ekene – Lgbo “praise”

225. Emene – “God-fearing”

226. Genet – “Eden”

227. Ghana – Arabic “riches” or “contentment”

228. Jettie – “black”

229. Jira – “related by blood”

230. Juji – “heap of love”

231. Jumoke – “Everyone loves the child”

232. Kalei – Hawaiian “flower wreath” or “the beloved”

233. Keita – English “offspring” or “blessing”

234. Kendi – “the loved one”

235. Kiho – “fog”

236. Kinfe – “wing”

237. Kione – “someone who came from nowhere”

238. Kuron – “thanks”

239. Loba – “to talk”

240. Mhina – Arabic “something given from God”

241. Naiser – “sensational” and “infectious”

242. Nasha – Persian “judge”

243. Natine– “of the Natine tribe”

244. Neo – “gift”

245. Ngozi – Lgbo “blessing”

246. Nuru – Arabic “light”

247. Okal – “to cross”

248. Okoth – “born while raining”

247. Russom – “leader in charge”

248. Saidi – “fortunate”

249. Shange – Zulu “one who walks like a lion”

250. Sisi – Hebrew “God has sworn”

251. Tene – “love”

252. Teshi – “cheerful” and “full of laughter”

253. Tiwa – Yoruban “who owns the kingship”

254. Toure – “elephant”

255. Zuri – Swahili “beautiful”


256. Amare – Ethiopian “handsome”

257. Amari – Hebrew “eternal”

258. Chibueze – Lgbo “God is the king”

259. Chibuzo – Lgbo “ God leads the way”

260. Chidinma – Lgbo “God is good”

261. Chidubem – Lgbo “God guide me”

262. Chiedozie – Lgbo “ God has repaired”

263. Chikelu – Lgbo “Created by God”

264. Chikere – Lgbo “God created”

265. Dubaku – Akan “eleventh born child”

266.Folami – “honor and respect me”

267. Jelani – American “mighty”

268. Jenue – Nigerian “from Jenue”

269. Jioni – Meaning “evening”

270. Jonbenet – English “gift of God”

271. Kabili – Meaning “honest” and “brave”

272. Kaikara – Meaning “god”

273. Katlego – Tswanan “success”

274. Kijana – Kiswahil “youth”

275. Kirabo – “gift from God”

276. Kitoko – “beautiful”

277. Lethabo – “happiness” or “joy

278. Luthando – “love”

279. Mashaka – “trouble”

280. Mikaili – “God-like”

281. Mikenna – “name that brings joy”

282. Milandu – “a case to answer”

283. Mirembe – Ugandan “peace” and “quiet”

284. Miyanda – “roots”

285. Morathi – “wise person”

286. Natoya – “fierce” and “brave”

287. Okapi – “animal with a long-neck”

288. Rafiki – Arabic “companion” or “friend”

289. Safari – Meaning “journey”

290. Salama – Arabic “peace”

291. Tafadzwa – “we are pleased”

292. Tanisha – Sanskrit “born on a Monday”

293. Tatenda – “thank you”

294. Tokunbo – Yoruban “from overseas”

Four-Syllable Unisex Black Girl Names

295. Ekundayo – “sorrow becomes joy”

296. Enzokuhle – “to do great things”

297. Lolovivi – “there’s always love”

298. Melokuhle – Xhosa “standing for what is right”

299. Naserian – Maasaian “one born in peaceful times”

300. Olajuwon – “wealth” and “honor”

301. Olufemi  – Nigerian “The Lord loves me”

302. Oluyomi – “sent by God”

303. Onyekachi – Lgbo “greater than God”

304. Oratilwe – “loved one”

305. Pretoria – “official”

Common Colombian Girl Names, With Meanings

Colombian Girl names

These Colombian girl names are beautiful and perfect for your little princess.

1. Abigail

This Biblical name means “father’s joy” and is of Hebrew origin.

2. Acacia

It refers to the “thorny tree.”

3. Ada

Ada is the uncommon version of the German names Adelaide or Adeline. It means “nobility.”

4. Adella

It is of Old German origin and means “noble.”

5. Adria

The Latin origin name Adria is a quirky version of Adriana. It means “dark,” therefore, a suitable moniker for night borns.

6. Alicia

Derived from the German name Adalheid, Alicia means “noble.” 

7. Alina

Means “strong-willed?”

8. Amira

One of the most beautiful names, Amira, is of Arabic and Hebrew origins and means “princess.”

9. Antonella

Antonella is an extraordinary name of Italian origin, meaning “firstborn.” 

10. Antonia

The Latin and Roman origin name means “priceless.” It also has Greek derivations where it means “flower.”

11. Ayla

The name Ayla of Hebrew origin refers to the “halo.” Isn’t it simple and pretty?

12. Barbara

It gave rise to the term barbarian and means “foreign” or “strange.”

13. Beatrice

The name might sound antique, but it is on the rise. It means “blessed” and “voyager of life” with its Latin origins.

14. Belle

In Italian, it means “beautiful.”

15. Bianca

The simple name Bianca means “white.” It is derived from the Italian term Blanche.

16. Bridget

The name is derived from Gaelic and Irish and means “vigor.”

17. Brienne

A mystical name Brianne is of Celtic, Gaelic, and Irish origins. It means “noble.” 

18. Brielle 

It means “heroine of God” in Hebrew origin.

19. Bryn

It is a Welsh origin name that can be used for both genders. Bryn means “hill” or “mountain.”

20. Cadence

This beautiful name is of English origin. If you like music, Cadence is an apt choice as it means “rhythm.”

21. Camila

Singer Camila Mendes and actress Camila Cabello are a few noteworthy celebs of this name. This Spanish origin name means “priest’s helper.”

22. Constanza

It is a name to imbibe perseverance in your daughter as it means “steadiness.”

23. Cali

I derived the name of Greek origin from Carista and means “beautiful.”

24. Carina

Carina is a beautiful Latin name as it means “beloved.”

25. Carolina

The Latin origin name means “freeman.”

26. Ciara

Ciara is a name of Spanish origin and has made it to the popularity charts since the ’70s. It means “black.”

27. Charlene

If you want an independent name for your baby girl, you can choose this Old German name meaning “free man.”

28. Cynthia

The Greek topographical name means “from the mountains of Cynthus.”

29. Daisy

The Old English name refers to the flower “daisy,” which symbolizes purity and innocence.

30. Dana

It is of Hebrew origin and means “God is my judge.” – Baby Girl Names 2021

31. Daniela

The feminine version of the name Daniel has Spanish origins and means “God is my judge.” 

32. Davina

The name is of Scottish and Hebrew origin and means “beloved.”

33. Deborah

It is of Hebrew origin, meaning “bee.”

34. Desirae

It is a modern yet classy name of French origin and means “much desired.”

35. Dominique

Dominique, the feminine version of the French and Latin name Dominic, means “Lord.”

36. Dulce

The name Dulce is appropriate to describe your daughter. It means “sweet” in Latin.

37. Eden

The Biblical name Eden means “a place of pleasure” in Hebrew.

38. Elisabeth

With origins in Hebrew, it means “god’s promise.”

39. Elena 

Elena is another favorite name as it means “sunrays.”

40. Ella

It means “beautiful fairy woman” and is of German origin.

41. Emilia

It is derived from the Latin name Aemilia, which means “strength.”

42. Emma

It is of German origin and means “universal.”

43. Erin

The name Erin is topographical as it refers to someone “from the west.” It is of Irish origin.

44. Eunice

The Greek name Eunice could be considered a lucky charm. It means “good victory.”

45. Eva

This name is another variant of the traditional Eve. It means “life.”

46. Faith

The name Faith would be a peaceful and inspiring one for your daughter.

47. Faye

This Old English and Old French name has only become popular recently. It means “belief.”

48. Felicia

Felicia, the feminine form of the Latin name Felix, means “fortunate.”

49. Fiona

It is a name of Irish and Gaelic origins, meaning “fair.”

50. Francesca

This chic name means “from the land of France” and has French and Italian origins. It also means “free one.”

51. Gabriella

Hebrew name meaning “devoted to God” is a great choice for your little munchkin.

52. Gemma

Gemma means “gem,” and it originates in Latin.

53. Genevieve

Genevieve is a German and Celtic origin name that means “woman of the race.”

54. Georgia

Georgia is a strong, nature-inspiring name as it means “earth-worker.”

55. Gloria

Gloria is a simple, beautiful, and powerful name of Latin origin as it means “glory.”

56. Gracie

Gracie is a beautiful name that sounds royal and is of Latin origin. It means “blessing.”

57. Gwynyth

The Welsh origin name Gwenyth means “happiness.”

58. Hailee

Originating from Old English, Hailee or Hailey is a topographical name from someone living near “hay meadow.”

59. Hana

The Spanish, Arabic, and Slavic origin name means “flower.”

60. Hazel

This beautiful Old English name refers to the hazelnut tree.

61. Heidi

The name Heidi has Old German origin and it means “noble.”

62. Helen

The name is of Greek origin and means “shining light.”

63. Hope

The Old English name is a beautiful, straightforward name for your baby girl.

64. Iluminada

The name Iluminada is of Spanish origin and means “illuminated.”

65. Irene

The mythological name Irene refers to the Greek Goddess of “peace.”

66. Iris

It is a Greek name meaning “rainbow.”

67. Isabella

The name is of Hebrew derivation and means “God’s promise.”

68. Isla

Isla or Islay is a sweet topographical name and refers to an island in Scotland.

69. Ivy

The plant symbolizes loyalty and eternal life.

70. Jacqueline

Jacqueline is the feminine version of the Hebrew name Jacob and means “one who supplants.”

71. Jaime

The unisexual name meaning ‘supplanter’ never goes out of style.

72. Janelle

The American origin stylish name, Janelle, means “God is gracious.”

73. Janna

The sweet and beautiful name of Hebrew origin means “God is gracious.”

74. Jessica

It means “gift,” which is a perfect summary of your daughter to you.

75. Josephine

It means “Jehovah shall grow.”

76. Julia

A derivative from the Latin word iuvenale, Julia means “youthful.”

77. Juliette

The name Juliette is a name for eternal charm as it means “youthful.”

78. Kaela

It means “the laurel crown” and it perfectly suits your little princess.

79. Kaia

The name represents the earth in its best form as in Hawaiian, it means “the sea,” whereas, in German, it means “the earth.”

80. Karissa

The name Karissa is a unique take on Carissa, which is of Greek origin. It means “grace.”

81. Karla

If you want your daughter to be a woman of influence, then Karla means “strength” in Scandinavian.

82. Katerina

The adorable and classy Katerina means “pure.”

83. Kiana

The Irish and Hawaiian origin name, Kiana means “God is gracious.”

84. Kyra

The Ra in Kyra refers to the “sun,” therefore, it is a great name for baby girls born in summers.

85. Laila

It means “night” or “dark,” and is a perfect choice for night-born baby girls.

86. Lara

Derived from the Latin word Laire, which means “protectors,” it is a classic name for your baby girl.

87. Leah

The simple and elegant name Leah is of Hebrew origin and means “pretty girl.”

88. Leila

The stylish Arabic name means “night beauty” and would be a perfect name for your baby.

89. Lina

The ever-charming name Lina is of Greek origins and it means “sunlight.”

90. Luciana

It means “light” and is of Latin origin.

91. Luz

The Latin origin name Luciana meaning “light” used to be the earliest name of the Virgin Mary’s town, Bethel.

92. Lydia

An unusual and beautiful name Lydia is of Persian and Greek origin. It means “noble one.”

93. Maeve

The charming and classic Gaelic and Irish name, Maeve means “intoxicating.”

94. Maia

The name means “great.”

95. Maria

It means “star of the sea.”

96. Mariana

The name has a breezy vibe to it as it means “of the sea.”

97. Mercedes

This popular moniker of the stylish automotive is a word of Spanish origin meaning, “a gracious gift.”

98. Mia

Mia, meaning “mine,” has origins in Spanish and Italian. 

99. Michelle

It is a name of Hebrew origin meaning “who is like God.”

100. Mina

The beautiful and vibrant name Mina is of German origin and means “love.”

101. Monique

It is a classy name that also has Greek and Latin origins, meaning” advisor.”

102. Nadia

Nadia, an English and French origin name, means “hope.”

103. Naomi

This common Jewish name of Hebrew origin means “pleasant one.”

104. Natalia

Natalia is currently one of the trendy names. It is perfect for those born on December 25th as this Latin origin name means “Lord’s Birthday” or “Christmas Day.”

105. Natasha

The name of Latin origin is a variant of Natalie, meaning “Lord’s birthday.”

106. Nora

In Anglo-Saxon and Latin, it means “honor,” whereas in Greek, it means “light.”

107. Ocean

It is a straightforward name for your baby girl. The name symbolizes strength, life, and power.

108. Olivia

Olivia is a trending name. This Latin origin moniker means “olive tree.”

109. Paola

The name is a variant of Paula. It is of Latin origin and means “small.”

110. Patricia

It means “noble” and is of Latin origin.

111. Pauline

It is a Latin origin name that describes your baby girl as it means “small.”

112. Penelope

It’s mean “weaving.”

113. Phoebe

The name originally is of Greek origin and it means “radiant.”

114. Raquel

Raquel is the Spanish and Portuguese version of the name Rachael. It means “innocent.”

115. Raya

The exotic name Raya is of Israeli origin and means “friend.”

116. Rebekah

The Hebrew name means “to bind.”

117. Regan

The bold name has its origins in Gaelic and means “impulsive.”

118. Rocio

It is a great choice for baby girls born in the morning or during the spring as it means “dew” in Spanish.

119. Rosa

The name Rosa refers to the beautiful “rose” flower in Spanish. – Baby Girl Names 2021

120. Ruth

The one-syllable name Ruth is a Biblical name of Hebrew origins. It means “friend.”

121. Sabrina

The beautiful and magical name Sabrina is of English origin, meaning “legendary princess.”

122. Saige

Saige, a name derived from the Latin Sage, means “wise.” Isn’t it an impactful choice?

123. Salome

The Hebrew name meaning “peace” is a beautiful Biblical name for your daughter.

124. Sara

The name Sara, derived from the Greek name Sarah, meaning “princess” would suit your little one perfectly.

125. Scotia

It refers to someone “from Scotland.”

126. Selena

The beautiful and celestial Greek origin name refers to the “moon.”

127. Siena

It means “reddish-brown.”

128. Sofia

This Greek, Italian, and Spanish origin name is ever-trending and means “wisdom.”

129. Sylvia

The Latin origin name has a poetic and fairy touch to it as Sylvia means “from the forest.”

130. Talia

It means “dew of God” and is of Hebrew origin.

131. Tatiana

The popular Russian name Tatiana means “princess.”

132. Teanna

The beautiful baby girl’s name finds its roots in Latin and it means “free-spirited.”

133. Teresa

 The name of Greek origin means “late summer” and is ideal for babies born during those times.

134. Tiara

The name refers to the ornament you would gift your daughter. Tiara means “jeweled headdress.”

135. Tyra

It is a legendary name for your little warrior as it means “God of battle.” 

136. Valentina

The feminine version of the name Valentine means “strong.”

137. Valeria

The Italian origin name means “strength.” 

138. Vanesa

Another appropriate name for a springtime baby is Vanesa or Vanessa, which means “butterfly.”

139. Veronica

The name Veronica means “victory” and has Latin origins.

140. Victoria

The popular European name is of Latin and Roman origins and means “victory.”

141. Vienna

Vienna, meaning “forest stream” is a calming, beautiful, and chic name of Latin origin.

142. Violet

This Latin name means “purple.”

143. Vivian

Vivian is a Latin-origin name that means “lively.”

144. Wendy

The name originated from English and means “friend.” 

145. Willow

The name Willow is of English origin and it means “freedom.”

146. Xiomara

Xiomara is a prim Greek origin name meaning “guest.”  – Baby Girl Names 2021

147. Yesenia

A name worthy for nature and beach lovers alike as it means “palm tree” and “jasmine.”

148. Yvonne

It is a symbol of patience and honor as it means “archer.”

149. Zara

It means “radiance” and is also synonymous with a “blooming flower.”

150. Zoey

The Greek origin name Zoey is one of our favorites, as it means “eternal life.”


German Girls Names that are More Popular than Ever

Brazilian Girl Names and Meaning in English Language

Chinese Girl’s Names and What they Mean Correctly

Korean Baby Names With Meanings and Significance

Last Names as First Names Perfect for Boys and Girls

List Of Non-Binary Names, With Meanings

List Of Non-Binary Names

1. Acer

It is a Latin-derived nature-inspired name that refers to “maple.”

2. Addison

Although this name means “son of Adam” and is of Old English and Scottish origin, it is gaining popularity for its nonbinary form.

3. Adrian

A prosperous name for your baby, Adrian, means “rich” and is of Greek origin.

4. Ainsley

The moniker Ainsley of Old English origin means “one’s meadow.”

5. Albany

It is of Latin origin and means “from alba.”

6. Alec

Alec is an inspirational name for a leader as it means “defender of the people.” 

7. Alexis

Of Russian and Old German origin, the name Alexis means “helper of the people.”

8. Allyn

It is the right name that defines your baby to you as it means “precious” and is of Gaelic origin.

9. Aly

Aly or Allie is a common Arabic name meaning “the exalted one.” 

10. Amari

This name has its roots in several languages, including Hebrew, Thai, and Yoruba, all with a positive touch, meaning “eternal.”

11. Andi

It means “brave.”

12. Angel

The classic unisexual name is of Greek origin and means “messenger.”

13. Anise

It is a name that would make your baby’s life adventurous. The name refers to the spice “star Anise.”

14. Aphra

It is a traditional Hebrew origin name meaning “dust.” 

15. Aqua

This simple and poetic name, Aqua of Latin origin, refers to “water.”

16. Ariel

The new unisexual name Ariel is more suitable for leaders of any sex as it means “lion of God.” It is a name of Hebrew origin.

17. Arin

The Biblical name Arin means “enlightened” and is a name that would teach wisdom.

18. Ash

It is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “happy.”

19. Asher

The name Asher is derived from the Hebrew word osher, which means “happiness.”

20. Ashton

This unisexual name of American and Old English origin means “ash town tree.”

21. Aspen

The nature-inspired name Aspen is of American origin and means “quaking tree.”

22. Aubrey

This moniker is of German origin, and it means “magical being.” – Baby Girl Names 2021

23. August

It means “to increase.”

24. Avery

It is a mythically inspired power name as it means “ruler of the elves.”

25. Bai

The name Bai is of Chinese origin and means “pure.”

26. Bailey

Of Old English origin, the name Bailey means “cherry.”

27. Bambi

Derived from Italian, this is an ideal baby name as it means “child.”

28. Bao

This unisexual name summarizes the feelings you have for your baby perfectly as it means “precious bundle” and is of Chinese origin.

29. Bay

A name that is ideal for a baby born near an ocean as it means “sea-inlet.” It is of Old English origin. Also, in French, Bay means “berry.”

30. Beck

The name Beck is of Old Norse, German, and Hebrew origin referring to a “stream.”

31. Billy

This Old English name means “resolute of protection.”

32. Blair

Of Scottish and Gaelic origin, the name Blair means “field.”

33. Blake

It means “black or dark” and is ideal for babies with dark hair. 

34. Bobbie

This adorable moniker derives from the Greek term Barbaros, which means a “traveler.”

35. Bowie

It means “blonde” and is ideal for a light color-haired baby.

36. Briar

This Old English moniker means “thorny bush or wild roses.”

37. Brooklyn

This Old English habitational name refers to a person “living near a borough.”

38. Caelan

This is a powerful moniker as it means “eternal warrior.”

39. Cameron

This moniker of Scottish origin means “bendy nose.”

40. Campbell

The lovely name Campbell is of Scottish origin. It means “bent mouth.”

41. Carson

The name means “of the marsh.”

42. Casey

This stylish and contemporary name is a popular Irish moniker meaning “wise.”

43. Carlin

This Irish and Garlic origin name would set an inspiration to them forever as it means “little champion.”

44. Casey

This stylish Irish moniker means “vigilant.” 

45. Cass

The Persian and Latin origin name Cass means “curly-haired.” It also means “treasure.”

46. Charlie

It is a name of Old English origin meaning “free man.”

47. Chandler

This is an occupation name of French origin, meaning “candle maker.”

48. Channing

The name Channing is an inspirational name of fierceness as it means “young wolf.”

49. Corey

It is a habitational name of Irish origin and means “from the hollow.” 

50. Dagon

The Hebrew origin name Dagon means “grain.”

51. Dale

Dale is a habitational name of Old English origin. It means “valley.”

52. Dakota

This Native American name would be an ideal moniker for a compassionate baby, as it means “friend.”

53. Dallas

This unisexual name is perfect for a baby born in Dallas. It is also ideal for a baby born in a “from the meadow,” with Scottish origins. – Baby Girl Names 2021

54. Darra

A pleasant name for a baby as it means “wise” with its Hebrew origins.

55. Darryl

A name that would suffice as a first name and nickname as Darryl means “darling.” 

56. Delaney

A habitational moniker Delaney means “from the alder.” It is of French origin.

57. Devon

Adding a unique touch is the name Devon of Celtic origin, and it means “defender.”

58. Dominique

You can bless a baby born on a Sunday i.e. Lord’s Day, with this moniker, as it means “lord” in French.

59. Drew

It is a name of Welsh origin and means “wise.”

60. Dylan

It is a name for ocean-lovers as it means “son or daughter of the sea” in Welsh.

61. Easton

It means “east-facing place.”

62. Eden

It is a name inspired by the Biblical Garden of Eden, and it means “paradise.”

63. Egypt

This unisexual name means “temple of the soul of Ptah, the creative goddess of Memphis.”

64. Eilian

This unisexual name would be ideal for your second-born baby as it means “second” in Welsh. It also means “light” in Spanish.

65. Eli

The short and sweet name Eli means “elevated.” It is a Hebrew origin name.

66. Ellis

Of Welsh origin, the unisexual name Ellis means “benevolent.”

67. Ellison

The masculine name Ellison meaning “son of Ellis,” is of Old English origin.

68. Emerson

It means “child of Emery” and is an English origin name.

69. Emery

It is an ideal name to describe your love for your baby as it means “loving.”

70. Everly

The adorable name of Old English and German origin means “boar meadow.” – Baby Girl Names 2021

71. Ezra

This name is derived from the Hebrew word Azar, which means “aid.”

72. Fable

It is derived from the Latin fabula, meaning “tales.”

73. Faer

This English origin name means “passenger.”

74. Fenix

The Greek origin name Fenix means “dark red,” therefore, it is ideal for babies with red-colored hair.

75. Fernley

A pretty name for your cupcake of Old English origin meaning “fern’s meadow.”

76. Finn

It is a name derived from the Irish nameFion, meaning “white.”

77. Flash

This American origin name means “bright light.” It is a modern name for your little one.

78. Florian

The Latin origin name Florian signifies one of the new beginnings as it means “blooming.”

79. Forest

If you love nature, then the name Forest is an uncomplicated choice.

80. Fox

It is a simple nature-inspired moniker for your clever little snuggle bug, “fox.”

81. Franca

The Latin origin name Francis means “liberated.” 

82. Frankie

A name of French origin, Frankie, means “free one.” It also has an American origin, meaning “truthful.”

83. Gabrielle

The all-time stylish name Gabriel is of Hebrew origin, meaning “hero of God.”

84. Gael

The name Gael is of Gaelic origin and means “blessed.”

85. Galaxy

It is a Greek term referring to the “collection of stars.”

86. Garnet

The name Garnet means a “red gem” and is of Old English origin.

87. Gavyn

It is a moniker of power as it means “white falcon.”

88. Gemini

A name ideal for a baby born in late May or early June as it means “twins” and is of Latin origin.

89. Gideon

This is a Hebrew origin name of a leader as it means “powerful warrior.” – Baby Girl Names 2021

90. Glen

The name Glen comes from the Gaelic gleana, which means “valley.” Glenn is another variant.

91. Gray

This is a descriptive name of an Old English name referring to one with grey hair.

92. Hao

Hao is a name of Vietnamese origin and means “perfect.” 

93. Hayden

Hayden is of Old English origin, and it means ”hedged valley.”

94. Harley

It is a habitational name of Old English origin meaning “from the long field.”

95. Harper

It means “harp player.”

96. Haylen

It is a Scottish-derived name that means “fire.”

97. Henley

Of Old English origin, the name Henley means “high meadow.”

98. Hollis

Meaning “holy tree,” this is a name of Old English origin.

99. Hunter

An adventurous name for your baby, Hunter, meaning “one who hunts,” is of Old English origin.

100. Indigo

One of the most beautiful natural colors, Indigo, which means “dark-blue inspire the name.”

101. Isa

This Hebrew origin name is the diminutive form of Isiah, which means “salvation of God.”

102. Jace

In both Hebrew and Greek, this name has a serene meaning, “healer” and “the Lord of salvation.”

103. Jagger

It is an occupational name of Old English origin meaning “peddler.”

104. Jamie

The Hebrew origin name means “he who supplants.” 

105. Jay

A nature-inspired name Jay takes its inspiration from the Jaybird. – Baby Girl Names 2021

106. Jayden

Jaden is another variant. Quite a popular name of Hebrew origin, it means “God is the judge.”

107. Jazz

If you’re a music enthusiast, this music genre would make an adorable name for your baby.

108. Jennis

Of American origin, the name Jennis means “God is gracious.”

109. Jessie

This name means “He sees” and was popular during the early 2000s.

110. Jody

The simple and classic name Jody is of Hebrew origin, and it means “praise.”

111. Jordan

Of Greek and Hebrew origins, this Biblical name means “to flow down.” 

112. Kade

You can spell this name with a K or a C. Either way, this unusual name means “sturdy” and American origin.

113. Kai

It is a name of Welsh, Greek, and Scandinavian origins, meaning “keeper of the earth.” It also means “sea” in Hawaiian.

114. Kami

This unusual name is of Japanese, Latin, and Arabic origin. It means “lord.”

115. Kane

The name with a unique touch means “little warrior.” It is a name of Hawaiian and Japanese origin.

116. Karmen

It would be a sweet name for your baby as it means “fruitful orchard.”

117. Karter

The name Karter is an occupational name of Old English origin and means “one who carries a cart.” 

118. Kelly

The unisexual name Kelly means “warrior.” It is the anglicized version of the Gaelic Ó Calleigh.

119. Kendall

The name Kendall of Old English origin is a habitational name meaning “the Kent River valley.”

120. Kennedy

Kennedy is a name that has been trending since the ’70s. Your baby would be sharing their name with the American president John F. Kennedy.

121. Kerry

It is of Gaelic and Irish origins, meaning “black-haired.”

122. Kinsey

The name Kinsey has a beautiful aura to it. It is of Old English origin meaning “king’s victory.”

123. Lake

Even a simple nature’s term forms a beautiful name for a baby.

124. Landon

This topographical name Landon means “from the long hill.”

125. Lennon

It is a name filled with passion as this Irish origin name means “lover.”

126. Lincoln

It is a habitational name referring to a person living near a “lake colony.”

127. London

It is a Latin origin name meaning “place at the navigable or unfordable river.”

128. Lyndon

It means “from the “linden tree hill.” A linden tree symbolizes love and prosperity.

129. Lyric

If you love music, then this element of it would be an effortless choice. – Baby Girl Names 2021

130. Makoto

The supreme name Makoto means “sincerity.” It is a unisexual name of Japanese origin.

131. Mani

It is a name of Persian origin meaning “thinker.”

132. Maple

Inspired by the Maple tree, you can call your baby with this moniker.

133. Marley

This unisexual name is of Old English origin and means “pleasant seaside meadow.”

134. Max

This name is derived from the Latin Maximilian, which means “the greatest.”

135. Monroe

It means “mouth of the river Rotha.” Your baby would share their name with the legendary actress Marilyn Monroe.

136. Morgan

This adventurous moniker means “dweller of the white sea” or “possibly great.”

137. Myler

Being the Welsh version of the Irish name Meylar, it means “enameler.”

138. Nat

Either way, it is a cool unisexual name of Hebrew origin, meaning “gift of God.”

139. Nell

This cute unisexual name means “shining light.” It has origins in Greek, English, and Latin.

140. Noe

Meaning “peaceful,” Noe is a name of Hebrew origin. It is derived from Noah. – Baby Girl Names 2021

141. Noel

Perfect name for a baby born during the Christmas time as in French, it means “born on the day of birth of Jesus.”

142. Nour

Nour means “divine light.” This name would be a representation of the unsullied soul of your baby.

143. Nova

Derived from the Latin element Novus, this name means “new.”

144. Nox

It means “night” and is an ideal unisexual name for a baby born after sunset.

145. Nuru

Nuru is an awakening name for your little one as it means “light” and has Arabic origins.

146. Oakes

It refers to someone “living near an oak tree.”

147. Oakley

The famous Old English name Oakley means “oak wood,” symbol of strength, wisdom, and endurance.

148. Ocean

Confused about which water body to name your baby after? Why not the entire Ocean instead? This inclusive moniker is of Greek origin.

149. Olev

It is a Welsh origin name meaning “ancestors.”

150. Omid

Also spelled as Umeed, this is a Persian name meaning “hope.”

151. Otzar

Otzar is a mystical name for your baby of Hebrew origin. It means “treasurer of souls.”

152. Page

It is an occupational name for an “attender.”

153. Painter

The name Painter is an occupational one and means “one who paints.” It is a name of Old English origin.

154. Parker

The name, originally, is of English origin, meaning “park keeper.” – Baby Girl Names 2021

155. Payton

This simple name means “from a small town” and has Old English origins.

156. Pax

Pax is a name of Latin origin, meaning “peace.”

157. Pemberley

The habitational name Pemberley, meaning “from the Barley hill,” has a chic ring to it.

158. Perry

This Old English moniker means “someone living near a pear tree.” 

159. Phoenix

Referring to the color “dark red,” this is a name of Greek origin.

160. Poet

If you’re confused about which poet’s name to take inspiration from, then this is the moniker for you baby.

161. Quant

This is a name of intellect as it means “clever” in Old French.

162. Quest

This unisexual name is a worthy title for a firstborn as it means “long search.” 

163. Quinby

Despite its meaning, “queen’s settlement,” Quinby is a title worthy for any gender.

164. Quincy

This adorable name of Old French origin means “estate of the fifth son.”

165. Quinn

Quinn is a name that means “fifth one” in Irish. But it also means “the wise one” and hence, would be a practical name for your firstborn.

166. Rebel

It is the name of an activist, as it means “rebellion.” – Baby Girl Names 2021

167. Reese

The name is made for a warrior as it means “fiery” and is of Welsh origin.

168. Regan

The Gaelic origin name would add an adventurous touch to your baby’s life as it means “impulsive.”

169. Riley

The name Riley means “valiant” in Irish. It also has origins in Old English, meaning “wood clearing.”

170. Ripley

One of the current trending unisexual names is Ripley, which means “shouting man’s meadow.”

171. River

Carrying the serenity and grace of one of nature’s wonders into the life of your baby, we present to you this name, River. – Baby Girl Names 2021

172. Robin

The name has its reference points to many, be it the compassionate outlaw of Robin Hood or the beauty of the bird Robin. 

173. Romilly

The traditional name Romilly is of Hebrew origin, meaning “God’s beloved.” It also has English and French origins, giving the habitational meaning, “citizen of Rome.”

174. Roux

The name Roux is suitable for a baby with red hair as it means “brownish red.” 

175. Rowan

Rowan is a beautiful name for a baby as it means “river in paradise” in Arabic.

176. Rumi

Rumi is a name that has its origins in Japanese. It means “beauty” or “flow.”

177. Sailor

The simple name Sailor means “one who rows a boat.” 

178. Sage

This English origin name means “wise.”

179. Shea

It means “dauntless one” and is of Irish origin.

180. Sky

It is a word of Old Norse origin meaning “cloud.” – Baby Girl Names 2021

181. Storm

Despite its negative connotation, the word Storm signifies a transitional period and new beginnings. The ability to face a storm determines one’s strength.

182. Sydney

The pretty name Sydney is of Old English origin. It means “wide meadow.”

183. Tarian

As a Welsh name, the name Tarian is one-of-a-kind. It means “shield.” – Baby Girl Names 2021

184. Tatum

Tatum is the exact description of a house blessed with a newborn as it means “cheerful bringer of joy” in Old English.

185. Taylor

This occupational name is one of the most popular unisexual monikers of English origin, referring to a “tailor.” 

186. Toni

Toni or Tony can be the diminutive form of Anthonia or Anthony. This name means “priceless one.” 

187. Umber

It is derived from Old French, and it means “shade.”

188. Utah

This is a distinct name that would reflect on your ancestors. For example, if your forefathers hail from a hilly region, this unisexual name would justify your baby as it means “from the mountains” in Native American.

189. Vahn

Of Old English origin, the name Vahn means “God is gracious.” – Baby Girl Names 2021

190. Valentine

Perfect for a baby born during Valentine’s week, Valentine is a name of Latin origin and means “strong.”

191. Valo

This name is unique as it is of Finnish origin and means “light.”

192. Vermont

Vermont is a name for the families living in hilly areas as it means “green mountain.” 

193. Wallace

It means “foreigner” and is of Old English origin.

194. Winter

It is the perfect name for a winter baby. The season that they were born in is one of the most festive and loved seasons.

195. Wren

A unique name inspired by nature as it means “small bird.” It is of English origin.

196. Xia

This simple yet stylish name is of Chinese origin, and it means “glow of the sunrise.”

197. Yael

It means “wild goat” and symbolizes independence and faith.

198. Yarden

The name Yarden is of Arabic origin, meaning “flowing down.” – Baby Girl Names 2021

199. Zeal

This is a name that would be an inspiration to your baby throughout their life as it means “passion” and is of English origin.

200. Zephyr

Zephyr is a name ideal for a baby born in the west of a country as it means “west wind.” 

Cute Middle Names for Girls

Cute Middle Names for Girls

An elegant middle name ensures a classy name for your baby girl. Choose any of these curated names for your little girl!

1. Adele: French for “tender” and “kind” – Baby Girl Names 2021

2. Alice: Noble and truthful

3. Belle: French for “beautiful”

4. Blair: One who dwells in the plains

5. Bree: Strong and full of virtue

6. Brooke: A gentle stream

7. Caprice: French for “whimsical”

8. Cerise: French for “cherry”

9. Dawn: As bright as the morning rays

10. Fawn: Sweet and innocent

11. Fern: Fresh like the fern plant

12. Leigh: English word for “delicate” or “meadow”

13. Lynn: A pool beneath a waterfall

14. Mae: A discerning person

15. Love: A unique name for a girl full of affection

16. Olive: Like an olive tree

17. Pearl: Precious gem

18. Rylie: Someone strong

One-Syllable Middle Names:

19. Zoe: meaning “fighter”

20. Blue: A beautiful colour that evokes a sense of clarity and serenity

21. Dawn: The beginning of a new day

22. Faith: Trusting in all things

23. Fay/Faye: Old French for “fairy”

24. Grace: Meaning “God’s favour” or love towards mankind

25. Hope: Someone with positive expectation, or the virtue of hope – Baby Girl Names 2021

26. Jade: A precious green stone

27. Jo: A traditional country or Southern name, also used in Belgium and the Netherlands

28. Lane: An Old English name for someone who lived in a lane (down a narrow street between fences)

29. May or Mae: A pet name for Mary or Margaret

30. Paige: Meaning “young helper or child”

31. Rain: Nurturing and refreshing

32. Ray/Rae/Raye: Bright like the sun’s rays

33. Reeve: A steward or bailiff

34. Rose: Delicate and beautiful like the flower

35. Skye/Sky: As open as the wide blue sky

Exotic and Feminine Names:

36. Olesia: means “man’s defender”

37. Zaylee: Of Australian origin; it means flower

38. Anaïs: Persian goddess of healing and fertility

39. Thea: Greek goddess of light

40. Demi: Abbreviation of Demetria, the goddess of corn and harvest – Baby Girl Names 2021

41. Arya: Indian word for “goddess”

42. Cia: Greek for “of the moon”

43. Vera: Latin for “truth”

44. Isla: It means “island” in Scottish

45. Ireland: Her friends will be green with envy

46. mani: African for “faith”

47. Raven: For fans of Edgar Allen Poe, or the bird itself

48. Reese: Welsh name meaning “enthusiasm”

49. Anise: A spice; also means “pure soul”

50. Elein: Native American for “as bright as a torch”

51. Regan: Irish for “little ruler”

52. Eyre: Like our story heroine, Jane Eyre

Traditional Middle Names:

53. Anne or Ann: A name of Jewish origin that means “gracious”

54. Marie: Lady of the sea or lady of sorrow – Baby Girl Names 2021

55. Claire: Bright and clear

56. Jane: God is gracious

57. Sue: Associated with the lily flower because lilies grew in the Biblical city of Susa in Persia

58. Zoe: It means “life” in Greek

59. Lee: Chinese for “plum”

60. Kate: Pure or clear

61. Louise: German name for “famous warrior”

62. Scarlett: Bright red

63. Clementine: mild and gentle; associated with the cute citrus fruit

64. Violet: A fragrant purple flower

65. Elizabeth: God is satisfaction

66. Lou: A derivative of Louis, a traditional French name used by many French Kings over the centuries

67. Jean: French version of the name John, which means “the Lord is gracious”

68. Sophia: Wisdom or skill

Strong Middle Names for Girls:

Strong Middle Names for Girls

69. Sasha: Russian, Ukranian, English, French, means “defending warrior”

70. Zion: heaven on earth

71. Diana: divine

72. Michelle: like God

73. Valerie: brave or valiant

74. Serena: a champion

75. Audrey: noble strength

76. Phoenix: a strong mythical bird

77. Brienne: strength

78. Billie: resolute protector

79. Leona: lion, lionlike

In conclusion, Our Baby Name Generator can also help you find a name since you’re able to search thousands of names using filters like first letter and theme to find the perfect name more easily.

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