NSC Recruitment Application Portal

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The NSC Recruitment Application Portal is currently ongoing. To enhance the likelihood of a successful application, prospective candidates must diligently follow the given steps, meticulously fulfill the job description and qualifications, and thoroughly examine all the provided information.

The NSC Recruitment Application Portal

The Nigerian Shippers’ Council is a federal government agency with the responsibility of safeguarding the interests of exporters and importers in Nigeria, along with their goods.

The Council operates as an affiliate of the Nigerian Ports Authority and operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Transportation.

Requirements for Recruitment

1. Must hold Nigerian citizenship.


2. Height requirement for males is a minimum of 1.7 meters, and for females, it is a minimum of 1.64 meters.

3. Male candidates should have a chest measurement of not less than 0.87 meters.

4. Must be certified physically and mentally fit for the appointment by a government medical officer.

5. Candidates should not have any form of disability, whether mental or physical.

6. Must demonstrate good conduct and character.

How to Apply

To apply for NSC recruitment, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Access the official NSC recruitment portal or website via https://shipperscouncil.gov.ng.

2. Look for the “Recruitment/Vacancies/Jobs” section, which may be located at the header, footer, or announcement area of the web portal.

3. Thoroughly read and comprehend the eligibility criteria and requirements for any position that interests you.

4. If an online form is available, accurately fill it with your details and upload the required documents as per the guidelines provided. Download a print-out of your registration confirmation once the process is successful.

5. If a form is to be downloaded and filled offline, complete the form as necessary and return or upload it following the instructions on the website.

6. If you are asked to submit your CV and application letter, carefully adhere to the instructions to submit them through the designated portal or official HR email of the agency.

7. Ensure that you provide an active email address and phone number during the registration process.

8. Submit your application only once, as candidates with multiple applications may be disqualified.

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