average bowling score

Average Bowling Score (All You Need to Know)

Do you love bowling? Are you eager to know the average bowling score? Here’s all you need to know!

average bowling score

Most people bowl for fun.

However, those who desire to play the sport more fiercely may be interested in knowing the average bowling score.

Let’s find out!

What is an Average Bowling Score?

What is an Average Bowling Score?

The average bowling score for beginners, depending on their age, is between 20 and 70 points in a game.

However, the perfect score in bowling is 300 points, which is the highest number. In a roll, that equates to 12 strikes.

Most people don’t attain a score like this.

You must consider a person’s skill level while analyzing bowling score averages.

Although there are some lucky situations where rookie players get solid strokes.

 Beginners often have lower bowling averages than those who play in leagues.

What is the Average Bowling Score for Kids?

What is the Average Bowling Score for Kids?

A child’s bowling score will often range from 20 to 70.

Poor bowling scores can disappoint kids, especially those older than ten.

Regardless of how many pins they knock over, raise the bumpers, hand them a very light ball, and encourage them.

If kids start laughing and beaming after their first few tosses, you’ve got a new junior bowler on your hands!

Also, children between the ages of 10 and 12 are often predicted to score between 70 and 120 on average.

Low scores are to be expected because many kids lack the strength or finesse needed to hit the ball.

Strikes may not be frequent among children of this age, and spares may also be infrequent.

Children of this age range should instead concentrate on getting spares to raise their average.

Young bowlers may find it discouraging to not get a strike every time, but honing a straight shot and knocking down stray pins will raise their average.

Parents have a role to play in helping kids develop a solid foundation of healthy habits and bowling techniques.

What is the Average Bowling Score for Teenagers?

What is the Average Bowling Score for Teenagers?

Teen bowlers who regularly practice can easily get an average score between 120 and 190.

Most teenagers will improve their game by embracing this sport.

They will have a good arm swing and ball weight at this point.

This will make them concentrate on the technical elements of the game, such as swing form, force, and spin.

A teenager can also join a local bowling league.

This will the individual develop style and strategy in a league.

However, leagues are a great educational resource for raising grades and learning how to adjust.

What is an Average Bowling Score for Adults?

What is an Average Bowling Score for Adults?

The average bowling score for adults between the ages of 20 and 30 ranges from 170 to 220 points.

An average bowler in this age group doesn’t have physical obstacles.

This is because they have reached the level of physical maturity.

Adult bowlers master hooks, shot placement, and body control.

The average score of bowlers in this age group will help them decide if they want to play for fun, compete in leagues, or become professional bowlers.

How to Improve Your Average Bowling Point

1. Attend Classes

Attend Classes

Bowling facilities provide bowling lessons to the public.

Veteran bowlers and individuals also host and participate in league competitions.

Regardless of who the teacher is, they can aid in your skill development.

The fact that you are not alone is the nicest aspect of attending a class or session.

You don’t have to experience any strangeness or unease.

Everybody is there to get knowledge and better themselves.

You can feel foolish or as though others are criticizing you if you play by yourself during regular bowling hours.

But here, there are students who are just like you.

Taking classes is one of the best strategies for raising your abilities in the game of bowling.

2. Work on Your Physical Strength

Work on your Physical Strength

Strengthening your body is one of the best things you can do to raise your average bowling score.

Even though it’s not the most physically demanding activity, bowling requires athleticism.

Throughout a tournament, you’ll have to carry and throw heavy balls multiple times.

Your scores will be low if you lack the physical stamina or strength to throw the ball.

No matter how long the game lasts, you can play better by increasing your physical strength.

3. Use Earphones and Listen to Music

Use Earphones and Listen to Music

Bowling alleys are raucous and have energetic settings.

The sounds and music coming from the arcade area can sometimes be annoying.

Even the music in the bowling alley could take your attention away from the game.

Therefore, it is advisable to bring a set of headphones and listen to your favorite music.

This will help reduce distractions and give you a chance to concentrate.

It’s better to listen to music without words because lyrics can be distracting.

Whatever helps you remain concentrated is acceptable.

You can also block out the background noise by listening to your own music.

 The music will help you focus on your actions, the ball’s trajectory, and other factors in your own environment.

Distractions can be eliminated, and you can start honing your talents.

4. Know Oil Patterns

Know Oil Patterns

While focusing on yourself is the best way to boost your bowling score, there is another thing you can do to raise your average bowling score.

Most bowlers are aware that lanes are lubricated.

However, they are not aware that the oil has a pattern on it.

Knowing the oil pattern can help players to be better at their game.

This is because players who are aware of areas with less oil bowl better.

5. Play in Leagues

Play in Leagues

To improve your game, you can compete in leagues.

There are several leagues available. There are some leagues for novices.

Being a part of a novice league allows you to interact with other players who are dedicated to the sport.

You can move up the leagues as your abilities improve until you are competing against some of the best bowlers.


Although scoring in bowling is quite easy, there are many ways to win each game.

If you’ve noticed that your bowling score hasn’t improved over time, then you need to review your technique or equipment.

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