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Best Buy Return Policy Without a Receipt (Updated 2022)

The owners of the first Best Buy, which debuted in 1966 as a single audio equipment business, probably never imagined that it would grow to be one of the nation’s largest electronics retailers, with 1,036 locations spread across the United States.

Best Buy

Since Best Buy is a well-known brand with a solid reputation, many choose to shop there. But even the best store can’t stop you from selecting the incorrect item. However, you may return it.

But what happens if you lack a receipt? We’ll go over Best Buy’s return policy in great depth, including what to do if you don’t have your receipt.

Best Buy Return Policy Without a Receipt

Best Buy

The vast majority of home electronics, including laptops, speakers, video games, washers, and telephones, are sold by Best Buy. Since electronics are expensive, it’s crucial to comprehend Best Buy’s standard return policies before making any purchases, particularly pricey ones.

When you consider how fragile electronics and other major appliances are, it becomes much more challenging. What happens if you open the packaging for copyrighted content or try to return something that has a tiny blemish on it?

Depending on the item, you may be able to return it to Best Buy without a receipt within 14 days if (and only if) you have another form of identification, like packing slips or credit card statements, as evidence of date of purchase.

Unfortunately, there is no internal system at Best Buy that can look up your receipt for you. Regardless of whether you have a receipt or not, Best Buy needs to see your government-issued ID in order to track returns and spot suspicious activity.

You must have a receipt to return any items, and they must be in good working order. Additionally, you must still have all of the accessories and the original packaging.

Best Buy has the discretion to refuse returns. However, when dealing with a low-risk circumstance, the business typically tries its best to satisfy the client.

1. The Holiday Return Window

The holiday season is bustling. Additionally, some people struggle with selecting the ideal gift. By extending their return policy throughout the holidays, Best Buy is trying to be as flexible as possible for their clients.

Any purchases made for the future season between October 16, 2021, and January 2, 2022, may be returned until January 16, 2022.

2. Restocking Fees

Restocking fees apply to a number of the products that Best Buy sells. Restocking fees for popular items are as follows:

  • Smartphones: $45
  • Projectors: 15%
  • Drones: 15%
  • DSLR Cameras: 15%

3. Gift Refunds

Most gift receivers prefer not to let the sender know if they are unhappy with the present. They like to return the gift secretly, so the giver never finds out.

When returning a gift to Best Buy, it’s crucial to do so in-store so that you can receive shop credit without informing the sender.

The giver will be informed of the transaction and receive a notification and a refund to the card they used if you return the gift by mail. To avoid an embarrassing conversation, return gifts to the store.

4. Pre-owned and Refurbished Goods

Best Buy expects a refurbished or used item they sell to function just like a brand-new one. Because of this, Best Buy treats refurbished and pre-owned products with the same return policy as other products.

Exclusive and Exclusive Plus Members

Exclusive and Exclusive Plus Members

Customers at Best Buy have access to a rewards card that lets them accrue points for purchases. These points can be redeemed by customers for goods. Members of Best Buy Elite receive $1 back for every $1 spent, and members of Best Buy Elite Plus receive $1.25 back for every $1 spent.

Only products that qualify for an award receive points, and they require activation. Extra time to return your purchases is an important benefit of being a Best Buy Elite or Best Buy Elite Plus member.

Most items can be returned within 30 days for Best Buy Elite members. Most items can be returned within 45 days to Best Buy Elite Plus members.

You must spend $1,500 in a calendar year in order to be eligible for Best Buy Elite membership. Spending $3,000 annually is required to be eligible for Best Buy Elite Plus membership.

Unique Situations

Best Buy

Specific rules apply to particular products. It’s crucial to be aware of that in advance, mainly if you aren’t quite certain about your buy.

1. Mobile Phones

The standard return policy for phones is not under the control of Best Buy. They must instead follow the return guidelines set forth by each manufacturer. Whether they are a member of Best Buy Elite or Best Buy Elite Plus, customers must return cell phones within 14 days.

2. Items on a Wedding Registry

After your wedding, it takes a lot of time to review every gift and compose a card of gratitude. Your honeymoon could take days or weeks by itself.

You might believe you are trapped with the electric blanket your uncle got you if it takes you longer than 14 days to decide you don’t want it, but this is untrue.

All products purchased through a wedding registry at Best Buy come with a 60-day return policy (mobile phones are the only exception), allowing the happy couple to focus on enjoying their new marriage rather than returning gifts.

Consider your options before automatically registering with Target or Crate & Barrel if you’re unsure who would want to build a wedding registry at Best Buy.

3. Unique Orders

You might encounter a circumstance where you need something your local Best Buy store doesn’t currently stock. No issue!

For you, a staff member can arrange delivery of the goods to the store. Best Buy will charge you a 15% restocking fee if you need to return a special purchase because of delivery costs.

4. No Returns, No Exceptions

No matter what, Best Buy will not accept the following items back:

  • Items marked “Final Sale” contain the sign because they must be removed from the store. They don’t want the merchandise returned.
  • Digital media: Due to concerns that consumers would copy the disk and subsequently return it, digital media, such as downloaded movies or games, cannot be returned.
  • Prepaid gift cards: All sales of prepaid gift cards are final.
  • Batteries that have been opened: Consumables like batteries must be returned with a flawless seal. If not, how would Best Buy know that you didn’t exchange your dead batteries for fresh ones?

How to Return Products from Best Buy

 Returning Products

1. In-Store

An in-store return is usually the best option for customers, especially if you don’t have a receipt. You won’t need to wait for the warehouse to process the return or pay for return shipping. Currently, you can also benefit from store credit.

2. Mail

Some consumers choose to mail in their returns because they don’t want to visit a Best Buy location to process them. Printing a pre-paid label will allow you to send your items back to UPS.

You will get your return in two to three business days after Best Buy processes the return. Never consider attempting to “forget” an accessory or return a broken item to get out of paying for it. If Best Buy receives anything they can’t accept, they will deny the return.

How Can I Expect to Get My Money Back from Best Buy?


1. Card

Most of the time, a full refund will be applied to the credit card that the consumer used to make the purchase. The money from gift card purchases is also reimbursed right to the card.

What occurs if you no longer have your card?

Make sure the cashier is aware from the start if you tossed away the gift card you used to make your transaction. They might be able to transfer the money to a different card.

2. Cash

When you have an item purchased at Best Buy with cash and you have the receipt, you are eligible to receive cash back for returns.

Because they can’t support the return and exchange for cash in the registers for customers, Best Buy will mail you a cheque for cash returns exceeding $800.

It will take seven to ten days for the cheque to arrive. Checks and temporary cards without a logo are subject to the same regulations when the purchase exceeds $250.

3. Store Credit

Idealistically, you have no problem receiving shop credit for your return. Any item in the store can be purchased with store credit.

Naturally, you are unable to use the funds at any other retailer. Even if you don’t spend the store credit right away, Best Buy will almost always have what you’re looking for.

How to Return an Item to Best Buy in-Store Without a Receipt

Returning without a receipt

Step 1: Determine the Reason for Return

It’s common for consumers to try returning a product they believe to be broken just to discover that they were using it incorrectly.

Consult a tech support agent if you believe your product is damaged but there are no obvious physical symptoms of wear and tear. They may be able to explain why it isn’t functioning as it should.

Step 2: Compile the Packaging and Accessories

The original box and all attachments are required for all Best Buy returns. Your return can be rejected if the packaging is missing.

Additionally, if you don’t have every accessory, you can be charged for what you don’t have. The ideal state for the product would be unopened and in pristine packaging.

Step 3: Find the Proof of Purchase

You could assume that you are out of luck when it comes to your return if you lose your receipt. However, there are alternative ways to get a record of your transaction.

Accessing your bank account and printing a copy of the purchase information will provide you with evidence of purchase. You might also utilize the shipping label found on the box if you purchased the item online.

Step 4: Confirm You Have a Valid ID

An ID is needed to return anything to Best Buy. They enter your personal information into their system using the ID so they can record information about the transaction and the customer (you).

You are in charge of bringing your ID to the store and making sure it is valid (I.D not expired). Checking your wallet is a smart idea to make sure you have your ID on hand.

Step Five: Check for a Restocking Fee

If you believe you might be charged a restocking fee, mentally prepare yourself in advance. The majority of things with restocking fees are either incredibly huge, expensive, or intricate. Most restocking costs at Best Buy are 15%. Restocking fees for cellphones, however, are always a flat $45 per item.

Step Six: Process Return with Employee

Once all the specifics are covered, you will take your item to your preferred Best Buy location. A staff will assist with the return process after you wait in line at the customer care counter. It ought to take five to ten minutes to complete.

How to Proceed if Your Return is Rejected

Rejected Product

Employees at Best Buy occasionally have to decline returns. A return may be denied for a number of reasons, some of which are as follows:

  •  Damaged product
  • Too many returns under your ID number
  • Outside of the return window
  • No Packaging

You needn’t assume the conversation is over if this occurs to you. If you were denied a full refund but really need one, try these strategies.

In contrast to the return policies of some other stores, Best Buy’s return policy is straightforward. Only Best Buy provides rewards members with extended return policies.

1. Speak with a Manager

At the customer care counter, store managers occasionally have a bit more power than the cashier. If you do request to talk with a store manager, be upbeat during the conversation and present your case. When the store manager makes a choice, it practically represents the last word in that particular store.

2. Get in Touch with a Corporate person

Store managers frequently have to support their staff members in order to meet KPIs, which can lead them to refute your claim. You might try to argue your case over the phone with corporate customer service if you believe that your return should be allowed.

3. Independently Resell the Item

You can always sell the item on your own if nothing else seems to work and you’re stuck with an unwanted product.

The internet makes it possible for you to sell your product to residents in your area through a variety of online venues. EBay and Facebook Marketplace are two of the most widely used websites.

Remember that most buyers of used goods expect receiving a good deal. But you can still receive something as opposed to nothing.

Best Buy Return Policy Versus the Competition

Best Buy competitors

Retail behemoths Amazon, Walmart, and Target are among Best Buy’s many rivals. Best Buy really offers the lowest return period among the rivals.


Best Buy is aware that returns are occasionally necessary for everyone. Best Buy offers a 14-day return window on nearly all products to give customers time to return items.

Certain products do, however, come with additional requirements or restocking costs. Items can be returned in-person or by mail, but both customers and staff prefer in-person exchanges. Just keep in mind that Best Buy reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse returns.

Many people are oblivious to the fact that there is a piece of educative information such as this that helps buyers and even sellers to know Best Buy Return Policy without a receipt. The truth is that It is a little confusing what Best Buy’s return policy is.

You can return items in a variety of ways and for varying amounts of time, but some products are simply non-returnable. But informative content like this can help you determine the best course of action to take. Do well to like, comment, and share so others can benefit from this information.

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