Can I Use Military Discount Online?

Can I Use Military Discount Online?

Can I use military discounts online when traveling with family, colleagues, and friends to have fun in the amusement parks or to see a movie in the cinema?

Can I Use Military Discount Online?

As a veteran or an active military member, you would sometimes want to take advantage of these services online from the comfort of your home.

Several online military discounts are available with a coupon code, which requires you to visit customer service.

Some require verification of your military service, this should always be considered as you look for how to access military discounts online.

However, as you read through, there are specific things you need to check out when you want to use the military online which are provided here.

How Can I Use Military Discount Online?

You can use military discounts online anytime, however, there are some basic requirements you need to fulfill before you can use your military discounts online.

Here are some basic requirements before you can use your military discounts online:

1. Identification of Businesses

You have to identify those private businesses or stores offering military discounts online to veterans and military dependents.

2. Identification of Available Discounts Offers

The second thing you should look out for is to search for the available different offers you can shop for in a particular store or business.

3. Verify Your Military Status

This is the most important requirement as you will have to prove if you’re still on active duty, in the Guard or Reserve, or are a military dependent.

Remember, the easiest way to prove your veteran status is to show your official military ID card.

Different types of ID Cards

1.   Veterans ID card: the Department of Veterans Affairs rolled out a new ID program in 2017 to all honorably discharged veterans.

Ordered by Congress in 2015, the new veteran ID card is to be mailed free of charge to any veteran who applies.

2. VA Benefits Card: If you receive VA health benefits, you may have a VA benefits photo ID card.

That card can be used as proof of veteran status at many businesses.

3. State Identification Card: Some states offer the option of a veteran designation on driver’s licenses.

 Ask your state driver’s license office whether this is an option for you.

4. DD-214: Veterans who have access to their form DD-214 documents can use that as proof of service at many businesses.

5. Proof Online: several online businesses also offer a veteran discount.

 As these businesses may use programs such as, which requires users to make a one-time registration and upload documents proving veteran or other affiliation.

4. Stay Up to Date with Military Discounts Online

If you’re an active duty service member, a military family member, or a veteran, stay on top of all the military discounts you’re eligible for, from travel accommodations to auto and entertainment deals.

Make sure you sign up for a free membership to get full access to all discounts.

It is very possible you can use your military discounts online as a veteran, just read through this and take note of all you need to do before you can access your military discount offers online.

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