Can I Use Someone Else's Military Discount?

Can I Use Someone Else’s Military Discount?

Can I use someone else’s military discount to purchase goods or items from any of the stores that offer military discounts to veterans?

Can I Use Someone Else's Military Discount?

This question is very important and will receive a wide range of attention and consideration from the general public.

Because this seems to border not only the military members, and family of the military members, but also friends of the military members who will want to take advantage of the discount offer meant for their friends.   

You know already that military discount offers are available to only active military members, veterans, retirees, and military dependents.

As this is a way of saying “thank you”, the society has seen the sacrifices they have made over the years to ensure that the life and properties of the citizens are preserved.

However, you will get to know you can use someone else’s military discounts account to make purchases at home depot and Lowe’s as you read through.

Can I Use Someone Else’s Military Discount at Home Depot?

Home Depot offers military discounts to active servicemen, retirees, and spouses, who are eligible and have been verified.

Hence, allowing dual usage of a military discounts account seems practically impossible at home depot.

For example can a spouse and active military member share a personal account to receive military discounts at home depot?

If you are an eligible service member and an eligible spouse, you both must have separate personal accounts on to be able to use the military discount at home depot.

So, home depot does not allow someone who is eligible to use another person’s account in the online purchase or at any of the home depot stores.

Can I Use Someone Else’s Military Discount at Lowe’s

Lowes like other merchants has offered discounts to military members, veterans, and spouses for over a decade and still running.

 Lowes military discount offers are available every day to active-duty service members, retired military, military dependents, and veterans who showed their identification.

Unlike Home Depot, Lowes allows family members who live in the same household to use either discount account at Lowe’s.

Though, this is achievable with proper ID (most military paperwork is generally accepted, like discharge paperwork, with management’s approval).

However, at Lowes, it’s up to individual store management’s discretion to grant discounts or not if that ID does not match the person in front of them.

Military discount policies and program terms vary; each merchant has something slightly different from other competitors.

Just like what you’ve read about the home depot and Lowes stores, where one accepts spouses and serving military members sharing the same account in their store and another does not accept.

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