can you have more than one venmo account

Can You Have 2 Venmo Accounts? (Updated 2022)

Can you have more than one Venmo account? Do you want to create more than one Venmo account? Is it even possible? Here’s all you need to know.

can you have more than one venmo account

Since its launch in 2009, Venmo has been a PayPal-owned payment service that is presently only available in the United States.

The Venmo website describes itself as a social money transfer software that makes it simple to send and receive money between individuals and organizations.

If you wish to transfer money between your Venmo account and a U.S. bank account (or a debit card that supports Instant Transfer), you must link the two accounts.

Additionally, you must link a U.S. bank account, credit card, or debit card if you wish to make payments that are greater than the amount of your Venmo balance.

Users have the option to write notes and include emojis or stickers while sending payments.

The payment may appear in other people’s feeds, where they can then like or remark on it according to the user’s preferences (accounts can be set to private).

How Do I Set Up a Second Venmo Account?

can you have more than one venmo account

You may link two Venmo accounts to a single joint bank account or credit card if you have a joint bank account with a spouse, child, or other relatives.

When a second user tries to join the same bank account, the Venmo user who linked the bank account initially will be alerted.

This is done for security purposes so that you can always be aware of unauthorized use of your bank account.

The following procedures must be followed in order to link a second Venmo account to a joint bank account.

1. Open the Venmo app and sign into your account

2. Tap the stacked lines logo or the single-person logo, on the top of the screen

3. Select Settings and then Payment methods

4. Tap Add a bank or card

5. Add and verify your bank account information, following the prompts on the screen

The quickest way to verify your bank account is to go into your online banking service, but a manual method that can take up to three business days is also available.

Can I Have a Second Venmo Account for My Business?

can you have more than one venmo account

You must create or link an existing Venmo personal account in order to create a Venmo for a business account.

If you are qualified for a Venmo business account and already have a Venmo personal account, you can immediately link the two accounts and switch back and forth between them.

As an alternative, you can open both a personal and a business Venmo account simultaneously.

Can I Have More Than One Venmo Account?

can you have more than one venmo account

If you and another Venmo user have a combined bank account or debit card, or if you have a Venmo business account, you might be permitted to open two Venmo accounts.

People who share a bank account may now more easily send and receive fast local payments using Venmo thanks to a feature that allows two Venmo accounts to be linked to a single shared bank account.

It’s important to be aware that not all Venmo users have access to the joint account feature just yet; in this case, linking a shared bank card may still be an option.

Can I Use Venmo for My Business?

The company now provides a Venmo business profile option for people, single proprietors, and registered businesses to use, expanding the use of Venmo beyond peer-to-peer transactions.

Any payment methods you add to your Venmo account, for example, as a sole proprietor, will be linked to both your personal and business Venmo profiles.

The payment methods will remain distinct for you if you set up your business profile as a registered business, nevertheless.

This enables you to better manage your finances because any payment method you link to your business profile will only be associated with that profile and have no bearing on your personal account.

Customers can use Venmo to pay for goods or services when they have a business profile.

While there are no additional costs for the client, the business is required to pay seller transaction fees that are on a level with industry norms.

The company must pay Venmo 1.9% plus $0.10 of any payment that exceeds one dollar.

Set Up Your Venmo Business Profile

You must be a resident of the United States and have a personal Venmo account in order to create a business profile.

When you open your business profile, you have the opportunity to create a personal account if you don’t already have one.

You can log in to both profiles using the information from your personal Venmo account, and you can switch between the two accounts by clicking on your image in the upper-left corner.

If You Have a Personal Account

Open the app, and select “Create a business profile” by clicking on your image in the top-left corner if you already have a personal Venmo account.

Additionally, you can choose “Settings” and then “Create Business Profile” by clicking on the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner of the screen.

The required data to create a business account will then be requested of you.

If You Don’t Have a Venmo Account

Installing the Venmo app is the first step. When requested after downloading, choose the “Business” option.

Select “Sign up” and then “Get Started”; you’ll be prompted for your name and email address and asked to create an account password.

You must enter your phone number and then use a code to confirm it. You’ll be prompted for information about your business after having your phone number verified.

Can I have 2 Venmo Accounts With the Same Phone Number?

can you have more than one venmo account

The temporary phone number technique can be used to get around Venmo’s prohibition against having two accounts with the same phone number.

The DoNotPay app or the Receive SMS website are the two services indicated in the preceding section that you can use.

However, in order to use two Venmo accounts, you also need to have two distinct email addresses.

You won’t need to take any more action if you already have two or more email addresses.

Simply create another email address if you only have one. Two email addresses can be registered to one phone number.

Having two Venmo accounts is very helpful when you have two bank accounts in terms of finances.

The Venmo app allows you to transfer money between accounts.

What about a shared bank account, though? The same bank account can really be registered by two different Venmo users.

Just keep in mind that a registered bank account can only be shared by two Venmo accounts. Anything more won’t be permitted.

Will Using a Free Phone Number Work?

can you have more than one venmo account

Purchasing a burner phone, a prepaid mobile that you may discard after using it, is the most common approach to get around the phone number registration policy.

Burner phones allow you to sign up for a variety of services and apps, but they expire after a short period. It might also be expensive.

A different approach that is frequently employed is looking up random fake phone numbers on Google.

Although it’s quick and easy, this method might not be appropriate for all the apps and services you wish to sign up for.

It is possible to get past Venmo’s phone number requirement more easily. DoNotPay is a fantastic program you may use for this.

This program functions similarly to a burner phone by giving you a false phone number that you may use to open a Venmo account.

You can use this app for Venmo as well as any other app that asks for your phone number.

In essence, it generates a transient phone number that you can use once. How to use it to open a Venmo account is as follows:

1. Sign up for DoNotPay on your browser. You can use your email address or phone number.

2. Select the “Burner Phone” tab.

3. Type in “Venmo” when you’re asked which app requires your phone number.

4. Tap on the “Create a Temporary Number” button.

You’ll get a temporary phone number that you can use for 10 minutes. This is what you need to do next:

5. Open the Venmo app on your phone.

6. Enter your email address.

7. Enter your temporary phone number.

8. Create a password.

9. Verify the phone number on the DoNotPay app.

You won’t be able to use your temporary phone number when it expires. You won’t need it, though, as you’ve already confirmed it.

Several times per month, DoNotPay will generate temporary phone numbers in case you want to sign up for another app or service.

PayPal Vs. Venmo 2022

can you have more than one venmo account

If you’ve ever done any online shopping, you’ve definitely come into a scenario where you’re ready to complete the payment procedure when you realize the process is too complicated to justify your purchase.

Choosing the best platform to take payments from clients when you’re beginning a business or growing your enterprise is crucial for a successful operation.

Two of the most widely used payment systems are PayPal and Venmo.

While there are some similarities between the two—Venmo was acquired by PayPal in 2013—their differences outweigh their similarities. Both are free to set up and simple to use.

The platform that is more appropriate for your business will help ensure that your transactions go smoothly and that your consumers actually complete their purchases.

Two of the most popular payment services are Venmo and PayPal.

Here is an evaluation to assist you in selecting the best choice for your company.

PayPal vs. Venmo: at a Glance

Overall, PayPal is a more flexible payment method that may be used for business owners to make and receive money, as well as for peer-to-peer transactions.

On the other hand, Venmo specializes in peer-to-peer payments and recently added features, such as a distinct business profile on your existing Venmo account, that can help business owners.

They still function for smaller teams with minimal payment processing requirements, even though they are not as robust as some of the dedicated credit card processing services offered by many vendors.

Here are the main features of each platform for both personal and business use

PayPal for Personal Use

can you have more than one venmo account

PayPal offers the option to send or request money from family and friends through both a desktop version and an app.

People can exchange money using PayPal without disclosing any of their private financial information, such as their bank account or credit card number.

PayPal also provides the option to open credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards for personal use, as well as the ability to pay for purchases over time.

If you accumulate a balance on PayPal and later want to spend that money in retail establishments, this can be useful.

In addition, PayPal provides a digital credit line with no interest for six months when you pay in full for purchases totaling $99 or more.

PayPal for Small and Medium Businesses

The ability to accept payments with PayPal is a flexible option that can serve a wider range of clients, whether you run an offline or online business.

When it comes to processing payments, PayPal is one of the most well-known names, and when it comes to clients paying for your services, that name recognition can help a lot with conversion rates.

All the major credit cards, Venmo, pay later alternatives, and cryptocurrencies are all accepted by PayPal businesses.

For the processing of business transactions, PayPal levies fees. Following are a few examples of processing fees for various sorts of transactions:

For digital payments like PayPal, Venmo, and Bitcoin, the transaction charge is 3.49% + 49 cents.

Payments made in person using a PayPal rapid response (QR) code: For transactions over $10, a 1.90% additional 10 cents per transaction will apply.

Online credit and debit card transactions cost 2.59% plus 49 cents each.

Card payments made in-person cost 2.29% plus 9 cents per transaction.

Additionally, for qualified businesses, PayPal provides a Seller’s Protection Program.

This can help to protect you in the event that a buyer disputes a transaction or claims they never received an item.

For example, a merchant must be based in the United States and sell tangible goods in order to be eligible for this program.

Venmo Features

can you have more than one venmo account

An app called Venmo makes it simple to transfer money to and from people you know.

Although it is primarily used as a peer-to-peer platform, it has recently expanded to include business owners’ access to payment processing.

Venmo for Personal Use

The program is one of the simplest ways to send money between two people who have Venmo accounts.

You may send money between pals using Venmo and pay them for things like rent, shared utilities, or meals.

On Venmo, you may search for friends by typing their names into the app or sharing a QR code.

You can either transfer your Venmo amount to your bank account or use it to make direct purchases through the app.

You can apply for a Venmo debit card if you want to keep your Venmo balance in the app.

The business also gives customers the choice to apply for a credit card that offers 1% cash back on all peer-to-peer transactions and up to 6% cash back on certain purchases.

You can add these incentives to your Venmo balance.

It costs nothing to transfer money into your bank account, and it usually takes one to three business days.

You must pay a 1% fee up to $10 if you want it transferred promptly.

In addition to being a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform, Venmo also has a social element because you can add friends, view other people’s activities, and comment on those activities.

Venmo for Small and Medium Businesses

Venmo recently made its services available to independent contractors and small enterprises.

Members of Venmo were previously limited to having a single profile per person.

Users can now construct a business profile in addition to a personal profile with the company.

It may be advantageous for a personal trainer or dog walker, for instance, to be able to bill and collect payment from clients using a business Venmo account that is kept separate from their personal account.

Additionally, it is possible to provide customers with possibilities for rewards and cashback while also accepting payments in-store.

Due to Venmo’s social aspect, having your company appear in clients’ news feeds can be a marketing opportunity that can help you spread the word about your brand.


The Venmo app allows you to give and receive money from friends and family members through emoji-filled text messages that appear in a Facebook-like stream.

The money is concealed, and the options allow you to change the visibility to private, friends, or public.

Yes, you are allowed to have more than one Venmo account. However, each account will require a unique phone number and email address.

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