Can You Use PayPal on Amazon? (Updated 2022)

Amazon is a multinational technology business based in the United States. Their interests include digital streaming, cloud computing, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence. 


It is one of the most widely used online stores, and PayPal is one of the most often used online payment methods.

You might be curious if Amazon allows PayPal since it is another practical payment option. The following information will help you determine if Amazon accepts PayPal or not.

Does Amazon Accept Paypal Payment?


PayPal is not an option on Amazon. Currently, PayPal payments are not accepted by Amazon. Instead, the principal payment options are major credit cards and Amazon gift cards.

Having said that, there are two ways to use PayPal to buy anything on Amazon.

1. PayPal Cash Card

PayPal Cash Card

Using a PayPal Cash Card is is a  method by which you can use PayPal to make purchases on Amazon. In essence, a PayPal Cash Card is a debit card that you receive through PayPal.

You must have money in your PayPal account for it to function because it is linked to that account. Because a PayPal Cash Card is a MasterCard, Amazon accepts them.

MasterCard is a well-known credit card that is widely used, notably on Amazon. It functions exactly like a typical debit card.

You need only input the card’s information into your Amazon account payment method. Next, choose the card when checking out. Your PayPal account will be drained of funds before the card may be used.

Your payment should be processed without issue as long as you have the appropriate quantity of money in your PayPal account.

Due to MasterCard’s widespread acceptance, the PayPal Cash Card enables you to utilize PayPal to pay for nearly anything. The PayPal Cash Card can be obtained for free as well.

One can be obtained with just a PayPal account. A credit check is not necessary because it is a debit card rather than a credit card. Finding the PayPal Cash Card option and signing up for it are the only steps required to obtain one.

Only your address and a few other information need to be verified.Your PayPal Cash Card will show up in your mailbox in around 10 days.

Once it has been sent, you can use it to make purchases on Amazon and other sites that take MasterCard. You can purchase things from Amazon with the PayPal Cash Card.

2. Purchase Gift Cards Using PayPal

Amazon gift card

Using a gift card is one way to make purchases on Amazon. Any store that accepts PayPal will let you use your PayPal account to purchase an Amazon gift card. Even a few traditional brick-and-mortar shops use PayPal as a form of payment.

You may buy gift cards with PayPal in-store because retail establishments frequently have them on hand, including Amazon gift cards.

Additionally, there are numerous online retailers where you may use PayPal to purchase gift cards. The most important thing to keep in mind is to purchase the appropriate gift card for the Amazon item you wish to purchase.

For instance, if you want to purchase a video game on Amazon, a $20 gift card is typically insufficient to pay for it. You’re out of luck because PayPal cannot be used to pay the remaining Paypal balance.

For purchases of $50 or more in gift cards, PayPal is required. Additionally, keep in mind the sales pricing and transportation charges.

These will decrease the value of the gift card as well. You can use your gift card to purchase items on Amazon after purchasing them with PayPal. You continue to purchase items from Amazon in this manner using PayPal.

How Come Amazon Doesn’t Accept PayPal Directly?

There is no clear answer, but some background information might assist to explain that possibility.

Going back a few years, PayPal began as a component of eBay, which was and is still a significant competitor of Amazon. Therefore, incorporating PayPal would have benefited one of Amazon’s main rivals.

The fact that Amazon is currently expanding into more areas, including online payment, suggests that there may be another explanation. PayPal and Amazon will begin to resemble direct competitors as Amazon Pay gains in popularity.

Should You Purchase from Amazon Using the PayPal Cash Card?

PayPal Cash Card

You might be unsure whether it’s worthwhile to use your PayPal Cash Card on Amazon even if you have one. The PayPal Cash Card can be practical and handy, however, it lacks a feature that other cards have.

There are no benefits with the PayPal Cash Card.As a result, you might be passing up opportunities to accumulate reward points that can offer you free goods or discounts. It isn’t the best debit card available as a result of that.

Since debit cards can only be used to make transactions using money in your bank account, few of them actually give rewards. You must apply for a credit card with a rewards program if you want to receive points for your Amazon purchases.

Cashback incentives are one feature certain credit cards offer. Meaning that for each purchase you make, you receive a specific amount back.

If you use a card that doesn’t have an annual fee and pay all of your bills on time, you can even end up making some money.

Although the PayPal Cash Card is practical for quick purchases, not using other credit cards prevents you from earning rewards and receiving discounts.

Can I Use PayPal Credit on Amazon?

paypal credit

You might ask if Amazon accepts PayPal Credit even though they don’t take standard PayPal payments. No, Amazon does not accept PayPal Credit.

With the exception of being a credit card, PayPal Credit is comparable to the PayPal Cash Card. Additionally, it is a card that is unaffiliated with any other credit card issuer.

It’s from PayPal itself. Amazon rejects it as a result. The credit card alternative offered by PayPal is called PayPal Credit. The card’s holder can use it to make credit-based purchases. Later, they settle the balance through their PayPal account.

What Advantages Do PayPal Cash Cards Offer When Used on Amazon?

 PayPal Cash Cards

If you use the PayPal Cash Card to make purchases on Amazon and other websites, you won’t receive rewards, but you will still receive some advantages. Using the PayPal Cash Card on Amazon has the following advantages.

1. It’s Simple to Add Money

The fact that one of your cards has some money on it but not enough to cover the amount of the item could be a problem when you shop on Amazon.

You usually can’t do anything about it. But adding money to your debit card using the PayPal Cash Card is simple. You simply need to withdraw money from one of these two sources—banks or credit cards—to load your Cash Card because PayPal connects to both of them.

If you withdraw money from a credit card, keep in mind that PayPal will charge you a fee. It is, however, free if you are withdrawing money from your bank.

You can connect as many banks as you like to PayPal, too. You can always borrow money from another bank if one is running low on resources. If both are low but you are also connected to a credit card, you can always use that to add funds to the account.

This indicates that compared to using a regular debit card, you have more options to load your card and pay for the purchase using the PayPal Cash Card.

Because you may quickly obtain funds from a variety of sources to finance a transaction, the PayPal Cash Card is useful for Amazon purchases.

2. Less Cards

You know how annoying it may be if you carry around a lot of cards in your wallet. Those cards begin to have a similar appearance after a while.

You might not be able to tell which of them are still in use or have money on them. Because it may substitute for many of your cards, using the PayPal Cash Card for Amazon transactions is advantageous.

MasterCard is one of the most popular credit cards that Amazon accepts. Since the PayPal Cash Card is a MasterCard, it can replace any MasterCard you currently have.

3. Budgeting Made Simple

Making your budget much simpler is one of the main benefits of using the PayPal Cash Card. You can’t use the Cash Card to make purchases if there isn’t enough money because it is linked to your PayPal account.

This is advantageous because it can prevent you from going over budget. If PayPal alerts you that you do not have the funds to complete the order, you might reconsider making the buy.

As a result, you’re able to stick to your spending plan. While it is simple to add money to your PayPal account, the process does take a little longer.

You have plenty of options within that period to reconsider your purchase. You can better manage your spending while using the PayPal Cash Card on Amazon.

Are PayPal Keys Acceptable on Amazon?

Are PayPal Keys Acceptable on Amazon?

A new payment option that PayPal is introducing is called PayPal Key. Because not everyone has access to PayPal Key yet, this is a concern.

PayPal is still analyzing it and conducting tests. Only a small number of PayPal users may access it as a result. Having said that, you might be curious about using PayPal Key to buy things on Amazon if you do have access to it.

A virtual credit card is PayPal Key. Given that it is connected to MasterCard, it is essentially accepted everywhere MasterCard is.

The intriguing feature of PayPal Key is how it associates your account’s payment method with its funds. This implies that you can link the card to your bank, credit card, or debit card.

The money is taken out when a purchase is made. Additionally, it is a special credit card—or debit card, if it is connected to your bank or debit card. You can use it as a virtual credit card to make purchases on Amazon.

What is the Amazon PayPal Key Process?

Amazon PayPal Key

A virtual credit card is what PayPal Key is. You receive a fake credit card when you sign up for it. The card has a special number, an expiration date and security code.

You enter this data just like you would any other payment method on Amazon. You can select the virtual card from your available payment methods when you’re ready to complete your Amazon purchase.

As usual, the order is fulfilled. PayPal Cash Card is distinct from PayPal Key since it is a real card. It’s a virtual card called PayPal Key.

The card will never be delivered to you physically. You can find all the card details you require on PayPal.

This benefits you because it increases the security of your online purchases. It’s hazardous to use debit cards for internet transactions.

A con artist who obtains the details will have immediate access to your bank funds. PayPal Key is more secure as a result.

It adds another layer of protection, making it harder for scammers to access your personal data. PayPal also makes significant investments in security.

As a digital wallet, it must be secure. It would lose customers if it didn’t. Since PayPal Key works just like any other credit or debit card, using it on Amazon is simple.

What Advantages Come With Using PayPal Key?

 Using PayPal Key

If PayPal Key is not yet available to you, you might be unsure of its utility. The advantages of using PayPal Key are listed below:

1. Alternate Sources of Funding

Switching the backend source for your card’s funds is equally simple using PayPal Key. You can quickly select a different mode of payment for your virtual card if you are aware that one of your credit cards has expired.

All that is necessary is a fast account log-in and a switch. You are then free to make other purchases. This is perfect if you have a few different credit cards that are best used in particular circumstances.

For instance, you might want to transfer your PayPal Key to that card when you fill up your gas tank if you have a card that offers travel rewards whenever you make a purchase.

You might, however, have another card that rewards you with cash back when you spend at particular retailers. Before making a purchase there, you might want to switch to that card.

You might even find that one of your debit cards is no longer functional, in which case you would have to use your bank.

Whatever the situation, using PayPal Key makes it simple to move between the various payment options that are available to you on your PayPal account.

This gives you a ton of spending options and guarantees that you don’t lose any reward points. You may effortlessly switch between several payment ways thanks to PayPal Key.

2. Deals included In PayPal Purchase Protection

For purchases of PayPal Keys, PayPal also offers its own Purchase Protection. Accordingly, PayPal will reimburse you if you use PayPal Key to purchase something and it is either incomplete, damaged, or never arrives at all.

There are a few exclusions to the rule, but for the most part, you can be sure that you’ll get your money back if the item you ordered isn’t what you get. Due to its inclusion in PayPal’s Purchase Protection program, PayPal Key is advantageous.

3. There is No Possibility of Losing the Card

Since PayPal Key is a virtual card, there is never a chance of losing the card. Everyone has experienced the fear and annoyance of losing their credit or debit card.

If you have debts attached to a certain card, it may put your entire life on pause. You might not be able to tell if the card was stolen or if it was just lost.

There’s also a possibility that you dropped it off somewhere and someone picked it up. You must cancel your actual card after losing it and then order a new one.

The process of switching all of your billing choices to the new card can be time-consuming in addition to taking some time for your new card to arrive.

That represents even more time lost. You’ll never have to be concerned about missing PayPal Key. On your PayPal account, all the data you require is kept. Additionally, you won’t have to wait weeks for a new card to come in the mail.

You can quickly receive a replacement card through PayPal. This makes it simple for you to rapidly convert all of your payments and other payment methods to the new card. You won’t ever have to be concerned about losing your card again thanks to PayPal Key.


Does PayPal work with Amazon? No, but it doesn’t follow that PayPal isn’t an option on Amazon. You may use your PayPal account to pay for Amazon purchases because PayPal provides both a debit card and a virtual card that can be used everywhere Mastercard is accepted.

You can buy an Amazon gift card using your PayPal account and then begin shopping on Amazon using those gift cards.

Despite the fact that Amazon lacks a button for direct PayPal payments, there are a few workarounds. Your debit card can be linked to Amazon via the PayPal Cash Card, and you can then use that to make purchases.

Additionally, you may purchase Amazon gift cards with PayPal and use them to make purchases on Amazon. The new virtual credit card can also be used to make purchases on Amazon if you have PayPal Key. Do well to like, comment, and share if you found this content helpful.

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