Ship Smarter With USPS Click and Ship

When it comes to shipping strategy, the goal is to build a system that makes the procedure inexpensive and quick. Finding ways to minimize costs is an important component of the shipping strategy.

Ship Smarter with USPS Click and Ship

The US Postal Service (USPS) has made low-cost shipping easier via a one-of-a-kind online service called USPS Click n’ Ship.

In essence, this service brings the post office to you. Click n’ Ship allows you to print shipping labels whenever, whenever, and on standard printer paper.

When you’re completed, you’ll be given a confirmation number that will allow you to trace your delivery to its final destination.

Click n’ Ship is essentially an online platform for performing what you would normally do at a Post Office.

According to USPS, over 400,000 consumers have utilized this at-home service to print labels, order free shipping boxes, purchase stamps, and arrange for free package pickup.

Here’s all you need to know about the US Postal Service. Save money and time by using Click n’ Ship.

What Exactly is USPS Click n Ship?

Click n Ship is a useful USPS service that allows you to book and ship goods online when using Priority Mail, Express Mail, or International Mail. It’s essentially an internet portal for making personalized shipments.

To utilize Click n Ship, simply create a USPS account, connect to a printer, and enter your credit card information.

You can use Click n Ship to:

  • On the USPS website, you may purchase postage labels.
  • You can pay for postage with any major credit card.
  • Determine and compare rates
  • Deals with standards
  • Locate a zip code
  • Up to $200 in insurance coverage
  • Up to 1,000 domestic and international addresses can be stored in an online address book.
  • Email delivery notification to the receiver
  • Use a single credit card transaction to print up to ten domestic labels.
  • In shipping history, look at postage labels from the last six months.
  • Accounts can be easily managed through the “My Account” portal.

Currently, USPS Click n Ship labels can be printed for the following domestic and international shipping services:

  • Priority Mail
  • Express Mail
  • Global Express Guaranteed
  • Global Express Mail

However, you will not be able to print Click n Ship labels for First-Class services at this time. The service is also unavailable for the following services:

  • First-Class Package
  • First-Class Mail International
  • First-Class Package International
  • Package Services
  • USPS Retail Ground
  • USPS Retail Ground (non-military sender)
What exactly is USPS Click n Ship?

How to Use USPS Click N Ship

To use the service, you must first register for an account on the USPS website. Here’s a step-by-step instruction for using this service:

1. Open a free USPS account: To use a courier’s services, you must first open an account with them.

2. Construct a shipping label: To create your shipping label, enter the destination address. Click & Ship lets you save and use a list of delivery locations, known as the Address Book, to save time when shipping to the same addresses repeatedly.

3. Select extra actions: You can choose whether to receive tracking information and email updates. You can also tell the receiver that their product has been dispatched, hold it for pickup, or add the address to your Address Book.

4. Enter a shipment date: Indicate when you want your package to be delivered. Make certain that you have the proper date. If you drop off your box for delivery after the shipping date, some Post Offices may not send it.

5. Enter the package weight: USPS and other couriers calculate shipping costs based on weight or box dimensions, whichever is greater.

Choose between traditional postage rates (paid by weight/size) and Flat Rate, which charges a flat fee for any parcel weighing less than 70 pounds.

A flat rate is usually only the cheapest option when sending large or bulky packages. You may get free USPS Flat Rate boxes online.

6. Enter the package value: Almost all USPS shipments are insured up to $50 or $100, depending on the service chosen. At this time, you can add up to $5,000 in supplementary insurance.

7. Include delivery instructions: Include any specific delivery instructions, such as scheduled pick-ups.

8. Select USPS shipping service: Here, you can set the price and delivery time for your item. Priority Mail, Express Mail, Global Express Guaranteed, and Global Express Mail are all options. Browse the alternatives until you discover a price and timetable that work for you.

9. Include value-added functions: Do you require signature confirmation? Put it here. Every shipment includes free tracking.

10. Complete and print the label: The final step is to review your shipment order and pay for the shipping label. Finally, you’ll be able to print your labels now, either at the post office or by downloading them.

How To Use USPS Click N Ship

What is the Cost?

The price of Click n Ship is determined by the mail class, the weight and dimensions of your parcel, and the destination address.

However, people who use this exclusive service are eligible for special savings from USPS. Furthermore, while scheduled carrier pickups are free, special services such as on-demand collection may incur additional charges. We compare a few tariffs below to help you understand how much this service will cost you:

  • Priority Mail Express Flat Rate envelope for domestic shipping: $4.80 in-store / $4.75 online
  • Priority Mail Flat Rate box for domestic shipping: $9.80 in-store / $9.30 online
  • Express Mail Flat Rate envelope for domestic shipping: $16.50 in-store / $16 online
  • 1-pound parcel shipped <150 miles via Express Mail: $12.60 in-store / $12.22 online
  • 1-pound parcel shipped >150 miles via Priority Mail: $4.80 in-store/  $4.75 online

These discounts may appear modest for single shipments, but consider how they will mount up over time or with huge volume shipments – that’s economies of scale at work!

If you own a small business that ships a big number of items on a regular basis, this might significantly cut your total shipping costs. More information on potential savings can be found here.

What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of this Service?

USPS Click n Ship is a simple and convenient service. Making regular journeys to the post office can be an added burden in terms of both time and money for a small business, especially one operated from home.

Managing your shipping online might save a lot of worries, but it comes with its own set of challenges.


  • This saves time and effort.
  • Order free packing boxes
  • Organize free package pickups.
  • Online customs forms and label printing
  • Get access to low-cost delivery options.
  • Using your shipment history, you may easily reship to a previous address.
  • In one account, you can manage all destination addresses, shipments, and tracking.


  • There are just retail rates available. That is, you will miss out on the up to 70% discount shipping costs that Easyship offers.
  • Online systems can experience technical difficulties, rendering them unreliable to use.
  • Payments are contingent on gateways being fully operational – transactions may occasionally fail.
  • Labels for Click n Ship There are no First-Class or Ground services available.

USPS Click n’ Ship Alternatives

When it was introduced in 2019, Click n Ship was a daring new innovation from USPS. Never before could you build entirely customized packages online and have the USPS print your shipping labels in-house.

In today’s world, Click n Ship has been surpassed. Shipping platforms such as Easyship enable you to do everything that Click n Ship does, plus much more.

Easyship allows you to produce shipping labels for any cargo in seconds. Because our shipping solution is directly integrated with, all of the same customizations and choices, such as package pick-up, Flat Rate, and more, are available.

Furthermore, you can use our advanced shipping automation to rapidly compare rates for all couriers.

Plus, when you generate your label with Easyship, you’ll save up to 70% off all USPS service costs.

You may get a taste of the discounts we provide by utilizing our Free Shipping Rate Calculator.

This useful tool provides you with an instant rate quote from the cheapest, fastest, and most cost-effective shipping option available for your exact package.

Here are the lowest rates available anywhere on a 3-pound package shipped from New York City to Denver, CO.

Streamline Your Deliveries With USPS Click n Ship. Click & Ship is a straightforward online tool that allows you to manage all of your shipments through a single, simple account.

You can use it to print labels and fill out customs papers, as well as order boxes and package pickups. All you need is a reliable internet connection, a credit card, and a free USPS account to get started.

Easyship may also provide assistance with shipping labels and customs forms. Their services allow you to easily print labels and book shipments with various carriers all over the world—and you can even automate all of these functions! Do well to like, comment, and share.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Credit cards are a means to access your credit.

Possibly. If you return to the same post office from where you sent the package, it is possible for the post office to track the package.

When you mail your credit card, you expose yourself to identity theft and fraud. So, the question is: why would you want to? You can, of course, mail practically anything. If you decide to take that HUGE risk, it is recommended to send it by certified mail with a signature necessary upon receipt.

When clients are ready to send parcels, USPS retail associates print labels right at the Post Office® location.

This is done to ensure that the billing address on the debit or credit card matches the “from” address on the COA.

If you, the sender, have misplaced or forgotten the tracking number, we recommend using these sites to locate it. If you purchased postage online (through Click-N-Ship®, eBay, or another service), keep your online label record. Below the barcode on the postal item (see “USPS Tracking® – The Fundamentals,” section “What Does a USPS Tracking Label Look Like?”) eReceipt from a self-service kiosk. Inquire if the recipient is a current Informed Delivery subscription. If they are, the tracking number should be shown on their dashboard.

You can manually construct a shipping label using your carrier’s online capabilities. It’s not the fastest option, but it’s adequate for small-volume shipments. Simply go to the carrier’s website, fill out the shipping label template, then download and print the file.

The primary distinction between a billing address and a shipping address is as follows: The shipping address determines shipping charges and ensures that the goods are delivered to buyers. The billing address confirms that the customer is an authorized user of the credit card used to make the purchase.

Yes. Take an envelope, stamp it with your address, and place it in the nearest USPS collection mailbox. The postman will pick it up, and transport it to his USPS hub, where it will be sorted and placed in your delivery route.

CSN Team.


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