shipment is on hold dhl

DHL Shipment on Hold (4 Things to do, What it Means)

The delivery process is one of the most crucial elements of the online shopping experience. When issues arise with your order, shipping may be delayed. It can be frustrating to have to switch between speaking with the carriers and the sellers as a result of this.

shipment is on hold dhl

You might not know what to do to resolve any issues you’re having if the merchant is utilizing DHL to transport your product.

For instance, you might be unsure of what it means if you receive a message stating that your DHL shipment is on hold.

What it means when your DHL shipment is on hold and what you can do about it are explained below.

DHL Shipment on Hold (4 Things to do, What it Means)

shipment is on hold dhl

Your package is no longer moving when you see a notification indicating that your DHL cargo is on hold. There are numerous factors that could hold up your shipping. DHL alerts you to the delay by informing you that the shipment is on hold.

This does not imply that the vendor canceled the order or that they lost the package. It simply indicates that anything happened during delivery that is preventing the delivery driver from getting closer to your location.

There are several actions you can take to gather more information, even though it isn’t much you can do to remedy the issue. When you find that your DHL package has been delayed, take into account the following actions.

1. Contact DHL’s Customer Service

shipment is on hold dhl

Make touch with DHL’s customer care one of your first priorities. Information about your packages, such as its tracking number and destination, will be necessary. The person might be able to provide you with an update or some details regarding the delay.

They might be able to explain the reason for the holdup and provide you with a rough timeline for when the package will continue to move in your direction.

When a natural disaster or societal disturbance occurs, for example, it may be impossible to predict when the shipment can continue traveling. The representative can at most explain the cause of the delay. If your shipment is still being held, you can phone their service every few days to get an update.

2. Research Route

shipment is on hold dhl

While you won’t be able to determine the driver’s precise itinerary, you can get a basic sense. Begin by learning more about your seller. You must ascertain whether they store their goods on-site or in a warehouse.

If they employ a warehouse, you must ascertain the whereabouts of the warehouses. Most often, the person who fills your order is the nearest to you. Next, think about the locations of the DHL transit hubs.

If the carrier was far away from the seller, they probably wouldn’t utilize DHL because it would increase the cost of shipment. You can create a probable path to your place if you are aware of these two sites. You can then use that information to research any issues that might be present there.

For instance, if your delivery is arriving from another nation, you might want to check for border closures or overworked customs offices. It’s important to look at how crowded ports are because this might potentially delay shipments.

Even something as straightforward as local road work might become problematic. You may have a better understanding of the reason for the delay after you are aware of the factors that are at play.

3. Wait

shipment is on hold dhl

When your shipment is delayed, waiting it out is the wisest course of action. Your location will receive your package. Possibly a little longer than you anticipated.

It’s also worthwhile contacting DHL again if you do find yourself waiting for more than a few weeks after the original anticipated arrival date.

4. Cancel the Order

shipment is on hold dhl

Finally, you can always cancel your order if the delay is going to be an issue or if you won’t need the item when it arrives.

DHL will be informed not to deliver the package when you cancel an order. Instead, they’ll give it back to the vendor.

Why Does Your DHL Package Say Shipment on Hold?

shipment is on hold dhl

1. Natural Disaster

Natural Disasters

Unfortunately, the weather is beyond the control of transportation firms. Although they make every effort to deliver both on bright and wet days, some weather conditions are just too hazardous for them to pass through.

Any time is a possibility for natural disasters. The most common natural disasters that come to mind are tornadoes or hurricanes, but other catastrophes might also delay delivery. A delivery driver may be unable to drive during snowstorms, earthquakes, or even very windy days.

In some circumstances, a recent natural calamity prevents the shipment from moving forward. The roads are ruined or covered in rubble. Even some highways may experience water issues.

Until the community clears the debris or until they can locate an alternate path, the driver in these circumstances won’t be able to go to your destination. They will need to find a safe place to seek refuge if they find themselves in the heart of a natural disaster.

Natural catastrophes can strike suddenly or develop slowly. They can’t return to driving until it’s safe to do so. Even then, they might discover that the region is impassable or that their van has sustained some damage. They may delay your DHL package due to a natural disaster.

2. Social Unrest

social unrest

DHL mostly distributes to nations in Europe. As a result, social unrest occurrences frequently take place. Protests and marches can affect delivery, whether they are made in opposition to a single leadership decision or a law.

Borders may even close temporarily due to societal upheaval in some cases. Social disturbance occasionally only results in minor shipping delays. The only thing the driver needs to do is take an alternative route around the march or protest.

However, this can be challenging if there is a sizable demonstration or march. Being on the highways might not be safe either. Before continuing on their path, the driver must take the appropriate safety precautions. If not, your order might never arrive at your door. Your DHL cargo may be delayed due to social disturbance.

3. Closed Borders

Closed Borders

Closed borders are one of the main causes you can notice that your cargo is halted. There are several justifications for a nation to close its borders. Countries blocked their borders during the COVID-19 pandemic in an effort to lessen the likelihood of the illness spreading.

This resulted in delays for numerous deliveries. Simply put, DHL and other carriers were unable to enter another nation until that nation lifted the lockdown and reopened its borders. A security hazard may also be a factor in a nation’s decision to seal its borders.

They will close the borders if they think someone or something suspicious is attempting to leave or enter the country. They typically simply shut down the border in the region where the offender was last seen.

The driver will encounter a delay, though, if DHL is attempting to pass the same border. Finally, nations may block their borders as a result of political unrest. For instance, if two neighboring nations are at war, they might block their borders to prevent an invasion.

The issue with closed borders is that one can never predict how long they will remain closed. DHL may find it nearly impossible to finish the delivery as a result of their inability to enter the nation.

If the delivery is in the blocked country, they will either have to find another route or wait until the border opens. Your delivery may end up being delayed for a considerable amount of time. In the event that DHL encounters a closed border, they can delay your cargo.

4. Port Congestion

Port Congestion

Port congestion is one of the more frequent causes of your DHL shipment being delayed. DHL must bring your order through customs if it is coming from another nation. For many nations, customs are the first line of defense.

To make sure nothing is entering the nation illegally, the staff members examine various packages and shipping manifests. Additionally, they search for harmful objects including bombs, missiles, and biological weapons.

Customs can get very busy at various times of the year. A good illustration is the holiday season. Due to the widespread purchase of goods that are largely imported, customs are suddenly forced to handle thousands of shipments.

The same as everyone else, DHL must wait for its turn. Most of the time, port congestion doesn’t result in significant delays. They may delay your package for a day or two before it starts moving forward again. However, some situations, like the COVID-19 pandemic, might exacerbate issues.

Because so many people rely on internet shopping and there isn’t as much personnel available, there is a bottleneck. The verification mechanism can only handle a specific number of parcels each day. This can result in a significant delay, which only becomes worse as more items start to arrive.

You can anticipate that your cargo will stay on hold until it passes through the system. Your DHL cargo may be delayed due to traffic at ports and customs.

5. Route Changes

Route Changes

Additionally, DHL may decide to hold your shipment if the route undergoes any abrupt changes. It’s possible for a delivery person to get sick while driving or to experience a personal emergency.

There’s a chance that delivery vans will need repairs. To finish the delivery, this calls for a different driver or van. But they’ll have to modify their route to fit it in. It may result in a day or two delay for your package as a result.

If you check your tracking and see that your shipment is moving away from you or is in a weird location, it was likely routed in a different direction. These can happen at any time, although they don’t usually cause a significant delay in your shipment.

If your shipment needs to be rerouted, DHL might have to temporarily halt delivery of your goods.

6. Lack of Transport

Lack of Transport

Compared to some of the other carriers, DHL is smaller. They only have a few vehicles, airplanes, ships, and other forms of transportation as a result. When they are overextended, they must wait until one of those transport trucks becomes available.

Weight is one of the most crucial factors in the shipping sector. They chose many of their routes based on weight. This is due to the fact that heavier objects will cost more to transport.

Carriers strive to maintain a balance between cost-effectiveness and efficiency because of this. If your package weighs a lot, they might need to send a brand-new van to transport it. For the final van in the convoy, it can be excessively hefty.

You will consequently have to wait for a replacement van for an additional day. Your package will now be placed on hold, and DHL will notify you of this. Until a new mode of transportation shows up, they are keeping it.

DHL is a smaller carrier, thus your package may be delayed as a result of their insufficient fleet of transport trucks.

7. Incomplete Documentation

Incomplete Documentation

The shipping sector is based on paperwork and documentation. Labels, bar codes, and scanners are used for the majority of documentation. However, due to the nature of shipping, labels may sustain damage or have their bar codes scratched off.

That prevents anyone from reading or scanning them. As a result, the documentation is insufficient. The delivery location is no longer known to the driver. Perhaps because they are unsure about the contents of the box, the customs office is unable to process it.

There may occasionally be an error on the seller’s end. They might have failed to incorporate the information in their haste. DHL might have to put the package on hold until they have that information. In other situations, the purchaser might enter incorrect information or omit to include something.

In this instance, DHL must wait for them to address the issue. They can only get the paperwork they require to finish the shipment after that. If you get a message saying that your shipment is delayed, it may be because DHL is short on the necessary paperwork.

You will get another message asking for the necessary information if it needs your supporting documents.

8. Holidays


The fact that it is a holiday is the last factor that could explain why your DHL shipment is delayed. On a holiday, DHL does not work. Even if you don’t anticipate receiving your package on a holiday, you never know when a weekday or a less widely observed holiday will fall on your calendar.

Certain holidays are off-limits to DHL, which prevents delivery personnel from being on the road. This typically indicates that there is only a one-day delay for your item. However, it may be worthwhile to determine if it’s a holiday if you happen to notice a message stating that your DHL delivery is on hold.

It will probably resume its passage the next day if such is the case. Holidays might delay many items, including DHL delivery.

How Can I Avoid “On Hold” Occurrences?


It isn’t much you can do to stop this kind of thing from happening. It is due to difficulties the delivery service faced when sending your goods, thus you have no influence over it.

The only thing you can do is make sure the goods you are shipping are legal so that customs officials do not delay them, and that you have paid all applicable fees and completed any necessary documentation.

You can take all the necessary steps to make sure that your package shipping experience is hassle-free. Once you’ve taken care of everything on this list, you can no longer influence the situation.

Even these actions will rarely change an “on hold” scenario because most “on hold” issues are caused by widespread disruptions rather than a problem with your particular package.


When you notice the status “On hold,” it can be very upsetting because you frequently have no idea how long the shipment will be delayed or when it should start moving again. Although calling DHL can help alleviate these problems, the scenario is still challenging.

If you’re sick of standing in line to get a delivery that has been “on hold” for some time, you might want to think about obtaining a virtual mailbox. This will enable you to accept delivery of the package whenever you want, regardless of whether you’re at home or not.

This is a terrific method to simplify your life if you frequently have products shipped from abroad and to guarantee that you always receive your packages, regardless of delays or incorrect arrival estimates.

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