Does Safeway Take Apple Pay? (Updated 2022)

The manner in which we pay for labor and products is advancing toward computerized techniques, for example, Macintosh Pay. Nonetheless, a few stores acknowledge computerized installment techniques, while others are as yet making up for a lost time.

does safeway take apple pay

Safeway gladly acknowledges Apple Pay and different types of computerized installments to make shopping as simple as workable for their clients.

Running a family can be distressing enough without stressing over how you will pay for your regular food items securely and helpfully.

Furthermore, computerized installment is the method representing things to come, and embracing innovation and change is ideal.

At the point when you shop at Safeway utilizing Apple Pay, you are shopping with the assistance of a strong organization that will assist you with zeroing in on the things that make the biggest difference. 

What is Safeway?

does safeway take apple pay

Safeway is a well-known American supermarket chain with 907 stores all throughout the country. It was established in 1915 by an aggressive man named M.B. Skaggs.

The store is glad for its set of experiences, however, have they additionally embraced what’s to come? Indeed. You can utilize Apple Pay when you pay face to face at Safeway stores.

In any case, that may not be naturally clear when you visit the site. As per Safeway’s site:

“We acknowledge Visa, MasterCard, Find, and American Express Mastercards, and charge cards that have a Visa or MasterCard logo. 

We additionally acknowledge SNAP EBT/EBT Money installment cards for in-store buys. 

Cash, gift vouchers, Quick Forward, individual checks, and other charge accounts are different types of satisfactory installment coming up.”

The disarray comes from whether you can utilize the charge and Mastercards they acknowledge carefully.

Safeway declared the Apple Pay abilities through Twitter in both 2017 when they redesigned their capacities and again in 2020.

“Starting yesterday, every one of our areas is tolerating Apple Pay.

Safeway (@Safeway) October 7, 2017

Indeed! All areas acknowledge Apple Pay.

Safeway (@Safeway) April 3, 2020″

While all Safeway stores acknowledge Apple Pay, it’s essential to explain that you can’t utilize Apple Pay to buy things for conveyance or in-store pickup on the web. It just applies to in-store buys.

What is Apple Pay?

does safeway take apple pay

Apple Pay is a computerized wallet on your cell phone that stores your charge card data.

At the point when you don’t have your card, you can utilize your computerized wallet to pay for things face to face by checking it at an advanced peruser as opposed to swiping your card.

Apple Pay utilizes Close to Handle Correspondence or NFC innovation that doesn’t send your Visa data to the peruser but checks that you are approving the buy.

You can likewise utilize your Apple Pay record to pay for some things on the web, as well. Apple Pay permits you to enter up to 12 cards in your computerized wallet.

In the event that you don’t have an iPhone, you might have a telephone that has Samsung Pay or Google Pay, which are very much like computerized wallets.

Why Use Apple Pay?

does safeway take apple pay

There are various reasons somebody would prefer to utilize Apple Pay instead of their standard installment techniques.

1. Left Card at Home

How often have you gone to the service station just to find that you left your card in your other coat or on your foot stool at home?

With Apple Pay, on the off chance that you fail to remember your card, as we as a whole do occasionally, you will not need to go as far as possible back home.

You can utilize your Apple Pay to make your buy, despite the fact that you don’t have your card.

This comes in extremely convenient when you have others with you, and you would rather not humiliate yourself by conceding you failed to remember your card.

2. Secure Installments

Utilizing a Mastercard can set you in a weak situation without knowing it, even at a protected store like Safeway. Individuals might have the option to take your card from you or duplicate the data to make online buys.

At the point when you use Apple Pay, you never need to take your charge card or Mastercard out of your wallet.

You don’t have to bring the card by any means in the event that you have a real sense of safety leaving it at home. Moreover, Apple Pay doesn’t send the card data to the computerized peruser as you would accept.

All things being equal, it sends an encoded code. This implies that the store doesn’t actually check your card number, safeguarding it on account of a security break like the one that occurred at Focus in 2013.

3. Security

Since Apple Pay doesn’t utilize your genuine card data, the store will not have your name appended to the buy. 

While you will have the buy saved in your wallet application for a restricted measure of time, that is the main record of the buy.

Obviously, your monetary foundation will, in any case, have point-by-point records of your buys in general, however, essentially you don’t gamble with the store involving your data for spontaneous promotion.

4. Comfort

Utilizing Apple Pay is a lot more straightforward than utilizing your check card and Mastercard. You don’t have to look for the right card in your wallet or go through a long buying process.

To add to the comfort, you can make buys without getting up to track down your wallet and, all things considered, simply use Apple Pay while web based shopping.

The Most Effective Method to Set Up Apple Pay

does safeway take apple pay

You can set up your Macintosh Pay account utilizing either your cell phone or your Macintosh PC utilizing the accompanying system:

1. Open the Wallet Application

The Wallet application is naturally downloaded on all advanced Apple items, so you will not need to download it.

To track down it, look at all of your applications or utilize the convenient hunt highlight.

2. Stir Things Up Around Town or the “Add Card” Button

You will see the “+” button on the upper right screen of the telephone opposite “Wallet” on your cell phone. Your macintosh PC will have a button that peruses “Add Card”

3. Sign in to Apple Record

In the event that you haven’t as of now, you will be approached to sign in with your Apple ID. 

When you set up your wallet utilizing your Apple ID, you will approach the wallet from any gadget you are endorsed into.

4. Pick Card Type

You will get three choices:

Past card: A rundown of past cards utilized under your Apple ID will spring up. You will just enter the security code to add them to your wallet.

Charge or Visa: Output your card or enter the card data

Travel card: Enter your travel card for public transportation and at no point ever miss your train searching for your card in the future!

You can likewise add a card to your computerized wallet when you visit the monetary foundation’s application or site.

5. Select Your Default Card

Since you can enter up to 12 cards, you might have two or three cards you need to place into your advanced wallet.

Guarantee that you have your essential card chosen as the default installment strategy.

6. Confirm that Your Card Works

You would rather not run into a shock when you want your Apple Pay to work. You ought to make a buy with your Apple Pay to guarantee you set it up appropriately.

Obviously, it’s ideal to get the actual card with you case it doesn’t work.

Fun Reality: You can likewise add your card to your Apple Watch in the Wallet application on the actual watch or with your cell phone!

Step-By-Step Instructions to Use Apple Pay

does safeway take apple pay

The entire thought of Apple Pay is to make things more advantageous for the client. It is somewhat speedy and helpful when you know how to utilize it.

1. Open Telephone

To make buys utilizing Apple Pay, you really want to open your telephone.

There are various security strategies to look over, including:

  • Password
  • Face acknowledgment
  • Contact ID

Remember that assuming you open your telephone too early, the screen might lock again before you get the chance to pay.

2. Permit Peruser to Sweep Telephone

You should simply hold the highest point of your telephone to the contactless peruser with the telephone opened. You don’t for even a moment need to open up your Wallet application.

The computerized peruser will be joined to the card peruser.

3. Confirm Installment Went Through

Since the cycle might appear to be too simple to ever be valid, you might contemplate whether it worked. You ought to receive a reasonable message when the installment goes through.

The contactless peruser will blare. Moreover, you’ll get a “DONE” message on your telephone as well as a mark.

Most Common Apple Pay Issues and Investigating

A befuddled young fellow wearing pullover standing disengaged over yellow foundation, utilizing a cell phone. Likewise, with all innovation, you might run into an issue while utilizing Apple Pay.

While not normal, you might figure out an opportunity when it isn’t filling in true to form. We will cover a portion of the fundamental reasons you could run into an issue.

1. Low Battery

Apple Pay requires satisfactory battery duration to work since the innovation requires a ton of force. Taking everything into account will require something like 30% battery duration to utilize Apple Pay.

You might run out of the house imagining that you can charge your telephone when you return home.

Nonetheless, it’s ideal to charge it before you leave assuming that you see yourself tumbling to hazardously low levels.

2. Not Examining as expected

Stores put truckloads of cash into purchasing viable and solid computerized scanners. On the off chance that the scanners don’t work as expected, they might lose a buy, so they need them good to go.

So, once in a while, a computerized scanner might break and require fix. All the more normally, examining issues are a consequence of a human mistake.

Be that as it may, don’t get deterred. Many individuals call for an investment to conform to the method involved with checking their telephone to utilize Apple Pay.

Make sure to filter at the highest point of the telephone. Assuming you keep on battling, call Apple’s client service to decide on other potential reasons for the issue.

3. Card Blunder

Here and there, a specific card has an issue for some explanation. On the off chance that one card, specifically, doesn’t appear to be working, begin by rebooting your telephone and attempting once more.

In the event that that doesn’t work, erase the card and reappear it. On the off chance that you actually have an issue, contact your bank or Mastercard organization to request more unambiguous assistance.

You might have an issue because of a hang on their end or a harmed card.

4. Store Doesn’t Acknowledge Apple Pay

Your Apple Pay won’t work on the off chance that the store isn’t set up to acknowledge it. Fortunately, Safeway takes Apple Pay

A few stores that incredibly didn’t acknowledge Apple Pay as of late as 2019 include:

  • Sam’s Club
  • Walmart
  • Kroger
  • Guitar Center
  • Leisure activity Entryway
  • K-Store

Apple Pay Versus Samsung Pay Versus Google Pay

Would it be advisable for you to utilize Apple Pay, or would it be advisable for you to utilize Samsung Pay or Google Pay?

We break down the information to find which administration is best in specific regions.

1. Worldwide Shopping

Apple Pay is acknowledged in 41 nations all through the world while Samsung Pay is acknowledged in 29 nations, and Google Pay is acknowledged in 24 nations.

2. Bank Similarity

Every one of the three computerized wallets acknowledges cards from a wide number of various banks. Apple Pay acknowledges cards from a few global banks not acknowledged by Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

Be that as it may, we accept Samsung Pay and Google Pay win since they likewise permit you to interface with your PayPal account while Apple Pay doesn’t.

3. Innovation

While Apple Pay and Google Pay use NFC innovation, Samsung Pay utilizes both NFC innovation and attractive secure transmission (MST).

This innovation really interfaces with the attractive strip on your card.

This permits customers to utilize Samsung Pay even at terminals that haven’t updated their innovations yet.

Notwithstanding, it actually won’t work at terminals that expect you to enter the whole card into it to understand it.

4. Comfortability

Apple Pay wins with regard to comfort. You will approach your Wallet on all Apple gadgets where you are endorsed into your record.

You can likewise basically move data starting with one gadget and then onto the next in the event that you update your card.

Apple’s client care is likewise rather helpful and educational, causing it more helpful when you to have questions or an issue.

Apple Pay Realities and Measurements

Despite the fact that Apple Pay and computerized wallets, as a general rule, got a sluggish beginning, the idea is rapidly getting energy.


Safeway gladly acknowledges Apple Pay and different types of computerized installments to make shopping as simple as workable for their clients.

Running a family can be distressing enough without stressing over how you will pay for your regular food items securely and helpfully.

Furthermore, computerized installment is the method representing things to come, and embracing innovation and change is ideal.

At the point when you shop at Safeway utilizing Apple Pay, you are shopping with the assistance of a strong organization that will assist you with zeroing in on the things that make the biggest difference. 

For example, who’s coming to supper to assist you with eating some everyday food items you purchased?

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