Does Subway Take Apple Pay?

Does Subway Take Apple Pay? (2023 Update)

Does Subway take Apple pay? Apple Pay is a popular method for paying for food at restaurants. Because of its multi-factor authentication, it is incredibly convenient and secure.

Does Subway Take Apple Pay?

It is understandable why it now has more than 45 million users in the USA alone and many more across the globe.

While you might be eager to use Apple Pay, you might not be aware of which companies accept it. Using Apple Pay can be really helpful if you leave your credit card at home, after all!

Even while Apple Pay is becoming more and more popular, not all businesses accept it. If you enjoy eating at Subway, you might be curious if they accept Apple Pay.

Can I Use Apple Pay at Subway?

Can I use Apple Pay at Subway?

Yes, Subway has been accepting apple pay. You need a supported Apple device in order to use Apple Pay as a payment method.

However, you can scan your device at the checkout to make in-store purchases once you’ve set up Apple Pay.

The choice to pay using Apple Pay is provided if you place an order through the mobile app on a device that supports it.

Does the Subway App Support Apple Pay?

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You can use Apple Pay to make a purchase of food when using the Subway app on an Apple device. Furthermore, choosing Apple Pay from the different payment methods is all that is necessary if it isn’t already selected.

However, you’ll need to have Apple Pay configured on your phone in advance of doing this.

Does Subway Website Accept Apple Pay?

Does Subway Website Accept Apple Pay?

If you are placing a Subway order on the Subway website whether or not as a subway customer, you must use a Mac that supports Apple Pay.

Then, once you have satisfied the required conditions, you will be given the choice to use Apple Pay when placing an order on the Subway website.

How do I Use Apple Pay at Subway?

Follow the listed procedures below to learn how you can use Apple Pay at a Subway:

1. Purchase a compatible Device

An Apple device that is Apple Pay compatible is the first need if you want to use Apple Pay at Subway. You must own an Apple product in order to use Apple Pay.

iPhones, Apple watches, and Mac computers are the categories of Apple products compatible with Apple Pay. However, at Subway, using an iPhone or Apple Watch is only possible while paying at the counter.

Using Apple Pay on your MacBook computer is possible if you are placing an online order and picking it up in-store.

2. Configure Apple Pay

You should enable Apple Pay on your device as soon as you have one that you intend to use. Doing this before placing your order is crucial!

However, you shouldn’t set up Apple Pay while there are people in line behind you since it can take some time.

3. Request to use Apple Pay

Tell the cashier you want to use Apple Pay when it’s time to pay for your order at the conclusion of the process.

4. Scan your Device

When you first use Apple Pay, this could be puzzling, but as you use it more, it will become second nature. On the payment device, only look for the Apple Pay logo.

The word “Pay” is next to the image of an apple in the Apple Pay logo. The payment gadget could also include a contactless sign.

The contactless symbol resembles a hand reaching toward a sideways Wi-Fi symbol while holding a card. Hold your phone in close proximity to the contactless symbol if you plan to pay with it.

Your phone automatically detects the presence of a payment terminal and you will now press your phone’s side button twice.

However, please note that when paying with your Apple Watch, the procedure is the same. Hold the watch against the object.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apple Pay is widely used as a contactless credit card payment option. Although Subway can accept Apple Pay, which credit cards does it currently accept?

American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are all accepted at Subway. These are the common cards that are accepted in the majority of places that accept credit cards in the US.

Yes, you can. Another well-liked method of electronic payment that doesn’t require you to carry a card with you is PayPal.

The good news is that Subway accepts PayPal as a mode of payment. When ordering from the Subway website online, PayPal is an option.

Also, a PayPal payment option should be available when placing a Subway order through their mobile app.

Anywhere that Mastercard is accepted, you can use your Venmo credit card. This implies using your Venmo credit card to pay at Subway.

Using a delivery service like DoorDash, GrubHub, or Uber Eats is another option to purchase Subway with Venmo. You can split the bill with your friends who are also using these delivery apps by using Venmo.

You frequently have the choice to tip when it comes time to make a purchase. However, identifying the proper tipping location can be difficult.

Since many fast-food restaurants don’t accept tips, whether you tip at Subway is a matter of personal preference.

Yes, you can. Gift cards are available at Subway, You can purchase them online at the Subway gift card store.

However, both physical and e-gift cards can be purchased and delivered electronically to the recipient.

Up to $500 worth of gift cards are available from Subway. You can buy more than one card if you want gift cards with a more considerable value.

If you wish to use Apple Pay at Subway, you may be looking for alternative convenient locations where you can do the same thing.

Some well-known retailers accept Apple Pay: Radio Shack, Lego, Macy’s, Old Navy, Urban Outfitters, Sephora, and Foot Locker.

However, Apple Pay is also accepted at a variety of eateries. You may use it to purchase food at the following locations: Chick-fil-A, KFC, Jimmy John’s, Subway, Pizza Hut, and McDonald’s.

Yes, it was. Not only does Subway currently accept Apple Pay, but it was also one of the first fast-food businesses to do so.

When it introduced its mobile ordering service in 2014, it also began using Apple Pay. Regarding adopting Apple Pay, Subway has made significant progress since 2014.

These days, it is utilized by more than just their mobile app system. Additionally, Apple Pay is accessible at its retail locations.

Finally, another way to order from Subway and pay with Apple Pay is through contactless curbside ordering available through the Subway app.

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