Does Target Accept Afterpay? (2022 Updated)

It’s understandable that many Target consumers would like to use Afterpay because it’s one of the most used payment methods at checkout.

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Customers that use Afterpay frequently choose Target because it is one of the most well-liked retailers in the nation. Read on to discover the drawbacks, advantages, constraints, and limitations.

Does Target Accept Afterpay?

Does Target accept Afterpay?

Yes, Target accept Afterpay for online purchases only. On or within the Target mobile app, all you have to do is select it as your preferred payment option.

One of the few drawbacks is that Target stores frequently impose spending caps on customers who use “buy now, pay later” payment methods.

There is a $1 minimum and a $1000 maximum for Afterpay transactions at Target. Pay close attention not to go over the limit while adding things to your Target shopping cart online.

Regardless of whether you are shopping at Target or somewhere else, you must comply with the following Afterpay’s US Terms of Service requirements in order to use the service:

  • Atleast 18 years of age is required.
  • An American citizen or permanent resident
  • Eligible to own a debit card

What is Afterpay?

What Is Afterpay?

With Afterpay, a digital payment option, you can large purchase items now and pay for them later without having to make a single, full payment.

The whole payment is divided into four equal installments when you make a purchase using the app, which you may set up on your phone and/or connect to your Apple Pay or Google Pay accounts.

Each installment must be paid in full every two weeks. The initial installment, which equals 25% of the entire purchase price, is required at the time of purchase. Afterpay will be free to use as long as all of your payments are made on time.

How Do I Use Afterpay to Shop at Target?

How Do I Use Afterpay to Shop at Target?

Purchasing items from or the Target app is simple when using your digital wallet.

Simple actions to take are listed below:

1. Sign Up for an Afterpay Account.

Make sure that your account is active before moving on. Visit the Afterpay US website or get the mobile app to sign up.

2. Start Your Shopping

Upon account creation, you are ready to go. You may easily start shopping by visiting or by downloading the Target mobile app. Just remember not to go above $1,000 with your total.

3. Choose Afterpay at Checkout

Afterpay will show up as one of your payment options, just like any other electronic payment method, when you start the Target checkout process.

If the item is not on the list or you are unable to select it as an option, make sure your order total is between the minimum and maximum range.

4. Finish Placing Your Order and Begin Paying.

You’ll be charged the first payment (25 percent of the total price) upfront when you use Afterpay to pay for something at Target.

Afterward, two weeks from that date, you must submit your second payment. Prior to making all of your payments, this will occur three more times.

To ensure that you don’t forget about your payment due dates, the app will send you reminders. So that you won’t have to worry about missing a payment, you may also set up automatic payments.

Which Advantages Does Afterpay Offer?

Which Advantages Does Afterpay Offer?

An overview of the time-saving Afterpay digital service’s advantages is provided below:

  • Pay later if you buy now
  • If you make your payments on time, it’s totally free.
  • Avoid paying interest on purchases.
  • Assists you in avoiding the hassle of applying for a credit card
  • No matter what your credit rating is, you can download and use
  • It is possible to store it in your digital wallet.

The biggest advantage of using Afterpay is without a doubt the opportunity to purchase what you want now and pay for it later.

Because it enables clients to purchase the goods they desire and need without having to pay the full cost upfront, Afterpay functions similarly to a credit card.

Unlike credit cards, Afterpay doesn’t check consumers’ credit or make them fill out applications. And what’s even better than that? The service never levies interest. That’s accurate. Only if you miss a payment deadline will you be charged a fee.

In other words, Afterpay is a fantastic alternative to a credit card, at least for daily purchases and moderate investments, assuming you’re alright with money and know you’ll be able to pay every two weeks.

How Should I Configure Afterpay?

How Should I Configure Afterpay?

Downloading the software from the Google Play Store or App Store, depending on your mobile device, is the quickest and simplest way to get started with Afterpay.

The next actions should be taken after the app has been downloaded:

  • Just open the app and enter your login information.
  • Enter your credit card information by selecting the Card option and then adhering to the on-screen directions.
  • Create a profile with your Afterpay Card.
  • During checkout, start using your app.

How Do I Shop Online At Target Using Afterpay?

How Do I Shop Online At Target Using Afterpay?
  • Select Afterpay as your method of payment at checkout.
  • If you haven’t already, sign in to your Afterpay account to complete the transaction.
  • Give new users the Afterpay payment information.

In the event that your first order is approved, open an Afterpay account. Downloading the Afterpay app and creating a password come next.

Is There a Transaction Fee for Afterpay?

Is There a Transaction Fee for Afterpay?

If you pay all of your planned installments on time, using Afterpay won’t cost you anything more.

You will only need to pay the purchased item’s regular price in order to complete the four installments.

Who May Use Afterpay at Target?

Who May Use Afterpay At Target?

The following prerequisites must be met in order to use Afterpay at or any other recognized merchant in the United States:

  • If you reside in Nebraska or Alabama, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • To apply, you must be a citizen of the US or a resident of Washington, DC.
  • You ought to be able to enter into a contract that is enforceable.
  • Must supply a working United States address.
  • Your phone number and email address must be current.
  • You must possess a credit or debit card that was issued in the US.

How Target Online Shopping is Made Easier With Afterpay?

How Target Online Shopping Is Made Easier With Afterpay?

The Afterpay mobile app has a list of all merchants that accept Afterpay as a means of payment in the United States.

Simple steps to use Afterpay include downloading the app and making purchases from a recognized online merchant.

You may locate the name of a nearby store using the app, allowing you to make purchases and handle the payment later without feeling awkward.

You may utilize Afterpay in addition to Target at Amazon, Walgreens, and Kroger.

Does Afterpay Approve Each Order Placed on Target?

Does Afterpay approve each order placed on Target?

Afterpay does not always approve orders.Afterpay is committed to encouraging sound money management.

It is possible that your order will be declined, even though the order sum is less than your anticipated spending cap.

This is so that Afterpay can take various factors into account when approving orders.

You may have spending limits of your own, but the store where you are making the purchase may have extra limitations as well.

When determining which orders to allow, Afterpay considers a variety of factors.

For instance, you’re more likely to be allowed to spend more the longer you’ve been an Afterpay user and the more orders you’ve successfully reimbursed.

What Should I Take into Account When Using Afterpay?

What Should I Take Into Account When Using Afterpay?

What to think about when utilizing Afterpay is as follows:

  • Does your card have adequate funds? (Check the order value on the card you are using to see the first payment amount that is available for spending.)
  • When did you start using Afterpay? (After order clearance in the first six weeks is more stringent.)
  • If paying off a portion of your debt is advantageous (not compulsory).
  • Whether the order you’re trying to place will help lessen the overall cost of your shopping basket (not compulsory).
  • The amount of orders you currently have that are “open” using Afterpay (not compulsory).

Is it Safe to Use My Digital Wallet’s Afterpay Card?

Is It Safe To Use My Digital Wallet's Afterpay Card?

Yes. It’s safe and secure to use an Afterpay card with your digital wallet.

For any transaction made through the Apple Wallet or Google Wallet apps, Afterpay requires user identification. Let’s look more closely.

1. Buying Using Apple Wallet

Apple Pay requires identification for each transaction through Face ID, Touch ID, or your device passcode.

2. Making Purchases with the Google Wallet App

Google Pay will request that you unlock your smartphone using your selected authentication method for purchases above $50.

You can only complete a certain amount of transactions under $50 with a locked screen before your device needs to be unlocked in order to proceed.

Can I Return An Online Purchase From Target Using My Afterpay Card?

Can I Return An Online Purchase From Target Using My Afterpay Card?

If the shop does not permit online returns in-store, you must use Afterpay and adhere to the shop’s online return policy.

You can return online purchases made through Afterpay to Target.

What to do is as follows:

You can return or exchange an item in-store with a valid receipt.

Using their online return center, customers who used Afterpay can mail their goods back to them.

Returns must follow the business’s return policy. These steps should be followed to return an item to a Target location or our online return center:

1. Log in with your Target account.

2. Visit or the Target app/Purchases to choose your order.

3. Locate and choose the order.

4. Next, choose Return item.

Select one of the following options:

1. Go back to the store

  • Bring the barcode to the shop so their personnel can handle your return.

2. Return by mail:

  • Pick a product to return.
  • From the drop-down menu, select a justification for the return; then click Continue.
  • After selecting Replace item or Refund item, click Continue.
  • Specify the shipping address.
  • Go to your account to add or modify an address.
  • To print your mailing label, choose Submit from the drop-down menu, then select print Mailing Label. Then just follow the on-screen directions.
  • Include the original item and all accompanying packing and accessories.
  • If you return the incorrect item and Target has already processed your refund, they may charge you for the original purchase price.
  • Attach the return label to the package’s exterior.
  • On the outside of the package, affix the return label. Send your package to a UPS-approved location for delivery. Go to to locate a drop-off location.

How Do I Return a Target Online Purchase Made Through the Afterpay App By Mail?

How Do I Return A Target Online Purchase Made Through The Afterpay App By Mail?

You may put off making a payment if you anticipate receiving a refund.

  • In the Afterpay app, click the “Orders” icon.
  • To view the order details, return to an order by choosing it and scrolling down.
  • Select “Return Order.”
  • Choose “Mailing a return.”
  • Decide on the correct return information.
  • When you’re done, you’ll get a confirmation that the payment was transferred successfully.

Where Can I See the Target Afterpay Purchases I’ve Made in the Past?

Both your online account and the Orders page of the Afterpay app provide you access to your Target shopping history.

Tap an order to view all the information about it. Dates of payments completed repayments, and more are included.

Can I Make Partial Installment Payments to Target?

Can I Make Partial Installment Payments to Target?

With Afterpay, you may “Pay what you can, when you can.”

However, if you log in using the Afterpay URL rather than their mobile app, you can use the new pay part payment feature, which is only available when you use that URL to access the website.

How to do it is as follows:

1. Log in to your account at

2. Choose Payment Schedule.

3. Click Order View.

4. Select the new “Make a payment” button that is located immediately below the order summary.

5. A new screen opens, allowing you to enter your payment information. If you’d like, you can submit the whole installment amount or the full amount of the unfulfilled order. Your payment history is updated in the payment schedule.

What Will Happen if I Cannot Pay Target With Afterpay on Time?

What Will Happen If I Cannot Pay Target With Afterpay On Time?

Don’t freak out. There is no “blacklist” for Afterpay! However, if you miss a payment, Afterpay will immediately freeze your account and prevent you from using their service again until all of your outstanding payments are made.

Because their system takes into account a number of factors, including late payments, when setting spending restrictions, your spending limit can also be decreased. Your Pulse Rewards tier could be impacted if you miss a payment.

If you continue to have trouble making your Afterpay payment for an extended period of time, you can be permanently prohibited from utilizing their service. For further information, get in touch with their customer service department.

Can I Register for Afterpay During the Target Checkout Process?

Can I register for Afterpay During the Target Checkout Process?

Yes. The Target store makes it simple to join up for Afterpay even during checkout. It is a quick and easy process that only takes two minutes. Do well to like, share, and comment.

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