does walmart sell stamps

Does Walmart Sell Stamps? (Updated 2022)

In order to send mail, you must pay the postage. The postage price is calculated in the form of stamps. Stamp profits go directly to the United States Postal Service as the main source of funding.

does walmart sell stamps

Even if you buy the stamps elsewhere, the monies go to the USPS to pay for their services. When you go shopping, you might be wondering if Walmart sells stamps.

Here’s what you need to know about Walmart and whether or not they sell stamps.

Does Walmart Sell Stamps?

Does Walmart Sell Stamps?

Yes, Walmart sells stamps. You can find several different stamp books at Walmart stores. Some have unique designs that are hard to find elsewhere.

The stamps you buy from Walmart can be used for mail delivery, although they don’t come directly from the post office.

Because each stamp costs a certain amount of money, larger stamp books will be more expensive than smaller stamp books.

Where to Buy Stamps at Walmart

Where to Buy Stamps at Walmart

It is known to be more difficult to find stamps at Walmart. There are a few various places where they might be. Here are a few areas you should check to buy stamps at Walmart.

1. Walmart MoneyCenter

You can find a MoneyCenter in-store at most Walmart Supercenters. MoneyCenter stations are areas where you can cash checks and take out money orders.

Since money and supplies are involved, many Walmart stores also place their stamps in this area. It makes it easier for customers to put money in a package and send it through the mail. In this section, you will find books of stamps as well as individual stamps for one-time use.

2. Registers

Another place where Walmart sometimes makes its mark is at the checkout. You can sometimes find them in the cash register lane. In other cases, you may have to ask the cashier.

They often keep them behind the register to deter theft. It’s also more convenient, as stamps aren’t always at the forefront of a buyer’s mind.

If they find they forgot to purchase stamps, they are conveniently available at the ticket office. Before venturing deeper into the store, it’s worth inspecting a register to see if you notice any stamps.

If you don’t see any, there’s a good chance you’ll have to go to another part of the store to find them.

3. Customer Service Centers

All Walmart always have a customer service desk. This particular area is primarily for product returns and subsequently customer complaints, but they however sometimes carry stamps in this area.

Meanwhile, many customers end up at the customer service desk to ask for more information about where the stamps are anyway, and also some Walmart stores will save the customer time and have a few books or rolls of stamps at the desk for them.

Above all, when approaching the customer service desk, you could ask them for stamps. They tend to you and also give you what you need as long as they have it in stock. Otherwise, they’ll direct you to another area that has stamps.

4. Office Supplies and Packaging

If none of these areas have stamps, you should go to the office supplies section of the store. Specifically, look for the area where Walmart sells its packaging materials.

Stamps are also kept here. They try to make you comfortable by providing everything you need to ship in one area. You will find envelopes, paper, pens, ink pads, label printers, and various other tools useful for sending documents and items. You can also find stamp books of different sizes.

When Can You Buy Walmart Stamps?

When Can You Buy Walmart Stamps?

Not all Walmart areas are always open. If you want to know when you can buy stamps at Walmart, you need to decide where you’re going to buy them.

Stamps in MoneyCenter areas and in customer service areas have specific hours when they are open. Walmart itself is often open 24/7, but these specific areas aren’t.

Most areas close at either 5 pm or 8 pm. Some are open until 9 pm on certain days. To see how long your MoneyCenter and customer service desk are open, you should look online or call your local store.

In some cases, you may be able to find the stamps in these areas even if a staff member is not there. However, if they complete the area, you’ll have to wait until the next day or try another area of ​​Walmart to find their stamps.

This also applies to the purchase of stamps at the ticket office. Walmart closes checkouts when there aren’t enough cashiers to serve them. As a result, you cannot access the cash register to find the stamps. If the stamps are behind the till with the cashier, you can only access them when queuing at the till.

Some Walmart locations even have a checkout available in the early hours. You can ask them to sell you a booklet of stamps if there are any left in stock.

Otherwise, the best place to find stamps is in the office area. Because they are part of the larger store, you can access them anytime the store is open. If your Walmart is open 24/7, you can even buy stamps at 3 am. Keep in mind that stamp availability may be low during parts of the year.

For example, on the holidays, stamps are often used when people send gifts to friends and family. It can be harder to find stamps later in the day after everyone has gone through them all.

During the peak holiday season, it’s a good idea to get your stamps early in the morning if you plan to buy them at Walmart.

What Kinds of Stamps Does Walmart Sell?

What Kinds of Stamps Does Walmart Sell?

Stamps aren’t the most exciting thing to buy, but you can spice it up a bit by finding some unique stamps. When shopping at Walmart, you will find countless different stamps.

The most basic type of stamp is the Forever collection. They are the cheapest and often feature the American flag. You can find books and rolls of Forever stamps. From there, if you look at certain stamps that use intellectual property, the price will start to increase.

For example, some of these stamps feature characters from The Looney Tunes or other famous shows. Some are even collectible, like various Star Trek stamps. You can find stamps that show space, plants, artwork, or even holidays.

Walmart has a style of stamp for practically everyone. It allows you to show a little personality when sending your documents or gifts.

They are also available in roll or book format. Some are as small as 12 or 16 stamps and others as large as 100 stamps. With so many different options, you’re sure to find the type of stamp you need at Walmart.

How Much Do Walmart Stamps Cost?

How Much Do Walmart Stamps Cost?

The price of the stamps varies from collection to collection. Forever stamps range from $12 to $20 depending on the number you purchase. Specialized hexagon-shaped stamps typically cost $20 for six stamps.

Those using a famous IP cost around the $20 or $30 mark for 12 stamps. If you want 40 stamps, you can expect to pay $40 or $50 for them.

As with most items, the rarer the stamp, the more expensive it is. The more stamps you buy, the more expensive they are. Those who don’t use stamps often may find the price comfortable as they can stretch the number of stamps they have over a few months.

Those who use stamps frequently may find some of the prices too high. In that case, they’re probably better off with Forever stamps. They are the cheapest collection of the bunch.

Does Sell Stamps?

Does Sell Stamps?

If you don’t want to drive all the way to the store just to buy stamps, you might be wondering if you can buy stamps from Walmart’s online store.

The good news is that you can find and buy stamps from Walmart’s online store. Sometimes even has stamp designs that their physical stores don’t carry. It’s worth checking that you know exactly what type of stamp you’re using.

As in the physical stores, you can buy different sizes. You can purchase a standard book or roll of stamps, or you can purchase multiple books. Some even come with two books in a single package. makes it easier than ever to buy new stamps.

How to Buy Stamps on

How to Buy Stamps on

Buying stamps on is also easy. To make your purchases, you must first tell Walmart which store you are shopping at. This tells the site what inventory to show you.

If something is not in stock, you will be informed. Your store may also offer discounts that can save you even more stamps. Once you have your store set up, you need to start typing stamps into the search bar.

It takes you to a page for stamps. The stamps you see are those available at your Walmart. Choose the one you want and add it to your cart. Then check out with your preferred payment method and in no time the stamps will be at your door.

Does Walmart Deliver Stamps?

Does Walmart Deliver Stamps?

Yes, Walmart supplies stamps. You can add stamps to your pickup request in-store. The buyer selects the stamps you specifically ordered and then brings them to you in your car.

You can also have stamps delivered to your home by a buyer. When you buy stamps online from their store, you can choose a few different days that they will deliver your stamps. There are a few different options for their delivery service. They include:

  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • 2-Day Delivery
  • Anytime Delivery

If you need your stamps immediately, you can choose to have them delivered on the same day as long as the delivery service is working at that time.

You can also choose next-day or two-day delivery to get your stamps to you quickly. If you are not in a hurry, you can always opt for delivery.

This means Walmart will ship your stamps like standard delivery. It can take up to five days for the stamps to arrive. If you’re too busy to pick up stamps or you forgot, Walmart has your back with their delivery service.

Does Walmart Sell Collectible Stamps?

Does Walmart Sell Collectible Stamps?

Items that become collectibles are often granted this status by consensus. For example, if a person starts collecting stamps that have a certain breed of dog on them, that’s a collection.

The same goes for someone who collects flower stamps or stamps with presidents on them. However, there are also stamps that are specially designed for collecting.

These types of stamps usually have a few versions in their collection and will be released over time. They are also printed in limited quantities. This ensures that only a few people can get their hands on them. In this case, Walmart sells collectible brands.

An example is their Canadian stamp featuring Star Trek’s Captain Kirk. The stamp has an image of Kirk on a yellow background. Many collectors will likely want to get their hands on this special stamp as it also commemorates the 50th anniversary of Star Trek.

Walmart might also release more in the future. If you’re a stamp collector, you can start your collection by purchasing some of Walmart’s collectible stamps.

Are Walmart Stamp Books Cheaper Than Walmart Stamp Rolls?

Are Walmart Stamp Books Cheaper Than Walmart Stamp Rolls?

When comparing Forever Stamp books to Forever Stamp rolls, you cannot be sure which is the cheapest overall. A Forever booklet costs $15.60 at Walmart. It has 20 stamps.

A Forever stamp roll is $69.92 at Walmart. She has 100 stamps. If you buy four stamp books to also get 100 stamps, the total is $78. That’s almost $10 more expensive than the stamp roll. If you want to save the most money, stick with reels.

The reason stamp books are more expensive than stamp rolls is that the book has more manufacturing costs. A scroll is easy to make and requires very few materials.

The book, on the other hand, requires more materials and crafting steps to craft it. That increases the cost a bit. At Walmart, you want to buy a roll of Forever stamps if you want to save money in the long run.

Does Buying Stamps at Walmart Support the USPS?

Does Buying Stamps at Walmart Support the USPS?

You might be concerned that stamps you buy from places other than your local post office might not get financial support. This is not the case.

The Post Office sells stamps to Walmart. The shop then does some marking and sells the stamps to the general public.

Since Walmart bought the stamps from the post office, they still receive money. They can buy stamps at Walmart, which allows them to continue buying stamps at the post office.


Walmart sells a selection of postage stamps.

You can find both forever stamps and first-class stamps in their shop.

They also have a plethora of different styles and sizes.

Visit their website to see even more options.

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