gts text meaning

What Does GTS Mean on Snapchat? Meaning, Usage, Definition!

“Good Times” is the application of GTS that is most used on Snapchat. However, it can indicate various things depending on the conversation, all of which are addressed in this article.

gts text meaning

Since it offers the option of communications that vanish automatically after being viewed or in accordance with the option selected by the sender, Snapchat has greatly increased in popularity.

Millions of teenagers have been won over by this additional control and privacy, and this trend is still going strong.

Nobody, regardless of how long they have used Snapchat, has ever claimed to know everything about it. Whatever the technology, algorithm, or language, you will inevitably run into trouble.

Installing and becoming accustomed to the app will be necessary if you want to maintain the pace at which the world is moving. Finally, the crucial section follows. learning the lingo of Snapchat. You are simply obsolete without this.

Are you new to this and have you recently received a message with a number of unfamiliar words? You might be wondering what GTS on Snapchat means if one of them is GTS, and we’re here to tell you everything there is to know. How to use it, where to use it, and what not to do.

GTS Meaning

So let’s start by looking at the GTS definition. It is not precisely simple to get individuals who are not familiar with Snapchat’s language to understand all of its abbreviations. And responding to these texts is more challenging. Even guessing these shortcuts is difficult.

Currently, GTS can also signify Go To Sleep in several apps. This sounds entirely reasonable, and the consumer may easily be duped.

Some search results in Google will indeed display “Go-To Sleep” even when you search for the full form. Even some Snapchat users will use GTS to indicate going to sleep or to request that someone else go to sleep, which only serves to complicate matters further.

In Snapchat, the word has yet another meaning. It can also be interpreted as “Google that shit.” Did you receive a snap with GTS written on it from someone who had a difficult week? Even “Going Through Sh*t” is an option.

But disregard anything you already know about the acronym. Actually, “Good Times” is what GTS in Snapchat stands for.


What Does GTS Stand for in Snapchat?

Good Times

The acronym GTS, which stands for “Good Times,” is frequently used to terminate conversations. It is used to convey that life is generally excellent or that you are having a wonderful time.

Talking about some pleasant experiences you shared in the past can also imply that the interaction was positive. Therefore, let’s examine what GTS stands for.

Google that Shit

When GTS is used in place of Google That Shit, this is done to show exasperation or to respond to a question about what something means or if someone is being inconvenient by repeatedly asking for details.

Go to Sleep

It may also be used instead of “Good Night” as an acronym for “Go To Sleep.” It is used to request that someone disconnect and sleep.

You can also sarcastically respond to someone by telling them to “Go To Sleep” if they are bothering you. Generally speaking, it denotes that you need to relax right away because you are exhausted. This has been used ever before touch screens were not widely available.

Going Through Shit

The phrase “going through the motions” is used when someone’s day or life has been especially difficult. Such a statement is likely to be made by someone who is struggling a lot.

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly might be a name you are familiar with. In this exact situation, he has a song titled GTS.

Use of GTS

A lens called “Good Times” exists. You can use this to improve the aesthetic appeal of your images and wow the recipients of your social media posts.

On Snapchat, you may find a lot of Good Times photos. You can use each of these filters. The term “filters” can therefore also be used to refer to these devices.

This is also available as text on Snapchat, which you may send to other people. This can be sent to the other person as a type of good night message, particularly when you’re about to go to bed. It can be done via text or a snap.

Examples of GTS

It can be challenging to know how to use a short form even if you understand what it means. Now that you know what gts on Snapchat means, you need to discover the appropriate tone in which to apply it.

Remember that it only takes a few seconds to go from looking stylish to looking like a total fool by altering the tone or applying the makeup in the wrong location. So, the following are some instances of using GTS:

When shortened for “Good Times,” you can say, “Remember when we attended that pool party?” GTS!

Go To Sleep can be abbreviated as GTS, which means that I can get up early whenever I GTS.

Why don’t you just go and GTS, as a shorthand for Google That Shit?

I’ve been GTS, which is short for “Going Through Shit.”

Pop Culture Application of GTS

Since GTS has been widely utilized in many iconic items in pop culture, it is not actually necessary for it to mean any of the traditional full forms when used in an instant.

Your friends may occasionally use an acronym to refer to something that has nothing to do with the acronym itself, even if they are always in the know and you never comprehend what they are talking about. It may refer to any of the following in these circumstances.

GTS Cars

You might already be aware of what this signifies because it has become a stir on Instagram. It is about sporting GT vehicles. There are hundreds of posts about GT sports vehicles alone, and regardless of how inactive they are, you will undoubtedly see at least one of them.

Owners of GT sports cars make it a point to brag about them, thus there are plenty of these posts online. Don’t confuse it with any other acronyms because in this case, it could refer to sports vehicles.

Machine Gun Kelly’s GTS

The well-known song Going Through Shit, which is also one of the acronyms we previously discussed, is what this abbreviation would stand for.

So keep in mind that this acronym, GTS, is based on the song, not any other, if you see Machine Gun Kelly mentioned somewhere along with it.

Guess that Song

You can be certain that this refers to Guess the Song if it is a reality show. If you see a question mark, hear music, and see GTS on the screen, you now know what to think about this long acronym.

GTS in Pokemon

If one of your gaming friends uses the Global Trading System, they may be remembering the days when it was a well-known platform for trading Pokemons.

There isn’t much of a chance that you will run across this acronym unless you are a member of the Pokemon fanbase.

Grims Toy Show

Are you familiar with the amusing YouTube channel SUPER POP? The acronym GTS is also used to refer to the wrestling program that airs on it, the Grims Toy Show.

Even though it isn’t very well known, you might come across it if you follow a show-related topic or have a friend who enjoys the program.


The entire subject of GTS has now been covered in its entirety. You’ll never run into any problems with GTS, but there will always be some other short form in Snapchat that you are unaware of.

You can now send this to a friend who uses Snapchat with confidence and the appropriate citation. You can always refer back to this article and review the steps if you happen to forget how they work.

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