High Schools in Columbus

High Schools in Columbus district contains 21 high schools. Schools in the Columbus metro area use the Ohio Graduations Tests to assess students.

High Schools in Columbus

Columbus High School offers students a comprehensive curriculum and a strong tradition of educational excellence.


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High Schools in Columbus

Ohio’s Columbus (WCMH) — Tuesday saw Bexley High School and Grandview Heights High School rise to the top of the best high school rankings for public institutions in the Columbus region.

According to the rankings, Bexley High School also rose to become Ohio’s fourth-best high school.

According to U.S. News, high schools receive grades for their graduation rate, college preparation (30%), college curriculum breadth (10%), state assessment proficiency (20%), state assessment performance (20%), and state assessment performance (20%). (10 percent ).

The top-ranked schools in the Columbus region according to the report were:

1. Bexley High School, Bexley

2. Grandview Heights High School, Grandview

3. Dublin Jerome High School, Dublin

4. Olentangy High School, Lewis Center

5. Granville High School, Granville

6. Orange High School, Lewis Center

7. Columbus Alternative High School, Columbus

8. Olentangy Liberty High School, Powell

9. Upper Arlington High School, Upper Arlington

10. New Albany High School, New Albany

The top-ranked Ohio schools in the report ranking were:

1. Ottawa Hills High School, Toledo

2. Walnut Hills High School, Cincinnati

3. Wyoming High School, Wyoming, Ohio

4. Bexley High School, Bexley

Bexley High School was the only Columbus-area school to make the state’s top ten public schools.

What high schools are in Columbus?

Here are the Best High Schools in the Columbus, OH Area

1. Bexley High School 

2. Grandview Heights High School 

3. Dublin Jerome High School 

4. Olentangy High School.


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How many high schools does Columbus have?

The CCS District contains 21 high schools.

What is the biggest high school in Columbus?

Upper Arlington High School

Grade A+

Students 1,884.

Student-teacher ratio of 27:1.

What are the top institute in Columbus Ohio?

1. Bexley High School 

2. Grandview Heights High School 

3. Dublin Jerome High School 

4. Olentangy High School

What is the #1 high school in Ohio?

It examined six indicators: college readiness, college curriculum, state assessment proficiency, state assessment performance, underserved student performance, and graduation rate. 

Ottawa Hills High School in Toledo was ranked the top school in Ohio and 131st nationally.

What county in Ohio has the best schools?

Jackson Local School District is the best public school system in Ohio.

How many public schools are there in Columbus Ohio?

CCS, established in 1845, is the state of Ohio’s largest school district, serving the needs of 47,000 students in 112 schools.

How many high schools are in Franklin County Ohio?

For the 2022 school year, there will be 384 public schools serving 191,179 students in Franklin County, OH.


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What schools are considered Columbus City Schools?

1. Alpine Elementary School.

2. Berwick Alternative Elementary School.

3. Olde Orchard Elementary School.

4. Starling K8.

5. Arts Impact Middle School.

6. Berwick Alternative Elementary School.

7. Starling ‘K8.

8. Berwick Alternative Elementary School.

How many schools are in Columbus City Schools?

Columbus City Schools has 109 schools to meet the needs of your family.

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