How Much to Rent a Truck From Home Depot

How Big is a Home Depot Cargo Van?

Are you looking for where to get a cargo van that has enough space? Home Depot has cargo vans of different sizes. Keep reading to know how big is Home Depot cargo van and more.

How Big is a Home Depot Cargo Van?

The Cargo Van is a big rental truck that is very popular at Home Depot. Interestingly, this Cargo van has a lot of closed cargo space that can keep your belongings safe and sound. 

However, this van doesn’t have a lot of open space. So, if you’re trying to put a tall item, like a refrigerator, into the cargo space, it may have to be flat.

How Big is a Home Depot Cargo Van?

Home Depot has several kinds of cargo vans and they all vary in size and height. Generally, the inside dimensions of a Home Depot cargo van are 54.8 inches wide by 70.2 inches long by 28.7 inches high.

In addition, this van has a total interior cargo volume of 277.7 cubic feet.

Here is the breakdown of important specs and rants:

Important SpecsRating
Gross Vehicle Weight9,500 lbs. (4,309 kg)
Gross Cargo Weight3,000 lbs. (1,361 kg)
Gross Towing Weight10,800 lbs. (4,899 kg)
Fuel Tank Capacity26 gal. (98.4 l)
Estimated Gas Mileage12/gal. (5.1 km/l)
Interior Cargo Width54.8 in. (139 cm)
Interior Cargo Length70.2 in. (178 cm)
Interior Cargo Height28.7 in. (73 cm)
Exterior Cargo Volume77.3 ft3 (2.19 m3)

Home Depot Box Truck Dimensions

How Big is a Home Depot Cargo Van?

There are different-sized trucks at Home Depot called “Penske trucks.” The 12-foot truck, the 16-foot truck, the 21-foot truck, and the 26-foot truck are all different sizes.

Also, the dimensions of a company box truck are 12 feet by 6 feet by 6 feet.

The 21-foot moving model is 21′ 11″ long, 8′ 1″ wide, and 8′ 1″ tall. Also, the biggest HD moving model is 26 feet long, 25′ 11″ wide, and 8′ 1″ tall.

Home Depot has a variety of different moving trucks. One of the largest is the Penske truck.

Here is a table to explain Home Depot Box truck dimensions better:

Moving Size12 foot16 foot22 foot26 foot
Interior dimensions12’x 6’6” x 6’1”16’x 7’7”x 6’6”21’11”x 8’1”x 8’1”25’11”x 8’1”x 8’1”
Maximum load3,100 lbs4,300 lbs4,300 lbs10,000 lbs
Miles per gallon12121313
Interior space450 cu ft800 cu ft1,200 cu ft1,700 cu ft

Home Depot cargo vans are unique with their sizes. However, if you need a vehicle that has enough space to put your belongings then Home Depot cargo van is the best choice.

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