How Do I Activate My Home Depot MilDiscounts

How Do I Activate My Home Depot Military Discounts?

How do I activate my home depot military discounts is gradually becoming a serious query as a lot of people can’t seem to have their way around it. This is a serious issue but as you read through, you will be guided on just how to go about it in the easiest way possible.

How do I activate my Home Depot Military Discounts?

Savings and donations are other benefits available to the active duty military, current guard/reserve, retirees and military dependents

However, there are few ways you can get your home depot military discounts account activated and functioning without carrying your document files around.

This write-up provides you with the necessary steps to getting enrolled in the home depot military discounts program and get your account account activated.

How to Activate Home Depot Military Discount Account

Below are various ways you can use to activate home depot military discount:

1. The first step to take is to get your home depot virtual ID QR code to shop with your military discount in stores.

 To get your ID QR code you have to login to, or open the home depot mobile app and navigate to the military discount page.

2. You cannot enjoy this scheme without having an account. So, a home depot account is required of you.

You can either log in to already existed account or you can create a new home depot account for yourself.

3. You have an account now with the home depot military discount program.

Then on the military discount page, click on “Verify Military Status” and you have to follow the instructions on your screen.

Verifying Your Home Depot Military Discounts

1.  To complete enrolment, the website’s verification service, SheerID, will ask for details, like your name and branch of service and it will request supporting documentation.

This is how you can further prove your authentication and eligibility for the scheme 

2. Navigate to my account in the home depot app and tap military discount program. This is where your barcode will appear.

Remember to always present your barcode to the cashier anytime you visit a home depot store.

And your personal account on your home depot mobile app or on will now reflect your verified military status. 

To have easy access to your discount, make sure the app is set up to remember your username and password.

As a military member, a veteran or spouse, you are eligible for Home Depot military discounts.

Don’t miss out on the chance to take advantage of the special pricing program.

If you follow the steps above, then get ready to receive a congratulatory message.

This write-up has provided you with the necessary steps/guides to register your home depot military discounts scheme.

You have to follow the steps provided above and your home depot military discounts account will be verified and activated.

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