How Do Stores Verify Military Discounts?

How Do Stores Verify Military Discounts?

How do stores verify military discounts is very crucial, as different stores have different ways of verifying veterans and, also checking if their current eligibility status has expired.

How Do Stores Verify Military Discounts?

As an active service member, if you enter into business relationships with merchants, a time will come when you will want to cancel your contract terms.

In cases like these, you must tread carefully and obtain reliable military status verification as a merchant.

Though, there is a federal law that protects military members on active duty from certain actions (Service Members Civil Relief Act).

So, denying service members their rights can get you into trouble. This can lead to fines and penalties.

With this Law protecting active service members, can you be sure your customers are in the military?

However, some stores still have a way to check the military status of their customers before giving discounts to impersonators.

Different Stores Military Discount Verification Process

 Here, is what you need to verify your military status in Home Depot, Walmart, and Lowe’s stores:

Home Depot Verification Process

These are what you need to complete your verification in home depot:

1. You need an active duty military ID card with a picture (green background).

2. You need a retired military ID card with a picture (blue background).

3. You need also active military and retired military ID cards for spouses or dependents. (yellow/beige background).

4. DD-214 form.

5. VA Card with the word “Service” on it.

6. Valid driver’s license with the U.S. flag  -OR- “Veteran” designation.

7. A service-connected VA Medical Center card.

8. Common Access Card (CAC).

How to Get Verified and Get Military Discounts in Walmart

1. From the navigation bar, select the Service icon.

2. Select get inspired and the weekly ad from the drop-down.

3. Search for a store using your zip code

4. Select Coupons

5. Check each coupon you would like to print

6. Select print coupons.

Since you’re printing it for the first time, you will be validated using a one-time verification code.

Once you are verified, you won’t have to go through this process again. 

7. After selecting Print Coupons, you will be asked to enter a number to receive a verification code from

8. Enter your code in the area provided for you and select verified and print.

How to Verify Your Military Status in Lowe’s

1. First, select the Verify with button.

2. Sign in or create an account.

3. Verify your military status by choosing to either:

 Confirm USAA membership, check military service records, use a .mil email address, or upload military documentation.

4. Enter the information requested.

5. Sign in or create a Lowe’s account.

6. Add or confirm their primary address.

7. Once you are verified and have created your Lowe’s account—you’ll be able to access Lowe’s military offer!

Military discount verification processes vary as different stores have their various ways and steps of verifying the military status and to also give discounts too.

This should prove a helpful guide to the problem of how stores verify military discounts.

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