How Late Does Amazon Deliver? (Amazon’s Delivery Window)

How late does Amazon deliver? Here we go through the specifics of when you might expect to receive your delivery from Amazon. Most of the company’s shipments are made during the week and often arrive during the day.

How Late Does Amazon Deliver?

How late does Amazon deliver? maybe an issue if you’re concerned about porch robbers or putting a costly box at your front door.

If you check your tracking information, you can see that it shows that your shipment is heading to your house.

It’s getting late than expected, which is a major concern.

If you go to bed early, you might not know if you have to be awake to accept the package or not.

It becomes fair to assume that Amazon would provide lengthier delivery times than other carriers given that it has established the benchmark for online purchasing.

What you need to know about how quickly Amazon delivers packages is provided here.

How Late Does Amazon Deliver?

How Late Does Amazon Deliver?

The typical delivery time for Amazon is between 8 AM and 8 PM. On weekdays, Amazon can and will deliver packages as late as 10 PM.

The Amazon delivery guy won’t knock on your door or ring your doorbell if you’re expecting a box at 10 PM.

They know that most people are asleep. Instead, they will position the package in the ideal spot before silently vacating the area.

If your package needs a signature, the delivery person will attempt to call you as late as 10 p.m. before bringing it to you.

They will not finish the delivery that late at night if you don’t respond because they presume you’re asleep or inaccessible.

Instead, you’ll get the package the following day or as soon as they can. However, most regular deliveries arrive no later than 8 PM.

How Late is Amazon’s Sunday Delivery?

How Late is Amazon's Sunday Delivery?

Several online merchants provide Sunday delivery, including Amazon.

To enable this, it collaborates with several other carriers. Your Sunday delivery’s arrival window might thus change.

Amazon, for instance, collaborates with the USPS as one of its couriers.

Apart from situations where there is a backlog or when parcels need to be delivered, the USPS rarely delivers on Sundays.

They also only work from six in the morning to five in the afternoon. Your Sunday delivery should not be anticipated to arrive after 5 PM.

The product may arrive as late as 8 PM, though, if an Amazon Flex driver makes the Sunday delivery.

Independent freelancers work as Amazon Flex drivers. As a result, individuals have flexibility over their working hours and schedules.

On the days they decide to work, they have a quota to meet. The driver will attempt to complete each delivery within that window of time.

There is a cap on that period on Sundays from up to 8 PM.

That’s because Amazon knows Sunday marks many people’s final opportunity for recuperation before the start of the new workweek.

They wish to avoid disturbing these people.

They also seek to restrict the number of hours their employees work in order to promote relaxation.

Your Sunday delivery can show up as late as 5 PM or 8 PM, depending on who is delivering it.

Can Amazon Deliver Late On a Saturday?

How Late Does Amazon Deliver?

One of the most often chosen days for receiving deliveries is frequently Saturday.

Most recipients are at home and may take their package from the delivery person or shortly after they set it near the door.

You might wonder how long Saturday package deliveries will take. Saturday adheres to the same regulations as the workdays.

Drivers that deliver packages will try to do so between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM.

However, you can also choose to have your order delivered at a later time.

As a result, you can request that Amazon deliver to your address by 10 PM. On Saturday, however, delivery drivers will not make deliveries after 10 PM.

Only Amazon Prime subscribers are allowed to adjust their delivery settings.

Your Saturday deliveries won’t likely ever arrive later than 8 PM if you use Amazon’s free version.

Your shipment will arrive on either Sunday or Monday if the driver cannot deliver by that time.

How Early Does Amazon Deliver Packages?

How Early Does Amazon Deliver Packages?

Although receiving an early delivery from Amazon is a possibility, stay up and alert for the late-night deliveries that Amazon makes.

Amazon shipments often arrive at their destinations at 8 AM.

That’s not very useful, though, as most people are at work by then or on their way there.

You may ask for early delivery if you have Amazon Prime, which is wonderful news.

Here, Amazon may arrive at your house as early as 6 AM.

They frequently collaborate with other carriers, such as USPS, to get this early package to your door by that time.

Additionally, the quantity of Flex employees affects your capacity to have your product delivered at 6 AM.

How Late Do Amazon’s Groceries Arrive?

How Late Do Amazon's Groceries Arrive?

Amazon has launched a new delivery service called Amazon Fresh to make people’s lives simpler.

You may purchase goods from partnering retailers and have them delivered to your house via Amazon.

As someone else conducts your shopping for you, you may unwind at home and take care of any other tasks.

You might wonder how late you can purchase groceries and have them delivered if someone else is doing your shopping.

The typical delivery window for Amazon Fresh is between 8 AM and 8 PM.

You may select from several two-hour delivery periods while using Amazon Fresh.

By 6 PM, you can place an order for groceries to be delivered the same day.

If you wish to purchase goods after 6 PM, the delivery will probably take place the following day during the timeframe you select.

In order to give their employees enough time to find their things and travel safely to their houses for delivery, Amazon employs a two-hour delivery window.

If you want to save time, Amazon Fresh is the best option. You can receive your goods as late as 8 PM if you use the service.

How Late Do Amazon Key Packages Often Arrive?

How Late Do Amazon Key Packages Often Arrive?

To fight porch piracy, Amazon has implemented the relatively new feature known as Amazon Key.

People are more interested in services or solutions that help secure their goods since parcel theft from residences has increased.

Amazon launched Amazon Key because of a business opportunity.

The delivery person may access your garage using Amazon Key thanks to a unique code or key that they have.

We may then place the cargo inside the garage before being secured with a lock. As a result, your delivery will be safe from theft.

Given that Amazon Key is a specialist service, you might be curious about how quickly they deliver.

Similar to Amazon Fresh, Amazon Key also has set delivery windows, however, they are just four hours long for the Key service.

A member of the Amazon team will deliver your shipment during the four-hour interval you choose.

Deliveries of Amazon Keys are only permitted during regular business hours.

The delivery window for an Amazon Key is thus from 8 AM to 8 PM.

To avoid any inconvenience or incidents of what can be seen as stealing, they don’t deliver after 8 PM.

The delivery of your Amazon Key can be scheduled for as late as 9 PM, but you must request it before midday.

Your package will never arrive after 8 PM if you use the Amazon Key service.

How Can Your Amazon Delivery Preferences Be Updated?

How Can Your Amazon Delivery Preferences Be Updated?

If you have Prime, Amazon will let you choose your delivery options.

This guarantees that Amazon will only deliver your requested number of packages on schedule.

You may tailor your delivery in two different ways. The initial time is when you order a bundle.

You can select the delivery day before submitting your purchase. On that page, you will have the chance to include any remarks or delivery instructions.

You can use that space to instruct the delivery person on the location of the box, whether to knock and the time of delivery.

Because they have a predetermined path to follow, the driver may occasionally not comply.

However, this is an excellent way to communicate your preferences to them.

Setting your delivery preferences through your account settings is a more effective method.

The addresses area of your account is where you should look. After doing that, choose your address.

You’ll see a form that asks for your delivery selections.

You may decide whether to accept or reject Saturday or Sunday delivery, for instance.

Additionally, you may define the preferred delivery times.

By fine-tuning your delivery preferences, you can make sure that you receive your products at home or at a time that is most suitable for you.

What Does “Arriving By 10 PM” Mean on Amazon?

What Does "Arriving By 10 PM" Mean on Amazon?

Your delivery will arrive by 10 PM when you check your tracking information.

You might not know what Amazon means by it if you’ve never received a shipment this late.

Is it necessary for you to remain awake while waiting for your package?

The possibility exists that you might not receive your shipment on time if you choose same-day delivery and you are an Amazon Prime member.

According to the time you placed your order. Amazon uses several predetermined time periods to push out its orders.

The first trucks of the day often deliver items to customers who place their orders between 8 a.m. and midnight. By 1:00 PM, their items are delivered.

Orders placed between 8 AM and 1 PM will be delivered on the second truck of the day.

By six o’clock in the evening, their shipments often arrive.

Your order will be delivered on the final truck of the day if you order your shipment in the afternoon, between 1 and 5 PM.

These orders may not be delivered until after midnight.

By observing the time left to place your purchase, you can typically determine what period it will be in.

Typically, Amazon will let you know how many hours are remaining before your shipment is no longer eligible for same-day or next-day delivery.

Once you know what time of day it is, you can predict whether your shipment will arrive late that day or early the following.

The delivery person will try to deliver your goods as late as 10 PM if your Amazon package says it will arrive by 10 PM.

Although they don’t want to wake you up, they won’t let you know the delivery is coming by ringing the doorbell or banging on it.

Stay up late to pick up your box if you’re concerned that someone may try to steal it from you throughout the night.

Alternatively, you may bring it inside when you wake up in the morning.

Why Do Deliveries From Amazon Take So Long?

Why Do Deliveries From Amazon Take So Long?

You might wonder why Amazon allows deliveries to occur as late as 10 PM.

Here are a few reasons for Amazon’s tardy deliveries.

1. Higher Delivery Rates

Over the past few years, Amazon has gained popularity quickly because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amazon sends thousands, if not hundreds of thousands out daily because of the increase in its user base.

Over 400 million parcels were sent out by Amazon in July 2020 alone.

In order to deliver them all in a reasonable amount of time given the surge in productivity, Amazon had to extend its delivery hours.

The corporation needs extra time to complete delivery as more customers use the service to purchase goods. It is possible since delivery is extended till 10 PM.

2. Amazon Prime Shipping

One benefit of purchasing Amazon Prime is the free one- or two-day shipping.

It’s doubtful that you will continue to pay for that benefit if you aren’t getting it despite having paid for it.

Amazon wants you to stay a member of Amazon Prime.

They thus try to ensure that your shipment arrives the same day or the following day.

Deliveries made later in the day are one method they used to do this.

They now have a wider window of time for their delivery drivers to complete their routes.

They increase the likelihood that their consumers will receive their deliveries during the expected window of delivery.

3. Lack of Drivers

The lack of drivers is the last justification for Amazon’s decision to extend its delivery hours.

Amazon constantly needed delivery drivers because of the volume of packages it sends out each day.

Amazon must extend the delivery window since there aren’t enough drivers to handle the demand.

This enables them to deliver more parcels each day despite their current driver scarcity.

Amazon will probably continue to maintain a sizable delivery window every day until they can employ more delivery drivers.

Why Does Your Amazon Package Arrive at 10 PM?

Why Does Your Amazon Package Arrive at 10 PM?

Although you might have set an expectation for your delivery to arrive at 6 or 8 PM, you might have checked the tracking and discovered that it will now arrive at 10 PM

Here are a few explanations for why your Amazon package arrived at 10 PM.

1. Order Time

Ordering the package at 10 PM is one of the main factors that can affect delivery.

If you order something later in the day, it will be loaded on the day’s final trucks.

For the delivery procedure to be as effective as possible, these vehicles must follow a specific path.

Your order is more likely to be the final one on the truck the longer you wait to place it.

You should order it earlier in the day, preferably before noon, if you want to secure an earlier delivery.

Changes in Road Path

Anything may occur that would lead to a change in direction.

A road may be closed, there may be an emergency, a vehicle may need to be repaired, or the delivery driver may have an emergency. A detour is taken.

The driver could need to accept more deliveries or transfer their existing deliveries to another driver.

Whatever the cause, a route modification might cause your delivery schedule to slip.


Your delivery may occasionally be delayed till 10 PM by something as minor as a delay.

Inclement weather, heavy traffic, and other issues might consume A delivery driver’s time.

A delivery driver’s timetable might become much longer if there are several minor delays.

Your delivery might be pushed back to 10 PM.

Final Thoughts

The typical shipping times on Amazon are from 8 AM to 8 PM. They often won’t deliver after 8 PM.

The order can be delivered as late as 10 PM if you are an Amazon Prime member and selected either same-day or two-day delivery for your product.

A few roadside circumstances might cause your delivery to be delayed until 10 PM.

However, Amazon will never deliver beyond this hour.

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