How Long are Menards Rebates Good for? (2022 Updated)

Menards offers several rebates that can save you a lot of money if you use them before they expire. However, refunds are usually pushed to the bottom of the to-do list, with a reminder to submit the reimbursement as soon as possible. 

do menards rebates expire

Many individuals disregard their refunds until it is too late. When you finally recall the rebate you neglected to submit, you’ll question if it’s still valid.

How Long Do Menards Rebates Last?

Menards rebates do not expire if they are submitted by the deadline specified on the form.

Menards rebates are given to you in the form of a Merchandise Credit Check (MCC), which you can use to make future purchases at Menards stores.

The check cannot be used to make internet transactions. Merchandise Credit Checks do not have an expiration date.

The date on the check represents the day the check was issued, not the expiration date.

Menards Discounts

Menards Discounts

Menards has a rebate program that allows consumers to receive 11% back on qualified purchases, which they may apply to their next Menards purchase.

You may view all goods with a current rebate on the Menards website, which updates weekly. All qualified items, whether purchased online or in-store, are eligible for a refund receipt.

Only the goods in that week’s ad are eligible for reimbursement.

The goods change from week to week, and you can’t find out about forthcoming rebate offers in advance since Menards doesn’t want customers to put off making a purchase.

Employees may be aware of future sales, but they will not inform you.

Menards used to give rebate products every two to four weeks, but they have since expanded the program to offer rebate things every week.

What Items are Not Eligible for a Rebate?

What Items are not Eligible for a Rebate?

Menards has some restrictions on which items are eligible for a rebate. These items will never appear in the rebate catalog. Menards does not offer rebates on the following items:

  • Propane purchases
  • Delivery and handling charges on all rental items
  • Processing fees and packaging charges
  • Extended service agreements
  • KeyMe purchases
  • Gift Cards
  • Event tickets

You will be refused if you try to request a reimbursement for these goods.

How to Submit Your Menards Rebates

How to Submit Your Menards Rebates

This involves some work on the side of the customer, but taking advantage of the Menards rebate program is straightforward if you follow these simple steps.

Menards rebates do not expire if they are submitted by the deadline specified on the form.

1. Complete the Rebate Form

When you purchase an eligible item, the cashier will provide you with a rebate form. If you misplace your rebate form or the retailer runs out of rebate forms, you can print them off online.

The form may be used for practically all of Menards’ refunds and is mostly utilized for tracking and delivery. You must fill out the following simple information on the form:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Address
  • Email address

Menards will provide you with information about your rebate through email, and the address is where they will send the rebate check.

2. Include Rebate Receipts and UPCs

The rebate receipt, which you must attach with your form, can be found at the bottom of the item you purchased.

The rebate receipt is separate from the ordinary receipt and is meant to be easily torn off. If you made your purchase online, the rebate receipt will be emailed to you as an attachment.

Submit the actual rebate receipt rather than a replica. You won’t need to include a UPC most of the time. Some items, however, will require evidence of purchase in the form of the UPC.

The UPC may be found on the packaging of your goods. You will not receive your MCC if you do not provide the relevant paperwork with your reimbursement.

If you misplace your rebate receipt, you may always request a duplicate (more on that later).

3. Mail-In Rebate

You will submit the rebate: once you have completed the form and included the proof of purchase and UPC;

  • PO Box 155
  • Elk Mound, WI 54739-0155

The rebate must be submitted within the term specified on the rebate receipt. Periods for various items vary. However, the reimbursement must be submitted within 30 and 90 days following the date of purchase.

While there is no assurance, Menards has been known to accept late rebates when feasible, but they reserve the right to decline a late request.

If you want to request a rebate on numerous goods, you can put them all in one envelope.

4. Monitor Your Rebate

Menards’ website allows you to track your refund quickly and easily. You will learn if your refund is pending, accepted, or refused. 

You may also send a written request to the following address if you prefer:

  • PO Box 99
  • Elk Mound, WI 54739-0155

Menards will ship your paper rebate to the address you provided on your rebate form. The rebate seems to be a receipt rather than a cheque.

How to Spend Your Merchandise Credit Checks

How to Submit Your Menards Rebates

Menards locations accept retail credit checks for almost any goods. Another advantage is that you will not have to pay tax on goods covered by your rebate cheques.

When you get to the register, simply provide the check to the cashier, who will scan it and add it to your total.

If you have a balance, the cashier will put the revised total on the rebate check for you to use when you make your next purchase. Credit checks from Menards do not expire.

You may use your rebates for additional purchases that are also eligible for a rebate, allowing you to save more money with each purchase.

Unfortunately, you cannot exchange the cheque for cash or deposit it in your bank. Menards rebates do not expire if they are submitted by the deadline specified on the form.

Is it Possible to Spend My Rebate Check Online?

You cannot use your rebate check in Menards’ online shop. You’ll have to use it in-store.

There is no method for the system to safely receive rebate checks online.

What Happens if I Misplace My Rebate Check?

If you misplaced your rebate check or accidentally sent it to the wrong address, you can request a replacement by writing to:

  • PO Box 99
  • Elk Mound, WI 54739-0155

Include all pertinent information, including the old data from your rebate form and your current contact information.

Menards will review your request, and if there are no obvious red flags, they should issue you a fresh rebate check to the correct address.

Where Can You Get a Copy of Your Rebate Receipt?

Where Can You Get a Copy of Your Rebate Receipt?

You must submit your rebate together with the rebate receipt. As previously stated, the rebate receipt prints beneath your standard receipt.

You can keep the original receipt and send the rebate receipt along with your rebate form. What if the rebate receipt didn’t print or you tossed it away by mistake?

If you misplace your rebate receipt, there are a few options for retrieving it.

1. In-Store

Visit the store’s service desk where you made the transaction. You must return to the same retail location, since another store may be unable to locate your item.

Using your bank account details, debit card, or credit card, the agent can search for your purchases.

You must search for the purchase using the precise payment method you used, which is only a problem if you used a card that you no longer have.

All purchases made at that store using that payment method will be created, and you may search through them until you identify the transaction in question.

The agent will then be able to print the receipt for you. If any of your purchases are eligible for a rebate, the rebate receipt will be printed as well.

To have the shop associate print the receipt for you, you must have your card or banking information on hand.

2. Online

You can print the rebate receipt yourself if you made your purchase online or made a transaction online linked to your Menards account.

Purchases made with any card linked to your account will be reflected automatically. All online purchases will also be shown.

When you log into your account, you’ll see a section for “Recent Purchases,” followed by a section for “Lookup Receipt.”

If you have several distinct transactions, you may filter down the search results by searching by date.

When you discover the relevant receipt, you will be able to examine it and convert it to a printable PDF file.

My Menards Account

My Menards Account

Menards accounts provide more benefits than just the ability to identify previous purchases (though that is a wonderful argument in and of itself).

When you open an account with Menards, you may choose between a personal account and a business account (both are free!).

Both types of accounts allow you to log purchases, which is useful when it comes time to turn in rebates. A business account has the following extra features:

  • Promotions for businesses (volume pricing)
  • Include approved purchasers.
  • Sort purchases by the job.

Why not take advantage of these advantages while you still can?

More Methods to Save at Menards 

More Methods to Save at Menards 

Menards provides various ways for consumers to save money in addition to its significant rebate program.

1. Low Prices Every Day

Menards takes pleasure in offering cheap pricing to all consumers every day.

They will even match the competition’s pricing if they have an item at a cheaper price (as long as you have proof of the lower price from a qualifying competitor).

2. Ray’s Checklist

Ray’s List at Menards provides the most recent information on top clearance discounts and open-box goods. These are limited-time offers, so take advantage of them as soon as possible.

Menards cannot sell returned items at full price, especially if the box shows signs of use, so they will sell it at a discount. This list also includes items that may be phased out shortly.

3. Big Card Menards

When you use the Menards Big Card credit card to shop at Menards, you will earn 2% back on all transactions. The 2% soon mounts up, especially if you make several purchases for your business.

Pay off your balance as soon as possible because the card has a high-interest rate. You also cannot use the card at any other store but Menards.

Can I Submit a Rebate After the Receipt’s Due Date?

Can I Submit a Rebate After the Receipt's Due Date?

You can still submit a rebate after the date specified on the rebate receipt, but there is no assurance that it will be accepted by the rebate center.

They will give it their all (and have been known to take late refunds).

Is it Possible to Submit a Rebate Online?

A rebate cannot be submitted online. The rebate must be sent via mail.

Menards require this because they require the physical rebate receipt. Online, it’s just too easy to commit fraud.

What Happened to My Rebate?

If you try to submit a duplicate rebate or fail to provide the requisite proof of purchase, your rebate may be declined.

If you try to submit a rebate for a product that did not qualify for a rebate, it may be denied.

Can I Get the Rebate of a Recently Purchased Product?

Don’t feel duped if you purchase an item and then discover it on the rebate list.

If you submit a price adjustment form within 14 days, you will receive a new receipt that includes the rebate receipt.

Submit the price adjustment form separately from the rebate form (you will not receive the refund receipt yet).

How Long Will it Take for You to Get Your Rebate?

Menards works hard to send out rebates promptly. It may, however, take six to eight weeks.


Finally, you may just go to Struggleville and enter your refund number to receive your expired rebate paperwork. 

You may retrieve the expired rebate form back by using a method that Struggleville employs. 

So, all you have to do is input your recently expired rebate number, and you’ll receive a credit check via the expired rebate form. 

However, if you are unable to obtain the expired rebate form in Struggleville, you must contact Menards customer service at the shop. Menards’ cheap prices and incentives allow you to save a lot of money

While you can only utilize the rebates on Menards purchases, they never expire and may be stacked on top of other rebates.

Are you opposed to rebates? There are countless additional methods to save money as well. 

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