How Long Does it Take to Get Your License? (Explained)

Getting a driver’s license from your local DMV office might be difficult despite how crucial it is. Some people are unsure of how long it takes to get a driver’s license because of the procedures required.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your License? (Explained)

Being aware of the duration can aid in more effective planning and preparation for an appointment.

In the US, having a driver’s license grants you a number of liberties. You can go out to eat, watch a movie, or visit friends on your own timetable without having to worry about being picked up.

Since you can drive to work, you can live further away from your place of employment. You can travel for enjoyment to more places while saving money on your travel expenses.

There is no denying that obtaining a commercial license can lead to many opportunities. You might be curious about how long it will take to earn your driver’s license while you go through the procedure, though.

You don’t want to miss receiving your license in the mail. What you need to know about the time it takes to obtain a driver’s license is provided here.

What is the Time Frame for Obtaining a License?

What is the time frame for obtaining a license?

The complete driver’s license application process typically takes two to six months.

It primarily depends on how many hours of driving are necessary for you to obtain your license in your state.

Every applicant for a driver’s license must first successfully finish a driver’s education course.

In order to enroll in the course, you must first acquire a learner’s permit and then pass a written exam and visual test.

The driving test is the ultimate test. You can often finish the course in two months or up to six months, depending on how many hours you need to put everything into practice.

The time can be extended for some people who are unable to finish a particular section of the tests.

For instance, if a person keeps failing the written component of the examination, it can take them several years to finally get their license.

Your license should arrive in the mail two to three weeks after you finish your driver’s education and submit your application. In exceptional cases, it can take up to 45 days to get your license.

What Tests Do You Have to Pass to Obtain Your Driver’s License?

What Exams Do You Have To Pass To Get Your Driver's License?

An individual must pass three main tests before they can get their driver’s license.

They consist of:

  • Vision Test
    • Driving Test

    We provide here the information you need to know about each test and how long it takes to finish it.

    1. Vision Test

    Vision test

    You must pass a vision test as one of the final procedures before getting your driver’s license.

    This shows if you are legally blind, if you require corrective lenses, or if your eyesight is excellent.

    Your driver’s license will represent your visual acuity based on how well it is. You can see, for instance, if you wear spectacles on your license.

    This shows law enforcement that you must wear glasses or contacts in order to operate a vehicle.

    You might get a ticket if you’re found without them. This is because you put the public in danger despite your limited vision.

    Accidents might result from it. The vision test is quick, simple, and easy. When you arrive at the driver’s licensing office in your state, someone will call your number and direct you to a machine.

    You can see a few items inside the device. Based on what you see in the machine, you’ll need to respond to the clerk’s questions.

    If the person is not a native English speaker, the licensing agency substitutes pictures for the letters.

    The procedure is quick and typically takes two to five minutes to finish. When your test is finished, the clerk will let you know if you passed or if you need to retake it.

    They will need more information if you passed and finished the remaining examinations so that your new license may be delivered to the proper location.

    2. Written Test

     Written Test

    The written test is one of the first exams you’ll encounter. You might, however, be given the option to take the driving test, or the written test first in some circumstances.

    The knowledge acquired during driver training is covered in the written exam. There are two portions to a modern driver education course.

    Students can attend classes taught by the instructor to learn about various traffic laws and regulations.

    Here kids learn about right-of-ways, U-turns, and how the speed restrictions on various roads and in various zones vary.

    For a written test that assesses their retention of the material, they must memorize this information.

    If the student fails the written exam, it is determined that they do not comprehend traffic regulations sufficiently to be issued a license.

    In some states, they can take the exam again without having to start over from scratch. Some people won’t.

    The time allotted for the written component of the exam might range from 30 minutes to an hour and a half.

    It mostly relies on how long it takes the student to finish the exam. Most teachers will give their pupils two or three hours to finish it.

    If they haven’t finished the test by then, the teacher will grade them according to what they have finished.

    Most of the time, that student will fail and have to retake the exam.

    Students who need more time because of disability or specific learning styles may qualify under certain unique situations.

    Overall, though, the written component of the test should only take an hour on average. The written test may be graded differently.

    Some teachers can grade the tests as they are turned in. This implies that the student can get their results quickly.

    Other instructors may not grade the test until after each student has turned in their own. It can take a day or two for the student to get their results in this situation.

    Depending on the student and instructor, the written component of the test may be the longest of all of them.

    3. The Driving Test

    The Driving Test

    The driving examination is the last test a pupil must pass to get their license. The pupil is required to show that they know various laws throughout the driving test.

    Usually, parking is the first part of the test. The student is required to accomplish a variety of parking problems during this part of the exam.

    Driving around cones, parallel parking, and backing into parking spaces are a few of them. In order to assess the driver’s performance, the driving tester will ride along with them.

    The time it takes to complete the test’s parking section varies from 10 to 30 minutes. The tester will offer the pupil directions following the parking section.

    They must obey all driving regulations and instructions and follow their guidance. The assessor will look at the student’s capacity to stop at stop signs and traffic lights, for instance.

    They will also check to see if the kid understands how to drive on one-way and two-way streets. The exam covers a variety of roads, including:

    • Neighborhood streets
    • Downtown and city streets
    • Highways

    To test a student’s ability to regulate their speed and follow the rules, the instructor might in some circumstances even lead them through a work zone.

    Depending on how far apart each type of roadway is from the others, the duration of this part of the test varies.

    For instance, if it takes a while to get to the downtown area, the test can go on for an extra half-hour.

    However, in the majority of cases, the driving section of the test takes 45 to 1 hour and 15 minutes.

    The assessor will then let the student know if they passed the driving component of the test or not.

    How Much Time is required to Obtain a Driver’s Permit?

    How much time is required to obtain a driver's permit?

    You must possess a driver’s permit for six months before applying for a license in Michigan, per the regulations.

    Depending on the state, that time could be different. 50 hours of supervised driving must be recorded throughout the course of the six months.

    Driving while being supervised involves having a licensed adult over the age of 21 in the car.

    They have to ride along in the front passenger seat when you drive and they have to be in the car with you.

    As soon as you pass the written test, you often gain a learner’s permit. This is the first step you must take to obtain a legitimate driver’s license.

    You can legally drive on public roads while being supervised, as stated above, with a learner’s permit. It gives you the opportunity to practice driving before the driving exam.

    You can’t get your official driver’s license until you’ve had it for the required six months of driving.

    In addition, if you haven’t completed the required 50 hours of supervised driving, you won’t be issued a driver’s license.

    You can take the driver’s exam after the six months are up and you’ve accrued 50 hours of supervised driving. You can then get your official driver’s license after passing a written driving test.

    How Soon Can You Get an Enhanced Driver’s License?

    How soon can you get an enhanced driver's license?

    New government regulations require a new license or a passport for anyone who wants to fly domestically.

    According to claims, this new license, also known as a RealID or upgraded driver’s license, is superior at assisting law police with personal identification. Travel is safer thanks to it.

    RealID will eventually be necessary for air travel, even, though the COVID-19 pandemic has postponed the deadline for some governments to impose it.

    Your improved driver’s license will arrive in just a few weeks, which is wonderful news. In two to three weeks, the majority of people will receive their improved driver’s license.

    It can take up to 45 days, much like an initial driver’s license. You should get in touch with your local licensing office if 45 days have passed and you still haven’t received it.

    How Can You Obtain an Enhanced Driving License?

    How Can You Obtain An Enhanced Driving License?

    An upgraded driver’s license can be obtained easily.

    1. Take Some Documents With You

    To prove your identification, you must provide some documents. The first is evidence that you are an American citizen.

    Typically, this entails bringing a certified copy of your birth certificate. It won’t be enough to provide a copy of your birth certificate.

    The original certificate with the raised seal is required. If you don’t have a birth certificate, a passport that was issued by the United States or a US territory can also suffice.

    Having a current social security number is the second item you need to bring. Most of the time, all you need to say is the number.

    It’s a wise idea to carry your social security card. This shows to the clerk that you are who you claim to be.

    An identification card serving as proof of identity is also required. Your name and a photograph of yourself must be on the ID card.

    The greatest form of identification in this situation is your driver’s license. Other photo IDs could also be used.

    Check with your state for specifics on what you’ll need to get the RealID since it differs per state.

    Finally, you need to show evidence of your residency in the state where you want to apply for an upgraded driver’s license.

    A driver’s license typically satisfies this requirement because it contains your address.

    If you don’t have one on hand, you can still give bills or other documents that contain statements with your address on them. Your name must be on it as well.

    2. Take a Fresh Picture

    You will need to take a new photo once you have presented all of your identification documents.

    Your upgraded driver’s license must have your most recent government-issued photo on it because it will be your most recent form of identity.

    You’ll need to stand in front of a background when the photo booth is open and stare directly into the camera. This image is then saved by the clerk for your new license.

    3. Get Your Vision Checked

    If you’ve recently upgraded your license, you’ll typically be exempt from having to take a vision exam. However, if your license was about to expire, it might be time for a vision test.

    To make sure your vision hasn’t changed, the government conducts routine vision tests. The license will show if you require corrective lenses if that is the case.

    The license will also record that you are legally blind if your vision has gotten worse and you meet the requirements.

    The majority won’t have to worry about a vision exam since most people are updating their licenses before their existing one expires because of the deadline.

    4. Pay a Fee

    Unfortunately, upgrading your license to an enhanced license carries a cost. In Michigan, the cost is $45 for four years.

    It merely compensates the clerk for the additional time required to change your license to an improved one.

    You might be eligible for fee waivers in particular circumstances, such as those involving low income. To find out if you qualify, get in touch with the branch closest to you.


    It might just take a few weeks to get your driver’s license in the mail. Prior to submitting your application and receiving your official license, there is a drawn-out process to go through.

    You should expect the full procedure to take six to eight months to complete given the time required for driver’s education.

    Your ability to pass the three driver’s tests and how quickly you can accumulate 50 hours of supervised driving will determine how much of an impact you have. Do well to like, share, and comment.

    CSN Team.

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