How Long Does the Hiring Process Take?

How long does the hiring process take from the first phase of the application to the onboarding period? In order to keep applicants abreast while engaging in other stuff, it is important to know the time frame the process of hiring will take. Therefore, if you desire to know the duration period, this post is certainly for you!

How Long Does the Hiring Process Take?

The hiring process basically is usually unbalanced, since there is no definite regulation guiding it.

While, one candidate’s hiring could be pretty simple, another may involve weeks of backward and forwardness.

Although, some organizations hire candidates on the spot for certain positions.

However, this will now lead to the question; How long does the hiring process take? well, let’s find out!

How Long Does the Hiring Process Take?

The average hiring process takes about 42 days long, according to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM.)

Although, others can require jumping through numerous hoops which might just make it shorter or even longer as the case may be.

And even when the process is completed, no one guarantees you a job until an offer is on the table.

More so, the hiring process involves different stakeholders, methods, tools, and metrics.

However, having an understanding of how it works is the initial step toward hiring great workers.

Therefore, the process starts when a company identifies the need to fill a position and it ends when an applicant accepts a job offer.

More so, below are the five distinct phases during the process;

  • Opening the requisition
  • Screening the applicants
  • Interviewing the candidates
  • Selecting the best
  • Making the offer.

Onboarding is seen as the final stage of the hiring process. It also marks the final stage of the candidate experience as the new hire transitions to their new role.

What are the Stages of the Hiring Process?

The typical steps of the recruitment and selection process vary depending on the role and company. However, most hiring teams build their hiring process around these four stages;

1. Planning

Hiring managers usually need to get the job opening approved as part of a hiring plan before posting the job ads.

2. Attracting candidates

This stage involves any action hiring teams take to fill their hiring channel with qualified candidates.

3. Selecting candidates

The most important part of a candidate screening phase is the interview.

4. Interview candidates 

Screening calls, job application reviews, and pre-employment tests help ensure that hiring teams interview the best candidates.

5. Offering the job

This process involves drafting and sending a job offer email to the desired applicant, who accepts it. Sometimes though, candidates may choose to bargain their offers or reject them completely.

Now, with all these processes, you will agree with me that the process might just take longer process.

More so, the duration of the hiring process largely depends on the hiring team’s requirements, position level, salary negotiations, and so on.

However, a good hiring team will keep you informed, but that does not always happen. So, while you wait, you can also consider other job opportunities.

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