how many batman movies are there

How Many Batman Movies are there? Here’s Where You Can Watch them Right Now

Batman has been DC Comics’ chief character and an essential force in the world of superheroes. Sometimes, people wonder: “How many Batman movies are there?” Let’s find out!

how many batman movies are there

After their foundation of DC Comics in 1935, Bob Kane and Bill Finger spent five years working on the production of Batman, which was released officially in 1939.

The duo took advantage of the triumph that Superman had in the movie industry by designing the new character, “Batman.”

Now, with the passing of time, Batman has become so famous that he is known even outside of the context of Batman films, as he is featured in comic books, video games, and other movies.

Who is Batman?

Who is Batman?

Batman is the ill-treated vigilante character of DC Comics’ imaginary Gotham City who dresses as a bat to fight against evil and drives fear into the hearts of criminals.

His drive to fight against evil forces was birthed after his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne were killed.

Behind Batman’s domino mask exists, among the ordinary people of Gotham City, Bruce Wayne, a billionaire industrialist, philanthropist, and notorious playboy.

This character bore a resemblance to Superman, though with slightly dissimilar features like red tights, wings, a domino mask, a cape, black, and grey color scheme.

With Robert Pattinson’s role in the newly released 2022 movie, “Batman, “, we hope to experience fresh dimensions of Bruce Wayne’s confusing, yet exciting character.

How Many Batman Movies are there?

The question of how many Batman movies there are does not provoke a direct answer, regardless of being a simple question. 

This is because there have been several movies in which Batman was the protagonist, as well as other mind-blowing films in which Batman starred, such as Suicide Squad (2016) and Justice League (2017).

Meanwhile, most fans have warmly welcomed the animated version of Batman, like the Lego Batman movie, launched as part of Warner Bros. Animation’s DC Universe Animated Original Movies.

People believe this animated version to be superior to many live-action movies.

Here is a list of Batman movies that you cannot afford to miss:

 1. Batman: The Movie

Release Year: 1966

Actor: Adam West

As an afterthought, the way Adam West interpreted the role of Batman did not contribute to the truism of the comic.

It also did not contribute to the stunning personality that Batman has assumed in the world of superheroes.

Because of the limited contribution, Adam West’s version can easily be written off, but it has remained loved by fans.

This is because the movie portrayed Batman’s playful features as well as bringing in four villains, namely: Catwoman, Joker, Penguin, and Riddler.

2. Batman

Release Year: 1989

Actor: Michael Keaton

After the first live-action Batman film, it took another twenty years for the second live-action Batman film to be produced.

Michael Keaton 1989  assumed the role of the replication of the masked man that we, the modern-day fans, all love.

Thus, a more interesting and momentous version of Batman was found in Tim Burton’s new Batman film.

Tim Burton re-paints Gotham City in darker and more eerie hues that have, over the last two decades, adorned Batman’s character with more gusto but fights.  

Jack Nicholson’s Joker alone suffices the sockets of every viewer’s eyes.

3. Batman Returns

Release Year:1992

Actor : Michael Keaton

After Batman took on Jack Nicholson’s Joker in Tim Burton’s film, they released a sequel.

This time, Danny DeVito’s Penguin was the foe.

Alongside Penguin was Max Shreck (Christopher Walken), while on Batman’s side was Catwoman, played by Michelle Pfeiffer.

The film highlighted the fact that, even though a trilogy with Michael Keaton was not planned, die-hard moviegoers could take Batman seriously.

4. Batman Forever

Release Year: 1995

Actor: Val Kilmer

In a recent interview, Val Kilmer discussed showing his children his Batman movie and having them leave after the first 20 minutes.

According to most reviews, Kilmer’s claim that the movie was “so terrible it’s almost excellent” is a touch harsh.

Batman Forever is a respectable superhero film with some shortcomings, but it is by no means the best Batman movie ever created.

The star is Jim Carrey’s portrayal of the Riddler.

If you like comic books and think a lighter-toned Batman is more your style, you might still like this one.

The late Joel Schumacher, who was hurried into another Batman movie despite the critical acclaim for Batman Forever, directed it.

5. Batman and Robin

Release Year:1997

Actor: George Clooney

Joel Schumacher’s apology will provide most of the information you require regarding this film.

His apology was for the subpar production of Batman and Robin in 2017, twenty years after the film’s debut.

In Batman Forever, Val Kilmer’s Batman wasn’t taking himself seriously, and George Clooney’s portrayal of the role raises that to a new level.

They developed this movie with the purpose of being lighthearted in order to appeal to kids and promote product sales, which it only partially succeeded at.

This movie received such negative reviews that Schumacher decided not to make his planned trilogy, Batman Unchained.

6. Batman Begins

Release Year: 2005

Actor: Christian Bale

It wasn’t until the middle of the 2000s that a fourth Batman movie was released.

This was because of Batman & Robin’s alleged negative impact on the franchise after they released three Batman movies in the 1990s.

But you should not be afraid because Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins was the 2005 effort.

The main events of Batman’s origin story had previously been depicted on screen, but never in this manner.

The gritty narrative gave Batman an edge and new depths that we hadn’t seen before.

Bale’s outstanding depictions of both Bruce Wayne and the character gave Batman a new life.

Due to the popularity of the movie that came after it, this one is neglected, although Batman Begins is possibly the best Batman movie.

7. The Dark Knight

Release Year: 2008

Actor: Christian Bale

There’s no need to mince words when stating that the Dark Knight is among the best superhero movies ever produced.

It surpasses all of your expectations for a superhero film and outperforms them all, earning a spot among the greatest films of all time.

Naturally, the late legend Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker is responsible for a large portion of this.

Oddly, most people were dubious about the excellence of Jack Nicholson’s interpretation of the DC villain.

Unfortunately, after Heath’s terrible death, his amazing performance earned him the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2008.

The interplay between Batman and the Joker jumps out, especially the brilliant turns that are made along the road.

8. The Dark Knight Rises

Release Year: 2012

Actor: Christian Bale

With the Dark Knight Rises, which stars Tom Hardy as Bane, Christopher Nolan put an end to his Batman trilogy.

The Dark Knight’s success and critical praise raised a lot of expectations for this movie.

Although it wasn’t regarded as the trilogy’s best entry, it managed to surpass those expectations admirably.

Batman faces the frightening Bane, who appears to be a real menace to all of Gotham.

The end is rather conclusive for Batman and shuts most of the doors that were opened in the previous two movies, though we won’t give it away here.

Regardless of your feelings, the film did an excellent job of wrapping things up.

 9. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Release Year: 2016

Actor: Ben Affleck

Affleck’s portrayal of Batman in this movie and overall are very divisive.

Whoever played Batman after Nolan’s trifecta and perhaps the best Batman in Christian Bale was going to find it difficult.

This movie, which puts Batman and Superman against one another, has arrived.

It takes place in a universe where Batman has been battling crime for several decades, a year and a half after the events of 2013’s Man of Steel.

Batman worries about Superman’s prowess and sees him as a danger.

Many people’s favorite part of this film is the presence of Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor, who hovers in the background.

10. Suicide Squad

Release Year: 2016

Actor: Ben Affleck

Although Batman has an uncredited appearance in this movie, it’s still worth seeing.

This is if you’re interested in following Batman’s arc.

This is because it comes after Batman vs. Superman and before the Justice League, which is released a year later.

Although this movie didn’t receive high marks from critics, some fans liked it and thought it was a pleasant surprise after some initial skepticism.

11. Justice League

Release Year: 2017

Actor: Ben Affleck

This movie is where Batman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman partner up to confront the evil in front of them.

It is where the events of all the DC movies from the years leading up to 2017 came to an end.

There is an ominous shadow above this movie caused by problems with the directors.

Zack Snyder, who had previously helmed it, eventually had to quit after his daughter tragically passed away.

When Joss Whedon took over, the decision to adopt a lighter tone didn’t sit well with the audience.

12. Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Release Year: 2020

Actor: Ben Affleck

Okay, we will admit that this is a little confusing because this movie is listed twice.

However, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is the final version of the picture.

This movie, which runs for more than four hours, might be a drag at times, but it much outperforms the original.

Batman, played by Ben Affleck, is a key member of the squad that fights Steppenwolf, who is a representative of DC’s main villain, Darkseid.

13. The LEGO Batman Movie

Release Year: 2017

Actor: Will Arnett

You should know that this film is actually one of the most admired Batman movies ever made.

So you shouldn’t dismiss it on the grounds that it isn’t a Batman film.

A truly entertaining installment in the series was required after the criticism surrounding many of the earlier entries.

Naturally, since this is a spin-off of the LEGO Movie.

It doesn’t take itself too seriously.

It’s also not just designed to appeal to younger demographics.

There are several allusions to previous Batman movies that individuals who are familiar with the classics can only fully understand.

Before Universal Pictures purchased the film rights to the LEGO movie, a follow-up picture centering on Batman’s relationship with the Justice League was planned for this year.

14. Joker

Release Year: 2019

Actor: N/A

So, Batman doesn’t officially appear in this movie, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a Batman movie.

In the movie, the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents is discussed and Dante Pereira-Olson appears as a young Bruce Wayne

But other than that, Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of the Joker is the only thing that receives attention.

Due to the magnificence of Jack Nicholson’s Joker, Heath Ledger’s casting decision was criticized, and many people weren’t sure how another Joker depiction would turn out.

But like Heath Ledger, Phoenix delivered a masterful performance that, if anything, cemented the Joker as one of the greatest superhero villains ever.

Joker cleverly emphasizes his pseudobulbar effect to depict the character’s journey toward lunacy.

It wasn’t intended for this movie to be a part of the DC universe when it was created, but who knows if its success might change those intentions.

15. The Batman

Release Year: 2022

Actor: Robert Pattinson

Here we go with the Batman entry, Matt Reeves’ The Batman, which is distinct from the DC universe.

Fans should know by now not to question the casting decisions made for Batman movies.

But as is frequently the case, Robert Pattinson faced criticism before he ever donned the cape and cowl.

Although the movie just came out, most critics rank it among the best three Batman movies of all time.

The Riddler is the main antagonist in this movie, and the story gives the character a twist by returning to some of its detective origins.

The Reason People Still Produce Batman Movies

The Reason People Still Produce Batman Movies

Even after decades of Batman content, DC Comics and Warner Bros. continue to make Batman movies because they are highly lucrative.

Batman movies will always be profitable, even if people don’t enjoy them.

Batman & Robin, one of the notably terrible Batman live-action movies, managed to be the 13th most earning movie that was released in 1997.

Warner Bros. is a business that wants to turn a healthy profit at the end of the day.

Although some critics wonder why they never get tired of making films about the Dark Knight.

DC Comics is also making significant money off of the defender of Gotham City in both its comic book series and movies.

Batman comic books and graphic novels topped the best-selling comic book rankings in 2021.

By observing the audience’s response, Warner Bros. attracts enough attention for all of its Batman projects.

They released more animated programs to satiate devoted fans as people began to lose interest in live-action Batman movies.

Also, because of Batman’s ability to appeal to superhero fans of all ages, demand for projects featuring him rarely declines.

Warner Bros. will continue to provide the public with a lot of the Caped Crusader as long as there is significant demand.

There are still 80 years’ worth of stories to be told in Batman movies, which is another reason they keep coming out

The Batman canonical tale spans not only several generations but also several parallel universes.

The origin of the story of Bruce Wayne as the Dark Knight is not usually the focus of the Batman film series.

Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin, Alfred Pennyworth, and the Joker are all subjects of several legends.

Fans would like to see more of Batman’s allies in independent live-action movies.


The role of Batman in many superhero movies has thrilled audiences worldwide.

Currently, there are 66 Batman movies, including the ones he featured with other people like the Justice League flicks.

We hope you found this article useful.

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