how many rings does curry have

How Many Rings Does Steph Curry Have? (Updated 2022)

Anyone who is a lover of basketball or is generally linked with basketball is familiar with the name Stephen Curry. Read on to learn more about Curry and his championship ring!

how many rings does curry have

Stephen Curry is the San Francisco team Golden State Warriors (GSW) point guard and shooter.

The basketball prodigy is regarded as one of the “Greatest Shooters” in the National Basketball Association (NBA) history by many players, fans, pundits, and members of the media.

The glittering net worth of the “Michael Jordan of three-point” is close to $130 million.

With the Warriors needing a victory in Game 6 of the 2022 NBA Finals for Curry to win his fourth championship, he had everything under control.

Curry showed the Boston audience what he was ready for by pointing to his ring finger following a pair of three-pointers that gave Golden State a commanding lead in the third quarter.

You might be wondering how many rings the talented basketball player has. Let’s get into it right away.

How Many Rings Does Stephen Curry Have?

how many rings does curry have

The greatest player, Stephen Curry, has 4 rings from different NBA seasons.

The 34-year-old has been a member of the Golden State Warriors from the beginning of his professional career.

He was chosen by the team in 2009 as the seventh overall choice.

Three NBA titles have been won by Steph Curry’s Golden State Warriors in total, all of which came against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

After defeating the “King James” team, the first of them appeared in 2015. The Warriors retrieved the trophy two years later.

LeBron was defeated by Curry in the ensuing match thanks to the final “Larry O’Brien” of the year. Curry has the chance to pass LeBron James in terms of NBA titles won this season.

Wardell Stephen Curry, usually referred to as Steph Curry, is a well-liked basketball player with a baby face.

With his incredible abilities and commitment, he fundamentally changed basketball. Curry is without a doubt regarded as the best basketball shooter.

He is more than just your typical basketball player. He has also won the MVP award of the regular season twice.

It is due to the fact that Curry’s NBA championship has entirely changed, say analysts and several of his former players.

His shooting prowess led to the 3-pointer’s rise to prominence and its current status as one of the top abilities.

Curry’s style of shooting beyond the 3-point line intimidates rookie players.

Stephen Curry has also received six all-NBA selections and has been an all-star 60 times.

Curry led the NBA in steals and was the scoring champion in 2016. He is the champion of the 2015 3-point competition.

Additionally, he was a US team member in 2010 and 2015 that won the FIBA world championship.

Midway through the third quarter, Stephen Curry swished a long three-pointer, retreated down the floor, and quickly treated himself.

The Golden State Warriors star turned to the sideline and pointed to his right ring finger as the Boston Celtics sought a timeout to collect themselves.

Even though there were only 18 minutes left, Curry felt confident he had already won his fourth championship.

In Game 6 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night, the Warriors defeated the Boston Celtics, 103-90, capping a thrilling comeback from a 2-1 series deficit to finish a 16-6 run through the playoffs and capture their fourth championship in eight years.

Curry won the Finals MVP award for the first time after finishing with 34 points, seven rebounds, and seven assists in the decisive victory.

Given that his 43-point masterpiece in Game 4 decided the series in favor of Golden State, there was no room for discussion.

We are conditioned to anticipate the unexpected when it comes to Steph Curry.

To become accustomed to the absurd being made to seem commonplace and the abnormal being suddenly made normal.

However, even the best shooter of all time occasionally catches himself off guard.

Like he did following his sprinting, one-legged 3-pointer against the Memphis Grizzlies in October of last year.

He keeps coming up with fresh strategies to reinvent himself, his style of play, and the game itself. He is still able to overcome and defy rationality.

Curry has discovered several other ways to make an impact on both ends of the court, so to dismiss those and simply call him the “best shooter of all time” is unfair.

It is for this reason that Curry and Golden State’s championship victory over the Boston Celtics of 2022, a defensive powerhouse, is so astounding.

Curry had the highest plus-minus (+15) of all starters, despite not making a single 3-point shot in Game 5 – the first time that had happened in his playoff career.

Curry may not have been hitting his shots, but the Warriors were much better for having him on the court because he created opportunities for his teammates and manipulated the league’s top defense.

On his podcast “The Old Man & the Three,” former NBA player and current ESPN analyst JJ Redick had the best response.

Which Player Has the Most NBA Rings?

how many rings does curry have

There have been numerous legendary players in the NBA’s history.

They are individuals who have accomplished many remarkable feats during their playing careers.

The player with the most NBA rings is definitely not Stephen Curry.

Though the brilliant player has earned his quota of championship rings, the player with the most NBA rings is Boston Celtics center, Bill Russell.

In his debut season, he claimed his first championship with the Boston Celtics.

After that, he won ten championships over the course of the following 12 years, including eight straight wins from 1959 to 1966.

He served as a player-coach for the 1968 and 1969 championship teams.

Sam Jones, a teammate of Russell’s, finished second in NBA history with ten championships won between 1959 and 1969.

Tom Heinsohn, K. C. Jones, Satch Sanders, and John Havlicek were four Celtics players who each won eight championships, with Havlicek being the lone player to do so independently of Russell.

Jim Loscutoff and Frank Ramsey, two additional Celtics, each won seven championships.

Additionally, Robert Horry claimed seven titles (with three teams).

Each of the following four athletes earned six championships: Bob Cousy, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan, and Scottie Pippen.

The Chicago Bulls team twice in the 1990s won three straight championships, including Jordan and Pippen.

Before the NBL and BAA joined to establish the NBA, George Mikan won two championships in the NBL and five in the NBA.

The Los Angeles Lakers and Magic Johnson combined to win five championships in the 1980s.

The best champion in NBA history is Michael Jordan.

His six rings are more than Kobe Bryant’s five, Kareem Abdul-six, Jabbar’s, and Bill Russell’s eleven.

Even if it may sound like the comfortable stance of a Bulls supporter, there is plenty of justification for making this claim.

The “ring debate” is one that fuzzy logic can so easily obfuscate.

There are additional factors to consider than just your ring count when evaluating excellence. Rings are not all acquired equally.

Basketball is a team sport, thus thinking about the ring talk without thinking about the team is impossible.

Steph Earned His Rings Over How Many Seasons?

how many rings does curry have

Three championship rings have been won by Stephen Curry with the Golden State Warriors in the 2015–2016, 2017–2018, and 2018–2019 seasons.

The 360 diamonds on top of the ring symbolize all the victories since club ownership bought them.

The 16 emerald-shaped diamonds on the left side stand in for the team’s 16 postseason victories in the 2021 NBA Playoffs, while the 16 emerald-shaped diamonds on the right side represent the team’s 16 division titles overall.

On Tuesday, October 27, a special pregame ceremony took place during which the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors were presented with their 2014–15 NBA Championship rings.

The top’s circular form is a tribute to both the basketball’s shape and the Warriors’ jersey logo.

Even the outline of Oracle Arena and an image of the winning squad holding up the championship trophy in gold were incorporated into the design by Jason of Beverly Hills.

There are a few untold stories among the meanings, though some of them are evident.

The 240 stones on the ring’s top represent the 240 victories in the regular season and the playoffs achieved by the current ownership group.

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and the player numbers are constructed of a special batch of yellow gold with a 67 percent purity to represent the 67-win season.

The rest of the ring is made of 14kt gold.

The side of the ring has 16 princess cut stones, which stand for the number of victories in the 2015 postseason that brought the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy back to the Bay.

You cannot see the four individual stones, which are only visible under a special black light to represent the four championships won by the Warriors club (2015, 1975, 1956, and 1947).

The player’s rings include nearly six carats of diamonds and blue sapphires in total. This ring is a one-of-a-kind limited edition piece.

“While the ring is simple in design, it has a complex storyline and really does tell the story of the franchise.”

“The Warriors allowed us to take a risk with the design and redefine what a championship ring looks like,” said Jason Arasheben, CEO of Jason of Beverly Hills.

1. First Ring- 2015 Championship

Curry’s season was a spectacular and sensational 2015 edition. The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers met in the 2015 NBA Finals.

A 24-0 win streak marked the start of the season. Only 9 games were lost by the Warriors towards the end of the season.

This performance set a new mark for the regular season. Stephen Curry received a unanimous vote for MVP of the regular season this year.

The team, which was coached by head coach Steve Kerr, had a superb balance.

2. Second Ring–2017 Championship

Losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2016 NBA Finals. But they returned with a vengeance in 2017.

After acquiring Kevin Durant, the team won the series in five games.

Along with LeBron Jame’s Cavaliers, the club didn’t look back after the postseason began and handled every challenge that was put in their path.

The Golden State Warriors prevailed with a 16-1 record.

3. Third Ring—2018 Championship

The Golden State Warriors became the NBA’s undisputed champions in 2018.

The Golden State Warriors defeat the Cavaliers in a total of four games using the same strategy. Curry scored 33 points in game 2 and set an NBA Finals record by making nine 3-pointers.

Steph Curry scored 37 points in Game 4 of the series. For four years, Curry held a key position at his club. He represents the Golden State Warriors organization.

Will Stephen Curry Finish His Career with Golden State Warriors?

how many rings does curry have

Let’s dive a bit into his history, shall we?

Curry was chosen by the Golden State Warriors as the seventh overall choice in the 2009 NBA Draft on June 25, 2009.

During the 2009–10 campaign, he had an appearance in 80 games (77 starts), playing 36.2 minutes per game while averaging 17.5 points, 4.5 rebounds, 5.9 assists, and 1.90 steals.

He entered the competition for Rookie of the Year thanks to his strong second half of the season.

As the only rookie in the Western Conference to receive the honor three times, he was awarded Western Conference Rookie of the Month in January, March, and April.

He came in second place to Tyreke Evans for the NBA Rookie of the Year Award and was selected unanimously to the NBA All-Rookie First Team, making him the first member of the Warriors to do so since Jason Richardson in 2001–02.

He recorded the most 30-point games by a rookie in 2009–10 and the most since LeBron James had 13 and Carmelo Anthony had 10 in 2003–04. He scored 30 or more points eight times.

Curry tied Michael Jordan for the second-most 30-point/10-assist games by a rookie with his five 30-point/10-assist performances (Oscar Robertson is first with 25).

When he recorded his first career triple-double against the Los Angeles Clippers on February 10, he became just the sixth rookie in NBA history to score a 35-point, 10-assist, 10-rebound performance.

Curry set a career-high for points, rebounds, and assists in the Warriors’ season-ending game against the Portland Trail Blazers on April 14.

Curry was the first rookie to do so since Robertson in February 1961 by recording at least those totals in each category in the same contest.

Curry had the most three-pointers made by a rookie in NBA history during his first season, making 166 in total.

On “The Bill Simmons Podcast,” the two-time NBA MVP recently stated that he intends to be a Warrior for life (h/t Yahoo Sports’ Ben Rohrbach).

The North Carolina product hasn’t given much thought to playing for the Charlotte Hornets, a team his father, Dell, played for from 1988 to 1998, despite the fact that many athletes dream of donning the uniform of their hometown team.

“I love the Bay Area, man,” Curry said.

“The only reason I go home now is if my sister is getting married or to go play the Hornets for that one game, so I haven’t really been back much. I haven’t put my mind there. “

Since being selected seventh overall in the 2009 draft, Curry has played with the Warriors for nine years.

He transformed from a little shooting guard with ankle issues into the center of a dynasty. He has won three titles, and two MVP honors, and he has been an All-Star five times.

Last summer, he had the chance to become a free agent and sign with any team he desired.

However, there was little controversy because he agreed to a five-year, $201 million contract to stay with Golden State.

Golden State had one postseason appearance in 15 seasons and was coming off a 29-win season when he was selected.

The Warriors have developed into one of the greatest teams in league history because of their charismatic boss.

It’s understandable why he would want to stay with the team that picked him, given that Golden State has advanced to the NBA Finals four times in a row and won three rings in the process.

 After all, the Warriors, who added All-Star center DeMarcus Cousins this summer, will go into the following season as the NBA title favorites.

Of all, in professional athletics, things can change very quickly. Within the next two years, contract extensions for Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green are all possible.

Golden State may have trouble adding to its collection of trophies if any of them eventually join another team.

Curry’s jersey will eventually hang in the Bay Area’s rafters.

The only remaining concerns concern how long he will play and how many championships he will have won by the end of his career.


Stephen Curry, also known as Chef Curry, has a total of four rings.

He has also hinted that another ring might be added to his collection. Like other ring owners in the NBA industry, his name will be written in the history books.

The details in the ring make us understand that there is a personal story attached to each ring that is produced.

Do you think Stephen Curry will earn more rings? Well, you’ll need to follow up to see if he does.

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