how much is a 20 min uber ride

How Much Does a 20-Minute Uber Cost? (2022 Updated)

It’s obvious that Uber is the go-to transportation provider with over 5 million drivers worldwide and more than 15 million trips completed every day, but did you realize that the cost of an Uber ride can cost?

how much is a 20 min uber ride

Have you ever wondered how much an Uber journey lasts for 20 minutes? Depending on your city and the Uber type you select, a 20-minute Uber journey can cost anywhere from $11 to $54.

The time of day is one aspect that affects an Uber journey; rush hour fares are more expensive. The type of vehicle is another consideration, with Uber Black SUVs being the most expensive.

Students, professionals, and anyone without a car rely heavily on public transportation and ridesharing services like Uber.

The rides and costs must then all be the same, right? That is not the case because a ride is influenced by a wide range of different elements. Let’s check the price of a 20-minute Uber ride in your city.

How Much Does a 20-Minute Uber Cost?

how much is a 20 min uber ride

Uber rides can range in price from $20 on the low end to $50 on the high end. The area, overall travel, and vehicle will all affect the variable cost.

It’s possible that the price of a 20-minute journey in one region may not be the same in another. However, as an illustration, a 20-minute travel (just over 20 miles) from Lansing, Michigan, to Mason, Michigan, costs little more than $30.

That would be the case if you selected an Uber economy option. It would cost more than $40 for you to ride in a huge vehicle.

How Does Uber Break Down Its Fees?

how much is a 20 min uber ride

There is no set cost when using Uber. You’ll be given the total fee at the conclusion of the ride, just like in a regular cab. This is due to the fact that anything can occur during a voyage.

You can decide that you need to make halt and lengthen your journey by asking your driver to take an alternative route. Traffic jams could cause you to spend more time using Uber.

The pricing is influenced by a wide range of factors. Here are a few of the extra charges that go into the total Uber rate.

1. Standard Fare

There is a standard fare that applies to all Ubers. This fare typically costs $1, but in some major cities, it can rise quickly. This is the guaranteed base rate that a driver receives.

2. Long Pickup Charge

You can be charged a long pick up fee if there aren’t any nearby Uber drivers. This payment aids the driver in recouping the expense of traveling to your location. They will have to spend more money traveling farther to get to you if you live there.

Even driving to pick someone up can be challenging if you already have debt. Because of this, Uber charges far-off customers a long pick-up fee.

The cost varies according to how far it is to your location and how quickly the driver gets there.

3. Booking Charge

The booking fee is one of the larger charges you’ll see upfront. In essence, this charge locks you into a ride. It serves as a guarantee that you’ll be present when the Uber driver arrives.

However, you should expect to pay higher fees if you decide not to show up or must cancel your journey.

4. Lowest Fare

The minimum fare is an additional fee that raises the overall price of your ride. Similar to the base cost, except the minimum fare only applies to the actual ride, whereas the base fare is linked to the pickup portion of Uber.

The least amount you must pay the driver for your ride is the minimum fare. Midway through, you might have to change or cancel your intended destination. You will still be required to pay the minimum fare even though you will typically be charged a few additional fees.

5. Minutely Charge

The per-minute charge is one of the major determining elements in how much you pay. This is due to the fact that in heavy traffic, even a 10-mile trip can end up lasting a half-hour.

As a result, Uber prices introduced a per-minute charge. Depending on the time of day and the location, the actual cost varies. The rate per minute in the Lansing illustration was $0.17. The total cost increases by $0.17 for each minute that goes by.

If you’re usually travelling on the interstate outside of a congested location, that’s not too bad. However, if you’re driving in a congested location or through a metropolis, this price can mount up very rapidly.

6. Price Per Mile

The per-mile fee is another charge that raises the price of your Uber. The per-mile cost is Uber’s attempt to make sure that its drivers are paid fairly for longer routes, similar to the per-minute price.

The likelihood that the driver will be able to find someone who wants to take a ride back to the starting point is not always high. As a result, if they are traveling a long distance, they typically wind up losing money.

Longer distances allow them to make more money thanks to the per-mile cost. For instance, driving 20 miles might only take 20 minutes. Although this may not seem like much, it implies that the motorist will eventually need to go 20 miles from their current location to get home.

They could have to travel much more if they don’t reside nearby. Their profit is ultimately impacted by this. They can make more money by charging a per-mile fee whether they are traveling 20 miles or 100 miles away. The cost per minute for the trip from Lansing to Mason was $1.20.

7. Fees for Cancellation

Even though you didn’t get in the car, you can anticipate paying a fee if you need to abruptly cancel your Uber. This is because when you order an Uber, you are forcing a driver to travel to your place.

Possibly traveling from the opposite side of the city, the driver. Even from the suburbs or the countryside, they might be arriving by car. To go to your location, they have to spend money.

If you back out, they will send you the money they lost. A cancellation fees assists in offsetting part of the money they lost. The cost of cancellation varies.

The distance between you and the driver and the amount of time left until your scheduled pick-up time when you cancel both have an impact on the rate. Whether you travel 5 or 20 miles, all of these costs add up to the total cost of your Uber.

8. Tipping

Tipping is one expense that Uber does not include in its pricing calculator. That’s because tipping is strongly advised but not necessary. Not all of the money you spend for the service goes to the Uber drivers. They only receive a portion of that sum; the remainder goes to the company.

Due to this, it’s challenging for the majority of Uber drivers to support themselves without the aid of tips. Because of tips, they are able to carry on offering their services by refueling and maintaining their vehicles.

They can feed their families and pay their bills thanks to tips. Although you are completely free to choose how much to tip, you should factor a tip into your overall payment.

Why are Uber Rides so Expensive?

how much is a 20 min uber ride

You might be curious as to why Uber’s rates are so high given that it is essentially a posh taxi service. Here are a few explanations for why Uber rides are pricey.

1. Demand


Demand is one of the main causes of fluctuations in the price of Uber rides. You can anticipate paying more if you order an Uber during rush hour.

The reason for this is that many individuals want to utilize Uber to get home or to work. The demand for the service is greater than the supply because there are more people looking for it than there are available Uber drivers.

When that occurs, the supplier always gets to decide the price. Uber’s prices are always higher during rush hour. The cost to use the app is highest at that time.

This means that some of the most expensive periods to call an Uber are from 6 to 9 in the morning and from 4 to 6 in the evening. You should, if at all feasible, order an Uber for a 20-minute trip outside of rush hour.

2. Distance


The distance you are traveling also contributes significantly to the cost of your ride. You may count on paying a lot of money if you’re traveling outside of the city to a nearby city. That’s because Uber bills both by the minute and by the mile.

Since the Uber driver will be with you for a longer period of time, they need that time to be worthwhile. Additionally, they are using more petrol when carrying just one person as opposed to many.

The price of gasoline is split among them if they can accommodate a big number of passengers. The cost of fuel ultimately falls on the sole person traveling a lengthy distance by themselves.

Finally, traveling farther distances causes a car to degrade more quickly. Typically, the automobile has to travel to your location, then either back to the driver’s home or to the next passenger.

The driver will be nearer to needing a repair as a result of the vehicle’s increased wear and tear. Longer lengths end up costing more to compensate for eventual repairs.

3. Vehicle Type

Vehicle Type

When using Uber, customers can select from a variety of vehicle categories. The size of the city and the number of drivers available determine the types of cars in your area.

For instance, if you reside in a smaller city, you could only have access to extra-large and economy Ubers. There might not be an Uber driver nearby who offers trips in a high-end vehicle.

However, there are numerous unique cars that are occasionally offered. UberX has the lowest price. This is their economy vehicle, which is practically any typical vehicle. Uber Comfort is a little more expensive ride.

These vehicles resemble slightly larger compact SUVs. They provide a little bit more comfort during travel and extra legroom. UberXL is the second most expensive.

These vehicles are minivans or other big SUVs that can carry a lot of people or cargo. UberBlack is the most expensive variant of the service. All of the upscale vehicles are offered here.

Your driver can arrive in a limo or possibly a sports car. The service is expensive because these are luxury vehicles. Additionally, Uber Green is available in some places.

Choose to go in an electric vehicle if you wish to promote a green atmosphere. Due to their rarity, these are a little more pricey. Fewer drivers have electric vehicles accessible to transport passengers because they aren’t yet widely used.

Uber Green is significantly more expensive than UberX or Uber Comfort, although not as pricey as Uber Black.

4. Tolls and Additional Fees

Tolls and Additional Fees

Finally, due to tolls and surcharges, your Uber ride may be costly. You will be responsible for paying any tolls that may be present along your trip.

This is due to the fact that it is unfair to require the driver to pay a toll when they are transporting you to a location beyond them. To put it simply, Uber drivers don’t earn enough to pay for all tolls. When your ride is over, you should be prepared to pay any toll fees.

A possible additional price is a surcharge. These are particularly prevalent in airports. You will be responsible for paying the fee if your Uber driver must do so in order to pick you up or drop you off.

Once more, this is because the driver shouldn’t be charged for assisting you in getting to the airport. Even though these costs might not seem like much, if your ride is already pricey, they could increase the overall cost of the trip.

How to Make an Uber Ride Cheaper

Ride Cheaper

Undoubtedly, using Uber is a cheap way to spend a lot of money. Fortunately, there are a few ways for you to contribute to lowering the cost of your ride.

Here are some suggestions for how to reduce the cost of your Uber travel.

1. Apply UberX

Choose UberX from the available cars when given the option to do so. This is the least expensive choice and can significantly reduce your bill. You can still count on UberX to provide you with a high-quality vehicle that will take you where you need to go.

It simply won’t be anything elaborate.

2. One Uber

Uber has a membership program, just like many other businesses. You can save 5% on your rides if you register for Uber One and become a member.

The discounted rides are subject to some limitations, but it can be a great way to cut costs in some cases. You receive a discount on Uber Eats as part of the membership.

3. Uber Bonuses

Members of Uber can also get prizes. You gain points when you use Uber and take rides. These points can be exchanged for particular benefits. Free ride upgrades and flexible cancellations are some benefits.

It can be a simple method to get paid for using a service you already use.

4. Promotions

Despite the fact that Uber has discontinued its sign-up promotion, you may still find certain promotions and discounts that can help you save money on your rides.

If you look around the holidays and around special occasions, you can find a promo code that can help you get a ride for less money.

5. Share

Carpooling with friends or coworkers is the last strategy to lower the cost of your Uber. You can divide the cost between you all if you all share the same Uber. This significantly lowers the cost of using Uber.

How Can You Check Your Ride Price for Uber?

Ride Price

Uber offers two options for you to utilize if you want to get a rough idea of the price of your ride. The first method is via the Uber app. You can submit a destination using their app based on either your current location or another area.

Then, Uber will provide you with an estimate and even display the prices of the available trips along that route. Utilizing their Price Estimate Tool is the alternative strategy. You may use their app without downloading it.

To get started, all you need to do is enter your starting point and desired destination as addresses. When you request a ride, Uber will estimate the cost and display the different car types that are available. The costs related to the ride can also be broken down for you.


It is challenging to predict how much an Uber journey will cost on a daily basis and in various cities because of the numerous factors that affect them. Even though you follow a set route, you commute every day, and there are no fixed costs.

The best advice is to regularly check the cost of your trips and, if you can, plan and reserve a trip in advance to lock in a reasonable rate for your 20-minute Uber ride-sharing journey.

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