How Much Does a Garbage Man Make?

How Much Does a Garbage Man Make?

How much does a garbage man make? Garbage men collect trash from the side of the road and from dumpsters, servicing both residential and commercial areas. However, let’s look into how much a garbage man makes.

How Much Does a Garbage Man Make?

The average Garbage Man in the US makes $44,608. Garbage Men make the most in San Francisco at $66,846, averaging total compensation 50% greater than the US average.

Salary Ranges for Garbage Men

Garbage Men in the US earn salaries ranging from $10,236 to $237,999, with a median pay of $41,287. However, the top 86 percent of Garbage Men make $237,999, with the middle 57% earning between $41,288 and $106,590.

Hourly Garbage Man Salary

According to 2019 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the United States, a garbage man’s average hourly pay was $19.90, which equates to a roughly $41,400 yearly salary.

Furthermore, eighty percent of all garbage men claimed to earn between $10.95 and $32.29 per hour.

Garbage Man Salary by Location

According to BLS data, garbage men in metropolitan areas often made more money than those employed in nonmetropolitan areas, primarily as a result of variations in the cost of living there.

The Chicago-Naperville-Elgin metro area in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana had the highest average hourly wage of any metropolitan area, at $30.75.

The metropolitan areas that pay the highest salary in the garbage collector profession are San Jose, San Francisco, Napa, Seattle, and Salinas. Their pay is broken down as follows:

San Jose, California


San Francisco, California


Napa, California


Seattle, Washington


Salinas, California


Trash Man Salary by Employer

According to BLS data from May 2019, there are also sizable pay disparities between garbage men employed in other industries.

Garbage men employed by state governments made an average of $25.20 per hour, while those employed by municipal governments made an average of $20.68.

Finally, the areas that pay garbage men the highest salary include; Seattle, Napa, Salinas, San Francisco, and San Jose. However, the best-paying districts include; Oregon, New York, Columbia, California, and Washington.

Frequently Asked Questions

A garbage man can also be called a Trash collector, garbage hauler, garbage collector, dustman, maintenance man, garbage carter, or refuse collector.

Garbage collectors fall into two categories: the driver of the garbage truck and the helper, or “ground man,” who picks up the garbage cans and recyclables.

The job can be physically demanding for helpers since they pick up many cans of garbage each day in the rain, snow, sleet, and summer heat.

A garbage collector’s duties are to pick up trash and recycling and transport it to a landfill, sorting facility, or recycling center. In this career, you may pick up trash from residential buildings, commercial buildings, or both.

You can as well call a collecter a gatherer, antiquary, accumulator, revenue agent, connoisseur, collection agent, fancier, hobbyist, amasser, petroliana, and revenue.

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