How much does a Train Engineer make?

 – How much does a Train Engineer make? –

How much does a train Engineer make? I’m sure you’ll give thoughtful replies to these queries. However, before going into the topic matter, it’s vital to understand the job description of a Train engineer.

How much does a Train Engineer make?

Train engineers are in charge of driving trains over short and long distances. Their mission is to safely transport their clients from A to B while also operating our public transportation system.

Train engineers, also known as locomotive engineers, oversee the trains that transport goods and passengers between cities and states.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average locomotive engineer salary is higher than the national average salary for all occupations.

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How much does a Train Engineer get Paid?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the nation’s 35,520 locomotive engineers earned an average of $71,570 per year, or $34.41 per hour, as of May 2019.

The lowest ten percent of engineers earned less than $47,190 per year, or $22.69 per hour, while the wealthiest ten percent earned more than $101,060 per year or $48.59 per hour.

Electric or diesel locomotives are driven by train engineers to convey commodities and people across the country.

The daily responsibilities of train engineers include inspecting and changing the condition of their vehicles.

Salaries for Train Engineers by Location

Nevada’s 190 locomotive engineers received the highest average salary: $99,520 per year, or $47.85 per hour.

With a yearly pay average of $89,100 ( $42.84 per hour), Washington was the second-most lucrative state for locomotive engineers.

California’s 1,770 locomotive engineers received the third-highest wages: $84,740 per year, or $40.74 per hour.

What are Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Train Engineer Jobs?

These is the list of cities with the highest salary structures for Train Engineers:

‣ Santa Clara, CA($121,833)

‣ San Francisco, CA($121,797)

‣ Fremont, CA($116,992)

‣ San Jose, CA($114,460)

‣ Alexandria, VA($113,614)

‣ Oakland, CA($113,220)

‣ Tanaina, AK($112,940)

‣ Wasilla, AK($112,939)

‣ Sunnyvale, CA($111,931)

‣ Santa Maria, CA($111,194)

Train Engineer Salaries Per Region

Here is the list of salary structures for Train Engineer based on region s in the US:

‣ Georgia $122,400

‣ Massachusetts $116,000

‣ Minnesota $114,333

‣ Wisconsin $113,500

‣ Maryland $110,000

‣ Virginia $105,212

‣ Nebraska $90,000

‣ California $87,500

‣ Washington $77,779

‣ Louisiana $74,750

‣ Utah $72,500

‣ Colorado $72,500

‣ New York $72,260

‣ Texas $71,574

‣ Kansas $69,750

‣ New Mexico $69,000

‣ Connecticut $68,416

‣ Nevada $68,000

‣ Illinois $66,222

‣ North Carolina $65,000

‣ Hawaii $63,678

‣ Pennsylvania $63,160

‣ New Jersey $58,771

‣ Indiana $58,500

‣ Ohio $57,025

‣ Arizona $54,971

‣ Idaho $53,664

‣ Missouri $53,434

‣ Florida $50,213

‣ Tennessee $45,338

‣ Kentucky $44,004

‣ Oregon $40,238

‣ Alabama $38,367

‣ West Virginia $34,168

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The Benefits of Working as a Train Engineer

Below are the things you stand to enjoy as a Train Engineer. However, the benefits are not limited the following:

‣ As a locomotive engineer, you travel a lot.

‣ Train drivers can travel the country for free or even get paid.

‣ They can see and experience many different places and cultures.

‣ Working as a train engineer can be thrilling because you don’t have to do any hard lifting.

‣ Train drivers don’t have to work outside in the cold.

‣ They keep our system running. Most people will appreciate what you do.

‣ You can work on your own.

‣ If you enjoy trains, this is an excellent career for you.

‣ As a train engineer, you may earn a respectable living.

‣ A college diploma is not required to work as a train driver.

Finally, there are aspects of the job that may be enjoyable, and the pay is excellent for not requiring a college diploma, and operating a large, lengthy freight train over the area does give you a sense of empowerment due to the amount of heavy iron under your control.

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