How Old is Jinx? Age of the League of Legends Star

If you are a fan of League of Legends, you are probably wondering how old Jinx is. We did our research and discovered Jinx’s estimated age, so in this article, we tell you all about how old Jinx is.

How Old is Jinx?

How Old is Jinx?

The age of Jinx is a topic that many League of Legends and Arcane fans are curious about.

The League of Legends fandom’s Wikipedia states that it is impossible to determine Jinx’s exact age. For her age, nevertheless, there is a probable estimate.

Jayce is 24 years old and was born between the years 961 and 966, according to the League of Legends in Arcane legend.

This indicates that the Arcane occurred between 985 and 990. This implies that Jinx was born in the year 975.

In Arcane, Jinx is most likely between the ages of 10 and 15. Her current age is therefore somewhere between 17 and 18.

In League of Legends, Jinx “The Loose Cannon” is a special champion. She is one of the game’s first champions.

Her past reveals Vi’s adversary and a criminal from Zaun who is also Vi’s younger sister. In League of Legends, Jinx is a fantastic ranged attacker.

She mostly serves as a markswoman and can also inflict a lot of actual damage during video game matches.

She is an inventor who employs a collection of custom-made weapons, according to her backstory.


What Should Jinx Build?

The Jinx build breakdown will include the following:

‣ Bloodthirster

‣ Boots of Furor – Protobelt

‣ Infinity Edge

‣ Mortal Reminder

‣ Runaan’s Hurricane

‣ Stormrazor

Jinx does incredibly well when building items that deal attack damage and also gains a lot from attack speed.

For Jinx, the Stormrazor is a fantastic core item because it increases her attack power, attack speed, and critical strike probability.

For Jinx, Infinity Edge is a potent item. It provides you with a ton of single target damage, which can be incredibly helpful in the early going.

If you can knock her down early in a team fight, you can then access her passive and begin roaming around slaughtering everyone.

For Jinx, Runaan’s Hurricane would be another useful tool. When you auto-attack, two other surrounding foes are also hit.

When used with the rockets from Jinx’s first ability, this item is incredibly effective.

Your strikes will not just spread, but they will do an area of effect from the rockets’ damage.

Other Runes include Hunter – Vampirism, Sweet Tooth, Lethal Tempo, and Hunter – Titan.

What is the Etymology of ‘jinx’?

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word “jynx,” which means a charm or enchantment, has been used in English since the 1690s.

Additionally, it mentions that the word “jinx,” with that particular spelling, first appeared in American English in 1911.

Jynx/jinx is derived from the 17th-century word jyng, which means “a spell,” and ultimately from the Latin word iynx, which is also spelt jynx.

This is because the letters “j” and I share the same root.

The Greek name of the wryneck bird, iunx, which was connected to sorcery and utilized not just in spell-casting and divination, is where the Latin word “iynx” comes from.

The sorceress Iynx, who was turned into this bird as retribution for a spell she cast on the god Zeus, was the source of the mythological roots of the bird.

This statement is according to the Ancient Romans and Greeks.

How Old is Jinx?

What Does a ‘Jinx’ Mean in Arcane?

Jinx is a member of the League of Legends media brand created by Riot Games.

The persona debuted in October 2013 as a playable champion for the same 2009 online multiplayer battle arena video game.

In the game, Jinx is portrayed as a psychotic and irrational criminal from Zaun and Vi’s archrival as the Piltover enforcer.

In the series Arcane, Arcane’s first season explains that Jinx was once known as Powder.

After the oppressed Undercity’s unsuccessful revolt against the utopian city of Piltover, she and her older sister Vi were left, orphans.

Vander, the rebellion’s leader, took them in.


What are the Origins of the Term, ‘Jinx’, for Bad Luck or Misfortune?

In popular superstition and folklore, a jinx (sometimes spelled jynx) is a curse or the quality of attracting poor or unfavorable luck.

English speakers have been using the word “jynx” to refer to the bird wryneck and occasionally a charm or spell since the seventeenth century.

Late in the nineteenth century, contemporary spelling and meanings emerged.

The word “jinx” also refers to the avoidance of making a good impression on an unfinished or unresolved issue for fear of “jinxing” it.

According to superstition, talking kindly about one’s current circumstance may “jinx” it, which will lead to problems.

What is the Average Age of a League of Legends Player?

The average age of professional League of Legends eSports players is 21.2 years old, according to a 2018 ESPN study.

The median age is much lower when compared to other major sports, particularly those with fan bases similar to the League of Legends eSports sector.

Jinx mostly serves as a markswoman and can also inflict a lot of actual damage during video game matches. It is no wonder why one would want to know her actual age. 

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