How Old is Moana? (Explained)

Are you interested in knowing how old Moana is? The title character in Disney’s 2016 animated feature film of the same name is Moana. The daughter of Chief Tui and Sina, who inherited her mother’s love of the sea and travel.

how old is moana

Moana, the vivacious, feisty, and cheerful daughter of Motunui’s chief, lives happily on her home island but is lured to the ocean.

One of Disney’s newest princesses, Moana, is well-liked because she pushes the boundaries of what it means to be a princess.

Moana stands out from the throng, according to Gramma Tala. She liked the water, and she is independent, tenacious, and nearly fearless.

Moana has grown to be a favorite of Disney fans of all ages because of her undying tenacity and unstoppable determination.

How Old is Moana?

how old is moana

Moana is a 16-year-old with a slim yet muscular frame that sets her apart from other Disney princesses and protagonists.

She is the second Disney protagonist of Polynesian ancestry and the second princess to belong to a Native Civilization.

The plot of Moana centers on Moana, the daughter of Motuni Chief Tui, who defies the custom of her people not to cross the reef to give the goddess of life her Heart of Te Fiti back.

She is joined by the shape-shifting demigod Maui, who initially stole the Heart from the goddess and triggered the time of darkness for Moana’s people, on her maritime journey to return to the Heart of Te Fiti.

Despite the dread that her Chief father has attempted to inculcate in her, Moana is well recognized for her independent spirit and love of the water.

The chief’s daughter is renowned for being exceptionally athletic and powerful, which matches her strong-willed nature.

Moana can manage herself while on her own as a teenage girl who has never left her native island.

Although Moana has a reputation for being self-assured, she sometimes finds it difficult to reconcile her goals and objectives with what her family and society demand of her.

Like her father, this Disney protagonist takes her responsibility to her people seriously.

Her devotion to her community led her to go against her father’s orders and take on the mission that Gramma Tala sets for Moana.

When Moana was first created as a character, she was meant to be a secondary character and potential love interest for Maui, but she completely took the spotlight from Maui.

Do People Think of Moana as a Disney Princess?

how old is moana

Moana (Auli’i Cravalho) was the second Disney princess to be added to the official roster after Merida.

In 2019, she joined the Disney princess brand.

Despite being regarded as a member of the Disney Princess franchise, Moana wasn’t given the traditional coronation ceremony that her forebears received.

Instead, Moana’s book and toy lines served as a subtle introduction to her as a Disney princess.

After Moana’s film was released, it took three years before she was included in the long-running Disney franchise.

Moana was not yet regarded as a Disney princess when she appeared in Ralph Breaks the Internet among all the other Disney princesses, and she wouldn’t be a part of the series until a few years later.

The only princesses not depicted by celebrities were Moana and Mulan when photographer Annie Leibovitz produced the Disney Dream Portrait Series.

Moana was created for young girls who preferred to travel and assist those they care about most rather than remain at home and play the role of princess.

Because of how well-known the Disney princess brand is, even figures like Moana, who doesn’t consider herself a princess at all, and Elsa, who transforms into the Queen of Arendelle in Frozen and Frozen II, are regarded as princesses by fans.

Does Motunui Actually Exist?

how old is moana

There is no island called Motunui in reality, although the name is of Polynesian origin.

The producers fabricated a fictitious island in order to honor and fairly reflect the Polynesian peoples and their customs without clearly favoring anyone in particular.

Her native island, however, is a hybrid of Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti, and Tonga.

A chiefdom, also called a Fa’amatai, is the community where Moana’s father serves as the chief.

The transmission of the title of chief does not depend on the demise of the former ruler, unlike in countries with kings and queens.

However, every chief on the island of Motunui has just had to quietly assume his or her proper position as ruler after setting a ceremonial stone atop the island’s holy peak, known as the Place of Chiefs, to show their allegiance.

Even Moana’s behavior, and how she moves through her surroundings are highly influenced by Polynesian customs. Moana is a story that features several traditions.

This princess and her hometown were intentionally given a fictitious setting to enable the writers to fairly depict all the countries of Polynesian heritage.

As seen by her intense love for her family and the way Moana uses the stars as a navigational tool.

Many followers have hypothesized that Motunui is of Maori or Rapa Nui origin.

Those who think it has Maori roots have cited the Motunui settlement on Taranaki, New Zealand’s north island.

The Motu Nui islet, which is on the south side of Easter Island, Chile, is where the name of Moana’s home island is said to have its Rapa Nui origins.

Both of these fan hypotheses have not yet been confirmed by the Moana authors, but they are unlikely to ever be given their desire to make Moana a comprehensive representation of Polynesian culture.

Although fans cannot visit Motunui, there are beautiful alternatives in the real world. Motunui, therefore, exemplifies the customs and characteristics of several Polynesian peoples and their islands.

Who Performs Moana’s Voice?

Who Performs Moana's Voice?

The voice of the movie’s title character was provided by American actress and musician Aulii Cravalho in 2016.

Hawaiian-born Cravalho enjoys acting, horseback riding, swimming, microbiology, and singing.

When she was just 14 years old, Auli’i Cravalho provided the voice of Moana.

In 2016, Cravalho shared the same age as her cartoon character Moana by the time the film was released.

She never imagined she would create such a big sensation in Hollywood.

Auli’i Cravalho has appeared in live-action movies and performed at the Oscars since taking on the role of the Disney princess.

Altogether Now, which is based on the Matthew Quick book Sorta Like a Rockstar, was her debut live-action movie.

With age, Cravalho has discovered that she enjoys delving into more serious subjects and displaying more powerful feelings.

Cravalho wants to prove to the public that she has a wide variety of acting abilities, although her most well-known role may be a Disney princess.

Trying to understand what she should do with her face at all times is one of Auli’i Cravalho’s main struggles while switching from voice acting to live acting.

Cravalho, a self-described “optimist almost to a fault,” didn’t allow her anxieties to stop her from trying out for the part of Hayley in All Together Now.

She might have been a little disappointed that she didn’t win the part of Hayley, but she couldn’t have been more thrilled to play Amber.

Her character, like Cravalho, has a positive attitude toward life.

Auli’i Cravalho moved from Hawaii to New York before settling in Los Angeles so that she could pursue her acting profession more easily.

Is Moana Endowed With Superpowers?

Is Moana Endowed With Superpowers?

Although Moana may first appear to possess powers, many of the paranormal occurrences she experiences are more under the control of the magic that surrounds her and her people.

Although some people might think Moana has water-bending abilities à la The Last Airbender, it is actually merely her tribe’s ties to the ocean that are at play.

There are several instances in Moana where Moana has the water section in front of her. This is the ocean’s response to her, not anything she intentionally did.

The inhabitants of Motunui see their ocean as a sentient creature that is typically more than happy to assist them, as opposed to merely viewing it as water.

Maui threw from her boat Moana, and the ocean picks her up and places her back on it. Therefore the water separates for Moana and is occasionally even seen assisting her.

Some Disney fans think Moana is nearly supernaturally athletic, and most of them cite the instance when the princess moved and toppled a statue of Maui that was far larger than she was as evidence.

Those who don’t think Moana has superhuman strength, however, are quick to notice that she spends all of her leisure time zipping through the trees and dashing over her whole home island at extremely high speeds.

Moana’s ability to pick up sailing so instantly is another gift that appears out of character for her.

Despite claims from some fans that Moana learned to sail in a matter of minutes or hours, others are quick to point out that sailing is in her blood and has been the means of survival for her people for millennia.

No one disputes Moana’s competitive spirit, even if there is much debate about whether her powers go beyond what is normally attainable.

How Old is Demigod Maui?

How Old is Demigod Maui?

Maui is credited with creating the Polynesian islands by raising them above the ocean floor with the help of a mystical fish hook.

It is believed that the legend Maui is about a thousand years old. Since Maui is a demigod and wouldn’t change even 1,000 years after the events of Moana, he has existed for many centuries.

Maui and his brothers lifted Hawaiian tradition claims out of the ocean.

Hawaiians formerly thought that Mui was out fishing with his brothers, but he was also regarded as a prankster.

In order to convince his siblings that he had caught a large fish, Mui used his Manaiakalani, or fishhook, to latch onto the ocean.

The naughty demigod ordered his brothers to paddle their boat as quickly as they could, despite the fact that he knew his powerful fish hook was fastened to the ocean floor.

They hauled each of Hawaii’s islands out of the ocean thanks to the vigorous paddling of his brother.

Although Maui is primarily known for causing trouble and searching for funny stories, he has also shown to be useful throughout mythology.

Maui was also the one who helped his people recall how to make fire, as described in the song You’re Welcome.

After years of consuming raw fish and veggies, Maui was looking for a novel approach to enhance the flavor of his meals.

The demigod, who was scouting the area, sped off when he saw a cloud of smoke off in the distance.

Maui came and discovered a Hawaiian moorhen, or ‘alae. The moment Maui took the bird by the throat and demanded that it reveal his secret, the bird readily complied.

Maui was informed by the bird that he had combined two sections of mai’a (a banana tree). Maui strangled the bird once more since the bird hadn’t been quite truthful the first time.

This time, the bird instructed him to substitute dried kiawe, which was successful.

Which Historical Event is Depicted in Moana?

Polynesian historians

The Long Pause, which took place some 3,500 years ago, is the historical event that Moana depicts.

The Long Pause is a popular issue for Polynesian historians, notwithstanding the possibility that the underlying reason for this historical event’s taking place had nothing to do with an enraged deity.

The Lapita, a group of early inhabitants, initially came to the Bismarck Islands about 3,500 years ago.

The Lapita people’s technology advanced quickly throughout 500 years, enabling them to travel between islands in West Polynesia and Melanesia.

Before settling down once more, these individuals finally made it to Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga.

Innovation saw a sharp slowdown because of an abrupt shift, but no one is certain why people stopped traveling.

Before the Lapita people’s ancestors arrived in areas like Hawaii, Rapa Nui, or Aotearoa, there was a period of time known as The Long Pause that lasted at least 1,000 years.

Today, historians commonly ponder what led these ocean navigators to grow disenchanted with sailing.

Researchers have utilized carbon dating to determine the 1,000-year gap between the many items they have discovered in both West and East Polynesia.

Most scientists concur that settlement of the West Polynesian islands began approximately 800 B.C.

Researchers have looked into how the waka ama and waka hourua, the Lapita’s canoes, would have been affected by the shift in wind direction and ocean currents using computer models.

Smaller boats called waka ama were used on earlier expeditions. It wasn’t until the Polynesian immigrants made later voyages that the waka hourua arrived.

These canoes could cover greater distances and accommodate more passengers and cargo.

This boat’s invention, according to many Polynesian histories, was the answer to The Long Pause.

Why is There a Different Name for Moana in Europe?

Why is There a Different Name

Due to trademark difficulties, Moana is known by a different name in Europe, which is an uncommon issue for Disney.

Most other nations and the United States may refer to this 2016 Disney princess as Moana, but fans in Europe know her by a different name.

Because Moana Pozzi was a well-known Italian adult cinema performer and LGBTQ+ campaigner, Moana is known as Vaiana in Europe.

Disney didn’t want to encounter problems since their Disney princess has a name with a well-known actress from an adult film because the corporation prides itself on being safe and entertaining for everybody.

Moana Pozzi was an adult film actress who initially became well-known in the 1980s after dabbling in the industry.

Because she was already the star of a children’s program and didn’t want her work to be confused, she initially worked under an identity.

However, the actress’s secret was quickly uncovered by admirers, which caused a surge in her fame in the 1990s.

Despite her contentious earlier works, Pozzi rose to fame in Italy as a prominent advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

The tale of Disney princess Moana and actress Moana Pozzi serves as a perfect illustration of why it is crucial to conduct research before settling on a certain name or moniker.

Disney might have prevented the misunderstanding that resulted from their character having two distinct names by being proactive.

Vai, which means water, was combined with the character’s first name’s final -ana to create the name Vaiana.

Moana/Vaiana has gained popularity despite the name controversy and strong resemblance to an adult film star.

Which Disney Easter Eggs Can You Find in Moana?

Which Disney Easter Eggs

Disney films are full of tiny elements, some of which may allude to earlier films or even reveal forthcoming films.

If you look closely, you can see Olaf’s arm and nose among the items Moana packs in her basket before heading out into the ocean in search of Maui.

Olaf isn’t the only figure to arrive; for a little period, Maui assumes the identity of Sven. Fans quickly identified all the characters from The Little Mermaid.

Obviously, Moana’s necklace does not imprison human sounds, but you have to agree, they resemble one another quite a bit. Nearly similar swirls can be seen.

Maui briefly transforms into Sven from Frozen as he fights to shape-shift using his recently found fish hook.

With pink flowers in their hair, Moana and Ariel the infant look utterly adorable. 

Tamatoa is lying on his shell and attempting to stand up towards the end of the credits.

He then asks, turning to face the camera, “Can we be honest? You would certainly assist me if my name was Sebastian, and I spoke with a hip Jamaican accent.” He’s not incorrect, really.

Some moviegoers think that the tiny turtle Moana saved at the opening of the film was Squirt from Finding Nemo.

At the conclusion of the credits, one of the tapa cloths has a picture of Ralph from the Wreck-It Ralph films.

Mini Maui, the tattoo version of Maui, was created as an alter personality for Jiminy Cricket. Mini Maui is a helpful side character who also takes like the iconic Disney figure in terms of movement and mannerisms.

Fans have quickly noted the similarities between the behavior of the water and Aladdin’s magic carpet.

Aladdin’s Genie’s Lamp as a part of Tamatoa’s treasure collection is one of the trickiest Easter Eggs to find.

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