How to Be a Baddie (Trusted Outfit on Low Budget)

How to be a baddie. You’ve come to the perfect place if you read through attractive chicks on Instagram and wish you could live their lifestyle. Being an Instagram baddie is easier than you might think (only confidence and mindset are involved)! Let’s dive in!

how to be a baddie

What is a Baddie?

A boss chick who sets trends and exudes sexual confidence is referred to as a “baddie.” These individuals are frequently well-known influencers who wear the sexiest clothing, most lavish makeup, and current trends.

They are those girls we often admire and click “follow” on Instagram because they exude effortless beauty. The baddie aesthetic may appear unattainable, but in reality, it’s much simpler than you may imagine.

For that reason, today, we’re going to go over a few tips & tricks to help you channel your inner supermodel and help you to improve your Instagram (and confidence) overall. 

Becoming a Baddie on a Budget

Before we begin, I know what you’re thinking. What if you’re on a budget? How do you be a baddie on a budget? Is it even possible? It absolutely is. Here are a few ways to do it: 

‣ Sales only. Nasty Gal, Missguided, and boohoo all have frequent great sales. If you want cheaper and are willing to gamble with quality, SheIn and Zaful have some good finds as well.

‣ Invest in cheaper (drugstore) makeup if you find the right products, they will perform just as well as spendier makeup.

‣ Go thrifting. You never know what you might find when you do & it may just be the next best thing for a baddie style. And yes, you can do online thrift too.

‣ Do it yourself. Instead of getting your brows, hair, or nails done, do it yourself & save money for other things. This will also help you improve your makeup and stylist skills overall, so it’s a win-win! 

‣ Get crafty. Instead of throwing away clothes you don’t like, cut them, sew them, stitch them, & turn them into something new.


Baddie Outfit Tips

Let’s dive into a few tips & tricks of how to look like a baddie, starting with outfits.

1. Cropped Tops

Wearing cropped anything has become a common Instagram baddie costume trend, so get on board. This includes cropped t-shirts, tanks, sweaters, shorts, and jeans.

Cropped clothing allows you to add to the trend in your own unique way and pairs with virtually any outfit, whether it’s casual or sensual.

Not to mention, you can also crop your own clothes by merely trimming them into a shorter length. Who knew being a baddie was so crafty?

2. Hug Those Curves

Baddie aesthetic outfits are all about hugging the curves (aka wearing tight-fitting clothes). This means it’s time to buy clothes that stick to your skin and show off your beautiful body. All bodies are beautiful, so don’t be afraid to show off yours! 

If you don’t want tight-fitting clothes on your entire body, you can also go for a tight fit on half your body. For example, a tight crop top and a pair of sweatpants make a simple, easy outfit that’s still sexy. Or, a pair of snug biker shorts and a long graphic t-shirt look great.

3. High-Waisted Everything

Next, you can notice all the babes donning high-waisted clothes, which have grown increasingly popular in the baddie outfit trends.

By emphasizing your waist and highlighting your contours, high-waisted clothing might even make your waist appear smaller. You will appear more attractive as a result.

4. Matching Sets

Throwing on a sexy matching set is always a great (and easy) way to pull a baddie outfit together. Even if the set looks like you’re heading to the gym, you’re doing it right.

You don’t have to purchase sets that are already put together either just get creative and match!

5. Keep it Chill 

And last, the ability to make even the most basic clothing appear beautiful is one of the main factors contributing to an Instagram baddie’s popularity. Things like sneakers, baggy mom jeans, or simply a straightforward high ponytail. Even athletic attire is quite in.

You don’t have to look your best all the time. You can still look badass while sporting a disheveled bun and a lazy day.

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CSN Team.

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