How to Become a Stock Broker

– How to Become a Stock Broker –

What do stockbrokers do, and how can you become one? Learn about job prospects for stockbrokers in the age of internet trading and discount brokers.

How to Become a Stock Broker

Stockbrokers who have earned a bachelor’s degree, which normally takes four years to finish, may be hired by brokerage firms right away.

Before pursuing a career as a stockbroker, some people earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. An additional two to three years may be needed to complete an MBA.

Who are Stockbrokers?

Most of the time, stockbrokers serve as intermediaries.

Most consumers who want to trade stocks need brokers to execute trades on their behalf since equities are bought and sold through stock markets like the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

Although it hasn’t always been the case, discount brokerages like Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, E-Trade, or Charles Schwab are most frequently responsible for facilitating electronic stock trades for ordinary investors.

Stockbroker Pros and Cons

The job of a stockbroker is not without its ups and downs. Here are some of the pros and cons:


1. Great career option for people who have in-depth knowledge of the stock market.

2. Offers the potential to earn a high income.

3. Good fit for ambitious people with strong selling skills.


1. Must be able to handle rejection and stress.

2. Competitive work environment.

3. May require excessively long work hours.

4. May have a hard time building a client base due to the rise of online trading.

How to Become a Stockbroker

While there are no specific schooling requirements for becoming a stockbroker, certain degrees or coursework can give you an advantage in the job.

1. Education

You might want to think about getting your bachelor’s in business. Many stockbrokers additionally hold a master’s degree in finance or business administration (MBA).

A background in arithmetic, statistics, and analysis is also advantageous.

2. Experience

Stockbrokers frequently begin their careers with a company or bank in a position other than a broker. Some even start as interns at colleges.

While working, individuals pick up knowledge in that area. They must exhibit a thorough awareness of money markets, legislation, regulations, and accounting procedures to become a broker.

3. Examination

Brokers must pass the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s General Securities Representative Exam, sometimes known as the “Series 7” exam (FINRA).

A person must be sponsored by a FINRA member firm or a similar self-regulatory organization to take the exam (SRO).

What Does a Stockbroker Earn?

Stockbrokers are grouped with other sales agents for commodities, financial services, and other securities by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Stockbroker Earn

In 2012, the group’s median yearly wage was $71,720. The richest ten percent of the group made more than $187,200, while the worst ten percent took home less than $32,030.

Stockbrokers who are just starting in their professions are paid a salary at first, but as they gain expertise, a larger amount of their pay comes from the commission on the sales they close.

FAQs on How to Become a Stockbroker

Faqs on how to become a stockbroker.

1. Is it hard to be a stock broker?

Working as a stockbroker sounds like a glamorous career, but the fact is that many first-year brokers drop out of the business because the job usually requires long hours, can be overly stressful, and the business requires a substantial amount of dedication.

2. How much money can you make as a stockbroker?

The salaries of Stock Brokers in the US range from $17,660 to $778,494 , with a median salary of $130,303 .

The middle 57% of Stock Brokers makes between $130,303 and $346,341, with the top 86% making $778,494.

3. How do I start a career as a stockbroker?

Pursue a bachelor’s degree

Complete an internship.

Get hired by a brokerage firm or investment bank.

Take and pass the licensing exams.

4. Is a stockbroker a good career?

Stockbrokers can become very successful over the course of a career.

One of the major pros of this job is that you earn a base salary that can be significantly enhanced by commissions and bonuses.

5. How many hours does a stock broker work?

 Some stock brokers work 12-hour days, while others work regular business hours, starting early in the day.

6. How much does a stock broker license cost?





4 years $34,080- $75,240
Master’s 2 years to 3 years

$36,900- $66,500.


Total 6 years to 7 years

$71,285- $142,045

7. How many years does it take to become a stock broker?

It takes at least four years to earn a bachelor’s degree to become a stockbroker.

Some stockbrokers may choose to earn their master’s in business administration to enhance their credentials.

8. How much does it cost to become a stock broker?

A year in a university will cost you anywhere between $8.000 and $30.000.

9. Are stockbrokers rich?

The average stockbroker doesn’t make anything near the millions that we tend to imagine. In fact, some lose a lot of money through their trading activities.

The majority of companies pay their employees a base salary plus commission on the trades they make.

10. Can a stock broker make you rich?

Rich people open brokerage accounts so they can make their money work for them.

They invest their funds and often earn a generous return on their investment that grows their wealth.

If they have enough invested, they may earn millions of dollars a year just by putting money in their brokerage account and buying assets.

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