How to Cut a Cigar (Steps to Become a Professional)

How about learning how to cut a cigar? Most people over-cut their cigars, but with a little knowledge, it’s quite simple to get it just right. To learn how to cut a cigar, keep reading.

how to cut a cigar

How to Cut a Cigar

it is impossible to see the interior, which comprises densely folded tobacco leaves.

The finest leaf from the cigar as a whole is placed around the remaining leaves to form the wrapper.

Contrary to cigarettes, which contain a paper wrapper, a cigar’s whole composition is tobacco the band or label is just a brand indicator.

On a fresh cigar, the foot is already open on one end. A little strip of tobacco leaf that is distinct from the main wrapper covers the opposite end of the “cap.”

Before you may light a cigar, we must slice it open since the cap end will go in your mouth.

Types of Cigar Cutters

There are many varieties of cigar cutters, however, this is not a complete list.

1. Guillotine

Definitely the most typical kind of cigar cutter. Typically having two blades, it hits the victim from two sides rather than just one, unlike a genuine guillotine.

There is no need to cut corners because even the stainless steel variety, which costs only $10, will survive for a very long time.

2. Punch

Looks sort of like a bullet and does just what it says: punches a hole at the end of the cigar rather than snipping some off.

Advocates of the punch say it’s less destructive to the cigar and that it perhaps makes it a bit more full-bodied.

These aren’t as common but come in handy because they’re easily kept on a keychain and can’t accidentally chop a finger off.

3. Knife/Mouth

It’s simple to improvise cutting a cigar in a pinch. Use your pocket knife to make a simple but efficient cut if you have one with you, which you should.

In the absence of even that choice, use your chompers to bite off only the end to create an even more sloppy cut.

Naturally, there will be a rough opening, but smoke the stogie backward, starting from the end that wasn’t just cut. If you’ve made a horrible cut, you can always smoke it backward.


Steps on How to Cut a Cigar

It’s helpful to know how to cut cigars even if you don’t want to smoke them yourself because you’ll need to do it for guests at events or parties.

1. Cutting Straight with a Double-Guillotine

The head of a cigar is the portion of the cigar that goes in your mouth. The foot refers to the cigar’s opposing end.

The presence of a cap, a spherical piece of tobacco that is adhered to the head to hold the cigar’s wrapper together may identify the cigar’s head.

The end of the cigar closest to the branding sticker that is wrapped around it is the head, which is typically easy to identify.

Recognize the point at which the cigar’s “shoulder” stops. The cigar’s rounded tip straightens up towards the shoulder.

The area where you want to cut is just above the shoulder, where the curvature is. Use your dominant hand to grasp the cigar cutter between your thumb and forefinger.

Make a rapid cut; avoid dithering. Keep in mind that it is preferable to make too few cuts than too many.

Although you may always go back and cut additional cigars off, you cannot go back and reattach the already-cut cigars. Safety comes before regret.

2. Cutting Using Punches

Purchase a cigar punch. A cigar punch simply makes a hole in the cigar’s head. However, there are three distinct types of cigar punches on the market:

Bullet punch: Attaches to a keychain and twists to reveal a circular blade that slices through the cigar’s head.

Having a recessed tip that may be inserted into the cigar head and pulled out the tobacco plug once a cut is made, the Havana punch is safer than a bullet punch.

Multi-punch: Provides several sizes for punching cigars of various diameters. To insert the blade into the cap, choose an appropriate punch size if you can.

Rotate the blade once it has been fully inserted into the cap to create a hole in it and then take it out. The chopped piece will emerge.

3. Wedge Cut with V-Cutters

For a cigar with more draw, use a v-cutter. By drilling deeper into the cigar’s head, a v-cutter allows the smoker to have a larger draw.

The v-cutter has the disadvantage of occasionally producing an excessively large draw, which causes the cigar smoke to be extremely hot.

A v-cutter won’t cut too much off the cigar’s head, which might cause the cigar to come undone. Hold the v-cutter with the ends pushed open in your dominant hand and the cigar in the other.

Insert the cigar into the cutter’s groove. Be careful not to jam the cigar’s head too far into the v-cutter; otherwise, the cut could be too large.

Squeeze the cutter’s two ends together while advancing the cigar toward the cutter. By softly blowing into the wedge or tapping the cigar on an ashtray, you may get rid of any remaining loose tobacco.

Make sure to swiftly and neatly remove the cap in one motion to avoid crushing your cigar and rendering it useless.

If you remove too much of the cap, the cigar’s wrapper may unravel; if you remove too little, the draw will be considerably heavier and the cigar may occasionally go out.

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