How to Detangle Matted Hair (The Best Techniques and Steps)

Are you having trouble on how to detangle matted hair? The good news is that this step-by-step guide will show you how to disentangle matted hair, maintain it healthy, and avoid matting in the future.


How to Detangle Matted Hair

Matted hair is made up of connected and shed hairs that cluster together.

When compared to common knots, mats are difficult to remove with a brush or comb alone, if not completely impossible.

They form easily in curly hair because it’s more prone to matting than other hair types. Individual hair strands often intertwine, quickly creating knots and mats.

Other causes include trapped hair strands, high porosity hair (raised hair cuticles), and not protecting your hair while sleeping.

Steps to Detangle Matted Hair

Before committing yourself to a short hairstyle if your hair gets hopelessly matted, try a moisturizing oil or deep conditioner.

Extreme mats can be difficult to untangle, so patience and having the right equipment on hand are essential.

1. Choose the Right Hair Product

Start deciding on hair treatment. If you haven’t previously, try using a regular conditioner.

But, if your hair is too matted, you might need to try another approach.

Deep conditioners are fantastic for replenishing moisture to your hair and making it simpler to detangle, whereas detangling conditioners are designed expressly to increase slide.

Afro-textured hair may benefit particularly from Moroccan argan oil, coconut oil, or olive oil in place of these alternatives.

A hair detangling spray can be used if you don’t like the way oil makes your hair feel.

2. Wet Your Hair

Spray some water on your hair, or quickly hold it under a low-pressure showerhead or sink to dampen it.

While moist hair is ideal for applying most hair treatments, letting your hair become waterlogged might make it more prone to damage.


3. The Use of Hair Treatment

Incorporate the proper treatment into your hair. Use up to two handfuls of the selected treatment if your hair extends over your shoulders.

Take a handful of the chosen treatment. All of your hair, particularly the ends, should receive a thorough application of the treatment.

Instead of massaging it across your entire scalp at once, work it into each region of your hair separately to prevent additional tangling.

4. Exercise Patience

Wait while your hair receives the treatment. It will completely moisturize your hair in a few minutes if you use a regular conditioner.

The recommended application time for coconut oil and comparable oils is at least 30 minutes, but not over 2 hours.

Deep conditioners differ according to the recommendations on the label, but they are normally kept in for at least an hour and, in rare circumstances, even overnight.

5. Use Your Fingers

You may use your fingers to untangle the simpler knots.

Try to carefully separate the knotted areas of your hair after the hair treatment has had time to take action.

From the root side of the knot, closer to your scalp, smaller, distinct tangles can occasionally be formed from loose mats or small knots.

Expect not to completely disentangle your hair at this stage. Stop and try a different knotted area if you have tension.

Steps to Detangle Matted Hair (Combing Method)

Use a comb with broad teeth. For severe tangles, a comb with strong, widely spread teeth is required.

When using fine combs and brushes, you may encounter too much resistance, which will force you to either remove hair clumps or quit brushing.

▸For severe tangles, a comb with strong, widely spread teeth is required.

When using fine combs and brushes, you may encounter too much resistance, which will force you to either remove hair clumps or quit brushing.

▸To avoid discomfort, lift your hair. Hold a piece of your hair while you brush it if your scalp is delicate.

To prevent the comb from tugging directly on your scalp, hold a section of hair the size of a marker or glue stick between your fingers and give it a half-twist.

▸If required, apply more oil or conditioner. Rub a conditioner or oil drop onto a stubborn knot with your finger.

This will lubricate those hair strands even more and lessen the extent to which they stick to one another.

▸slicing through thin, resistant carpets If a hair mat won’t separate despite your best attempts, you might need to thin it out.

With one hand holding your hair tightly, open a pair of scissors.

To remove any loose hairs, run the bottom of the scissors’ blade down the mat’s underside before giving your hair a gentle tug.

▸ Use a fine-toothed comb or brush to finish. Once your hair is detangled, thoroughly rinse off any hair products.

If your hair is severely matted and has been sufficiently split to allow you to portion it, clip each area to keep it apart and rinse it separately.

Prevention of Matted Hair

Indulge in a leave-in conditioner. You may allow the leave-in conditioners in your hair for several hours at a time.

When your hair is moist but not drenched, brush it. Too much dryness makes hair brittle and difficult to brush.

If it becomes too moist, it weakens and is simple to unintentionally pull out.

Before you go to bed, loosely braid your hair. Braid your hair before bed to reduce the amount of tangling that may occur if you wake up with it tangled.

Even with the proper equipment and methods, dealing with matted hair is a real nuisance.

But with the methods and tools described in this article, you may easily disentangle matted curly hair.

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