How to Know if Someone Screenshots Your Instagram Story

How to know if someone screenshots your Instagram story. Instagram has become a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, easily sharing photos and thoughts. But what happens when you post something sensitive, or a photo of your kids? Read on to learn what you can do about it.

how to know if someone screenshots your instagram story

What is Instagram Story Screenshotting?

Instagram story screenshotting (or screen shooting) is when you take a snapshot of someone’s Instagram Story also known as “story sniping.”

When this is done, the story still disappears after 24 hours like usual, but that person will have a screenshot on their device to keep.

How to Hide Your Instagram Story

Next, if you don’t want certain people taking screenshots of your Instagram Stories (or maybe even seeing them), there’s an easy way to prevent them from doing so without having to block them completely. Just hide your stories from them!

Here’s how to hide your Instagram Story from these people:

Open up the profile of the person you want to block, tap on their username at the top right, and then select “Followers.”

Next, hit that three-dot menu button in blue (at the bottom), then go into “Hide from feed,” and tap on “Hide Story.”

After you block someone from seeing your story, they won’t be able to see what’s in it or take a screenshot.

However, their friends can still view the photo and video content that was shared through Stories as long as the post is public or saved with memories.

You can hide it from everyone, or just specific followers by following the simple steps above!

Is it OK to Take an Instagram Story Screenshot?

Technically, there’s nothing to stop someone from screenshotting Instagram content. That’s not illegal in and of itself.

But you should be aware that all content on Instagram is the intellectual property of the person who created it. Using it elsewhere without permission may be considered copyright infringement.

The content does not need to bear a copyright symbol, be registered with any agency, or look “professional” to be subject to copyright laws.

It’s always better to ask for permission before taking a screenshot of someone’s Instagram content. If you have an intended use for it, be clear about what it is. Then save the reply to ensure that you don’t get into trouble later.

Do Users Get an Instagram Story Screenshot Notification?

Years ago, Instagram alerted the account that had a screenshot taken of their story with a starburst icon. It appeared next to the timestamp, indicating who took the screenshot.

After IGers complained, Instagram disabled the story screenshot notification feature in June 2018.


Can other Apps Provide Screenshot Notifications?

You may have heard that you can download third-party apps that’ll let you know when your story has been screenshotted, and who did it.

I have the word of one of the top 3rd party Instagram apps, InsTrack, that this feature isn’t available. There’s no way for these apps to get the info on who screenshot your content.

So what Do You Do with Your Sensitive Content?

First, you can check who viewed your story. This info is available right in the Instagram app. IG doesn’t provide this info to third-party apps.

For 48 hours after you’ve posted a story segment, you can swipe up from that pane to see who viewed it.

This includes stories in your archive and highlights but after 48 hours have passed, you won’t be able to see who viewed it.

Best to check right after the segment disappears so you don’t forget. Now you know who’s seen your story and might have taken a screenshot.

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