How to Make a Paper Cone

How to make a paper cone is not difficult. Paper cones can be used in a variety of DIY crafts. Do you require a nose cone for your paper rocket or snowman? The below guide will walk you through the steps required.

how to make a paper cone

How to Make a Paper Disk

The radius of your circle will decide the height of your cone. The cone grows taller as the radius increases. You can trace the form onto the paper of your choice after printing the template in the document above.

If you opt to build your own disc, try to make it as circular as possible. Improper measurements will have a significant impact on the outcome of your cone. It’s a good idea to go out of your way to make the circle as round as possible.

You can also use a compass or trace a round item, such as a lid or container, to make your disk shape.

1. Draw a Triangle Wedge

To make your wedge, cut two sides from the circular using the pattern. Make a mark in the center of the disc to draw your own wedge. With your ruler, draw two straight lines from the central point to form a wedge.

If the lines are closer together, the wedge will be smaller, resulting in a cone with a broad bottom.

If you’re confused about where to put your dot, use a compass protractor to find it. If you’re using a protractor tool to outline the disc, making the center dot before tracing the disc around it can save you time.

You can also draw your own triangle wedge using a ruler and pencil.


2. Cut the Triangle Wedge Out of the Circle

To make a cone with a small bottom, cut out a larger triangle wedge. Use scissors or a precision knife to cut out your wedge as straight as possible. If you run into any cutting mishaps, you will probably need to start over again.

3. Bring the Cut Sides of Your Disc Together

Bring the one cut end of your disc across to the other in a cone form for your cone shape. Keep it together by making sure the lowest ridges on both sides overlap evenly. This should result in your disc having the desired cone form.

If the sides don’t meet neatly at first, unfurl the paper and try again.

Make no deep creases in your paper. Your cone should be smooth.

4. Tape the Inside of the Cone Closed

Tape the two sides together so that the paper forms a cone. Tape the inside of the cone by connecting the two sides to overlap slightly and tap the overlap. After that, your cone should be ready to use.

One straight piece of tape will provide the most support for your cone. Multiple pieces of tape inside will create havoc. It is helpful to use one hand to apply the tape while the other holds the cone shape.

Why Does Bose Use Paper Cone Drivers?

The fact that these cones are substantially damped and lossy is a significant advantage. This allows for a more regulated break-up, resulting in a smoother high-frequency roll-off. Some believe that plastic cones lack the snappiness and vibrancy of their stiff paper cone cousins.

Paper Treat Cones are a cheap, easy, and entertaining way to offer snacks at your next party or package them for gifting. Now you know how to make one, have fun.

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