How to Play Gomoku (Be Up to Date With the Rules)

How to play Gomoku – The outmoded prepackaged game Gomoku is well known worldwide. But in the off chance that you’re unaware of this fantastic game as of yet, you’re in for a treat. Let’s try to put an end to those wicked thoughts for people who are thinking that they must wait to play it with their friends till the whole “social separation” situation calms down.

how to play gomoku

How to Get Gomoku in iMessage

You must first introduce Gomoku in the Messages app before you can play it in iMessage. These games are only available to play within iMessage and not as standalone apps on your device.

Open an iMessage discussion string by going to the Messages app on your iPhone. Open an existing visit or begin a new one.

At that moment, tap the “Application Drawer” icon, which is located to the left of the text box with the information. The iMessage application options will appear under. To access the App Store, simply tap the icon.

Currently, touch the “Quest” icon and search for the program “GamePigeon.” All things considered, if you search for Gomoku, you’ll come up with virtually nothing. 

GamePigeon is a collection of two-player iMessage games that include Gomoku and additional games like Mancala, 8-Ball pool, and others under its wing. To include GamePigeon in your list of iMessage applications, tap the “Get” button.


How to Play Gomoku

It’s the perfect time to play the game as you already have it downloaded to your phone. After installing the app, quit the App Store and go back to the App Drawer. Tap the “GamePigeon” icon after swiping left to explore the symbols on the right.

All the playable games will appear. Tap the Gomoku thumbnail. The message text box will become stacked with the game. To send the game’s greeting, tap the “Send” button.

The other person will play the main turn. Would it be a good idea for them to decide to play a game with you? You don’t have to play the entire game in one sitting while you’re playing around over iMessage, which is another benefit. 

Get to your turn whenever you carve out the free opportunity, just do it. The opposing player would also follow suit. 

In iMessage, each turn is transmitted as a message, allowing you to open it, see what the other player has chosen to play, do your turn, and send the message whenever it is most convenient. Just complicated. So let’s get started!

Game Rules of Gomoku

The high contrast stone sets and 12-by-12 board make up the iMessage game. Player 1 automatically acquires the dark stones. 

The two players alternately place a stone in the shade on the tile intersection. The goal of the game is to place 5 of your stones on the board in a row.

Place the stone on the confluence and press the “Send” button at the base to begin your round.

The primary winner is the player who places five consecutive stones on the board continuously, either on a level plane, in an upward direction, or askew. 

Therefore, in addition to trying to place your five stones in order on the board, you also need to prevent the other player’s stones from creating the winning example. Once you master the rules of the game, you’ll need to strategically plan your actions if you want to prevail.

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