How to Remove Gum from Shoes

How to Remove Gum from Shoes

Learn how to remove gum from shoes in a few simple steps. Do you recall how it feels to have a chewing gum stain ruin one of your brand-new pairs of shoes? We’re here to help you find a solution so you won’t have to worry about getting into this issue.

Have you ever felt embarrassed and nervous when having to experience a chewing gum messing up your brand new shoes?

Chewing gum is extremely sticky, especially in the summer, because of the heat. Chewing gum is driven deeper into the shoe bottom, giving you unpleasant walking steps.

This might probably make you feel uncomfortable when you are a kind of attending a concert, a party or walking into a crowd. I guess this feeling is weird.

To get chewing gum off of a shoe’s sole, use one of the numerous efficient techniques. We describe here the most straightforward methods.

Select a technique that you like that suits you.

How to Remove Gum from Shoes

We may eliminate chewing gum from a shoe’s sole using several efficient techniques.

1. Using Ice Cube

In this method, you need to put some ice cubes in a large plastic bag. Put your shoe, gum-side down, on top of the ice cubes. As this may cause your shoe to become wet, avoid allowing the ice to travel inside or around the shoe.

Keep the ice cold. Use a food storage bag that can be zipped tight or tie the bag securely to stop it from melting too quickly.

Until the gum solidifies, firmly press the ice against it. It cannot remove the gum until it has completely frozen. Please be patient as this might take some time.

After it has frozen, scrape the gum from the shoe. Scrape the frozen, hard gum from the shoe with a dull butter knife or putty knife. To prevent slicing your shoe or yourself, move the knife carefully.

2. The Use of WD-40

Apply WD-40 on the gum. Spray some WD-40 (it may be found at grocery shops and cleaning supply establishments) over the gum and the sole of your shoe.

Allow the WD-400 to work its magic on the gum’s adhesive bond by letting it rest for at least a minute.

Clean the shoe’s bottom. After we have taken the gum off, wipe the shoe once more with a paper towel or clean cloth to take off any remaining spray residue. When done, throw the rag or paper towels in the trash.

3. Using Sand and a Stick

Find a dry patch of sand and a wooden stick. This technique works nicely if you stepped out already from your home and tread on some recently cut gum that is still rather soft and malleable. A tiny wooden stick and some dry sand or soil are all you need.

Take off your shoe, then sift some sand over the gum. Start rubbing the sand into the gum with the stick; it should start to come out in little pieces.

Continue to massage while adding additional sand. Add additional sand to the area and keep rubbing as the gum begins to come off. For the bottom of your shoe, the sand functions somewhat like an exfoliant.


4. Freezing the Gum

Put the gum-stained shoe in a plastic bag, either a big food storage bag or a shopping bag. Make sure the gum-containing portion of the shoe is placed against the plastic; it doesn’t matter if the entire shoe cannot fit inside the bag.

For several seconds, press the plastic bag firmly on the gum. In order for this approach to function, the gum must adhere to the plastic before freezing.

We should place the shoe in a freezer. Make room in your freezer for the shoe with the plastic covering. Keep the shoe away from any food items if it is partially inside the plastic bag in order to prevent the transmission of any germs.

For a couple of hours, place the shoe in the freezer. In doing so, the gum will solidify on the plastic bag. Remove the bag and the shoe from the freezer after they have frozen.

Take the shoe out of the plastic bag. The gum should adhere to the plastic bag rather than your shoe, leaving your shoe gum-free.

5. Using Peanut Butter

Pick up some smooth peanut butter. Two tablespoons of creamy peanut butter should be generously spread over the gum before letting it settle for ten minutes.

Remove the peanut butter by washing. After 10 minutes, remove the gum and peanut butter using a wire brush. The gum ought to come out as well, though it could require some extra effort.

6. Dissolving the Gum

Utilize lighter fluid. Rub the gum with some naphtha after soaking an old cloth or piece of paper towel in it. The gum should disappear.

Because of naphtha’s strong flammability, we should restrict usage to well-ventilated areas far from heat sources.

Make use of nail polish thinner. Gum from the sole of a shoe may be removed with nail paint remover with an acetone base. Rub the gum with a paper towel or cloth that has been dipped in the remover until the gum is gone.

Using Olive Oil

Massage the gum with olive oil. To prevent stains, avoid getting it directly on the shoe’s leather or suede.

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