How to Remove Someone from a Group Text

– How to Remove Someone from a Group Text –

How to remove someone from a group text. “Ooh! I unintentionally added a person to our group text who should not have been included in the first place!” Are you familiar with similar scenes? Fortunately, Android allows users to choose (and add) contacts from a group text.

how to remove someone from a group text

How to Remove Someone from Group Text on Android

Here are some guides to follow:

‣ Tap on it to open your Android device’s native messaging app.

‣ In the messaging app, choose the group text you want to view.

‣ On the upper right of the group text page, click the kebab (3-vertical-dot icon).

‣ In the resulting menu, select “Add or Remove People.”

‣ Enter the contact name or phone number of the person you wish to remove from the group text in the “Search Contacts” field. How to remove someone from a group text.

‣ When you identify that individual, tap on their name to remove the checkmark next to their name, thus removing them from the group text.

‣ To make the changes permanent, click the “Done” button.


Removing Someone from a Group Text — The 7 Basic Steps

Group texting is a convenient way to send a single message to multiple contacts at once. This capability not only saves time but also allows multiple people to receive critical information at the same time.

It’s simple to add contacts to a group text, but what about removing someone from the same group text? You can quickly eliminate that contact for whatever reason you need to.

Consider it reversing the steps you took to add that person to the list. So, if you’re using an Android device, here’s how to remove someone from a group SMS.

Step 1: On your Android device’s home screen, locate and tap the native messaging app. How to remove someone from a group text.

Step 2: After launching the messaging app, look for the group text and tap on it.

You’ll then be taken to the group’s discussion thread.

Step 3: Tap the kebab menu in the upper right corner of the conversation thread page. This menu is represented by a three-vertical-dot icon.

Step 4: After tapping the kebab menu, a menu will pop up listing the options available for that specific group text.

Tap the “Add or Remove People” option from the list of possibilities.

Step 5: From the “Add or Remove People” menu, find the contact you wish to remove from the group.

You can also browse down your contact list until you find that person’s name. How to remove someone from a group text.

However, the quickest approach to find that person is to type their name or phone number into the “Search Contacts” section.

Step 6: Once you’ve located the desired contact, you’ll notice a checkmark next to their name. This signifies that the individual is a member of the group text.

Tap once on the contact’s name to remove it. How to remove someone from a group text.

Step 7: After removing the aforementioned contact, touch the “Done” button for the modifications to take effect.

If the checkmark vanishes and the name is deleted from the list of contacts, you’ve successfully removed that person.

Isn’t it simple?

The good news is that you can quickly undo such an action if you unintentionally removed that person from the group.

So, are you ready to start eliminating contacts from your Android group texts?

how to remove someone from a group text

How Can I Delete the Group Text I Created on My Android Device?

To erase a group SMS message on Android, go to the kebab menu (3 vertical dots) and select “Delete group.” Then, below the message, a menu will emerge with the options “Group only” and “Group and members.”

Select the “Group only” option to keep the contacts intact. How to remove someone from a group text.

Will the Group Messages Be Deleted When You Leave a Group Text on Android?

When you leave a group text on Android, you are merely deleted from the group’s contacts. The messages in that particular group text, however, will not be erased.

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