How to Shuffle Tarot Cards (Best Approach for Pro)

Do you want to discover how to shuffle tarot cards? Tarot cards have been used for divination, meditation, and self-exploration for ages. Continue reading to learn a handful of the most popular ways to shuffle tarot cards.


How to Shuffle Tarot Cards

It takes more than just shuffling cards to shuffle a Tarot deck.

You should know there are several ways to shuffle Tarot cards and no right or incorrect way to do it if you’re learning how to do it for the first time.

At its most basic level, shuffling prevents you from repeatedly drawing the same tarot cards.

You might wish to experiment with a couple of different shuffling techniques.

Ways to Shuffle Tarot Cards

You should energetically purify your deck before you shuffle. To achieve this, either bang on your deck like a door while announcing your purpose or smudge your deck with dried sage.

You can begin shuffling after clearing your deck and deciding what your aim will be.

1. Overhand Shuffling

To hold the entire deck, use your left hand or less dominant hand. While holding the deck in your less dominant hand while you shuffle it is unnecessary, many Tarot experts concur that doing so might lead to a more intuitive reading.

Others contend that since the left side has traditionally been linked to destiny and intuition, holding the deck in your left hand might aid in getting a more accurate Tarot reading.

Take a piece of the entire deck and place it in a different location. Take a stack of cards from the entire deck with your opposite hand and place them at the top or in the center of the deck.

Continue stacking the broken-up cards on top of one another and in the center 5-7 times. By doing this, you can be confident that your deck is completely shuffled and ready to provide a superb reading.


2. Scrambling

Put every card you have on the table. Spread your hands over the cards in your deck to create a disorganized pile.

If you’re a newbie or new to the procedure, try this one out because it’s the simplest way to shuffle your Tarot cards.

Then, move the cards in a circular motion around the pile. Try your hardest to jumble the cards as thoroughly as you can. Two to three times should be done.

Stack all the cards back up once more. The cards should be shuffled after you’ve scrambled them two to three times. The deck should now be stacked once again to prepare for the reading.

3. Cutting the Deck

Make three parts for your deck. Take a piece of your Tarot deck, and lay it down on the desk. Next, separate the second segment from the first section by placing it there. You will now have 3 distinct stacks.

If you wish to integrate reversals, turn the parts upside down. Reversals are Tarot cards that have been turned upside down, which can alter their interpretation.

If you want to get more information from the cards, you don’t have to add these extra aspects to your readings, but you may flip two sections.

Rearrange the three stacks so they are all together. Put on the bottom whatever piece you took from the top.

Next, take the following part and position it in the center. Add the portion of the top that was once the bottom. Your cards should be properly shuffled.

4. Casino or Playing Card-Style

To shuffle the deck, divide it into two equal piles. Divide the whole cards in half and hold one half in each hand.

Place each stack, still in your possession, face down on a table so that the edges of each stack contact.

Your cards could become warped and damaged because of this technique. If your deck is very thin or sensitive, avoid using this approach. It will be advisable to use stronger, thicker cards.

Combine the stacks in a shuffle. Start by rubbing the top corners of each stack collectively, these are the corners on the short end of the cards.

After that, riffle the cards with your thumbs at the edges to mix the cards in each stack together.

Bring the two stacks back together. To make the now-alternating deck of cards into a solid deck once more, push them into one another.

To ensure that the cards are properly shuffled, repeat this step two to three times.

5. Cleansing a Tarot Deck

Blow on the deck. It could be a good idea to cleanse the cards while you shuffle them if you recently acquired a new deck, feel distant from your cards, or wish to get rid of any bad energy they may have.

Your sense of connection to them will return once their energy is restored. Blowing on the cards is one simple method for doing it.

Simply hold the cards in your palm in a fan shape and blow on them as you gather them to shuffle them. Next, keep rearranging them with the strategy you selected.

Hold your cards in a fan shape so you can see the entire deck before you shuffle them.

After that, use your other hand to ring a little bell over the cards. The cards may receive fresh energy as a result, and any residual bad energy will be removed. 

Try putting a towel on the table before shuffling your cards to keep them appearing brand new for the longest time possible. By doing this, you can stop the cards from bending and scratching.

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