How to Tell if Someone Deleted their Instagram

– How to Tell if Someone Deleted their Instagram –

How to tell if someone deleted their Instagram is a tricky experience. It might be challenging to determine if someone has deleted their Instagram. Instead of completely deleting your account, there are several more ways you may take a break from Instagram.

How to Tell if Someone Deleted Their Instagram

One of the most widely used social media platforms nowadays is Instagram.

Users appreciate the app because it allows them to share a wide variety of material with the audience of their choice.

Users upload pictures and videos along with subtitles that might help them express their points more effectively.

How to Tell if Someone Deleted their Instagram

There are two methods to delete your account on Instagram if you’ve had enough of the social media platform.

The more lasting choice is to delete your account. Your username will be lost if you delete your account, along with anything you’ve written.

Your entire like, follower, comment, and other activity on the account will be deleted. You cannot re-register using the same username or get your account restored.

You must use a few strategies to determine if someone has blocked you or simply deactivated his Instagram profile.

In both scenarios, you won’t be able to find the person using your Instagram account. Let’s learn more by looking at some signs that can also aid you to understand things:

1. Check that Person’s Profile

First, you need to conduct some basic research by looking at the profile of the person who blocked you.

If you are unsure whether he has deleted his Instagram account, go to your Instagram account, copy his profile Uniform Resource Locator (URL), and access it from your computer or another mobile device.

You would get the notice “Sorry, that page isn’t available” if the user had removed or deactivated his profile.

If you are blocked, however, you would see nothing on this profile other than a “no posts yet” stamp and a “User Not Found” error on that profile tab.

There are several reasons you can get the phrase “user not found” on Instagram.

But it’s common to find users who want to occasionally take a break from it.

Some individuals want to disable their Instagram accounts as well, while others are fine with merely checking out of Instagram or removing the Instagram app from their smartphone.

2. Check Using Your Web Browser

Check the profile from your desktop or mobile browser without an account to see whether this profile exists.

Now, to find this Instagram profile just make sure you’re logged out and then copy the URL of the profile and open it on the browser.

You can employ this technique if you can recall the precise username of the profile.

1. Open your browser. You may use any web browser.

2. Paste the URL into the address bar.

3. After entering the URL in the address box, type the user’s username following the slash.

4. When it’s finished, press the enter key.

5. If they’ve canceled their account, you’ll be taken to a screen that reads “Sorry, this page isn’t accessible.”

It usually signifies that the individual has blocked you on Instagram rather than deactivated his account or changed his username, which would explain why you couldn’t see him there.


3. Hashtags

You may use Instagram to hunt for hashtags, which is another sign.

If you can locate the profile using the hashtags, it was using and discover that the page won’t load, it signifies that the person who blocked you recently erased his profile.

You must find out the specifics of what occurred on your account in both situations.

If you can access the posts with the hashtags from your friend’s Instagram profile, they have blocked you.

However, if you cannot access the same hashtags from another account or your friend’s account, it is likely that they have deleted their account.

4. Verify with Changed Username

You could not locate someone using the prior URL if they have changed their Instagram username.

Now, if you’re only looking at his profile based on the URL and unsure if you’ve been blocked or not, check the profile from your Instagram profile’s list of “Following.”

5. Verify Media on Your Saved List

If you recently had many posts from someone else on your Instagram account and go to check for them but they are not there.

it implies that the person either deleted the posts or just blocked you from Instagram, which causes the posts from that person to be removed.

Now, if you just bookmarked a post, you may try seeing it using that URL without creating an account.

If you can view the post, it is likely that you were genuinely barred on Instagram, which is what caused the removal of your bookmarked post.

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