How to Wash Allbirds (Everything you need to Know)

Would you like to learn how to wash allbirds? An American shoe company called Allbirds creates wool-based eco-friendly running and everyday shoes. Fortunately, cleaning Allbirds is a fairly simple procedure.

how to wash allbirds

How to Wash Allbirds

A footwear and apparel firm called Allbirds makes their items with eco-friendly materials.

The firm, an American-New Zealander venture introduced an athletic shoe with a 100% wool top.

The business currently sells casual shoes with uppers made of wool, eucalyptus, and a wool/eucalyptus combination.

How Do You Wash Your Allbirds Shoes?

Like any shoe, they may get very dirty while being fashionable and comfortable to wear.

Fortunately, cleaning Allbirds is a really simple procedure. Start by taking off the insoles and laces before washing the shoes.

If you have a mesh bag, place the shoes in it and wash them in a washing machine on the wool, delicate, or mild cycle at the coldest setting possible.

After that, wait at least 24 hours before lacing them back up and wearing your shoes again.

You can follow the instructions below to wash your allbird sneakers;


1. Clean and Dissemble Your Shoes

Pull the laces from each shoe as you unlace them. One lace should be pulled completely out of each hole starting at the top of the shoe and working your way down to the bottom.

Pulling the top out of the top hole and moving downward, repeat this procedure with the other end of the lace.

Completely remove the lace from the bottom hole. To unlace each shoe, repeat this procedure, each shoe’s insoles should be removed. 

In a small basin, mix some warm water and a few drops of laundry detergent. As you wash the shoes, add the laces and allow them to soak.

Squeeze the soapy mixture through the laces to aid in releasing the soil after soaking for at least 15 minutes.

Laces should be rinsed in warm or cool water and hung from a drying rack to dry naturally.

2. Making Use of a Washing Machine

If you have a mesh delicates bag, put your shoes in it. While not required, putting your shoes in a delicates bag may prevent the wool from becoming tangled up in something.

Close the zipper or the bag’s clasp after placing both pairs of shoes inside the mesh bag.

In the washing machine, place your shoes. If you aren’t using a delicates bag, don’t mix other clothing with your shoes.

Fill the washing machine with a tiny quantity of mild detergent. If you want to wash your shoes, set the dial to the wool, mild, or delicate cycle.

A specialized wool setting could be available on a newer machine. If you do, adjust the dial to this position and turn the machine on.

If you don’t, set the dial to “delicate” or “gentle.” Before taking off your shoes, turn on your machine and let the cycle finish.

You may wash your shoes many times to remove stubborn stains as long as you use cold water and a moderate cycle.

3. Reassembling Your Shoes After Drying

In a well-ventilated place, let your shoes air dry for 24 hours. Set your shoes out once your wash cycle is finished, preferably next to a fan, an open window, or on your porch.

Give them time to dry naturally. Before wearing them again, wait at least 24 hours. Try to keep them away from the sun and extreme heat as they dry.

Check your footwear for snags or frayed threads. Since Allbirds are fabric shoes, when they are damaged, heated, or subjected to friction, the individual threads may come undone or fall apart.

Before reinstalling your insoles, soak them in baking soda. Fill a big plastic bag with baking soda if you don’t want to replace your insoles but want to give them a new lease on life.

You could definitely spot clean your shoes using white vinegar and water as this is a standard procedure for cleaning wool, even if Allbirds doesn’t advise it.

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