Is Arizona State University a Good School?

 – Is Arizona State University a Good School? –

Arizona State University ranks as one of the country’s top universities for outstanding academics and is nationally recognized as having one of the best honors colleges.

Is Arizona State University a Good School?

Arizona State University was established in 1885 as a public institution. It has 63,124 undergraduate students (fall 2020), an urban setting, and a campus size of 2,009 acres.

The academic calendar is semester-based. Arizona State University is ranked #117 in National Universities in the Best Colleges 2022 edition.

Tuition and fees for in-state students are $11,348; tuition and fees for out-of-state students are $29,438.

Business Support Services, Biology, and Psychology are popular majors. Arizona State graduates earn a starting salary of $38,300, with 66 percent graduating.

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Why Choose Arizona State University?

There are numerous reasons why students choose ASU, including their multiple campus and degree options, as well as their national reputation for innovation and excellence.

Here are a few reasons why we believe ASU is the right fit for you:

Reputation for Excellence

ASU is nationally recognized as having one of the best honors colleges, where Barrett students enjoy high quality, personalized support and mentorship and low student-to-faculty ratios.

Bang for your Buck

ASU combines affordable tuition with competitive financial aid packages. WUE programs are also offered at reduced tuition.

The 2020 Fiske Guide to Colleges ranks ASU a top ‘best buy’ college in the U.S. among just 20 U.S. public universities.

Access to Classes

At ASU, you’ll get the classes you need, when you need them.

We take this seriously because we know that not graduating on time can be frustrating and expensive.

Focused on your Future

ASU prepares students for success with research opportunities, internships and entrepreneurial endeavors.

In fact, ASU was ranked one of the best in the U.S. for preparing graduates for jobs, ahead of MIT, Columbia and UCLA.

High Quality Degrees

ASU ranks as one of the country’s top universities for outstanding academics.

With hundreds of degrees offered and innovative dual degree and double major options, you’ll be able to customize what you learn.

Campus Options that Fit

Students from California say ASU is a good fit for them because of the multiple campus environments to choose from.

Depending on your lifestyle, you’ll likely find an ASU campus that fits you.

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Arizona State University Overview

Students have access to a variety of resources, tools, and experiential learning opportunities that help employers keep ASU graduates in demand today.

They can collaborate with NASA on space innovation projects, learn from Pulitzer Prize and Nobel laureate winners, take part in honors programs, access over 160 research institutes and centers, and use academic advising apps to stay on track to graduate.

They can also join over 1,000 student organizations and clubs, participate in the annual hackathon, and join one of over 25 NCAA sports teams.

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