Is Home Depot Bigger than Walmart?

Home Depot and Walmart stand as the two largest retailers in the United States. Both companies operate nationwide and have a big impact on the retail industry. However, the query still remains which of these two is bigger?

Is Home Depot Bigger than Walmart?

Is Home Depot Bigger than Walmart?

Home Depot focuses more on a retail network and a more specialized product, while Walmart has more locations, a larger staff, more revenue, and a higher market capitalization.

When it comes to comparing this two in terms of which one is bigger, there are certain things to consider.

Comparing the Companies

Forbes recorded Walmart is the biggest company in the world by revenue, with a value of over $500 billion in 2021.

While Home Depot had revenue of approximately $132 billion in the same year.

After making our research it is found that Walmart has 11,000 stores, while Home Depot has around 2,300 stores worldwide.

Revenue Comparison

We can easily say that Walmart is a larger company than Home Depot in terms of revenue.

Its revenue is substantially higher, and Walmart offers a wider selection of products, including food, electronics, and clothes among others, which contributes to its growth in sales.

While Home Depot’s consumer base is constrained because it primarily sells goods for home improvement.

Store Count

Although Walmart has more locations, it’s important to note that Home Depot offers a more focused product selection.

Home Depot has bigger stores than Walmart since they are built to serve the home improvement market.

Walmart shops are made to provide customers with a wide range of goods and services.

As a result, Home Depot’s store count is more focused on its niche marketing.

Employee Count

Walmart employs a higher number of people than Home Depot.

It is recorded that Walmart employed more than 2.2 million people as of 2021.

Home Depot only made 500,000 staff members in the same year.

To keep the business running effectively Walmart needs a large number of workers to maintain a good business environment and global presence.

Comparison of Market Capitalization

Market capitalization is another key factor to consider when comparing these two giants.

As of March 2023, Walmart recorded a market value of around $440 billion, while Home Depot had a value of about $280 billion.

Walmart’s larger market capitalization shows that investors place a higher value on the company.

However, after taking this into account, you will notice that the size of each business is determined by the particular criteria being compared.

In their respective markets, this two are both bigger retailers who continue to dominate in their respective retail sectors.

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