Is Russia Bigger than the US? (Detailed Explanation)

Is Russia bigger than the US? Russia is a big country, but not many people are aware of its true size. Many people believe that the United States is one of the biggest countries in the world because of its vast landmass and wide-ranging water territories.

Is Russia Bigger Than The US?

However, it is not so. Despite being one of the largest countries on earth, the United States falls short of taking the top rank.

You might be curious about where Russia ranks on the list and whether it surpasses the US. What you need to know about Russia’s size in relation to the US is provided here.

Is Russia Larger than the US?

Is Russia Larger Than The United States?

Russia is indeed larger than the United States. Russia spans 17,098,242 square kilometers in total. 9,833517 square kilometers make up the entire area of the United States.

The United States ranks third in terms of the size of the world, whereas Russia is in the first place. Canada is located between the US and Russia.

9,984,670 area in square kilometers is the total area of Canada. These dimensions practically allow for the fit of two United States inside of Russia.

Does Russia Own the Largest Forest Area in the World?

Does Russia own the largest forest area in the world?

Indeed, the world’s largest forest area is found in Russia. Given the size of Russia, its total population lives across the entire nation.

They assemble in huge metro regions in enormous numbers. This still leaves a lot of undeveloped, open forest land that people haven’t yet disturbed or destroyed.

However, the Russian forests cover 815 million hectares of land. Brazil, which has 497 million hectares of forest, comes in second.

Who has a Larger Population?

Who has a Larger Population?

You may be curious as to whether Russia’s population is greater even if it may have more territory than the United States.

However, the answer is No, the population of Russia is not greater than that of the United States. In Russia, there are 142.5 million people, according to estimates. In the US, there are 316.67 million individuals, according to estimates.

Furthermore, over twice as many people lived there as in Russia. Third, in terms of population size worldwide, the US tops the chart with 1.42 billion people, and China comes in number 1 with India, which has 1.35 billion citizens, coming in second.


However, the population of Russia and the United States are compared in the following additional ways.

1. Birth Rate

Birth rate

A population’s birth rate is referred to as its birth rate. A country’s health may usually be determined by looking at its birth rate.

12.11 births are recorded in Russia for every 1,000 people. According to this, there are approximately 12.11 births for every 1,000 individuals. In terms of birth rates worldwide, this places Russia in 16th place.

Whereas, one birth occurs for every 1,000 people in the United States or 13.66 births per 1,000 people. 13.66 births occur for every 1,000 population of people.

Inferring from this, the birth rate in the US is marginally greater than that in Russia. The United States has the highest birth rate in the world, coming in at number 147.

2. Mortality Rate

Mortality rate

The death rates of various nations are an additional crucial statistic to consider and contrast. The frequency with which people pass away in a given population density is referred to as the death rate.

Since so many people are dying every day during a conflict, it is possible that this will influence the death rate. 13.97 people per 1,000 people are killed in Russia.

Accordingly, there are 13.97 deaths for every 1,000 individuals in a population. 8.39 individuals die for every 1,000 people in the United States. The death rate is lower in the US than it is in Russia.

In actuality, the United States ranks 88th in terms of death rates. The country with the highest death rate is Russia, which ranks ten. Its mortality rate is 67% higher than that of the US.

3. Gender


It’s crucial for a nation to have a roughly equal male and female population. Competition between people of the same gender rises when there are too many of one thing and not enough of another.

There will be some imbalance in the population, even though this can occasionally be in the favor of the other gender. For instance, there will be exactly that many fewer children if there are more men than females.

Meanwhile, Russia has 52.87 million women living there. In terms of the nation with the largest percentage of female citizens, they come in at number 21. However, there are 231.19 million women living in the United States.

They come in at number four for the nation with the most ladies. There are roughly four times as many women in the US as there are in Russia.

However, there are 49.02 million men in Russia. In terms of nations having the highest percentage of men in their population, they rank 24th. Meanwhile, there are 230.88 million men in the US placing them in fourth place overall.

4. Rate of Marriage

Rate of marriage

For a variety of social, religious, or cultural reasons, some people are choosing not to get married. The changing patterns in marriage also impact the rates of marriage in various nations.

In Russia, there are 9.21 weddings per 1,000 people. In a population of 1,000 persons, this indicates that 9.21 of them will get married this places Russia as the 15th most popular country in the world.

Whereas there are 6.8 weddings for every 1,000 individuals in the United States. In a population of 1,000 persons, this implies that 6.8 will get married. In terms of the number of marriages, the US comes in at number 27 in the globe.

Therefore, the obvious conclusion from this is that Russians marry more frequently than Americans do.

5. Divorce Rate

Divorce rate

It’s intriguing to compare divorce rates in different nations since it can provide insight into each one’s unique religious practices, mental health care systems, and divorce laws.

In Russia, there are 4.68 divorces per 1,000 inhabitants. Therefore, the number of divorces in Russia is second most in the world. However, divorce occurs at a rate of 2.81 per 1,000 people in the United States.

In a population of 1,000 people, this translates to 2.81 divorces per 1,000 people. Therefore, the United States comes in at number eight for the number of divorces worldwide. As a result, there are 66% more divorces in Russia than in the US.

Conclusively, Russia’s population is smaller than that of the United States, despite having a greater land area. Russia and the United States differ significantly from one another in terms of population.

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