Remove Time from Date in Excel

– Remove Time from Date in Excel –

Examine the procedure to remove time from date in Excel. Data can be shown in Excel in a variety of ways. Microsoft Excel has several simple methods for removing time from dates. 

Remove Time from Date in Excel

Removing time from dates in Excel is a frequent task that involves taking the time out of the time stamp so that you are left with just the date.

We’ll look at a few features and functions to help you if you need to remove the time component from a date or extract the date from the timestamp.

Steps to Remove Time from Date in Excel

A combined Date and Time value are stored in a timestamp. The creation of Timestamps and the removal of Time from Date in Excel will be covered in this post.

Step 1

1. Data formatting to generate a timestamp.

2. Choose Format Cells from the context menu when you right-click on a selected cell.

Step 2:

Then in the Format Cells box click on the Custom in Category and type select dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm, and then click Ok.

Next, we’ll type the date and time in the cell.

Remove Time from Date Using Formatting Cells

By changing the format of the cells, formatting means that the time will be buried rather than erased. If that works for you, follow these steps.

Step 1

1. Select the cells to remove time from date.

2. Right-click it then select Format Cells.

From the Home tab > Number section > Number Format bar, select Short Date to change the cell’s format to Short Date.

The date is being shown while the time is hidden. The presence of the time component is still visible in the formula bar.

Remove Time from Date Using Text to Columns

The Text to Columns capability is used in this technique to isolate the date by removing the time from the timestamp.

We will split the time from the date as a column and set the value of the time to 0 using the Text to Columns wizard.

The format of the cell can now be modified to only show the date going forward. I list the steps below:

Step 1

1. Select every cell that contains a timestamp.

2. To start the wizard, choose the Text to Columns button from the Data Tools section of the Data tab.

3. Select the Fixed width radio button in step 1. And then click NEXT.

4. Set the vertical break line between the date and time in step 2 of the process.

5. In step 3, pick the time column. Select the option button that says “Do not import column skip” as well.

We choose this option because we don’t want the results to include the chosen column (the time column).

6. Click Finish.

The time has now been divided into two halves of 0 and appears as 0:00 in accordance with the timestamp format.

Finally, the cells’ format can be adjusted so that only the date is displayed.

Use the drop-down in the Number format bar in the Home tab.


Remove Time from Date with Find and Replace Function

It can remove the time and date formatting from the timestamp using the Find and Replace tool.

We can format the time out of the timestamp by using Find and Replace to devalue it. The steps are:

Step 1: 

1. To remove the time from the date, highlight the cells.

Step 2: 

Next, select Home from the Ribbon’s menu. Click Find & Select in the Editing group to start.

Step 3: 

When a menu appears, select Replace.

Step 4:

Then in Find and Replace box enter the space bar and Find what box and leave a blank in Replace with box, then click Replace All.

After that time is removed from the date.

To Remove Time from Date with VBA Code

To Remove Time from Date with VBA Code

Step 1: 

To remove the time from the date, highlight the cells.

Step 2: 

When a Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window appears, click Insert after pressing Alt and F11.

Step 3: 

Then select Module from the resulting menu.

Step 4:

Write the following code in the Module.

Step 5:

To run the code, click the red button with a checkmark, as shown below.

Step 6:

Select the range from which time should be removed in the KutoolsforExcel box, and then click Ok.

After that time is removed from the date.

How to Stop Google Sheets from Changing Numbers to Dates?

Use an apostrophe in front of the value to stop numbers in Google Sheets from formatting as dates.

In Google Sheets, the other two alternatives that are practical in Excel are invalid.

How Can I Change the Date or Time Format in Excel?

Select the cells that need formatting. Click CTRL+1. The Number tab can be found in the Format Cells box.

Click Date in the Category list, then select the desired date format in Type.

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