Teacher Cover Letter Examples with Quick Templates

You’ve put together a fantastic teacher CV, and now it’s time to compose a Teacher cover letter to go with it for your job serf. Keep in mind, though, that your cover letter is still an official document.

teacher cover letter

There is a suggested layout to follow. But how does that structure appear, and what should a teacher’s cover letter include?

Writing a Teacher Cover Letter

Your cover letter will most likely be the first impression you make on potential employers.

You should tailor the material to the teaching jobs and fields you are interested in, but regardless of the specifics, there are a few general guidelines you should follow.

1. Emphasize Your Accomplishments

This may sound obvious, but you want your abilities to stand out on paper.

Only by describing your earlier experience in an appealing manner will you be able to accomplish this. Make your work experience sound appealing by using detailed language.

2. Be Truthful

It may be tempting to embellish your skills or overstate your expertise, but this will serve you poorly in the long term.

Instead of twisting the truth, be creative while describing previous work experiences.


3. Demonstrate Your Adaptability

Many people are experiencing a labor scarcity in their field, but this does not imply you will not be able to obtain a fantastic and meaningful career.

You should leave your alternatives open and emphasize your versatility in your cover letter.

4. Keep it to a Minimum

In an interview, giving long-winded replies is never a good idea, and being overly wordy on your cover letter isn’t either.

Limit the contents of your cover letter to the most important information, even if you are verbose. You don’t want your credentials to get lost in the shuffle.

5. Don’t Go Past a Single Page

You may have a need to include two pages in your cover letter header in some circumstances, but it is generally recommended to be brief and keep the material to one page.

6. Make Sure You’ve Double-Checked Your Work

After you’ve finished writing the letter, set it aside for a few minutes and then go over it again with fresh eyes.

Make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes, and that the information flows smoothly.

7. Make the Letter Unique

Because each institution is unique, you shouldn’t write a boilerplate cover letter for all of the positions you’re applying for.

Make the letter unique to the institution by emphasizing something specific to it.

Also, provide examples from your own experience that are tailored to each school’s requirements and objectives.

8. Make Use of Examples and Action

Give instances of how you attained certain goals or used your teaching talents when applicable.

You may remark that your class is around the top percentile in national averages to demonstrate your accomplishments in a tangible manner.

9. Mention Any Extracurricular Activities That Are Relevant

Include any extracurricular activities that include working with children in your teacher cover letter.

This extra effort demonstrates your commitment to children, your conviction in community involvement, and your enthusiasm for teaching.

10. Produce High-Quality Work

The first thing the recipient will see is your cover letter. Make sure this is your best effort. Make your cover letter stand out and grab the reader’s attention so it stands out amid the crowd.

teacher cover letter

How to Address a Cover Letter for a Teaching Position

The heading portion of a teaching cover letter starts at the top.

This is where you’ll enter your personal information, and the appearance and design will change depending on the cover letter template you choose.

1. Your Personal Information

First and foremost, include your contact information at the top of the cover letter. Your name, email address, and phone number are all must-haves.

Mailing address, social media accounts, and a LinkedIn profile URL are all optional.

Your address can be aligned to the left, middle, or right as the addresser; I’d recommend sticking to the design of your resume.

2. The Time

Any formal letter, such as an educator’s cover letter, must include the date of writing.

3. Details About the School

Add the addressee, which should be the superintendent or principal’s exact name if you can discover it.

After that, include the name and address of the school or academy to which you’re applying.

Starting out on the right foot with your cover letter for teachers

It’s critical to learn how to open a cover letter for teachers correctly, as the top spot receives the most attention.

4. Salutation/Greeting

Make a point of addressing them by name in your teaching cover letter. “Dear Principal Jackson,”

for example, works well, but you may also break up the formality in the address box by addressing them by their first name: “Dear Jacqueline.”

So, how about that “Dear” bit? One of the greatest cover letter salutations is Dear, but there are other options.

teacher cover letter

5. Statement of Purpose

The introductory paragraph, like the first line of a well-written novel for a book report, should immediately hook the principal and make them want to hear more.

Let’s look at an example of a superb cover letter for an elementary school teacher:

I was pleased to notice an opening for a tenth-grade global history teacher at Smith High School as a veteran elementary school teacher and tutor.

With my experience and passion as a top fourth-grade teacher at Smith Elementary, I am certain that I can contribute to the Smith HS faculty with my teaching abilities and knowledge.

So, how’s it going?

The sample teacher cover letter introduction is addressed to the school in particular (note the mention of the school’s name).

It also works since it provides them a sense of why you’d be a great addition to the department as a teacher.

Pro Tip: In the same way that you mentioned their name in the address, mention the school’s name in the first paragraph.

It feels more personal, and it assures the principal that they’re reading a cover letter written specifically for them.

In the middle of your teacher cover letter, state that you and your school are a perfect match.

According to our HR statistics research, it’s time to persuade them why you’re the greatest teaching candidate out of 250 others by demonstrating how your best students do in the school fundraiser.

But don’t be concerned. The next two sections of your cover letter for a teacher’s post (each of which should be a paragraph) allow you plenty of room to make your case.

These portions, like a compass and protractor, have a symbiotic, yin-yang relationship despite their polar opposites.

Why You’re a Good Match for them

You’ve piqued their interest. With your teacher cover letter, it’s time to reel them in.

Demonstrate how you’d be a great fit for the school and teachers.

On a sample school teacher cover letter, an applicant might write:

Many of the responsibilities and accomplishments I had in my former role at Smith Elementary would serve me well as a world history educator at Smith High.

I developed world history lesson plans for Smith Elementary School using a style identical to that used at Smith High School, and it has now been adopted by 19 of our state’s 22 school districts.

Furthermore, my 98.5 percent passing and graduation rates at that school were among the best in the district, and I’m confident that I could achieve comparable results at Smith High School.

Do you see what I mean? With that paragraph, you demonstrate that your gained talents and experience qualify you as the ideal new hire for the teaching position available.

Remember to use keywords on your resume to make sure it’s tailored? Also include them in your teaching cover letter.

Oh, and use the greatest cover letter typefaces possible so they can read it!

Why are they Ideal for You?

Now that you’ve explained why you’re the best possible future faculty member, it’s time to tell them why this institution is the best fit for you:

Obtaining a position as a global history teacher at Smith High School would be a dream come true for me. I’ve always admired your teaching principles.

Several members of the Smith HS faculty were among the first to encourage me to pursue a career as an educator.

Despite the fact that I adore teaching pupils, there is no other institution where I would be as pleased to work.

Should I be chosen for the post, I am confident that I will be the envy of the school board!

What do you think? Who can argue with you praising the educational institution and explaining why they are the center of your educational universe?

Pro Tip: Let’s say you want to work at a school but there aren’t any academic positions available.

This is when you send a letter of interest, also known as a letter of inquiry, for teaching employment.

A teaching letter of interest is a sort of cover letter in which a teacher inquires about probable availability in the school without being aware that an open teaching position exists.

Make Your Cover Letter for Teachers More Appealing by Adding a Strong Finish

You got off to a great start and maintained it throughout.

Now is not the time to give up—time it’s to get a second wind and cross the finish line first with a strong closing statement in your teacher cover letter.

To summarize, use a final sentence or paragraph:

I’d be delighted to talk with you about your existing global history curriculum and demonstrate how my success at Smith Elementary can translate into success at Smith High.

Do you see what I mean? You come to a satisfying conclusion by summarizing your academic cover letter and then handing the ball back to them.

Close on a Friendly Note

Finish with a closing statement and your name, and you may breathe a sigh of relief, just like one of your kids after they finish their homework for a three-day weekend.

Here’s how simple it is:


Jill Santos, Jill Santos, Jill Santos, J

Isn’t there much to it? A complementary close (or complimentary closing) is a concluding remark (in this case, “Sincerely”) that is followed by your name to end the cover letter.

I know, I know, I said that was the end of the story. But bear with me for a while more, if you would.

When preparing a cover letter for teaching employment, including a P.S. is a nice trick, though it isn’t required. A postscript should be included in every superb teacher cover letter.

Let me demonstrate what I mean:

P.S. I’d love to get down with you and discuss how I can achieve similar outcomes (a 45 percent reduction in tardiness) at Smith High School.

What are your thoughts? Even if the reader doesn’t read the remainder of your cover letter for teachers, a P.S. (postscript) at the bottom always grabs their attention.

It’s a brilliant technique for them to get one more word in before they leave.

teacher cover letter


The Most Important Tip

As you can see, creating cover letters for teachers isn’t quite as difficult as you would think—and certainly not as difficult as the magic you’ll do every day on the job.

For an effective teaching cover letter, keep these crucial factors in mind.

Start with a bang – The first sentence of your cover letter for teaching jobs is crucial since it determines whether the principal will continue reading.

Use the majority of your physique to demonstrate that you’re a fantastic fit for the institution and that they’re the ideal workplace for you.

Finish strong – You kept their interest until the final bell, but employ a strong conclusion to ensure that they go on to your CV and academic interview.

Now all you have to do is email your resume and get ready for the interview!

What is a Cover Letter Template and How Do I Use It?

A cover letter example can assist you with the form of your letter and what aspects, such as introductions and body paragraphs, you should include.

Cover letter samples may show you what kind of information to put in your document and what language to use, in addition to assisting with formatting.

A sample, for example, could show you which action words to use in your own cover letter.

Use a cover letter sample as a starting point for your own letter, but don’t just replicate the language.

Cover Letter Template Ideas for Different Jobs

You should tailor your cover letter to fit your own work history and the job application.

1. A New Teacher

This letter is upbeat and friendly. It demonstrates why the applicant wants to be a teacher by using actual examples and experiences connected to student teaching.

2. Another Example of a New Teacher

This type of cover letter emphasizes the applicant’s special expertise and what they expect to bring to the table.

3. A Qualified Elementary School Teacher

Not every teacher remains in the classroom until they retire. Your cover letter should clearly show your experience if you’re seeking for a new job.

This example also demonstrates that the candidate completed her homework on the new district and indicates why she is eager to join.

At the bottom of the cover letter, the candidate includes references.

4. Another Qualified Elementary School Teacher

It’s never a bad idea to have a few extra examples on hand.

This teacher cover letter highlights the school’s objectives and explains how this teacher can contribute. She completed her homework!

5. Summer School Teacher

Even though school is out for the summer, many instructors still need to work.

With so much competition, this cover letter stands out since the candidate highlights both her qualifications and her capacity to train new employees.

6. Assistant Professor

The applicant adopted a somewhat different strategy with this letter. The accomplishments that are most important are broken down into bullet points in the letter.

Those will stand out to the recruiting manager, who will be sifting through a slew of resumes.

7. Special Education Teacher

This letter is comparable to a regular teacher cover letter, but it emphasizes the special education teacher’s qualifications and experiences.

He described how he adapted the curriculum to accommodate the needs of a diverse group of students, for example.

Because the teacher in this cover letter was trying to move into a leadership post, it can also be used as a template for someone looking to move into management.

8. Guidance Counselor

This cover letter highlights the applicant’s academic accomplishments, particularly in relation to the psychology background required for many counseling positions.

It also discusses the qualities that make this person the best candidate for the job.

9. Guidance Counselor At School

This cover letter appealed to us since it included specific metrics not seen on the CV, such as the number of pupils worked with and the amount of money raised for special needs programs.

10. Librarian

This cover letter exudes self-assurance! As with any specialty post, the candidate focuses on how her unique abilities and experience qualify her for this position.

11. English Teacher

This cover letter covers a lot of ground in a short amount of time. It emphasizes the candidate’s ability to teach students and assess knowledge in the relevant area. It also demonstrates the candidate’s unique teaching approaches for high school students.

12. A Instructor of Technology

Writing a cover letter in a professional manner demonstrates that the applicant is serious. This letter emphasizes the precise abilities that best demonstrate why he is a good fit for the job.

13. Music Instructor

A music instructor must be able to play numerous instruments and have a passion for music and music theory. The candidate’s history is highlighted in this cover letter, as well as why they believe music is a crucial element of the educational process.

14. Drama Instructor

Drama teachers frequently go above and beyond the call of duty. Audition and rehearsals for after-school shows are held there.

The candidate’s expertise of curriculum, directing a show, and even marketing efforts are displayed in this cover letter!

15. Foreign Language Teacher

Foreign language teachers must demonstrate their proficiency in the target language as well as their ability to immerse students in the culture.

This cover letter outlines the teacher’s ideas for incorporating curriculum and assisting students in their admission into the German Honor Society.

16. Sports Coach

This cover letter includes a fantastic starting line that immediately distinguishes the individual.

It also clearly outlines the candidate’s qualifications, including everything from knowledge and experience to attitude and philosophy.

This cover letter example is also appropriate for PE instructors.

17. Teacher of English as a Second Language

Teaching English as a second language necessitates a unique set of skills. This cover letter highlights important communication abilities and informs the hiring manager about specific language fluency.

18. Math Teacher

This candidate emphasizes his qualifications and certifications, as well as his versatility in teaching different sorts of students, without totally rehashing his résumé (who wants to read anything twice?).


Sample of Teacher Cover Letter

Annalise Sinclair (111) 789-3456 [email protected] (111) 789-3456 (111) 789-3456 (111) 789-3456 (111) 789-3456 (111) 789-3456 (111) 789

17th of August

Greetings, Recruiter!

I’m thrilled to be applying for a post as a professor at St. Helena University. This is an ideal chance for me to further my professional growth because I am passionate about teaching, have outstanding organizational skills, and can easily connect with pupils.

I feel that my teaching expertise and enthusiasm would be an excellent match for your institution’s philosophy and resources, and I am excited to be considered for this position.

For the past ten years, I have worked as a classroom teacher in a variety of capacities and grade levels. In every lesson I’ve taught, every single one of my students has passed their examinations and improved their grades.

In addition, I was twice named Teacher of the Year and was highly regarded by both parents and students.

I appreciate the challenge of not only teaching pupils academics but also assisting them in social development. I’ve joined and engaged in committees and school development projects as a team player to assist create a better environment for kids and staff.

Thank you for taking the time to consider me for this position; I hope that my resume will give you a better idea of the type of teacher I am. I’m excited to meet you in person and share my teaching philosophy with you while learning more about this career opportunity.

I am a dedicated lifelong learner who will continue to improve as a teacher and in my subject knowledge during my stay at your school.


Sinclair, Annalise

Frequently Asked Questions

These questions and answers below can be beneficial to you if you care to read through.

1. If I am sacked as a teacher, can I still apply for a teaching job?

It would depend what you were sacked for. In cases where your deliberate or very careless act brought harm to the children in your care then the answer would be no, but if the reason was say insufficient knowledge to teach a class of 17 year olds for their A levels, you might still get a job teaching at a lower level.

2. Is it common to get a non renewal as a teacher?

Yes and no. If you are within the 2 year probationary period, then non re-election means they are not inviting you back to the school to teach in the next year.

Getting a non renewal can have several reasons including but not limited to: shifting teachers around and you get bumped because you are the newest teacher, the principal doesn’t think you are a fit, or they may be scaling down enrollment and don’t need that class. These are all examples I have heard from my clients.

If you formally resigned then all the school can say is you opted to not come back. Applications can be tricky because of this.

3. What are the most common reasons why teachers get fired?

Ineffectiveness. Most teachers don’t realize how hard the job really is. It’s not just lecturing and assigning work. When certain teachers are underperforming they will likely be replaced. Most of those teachers don’t last long

Inappropriate relations with students and even sometimes other staff. It’s not always sexual relations with students either.

Sometimes it’s being too close and trying to be a friend and hanging out with students and such. There is a thin line between what is and is not appropriate. Ofcorse there are plenty of cases where it is unfortunately sexual

Inappropriate discipline. Different districts have different standers on where they draw the line. But assaulting a student, going off on rants, raves and/or tirades, corporal punishment, embarrassing a student, cussing, name calling, and other cruel and unusual and unethical and immoral punishment will get a lot of teachers sacked.

4. Can a parent get a teacher fired?

Yes. In fact my mother got an administrator fired (which is harder). The trick is to phrase your meeting in a way a school admin will understand.

I’ll give you an example that might help you. My sister (who’s visually impaired) went to a private school and the Director of Special services basically screwed up an entire year of my sister’s education.

She was entitled to special accommodations (enlarged textbooks, reader on tests, extended time, etc.) and we let them know of this when she applied for the school and during the summer and during the school year.

She didn’t get any of these services until April when she started the September before. Not only that but for special accommodations, the head of services in the school has to renew them with the state.

She did not so her paperwork expired and it took 6 months to renew after she left the school.

5. My teacher was fired without a reason. Can anything be done?

Not really, knew a teacher sacked because they changed religion at a private school. They replaced a good teacher for a bad one with the right religion. Can do so in private religious schools.

Many students left, also free to do as they did not like the teacher. At a high fee school, the number who left was a high multiple of the teacher’s salary. School had waiting list and none took up place until they got rid of the new teacher!

6. What are the best ways to get your school principal fired?

If they have committed wrongdoing you should go directly to their superior, often the superintendent. Scheming to get someone fired is hardly the right way to go.

If they have done something wrong you should follow the proper channels so they are punished appropriately, but if they have not done anything wrong then you should leave them alone.

7. Do you always feel like you’re going to get fired at work?

Some of the workplaces inject way too much fear into the employees in their process and assignments so it’s something that I experienced before and that usually means you are in the wrong place and you should leave before it happens.

When companies don’t value human life and employees you feel this way.

8. If I am sacked as a teacher, can I still apply for a teaching job?

As long as the state does not suspend your teaching license. But on the other side you should examine why you were discharged. If your performance was so bad as to result in discharge you are doing a disservice to the profession when you seek another job.

I know such a person who has been discharged from six schools in five years. If he loves being around children as much as he does he should seek a job as custodian or lunchroom attendent. But standing in a classroom is obviously not where he belongs.

9. What are the most common reasons why teachers get fired?

Political reasons. This is more of a problem in blue areas where almost all staff is democrats. If you give other ideas other then what is in the official curriculum can sometimes get teachers and other staff in trouble.

As well as most Democrat unions won’t stand up for you. While this practice is wrong it does happen and probably more often then you think.

Neglect of students. Examples are but not limited to. Leaving the room with kids in there, sleeping, letting kids do things that are disruptive and dangerous both physically and morally, not paying attention to the students, leaving them alone, etc. This is especially true in lower grade levels.

10. My teacher was fired without a reason. Can anything be done?

If it was truly without cause AND THE TEACHER WANTS TO RETURN you can rally students and parents to petition reconsidering the decision. You can contact media and publicize the situation. You can all go to a school board meeting.

But before you do this, make sure that the firing was “without a reason.”

Good luck.

Your teacher cover letter is a crucial supplement to your resume. This article certainly is an eye opener on structure and how to present your cover letter. Remember to share to your preferred social platform.

CSN Team.

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