What Can you do With a Computer Science Degree

Computer science degrees can lead to a wide range of interesting and rewarding careers in a multitude of sectors. More details on what can you do with a Computer Science Degree can be found below.

What Can you do With a Computer Science Degree

Employees who know how to create and improve software are highly marketable in today’s economy, making the field of computer science increasingly popular among those looking for a well-paying job after graduation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased companies’ reliance on technology and cybersecurity professionals, making computer science credentials even more valuable.

Computer science is the study of computer hardware and software systems, and a degree in the discipline allows you to pursue a wide range of careers – not just in Silicon Valley.

People with a talent for and interest in math and science will find this discipline appealing.

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Jobs for Computer Science Graduates

Computer science positions are plentiful, and there are many interesting jobs available to computer science degree-holders, says Greg Law, CEO and co-founder of Undo, a software company that operates both in the U.K. and the U.S.

The following types of jobs are positions in which a degree in computer science is a major asset:

‣ Artificial intelligence and machine learning engineer

‣ Business analyst

‣ Chief information security officer

‣ Cloud computing engineer

‣ Computer science professor

‣ Computer scientist or computer science researcher

‣ Data scientist

‣ Database administrator

‣ Engineering manager

‣ Full-stack developer

‣ Information security analyst

‣ Information technology specialist

‣ Mobile application designer or developer

‣ Network architect

‣ Product manager

‣ Research and development (R&D) scientist

‣ Software developer

‣ Software engineer

‣ Software quality assurance manager

‣ Software tester

‣ Systems analyst

‣ User interface designer

‣ Web developer

Reasons to Pursue an ICT Career

People who lack a genuine interest in technology should not pursue a computer science degree simply because of the allure of high salaries, says Sam Gavis-Hughson, the CEO and founder of Byte by Byte, a company that helps aspiring software engineers prepare for job interviews at big-name companies like Amazon and Tesla.

I think that a lot of people are doing it for the money and not doing it because they enjoy programming, says Gavis-Hughson, who earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Princeton University.

He says programming is only fun for people who have a knack for problem-solving, adding, Not everyone has that really analytical sort of mind.

However, Gavis-Hughson acknowledges that a computer science degree is broadly applicable. Every single industry requires programmers, so you can decide what path you want to pursue,” he wrote in an email.

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Read Further

A computer science degree is a way to unlock understanding of how everything works, how everything functions, and how everything interacts.

According to Sherman, a computer science education can not only provide people with the training needed to invent new technologies, but also allow them to identify potential improvements to existing technologies.

Computer science affects every field, he explained in an email.

Its knowledge and applications are everywhere, from disease prediction in health care to manufacturing automation to state legislatures regulating data privacy.

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