What can you do with an English Degree?

 – What can you do with an English Degree? –

What is the value of an English degree? Find out the truth about English degree jobs and how to make a career from studying English.

According to a 2022 report from Inside Higher Ed, the number of English majors in the United States has decreased by 20% since 2012, part of a larger downward trend that began in 1993.

Students are turning away from traditional humanities programs like English degrees as more students pursue STEM majors to improve their career and salary prospects.

Whether true or not, conventional wisdom holds that humanities programs do not provide good job opportunities.

As a result, English departments across the country are revamping their course offerings and focusing on transferable job skills.

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What to do with an English Degree

If you choose to major in English, expect to hear a lot of people, family, friends, even strangers ask what you plan to do once you graduate.

Since it’s up to you to shape your own career path following graduation, it may be difficult to answer that question.

But don’t fret too much; English majors have a variety of career options available to them.

Careers with an English Degree

Many English departments have begun offering classes and sometimes whole specialization tracks in professional and technical writing.

These courses teach students skills that transfer easily to jobs outside the classroom.

Students who study professional and technical writing can find English degree jobs writing technical manuals, creating copy for websites, managing social media accounts, or writing press releases.

Majoring in English can also lead to careers in education. Of course, graduates with a bachelor’s in English can find work in K-12 classrooms, usually after pursuing a state certification or a master’s degree in education.

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However, those interested in more international endeavors can also find work teaching English abroad.

Countries like Spain, France, and China offer well-paying jobs for college graduates who move overseas to teach English.

English degrees can also prepare students for work in a number of creative fields. With the advent of digital self-publishing, for instance, a growing number of writers have found success selling their fiction on websites like Amazon.

Others may find work writing for scripted podcasts, web series, video games, or the film and television industries.

Jobs you can get with an English Degree

‣ Teaching in K-12 classrooms

‣ Teaching English abroad

‣ Private tutoring

‣ Communication or public relations roles

‣ Social media management

‣ Content creation and management for websites

‣ Professional or technical writing for companies

‣ Editorial roles at traditional and digital media companies

‣ Self-publishing through Amazon and other websites

‣ Script writing for podcasts, web series, video games, or film/television

‣ Proposal/grant writing for companies or nonprofit organizations

‣ Freelance writing or editing.

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Conclusion and Call-to-Action

What can you do with an English Degree?

In the end, students who major in English become versatile workers who can creatively apply their communication skills and critical thinking to jobs in almost any industry.

Employers value employees who know how to ask the right questions and communicate effectively.

Though it is difficult to quantify the market value of an English degree, there is a clear demand for English writing skills.

Not to mention the personal enrichment that comes with learning the English language and the creativity that it inspires, whether in your own writing or in a professional setting.

Because of these and other factors, the value of an English degree is immeasurable.

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