What Does Active Today Mean on Instagram?

On Instagram, ‘Active Today’ means that the Instagram user was active on the Instagram app earlier that day. Here, we explain all there is to know about this activity status.

What Does Active Today Mean on Instagram?

What Does Active Today Mean on Instagram?

Active Today’ indicates that the user was active on the Instagram app that day.  It shows that a person has been active that day on the platform.

After being inactive on Instagram for 8 to 24 hours, you get this notification.

Basically, it indicates that you were active earlier in the day. When someone has the status “Active today,” they have not logged onto Instagram for eight to twenty-four hours.

For instance, in your direct message list, you can see the status “Active today” under someone’s username if they have used Instagram once in the recent 24 hours.

The status will instead display the minutes or hours that the user was last active if they opened Instagram just once in the last eight hours.

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How Does Facebook know if a Chat Message is ‘Seen’?

Your message has been sent if there is a blue circle with a check in it. Your message has been delivered if there is a checked blue circle in the area where it was entered.

When someone has seen a message, a thumbnail of their profile photo will show up below it.

When you message someone on Facebook using the messenger app, their profile image will show up next to your message (on the right) if they have read it.

A little circle with your friend’s profile photo shows next to the message if they have seen it.

On a computer, you can use this to see whether a message from your Facebook account has been viewed.

How Accurate is Instagram’s ‘Active now’ Feature?

It is not quite accurate when you log off. Instead, Instagram displays your active status after a delay of up to 10 minutes.

Due to bugs or other issues, it is possible for you to be online when your computer is offline. It is not quite accurate when you log off.

What does ‘Active Yesterday’ on Instagram Mean?

The phrase “Active Yesterday” indicates that the account was last used yesterday.

Basically, it implies that the last time the user was active or their device was connected to the social media platform was yesterday.

How to Know if Someone is Online on Instagram

If you follow an account or message a person on Instagram, you can see when they are currently online.

You can also see when they were last seen or active on Instagram if you both have Activity Status turned on.

There are a few methods to determine someone’s Instagram active status:

1. People whose profiles you follow or with whom you have direct messages will have a green dot or a timestamp next to them.

2. You can know if they are online when you open a chat.

3. You can also view their most recent Activity status in your direct message inbox.

Remember that you won’t be able to see who is active on Instagram if your Activity Status is off.

What Does ‘Active Today’ Mean in Google Hangout?

The “Last Active” function in Hangouts displays users’ most recent logins (in minutes or hours), although it can only display up to 12 hours ago.

Thus, if a user’s most recent login occurred more than 12 hours ago but less than 24 hours ago, their most recent login status will be “Active Today.”

By tapping that mark, you can view the timestamp on the person’s last-seen screen in the discussion window to check when they were online in Hangouts between those dates.


Why does my Instagram Show me Online when I am Not?

There may be a few reasons why you quit the Instagram app but it still showed that you were online at that moment.

1. You didn’t properly close the app.

People frequently lock their phones while scrolling through their personal Instagram accounts, often without recognizing it when they are already on the app.

2.  Instagram was open in the background.

Another scenario is when you open the application quickly to view a user’s story before quickly exiting it without closing the story they were viewing.

By leaving the application running in the background, the platform may interpret this as if the Instagram user is still online, displaying an active status to other users.

How Can I Turn off the Activity Status on Instagram?

People you follow and anybody you message will be able to see when you were last active or are presently active on Instagram if your Activity Status is enabled. 

Follow these steps to turn off your activity status on Instagram.

1. In the top right corner, click your profile image.

2. After that, select Settings.

3. Next, select Security and privacy.

4. Then select the box next to Show activity status and uncheck it.

Voila! You have turned off your Instagram activity status. It means that your activity status won’t show anymore.

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